School saxy story sex stories king com downlod

School saxy story sex stories king com downlod
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I'd been looking forward to my mini vacation for months. My boyfriend had finished up a really long contract and wanted to take me camping and hiking in the mountains a few hours our home. I didn't let on that I seen it but I seen him stash a ring in his pack too and hoped that after 6 years he was finally going to propose.

"That's the car packed my love, we just have the cooler stuff and coffee to load in the morning." Said Marcus as he came back inside. "Can't believe it's finally here! I'm so looking forward to the fresh air and those sunsets." I replied as I hugged him.

"Oh me too, I know I've barely been around with this last contract sexy bianca casanova is the hottest portuguese slut it's set us up for a long time." "I understand, I told you we'd be okay, I make enough in my job that would have covered us but you took a risk and it paid off.

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I'm proud of you baby." "Well I couldn't have done it without your support." Marcus and I had met in college, we were both finishing up our respective degrees and went to use the same machine at the gym and one thing led to a whirlwind of two people who couldn't believe each other was free. He was 5'10, athletic build with short brown hair and brown eyes. He was quiet, smart and really kind, I thought he was handsome and he made me happy.

He knew how to push every one of my buttons in bed too, he had the biggest cock I'd been with and he was magical with his tongue, could make me a quivering mess before he put his cock in me. I know what you're thinking, 'was', but I'll get to that. "I swear, 5am is too early to be getting up for vacation." Said Marcus as he dried himself from the shower.

"Well your coffee is brewed, the cooler is in the car already and I have set the smart home stuff to away." I replied. "What time did you get up?" "About 4am, I'm excited." I kept myself busy until Marcus was ready then we set off in the car, I fell asleep half way there and woke up when we'd stopped and Marcus rolled his window down.

A park Ranger had stopped him. "Hey folks, headed thick black cock way up hillary scotts ass dick Norther Pass?" He said. "Yes Sir, do you need to see our permits?" Replied Marcus. "No, I've seen you guys up here before, you always take good care of your campsite. Do you have a firearm with you?" "Yes Sir, it's secured in the trunk right now, do you need to see it?" "No, just make sure you have it on you, had a couple of hikers report they seen something big in the woods.

We don't have bears so I don't know what it was but just be careful okay. I'm always monitoring channel 17 on your radio so if you need help, myself or Ranger Collins will be around okay.

Have fun guys." Said the Ranger then he waved us on.

"Something big? You been flashing in the woods again honey?" I said, poking Marcus in the ribs. "Is your mind ever out of the gutter?" He replied, smiling. "Not when I am looking forward to being naked, leaned up against a tree and taken hard from behind by my handsome boyfriend, no." I replied grinning. Marcus responded by briefly pressing hard on the gas, we both laughed. We set up our base camp at the edge of cfnm cunts get some nasty action in their european fetish forest and made sure our GPS watches had a signal and looked over our routes.

I got our fire pit cleared and started cooking lunch while Marcus re-checked our weather. "So, blue trail after lunch, get our muscles warmed up?" Said Marcus as he ate.

"Sure, then back here to make love to me in the forest? I have a tree picked out and everything." I replied with a smile. "I am sure I can handle that." Our hike was fun, we both kept in shape throughout the year so hiking wasn't anything we couldn't handle.

The blue trail was maybe 4 miles with a soft incline, we built up a nice pace, chatting and talking about the other trails we wanted to hit but my mind was on the fresh air sex I'd been looking forward to all day. We finally made it back to camp, Marcus put our water packs away but I just stripped out of my clothes and waited for him to come out of the tent.

He grinned when he seen me and followed when I headed into the trees. I didn't have to wait long, I was already soaking wet in anticipation, he dropped his shorts and pushed into me, his cock hitting the spot I wanted and driving waves of pleasure through my body.

I didn't take long to cum, he grabbed my waist and pounded me hard and groaned in pleasure when he came, filling my pussy with the seed I'd been craving. He held in place until he was done then fondled my breasts as his cock softened. Neither of us heard it in time. By the time we heard the heavy footsteps in the brush it was too late, something big came crashing through the trees and scratched Marcus right down his back then knocked me over.

I must have hit my head when I fell, when I woke I was being carried over the shoulder of the thing that hit us, Marcus was being dragged with it's other hand like he was a toy. I busty blonde milf fucking in thigh high stockings out again, when I woke a second time I was on my back and the creature that took us was taking the rest of Marcus' clothes off.

I'd heard the stories but refused to believe them but by the deions and fables, Bigfoot had us.

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I couldn't move, the panic running through my body had me shaking but I couldn't cry out. At first I thought Marcus was dead but he woke up and looked at the creature as it spoke to him for about ten minutes. I couldn't understand what it said but somehow Marcus could. He looked at me and nodded then stood naked beside the creature. "You're not in danger Clara but I've been chosen to replace him.

We must share the same mate, he will prepare you then when our seed combines I will become the keeper of the forest and you will remain with me until my watch is over." He said with a straight face, his voice calm. I tried to talk but still couldn't, the gay slave humiliated in front of masters friends touched my throat and my voice came out a whisper.

"What do you mean, keeper? What the fuck is going on Marcus?" I said as loud as I could. "He is a keeper, sometimes called bigfoot, sasquatch and others but he is one of many in a long line of those chosen to protect these woods. Cameras will not be able to focus on us, even those seeing us with their eyes won't be able to look.

You will be changed too, even you won't be visible to humans but you will help me protect these woods and you will accept me when I need you." "Accept you, what do you mean? What if I don't want this Marcus?" "We have no choice and yes, accept me like you need to accept him for the change to happen." "You're not making any sense Marcus." The creature touched my throat again and I couldn't talk anymore but I soon figured out what they meant by 'take them' when his cock started getting hard.

I couldn't really see it with his hair but as it grew my panic increased, I swear it must have been 12 inches and as thick as my arm, I knew there was no way it would fit inside me.

Almost as if it seen the panic in my eyes, the creature opened my legs then rubbed some of the pre-cum that was leaking from his cock and rubbed it over my labia then firm bodied ebony enjoys good pussy drilling which ends with big creampie a finger into me.

It felt strange, almost like my pussy was growing and stretching but it didn't hurt. I closed my eyes when he leaned over me and just held my breath when I felt his huge cock start to push into me. I expected pain, I expected his monster cock to split me right up the middle but I stretched to accept him, feeling every vein and contour of his cock as it slowly pushed inside me. I started cumming when I felt his heavy balls resting against my ass and was cumming every couple of seconds when he started to thrust.

I think I blacked out again at some point, I woke in time to hear the creature grunt in pleasure then felt his cock swell even bigger before he came, spraying what felt like gallons of his cum in me.

When he finally stopped cumming he pulled out and as I was still catching my breath, Marcus got between my legs and pushed his cock into me. I must have shrunk back down or he got bigger because I could feel his cock like usual, he pounded into me until he came inside me then laid on the bed pile bed beside me.

The creature then picked me up like a rag doll and held my pussy over Marcus' mouth, I looked down to see the mixture of both of their cum flowing into his mouth which he only managed to swallow some to stop from drowning.

I think I blacked out again, when I woke I couldn't see Marcus but another man was wiping my head with a damp cloth. He looked almost like Wolverine from the X-Men movies, rugged and really hairy, he didn't have on any clothes. "I'm Charles, I'm sorry to have brought you into this but my time as Keeper was ending and I had to find someone new.

You and your man respect the forest, I've watched you in years past and you always have respect.

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You will change soon, you won't be like him but you'll be bigger and humans will have trouble focusing on you. You will have abilities, you'll be faster, able to see things humans can't and you won't age while you are changed. Marcus will know when his time is up but I've been keeper for 50 years and I now have to rejoin the world." Said the man. "Wait, 50 years?

You're Charles Raven aren't you? I love history, you vanished without trace back then." I replied. "Yes but now there's a society of us who will give me a new identity and help me adapt, they will put everything you guys have into a trust and you will get the same when your watch has ended.

You will be able to understand Marcus in a while, be mindful, there will be others teaching him who don't have a mate, adrianna luna cumshot black suspect taken on a tough ride would help Marcus a lot if you're open to letting them have you." "I think I can handle that." I said, not letting on it was a fantasy of mine to be used by many.

"Well I must go, you will be safe and you will have others to guide you so don't be afraid." I crashed out and when I woke I had been through the changes he mentioned.

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Gone was my handsome, clean cut fiance and instead he was 8 feet tall, very hairy and very muscular. I could understand him but knew it wasn't English he was talking, he could understand animals and they would come to him to be healed with his touch. I found a pond to drink from and didn't recognize myself, I too was bigger, not as big as Marcus but almost as hairy.

My breasts and pussy were bigger to accommodate him, I produced milk that nourished him and we knew where to find vegetables and roots that would feed us.

Others came to teach Marcus of the ways of the protector, he would give me to them and I would be fucked for hours on end by both of them, I loved it and would look forward to their visits but eventually we were left alone and I just had Marcus to take me.

After a while I insisted on them coming to see us though, I'm pretty sure we scared the animals of the forest when I had my visits, on all fours being taken from behind as I sucked the cock of who was next, my huge cocked bigfoot men taking me as they roared in pleasure.

Ten years or so have passed since we changed, we watch from the shadows, we protect our forest and I take care of my men. I don't age and I've never felt better. I know you won't be able to masseuse and her customer fingering each other me but I hope this journal I've left for you will be fun to read.