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Amereka xxx alura dr mer
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When Jim went through his new apartment, he found several boxes left by the previous residents. He shook his head, knowing that they only represented even more work. As if moving all of his belongings alone wasn't enough work on its own. He stacked the boxes in a secluded corner of the living room and promised himself he would deal with them after he had finished moving in. A week later, Jim finally found the time to sort through the boxes left behind.

The first two contained random objects that seemed to have little in common. Some books on varied subjects, packing tape, a metal rod. He could see why the previous occupant left the boxes here, they were full of junk. He was about to give up and throw all of the boxes into brother forced sister tfuck laundry room dumpster, when he heard some glass hitting against each other in one box as he picked it up. Placing the box back down, he opened it and saw what was making the noise.

There were dozens of small glass vials, filled with a clear liquid. Jim raised an eyebrow, who knew what was in these vials? The person who left them here seemed like a weirdo, this stuff could be dangerous. Then Jim saw a small notebook tucked behind the vials. He grabbed it and skimmed through the pages. It all looked like medical notes, with high jargon and terminology that he didn't really understand.

He was about to give up, when he saw the Conclusion written in much more common terminology. The author explained how he had been attempting to create a new medicinal drug to enhance immune systems to fight off common illnesses. However, the drug always seemed to have some side effects on other drives in the human body. Jim's eyes suddenly grew larger as he read the side effects of the batch labeled 21B, "extreme increase in sexual drive." Hoping that the researcher had not taken this batch, Jim dug through all the vials until he found a batched grouped together with the label of "21B."There were about 20 vials placed in a holder, each holding about two teaspoons worth of liquid in the vial.

Jim's mind began to race with ideas of how to best use these vials. There were only twenty doses of this, he had to make sure they were used in the best way.

He decided that before he got any hopes of a miracle lay, he had better test out the drug to make sure it worked.the side effects at least. But who to test out the drug on? He suddenly remembered a girl who lived down the hall from his apartment, and who had helped him open his door when he was carrying a large box during the move-in. "What was her name? Rita. That was it." He did not get a long look at her, but what he saw, he liked. Maybe it was time to repay her favor.

--- That Friday night, Jim invited Rita to his apartment as part of a "housewarming party." As Jim put the finishing touches to his apartment, he heard a light knock on the door.

He opened it, and stood breathless as he took a look at Rita before inviting her in.

She was a small girl, probably only just reaching five feet high, and about 22 years old. Her straight, fiery red hair flowed down to just below her shoulders, and her skin was a beautiful pale color. Her body was well toned and fit, amplifying her moderate sized breasts. She wore a light green dress that only amplified her assets. Realizing he was probably looking very awkward, Jim cracked a smile and stepped to the side of the doorway, saying "Please Rita, come in."She returned the smile and walked into the apartment, placing her belongings on a large sofa.

She sat down and looked around the room. "No one else is here maja galecic part serbian srpski by krmanjonac, am I too early?" she asked in a slightly sharp voice. Her green eyes seem to pierce his soul with accusations already, as if she knew the plans he had for her. "No, no!

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You're right on time. I'm sure they all are just on their way.

Not everyone lives as close as you." Closing the door, Jim walks into the kitchen and brings out two glasses. Pouring two glasses of water, he pulls one of the vials out of its' hiding spot. Pouring the liquid into one of the drinks, Jim makes sure that he hands Rita the drugged glass. As they conversed, Jim saw a slow change in her eyes. After 10 minutes, he excused himself to go to the bathroom.

He grabbed the results journal for the vials on his way and scanned through it while in the bathroom. He searched for any mention of how long it took for the side effects to begin, but could find nothing. Jim sighed and wondered if this crap actually worked, or if he was just the target of some prank. Tossing the book to the ground, he left the bathroom and walked back into the living room, only to stop in the doorway in shock.

Rita had not noticed him, but Jim had a clear view of most of her body. Her eyes were close, and her head laid back on the cushions of the couch. One hand had disappeared up the bottom of her dress, while the other was massaging a breast through the cloth.

A faint moan escaped her lips as she continued to play with herself. Jim stood transfixed on this vixen feeling herself on his couch. A smile creped across his face as he realized that either the side effects were kicking in, or his neighbor was a complete slut. Either way, he was ready to test his luck with Rita. He quietly walked towards every scene of this compilation is all about the action, and stopped behind the couch, towering over her small figure.

She quickly opened her eyes as she felt his presence near her. As Jim stared into her eyes, he could see that something had changed there from before. From those cold eyes when she first entered the apartment, to eyes filled with uncontrollable intensity.

Wordlessly, four men and one girl sex quickly stood up and walked around the couch. She stopped within inches of his body, and placed a hand on his chest. "When did you say everyone else was coming?" she asked in a quiet voice. As she spoke, she slowly moved the hand down his chest towards his belt, then under his shirt and back up his bare chest.

"They aren't." Jim replied, letting the hand explore his torso. He suddenly wrapped and arm around her waist and pulled her body against his. His hard cock pressing against her stomach as he leaned down and wrapped his lips around a spot on her neck. Lightly sucking on it, he runs his tongue around the spot.

Hearing her moan and gasp at these advances, he knew that she was his. He nibbles on her skin before pulling away from the spot and taking her in a passionate kiss. As their tongues played together, Jim moves his hand down her back and squeezes her ass. Taking her weight onto his arm, he picks her up and begins to move towards his bedroom. She quickly wraps her legs around his waist. Her moist pussy throbs as she feels his large cock through the layers of clothing.

Moaning loudly, she feels a primal urge to be filled by this man. Tossing her onto the bed, Jim steps back to view Rita one last time in her desire before he began. Kicking his shoes off, he takes her hand into his and pulls her up off the bed. He sits back in a chair as she kneels down in front of him. Unclasping his belt and pants, she pulls them down to his ankles. Looking up at him with a fire of lust in her eyes, she grabs the top of his shirt and roughly pulls at it, causing the buttons to pop off and the shirt open.

He takes off the remains of the shirt and tosses it in the corner, sitting in the chair now with only his boxers on. Rita climbs into his lap, her dress riding up and revealing her white lace panties. Jim feels the moist fabric press onto his body as she presses her body close to his.

She gently nibbles on his ear lobe as her hands venture down his body. Jim finally lets out a slight moan as Rita's attention to his neck becomes more intense. One of her hands slides down his boxers and grabs onto his hard shaft. Her fingers wrap around it and begins to move up and down in a slow motion.

She bites one last time, drawing blood this time. Licking the marks, she runs a finger across her lips to collect the last bits of blood. Sucking it off her finger she smiles a flirtatious grin. She stands up from his lap and turns around in front of him.

Reaching to the zipper on the back of her dress, she slowly slides it down, teasingly. She pulls the straps down her arms, and lets the dress fall and collect at her feet. Stepping out of the cloth, she remains facing away from Jim. He sees her unclasp her bra from the front, then toss it to a corner of the room.

She turns to face him finally, her perfect breasts now teen beauty choked and fucked by black agent. Rita drops to her knees in between his legs again, and quickly pulls his boxers down to his ankles.

His manhood stands erect inches from her face, as she gasps and looks up his face with a devilish expression. Looking back down at his cock, she grabs onto it and quickly wraps her lips around the head. Her tongue circles his cock, as she slowly takes more into her mouth. She moves back up his cock before taking it back into her mouth. Jim moans as Rita's head bobs up and down his cock. Having this redhead suck his dick was terrific, but he wanted more.

Stopping her, she lets his cock pop out of her mouth. They both stand up, and she jumps onto his bed. Spreading her legs, she invites Jim to her with an invitation no man can refuse. Climbing onto the bed, Jim takes her lips passionately before kissing his way down to her breasts. He wraps his lips around one of her nipples while one hand slides under her panties.

Rita's mind races as Jim drives her body wild. Why was she doing this?

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She had never felt this attracted to any many before, never needed a cock as badly as she did right now. What was happening? It was like she was a bitch in heat or something. Then, all thoughts faded from her mind as Jim's attention suddenly intensified as his tongue began to explore her pussy lips. She let out a loud moan and reached down to his head, grabbing his hair roughly.

"Fuck Jim! Just fuck me!" she yells out as she pushes his head away from her crotch. He backs his head away from her and pulls her bottom to the edge of the bed.

Rubbing the head of his cock on the outside her drenched pussy, he slowly pushes it into her cunt to the base of his cock. He feels the walls contract around him as if trying to hold him in for as long as possible. Pulling out, he begins a quick tempo of thrusting, watching the ecstasy in Rita's face as her body finally feels the cock it needed so badly.

As Jim pulls out Two ravenhaired cuties pleasure their wet pussies presses a hand against his stomach to stop him from reentering her again. Rolling over, she gets on all fours and presses the side of her face onto the bed.

Raising her ass, she whimpers and is begging for more of Jim.

More than willing to oblige, he climbs onto the bed and climbs over her body. Placing his cock at her pussy lips, he whispers into her ear before entering her. "Beg for it, let me hear you." Whimpering again, she quietly says "Please Jim, fuck me!" He continues to rub the outside of her pussy, teasing her, waiting for her to be more convincing.

Rather than yell out the words that he longed to hear, Rita decided to show him what she wanted. She suddenly thrust back, taking a quarter of his cock into her, moaning as she felt it fill her somewhat again.

Satisfied, Jim grabs her hips and begins to thrust into her slowly but strongly. Jim couldn't believe that he was actually getting to fuck Rita.

Looking down at her, he could see the pleasure in her face. He thought himself a good lover before this, but this girl was going crazy! His thoughts were interrupted when he began to feel his cum swelling up in his body.

Pulling out of her, he was ready to cum on her ass, when she suddenly reached back and grabbed his cock, putting it back at her pussy. Smiling, Jim grabbed her hips again and thrust into her one more time. With this thrust, he felt ribald masseur cant live without wild sex hardcore and massage cock release, and shot string after string of cum.

Collapsing on the bed next to Rita, Jim watches her curl up next to him. As he started to fall asleep he made a mental note to use that drug again.