Sexxy story full sex grill 17

Sexxy story full sex grill 17
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One weekend, near the end of our first year of college, Mark unexpectedly had to return home because of a dying relative. That left me alone for the weekend which was much appreciated since his return from winter break had caused a serious bout of depression. He started to take that depression out on me in the way of swift, somewhat painful anal sex and a compulsory demand for oral at all hours of the day.

I needed a break, plain and simple. Him being adamantly straight, I was also beginning to feel like a whore for pleasuring him for nearly a whole year.

We were friends, but I was beginning to doubt even that. So I was surpirsed on Saturday night to get a text from Austin, asking if I wanted to hang out. I gladly agreed and he met up with me in my dorm to watch the last season orgasms of a hot swarthy attractive hottie the Walking Dead which we had missed at the beginning of the school year. "Hey man, it's been a while" Austin said as I invited him in.

"Too long" I said with a smirk. That last time Austin and I had really seen each other just so happened to be when he and Mark had tag-teamed me. Since then, I had only seen him in passing.

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I secretly thought from the first time I met him that he was gay, but hadn't pushed the subject. The rest of the ROTC group seemed a lot like Mark in that, from the outside, they all seemed super closeted to the point of being homophobic for the sheer protection of their manhood.

It was a pathetically cute game in my mind. "How about some zombies!" he shouted. I agreed and let him set up Hulu on my computer. I grabbed a couple beers from the mini-fridge in my dorm room and handed him one.

He thanked me and we set about on our quest for blood and gore. For the first few episodes, I was well enough entertained between the zombies and beer, but after a while, I was feeling a bit tipsy and started to check Austin out. He was tall, nearly 6'5 and easily the lankiest member of the ROTC program at school.

Even still, his muscle easily topped my scrappy runner frame which was sad, oh so sad. I really liked Austin. He had soft looking blonde hair, such rigid features, and awesome hazel eyes, When he fucked me with Mark, I remember being amazed at his massive cock.

It wasn't very big around, in sexy mila bangs with two bi dudes, rather narrow. But it matched with his height very well. It had to have easily been 10 inches fully erect.

Having his penis inside of me was something of an experience, one that I would have gladly repeated. After another episode finished, Austin took a pause from starting the next one. "Hey Scott, you remember the last time Mark and I came over here?" How could I possibly forget? "Oh, yes I do." "Would you want to maybe try that again?

I hate to seem like I came over just for sex, but it was fun." Glory Halellujah! My greatest wish was coming true. Play it cool Scott, play it cool. "Sure, what exactly did you want to do?" "I wanted to get some head and see where things went." I was much obliged to this idea and suggested we put on some music and climb into my bed.

One contrast between myself and Mark was that he preferred to take me on the floor, against a wall, or over his desk, whereas I liked to cuddle in bed. Austin started to dig through Mark's drawers for a condom and I slipped off my clothes and slipped between the sheets. Austin saw me waiting, and after finding a condom, slipped his clothes off. "Get the lights" I said. He smiled and turned off the lights. I switched on a dim reading lamp next to my bed.

Austin walked over, a growing log swinging public teen anal first time worlds greatest stepplaymates daughter his legs.

He laid the condom package down on my bedside table and climbed into bed over me, between the sheets. He sat on the back of his legs just over my chest so that I would be able to suck on his cock. Austin seemed to have taken a cue from our last encounter and shaved his body, because mcuh like myself, he was entirely hairless around the waist.

I liked it. I took the tip of his cock in my mouth and ran my toungue around the cut ridge of his tip.

He stuttered and moaned a bit. I took more into my mouth and started a rhythm with his cock. that caused him to begin moving his hips. Soon, he took over and I laid my head back on the pillow so that he could lean in and start fucking my face. Austin shoved his cock in and out of my mouth with more force every minute.

He stuffed all ten inches neatly down the center of my mouth so that I was gagging on his velvety smooth tip. It felt awesome.

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I closed my eyes, breathed through the nose and began to finger myself to the rhythm of his thrusts. Eventually, he withdrew his cock from my mouth. I opened my eyes as he gave a few jerks to his long dick. He shot a load on my chest and then another small one on my face.

"Do you like that" couple fucks for cam my girlfriend porn girlfriend porn asked, peering down on my cum-covered body. "Oh yes, oh Austin." "Roll over" he whispered in my ear. I did as he said and he laid down on my back. For about twenty minutes, he breathed softly on my neck and I half-slept. We were one unit, linked together. A good while later, he started to mess with his semi-hard cock, shoving it in between my butt cheeks.

He stopped for a moment. "Oh do you want me to use the condom?" "No." He stuck his dick in further and, with my face planted into the pillow began to pound into my ass.

His dick regained its previous grandeur in a matter of minutes and soon I could feel his big snake swimming up my rectum and tickling my prostate. I moaned so much, though, there was not much left to him and he came fast. For a while he stayed inside of me before rolling off to one side. He gripped me for a while and we drifted off to sleep. In the morning, I woke up before him. For an hour, I watched him sleep. The tight-ripped skin of his chest slowly beating. He was on his back and I was slowly stroking his cock.

It was pretty hard so I decided to wake him up with a surprise. I spread myself over him and slowly sat my ass down on his penis, driving him inside me. Ever so gently, I moved up and down on his cock till he was good and hard.

I was still terribly sore across my whole body from last night but continued to pound away a little faster each moment. After ten minutes, Austin woke up, somewhat dazed but smiling. "Oh shit, you do that right" I smiled and picked up the pace. He reached up and grabbed my hips to control my oscillations.

He had a powerful grip.

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I liked being held by him. He was in control. Eventually he came and I settled down next to him. He stared up at the ceiling while I breathed on his neck. Then I bent over and kissed him on the lips. Austin gave a start. "I'm not like that bro" Fucking shit. "What do you mean?" "I mean, I thought you were chill Scott. I thought you were down to just fuck, not get all gay" I was pissed at this point.

"Dude, you just had gay sex." "No I didn't. You're the one that took it up the butt." I was a bit shocked. I didn't know how to respond, so I just dind't say anyting. He got out of my bed and dressed quickly. "Listen bro, I've got a girlfriend back home. I thought you understood. Just needed to relieve is all." "Yeah" I squeeked.

"No totally.

Sorry." I could hardly talk from the rising desire to cry. I had been used and abused three times now. Will, Mark, Austin. I was a sorry excuse for ever letting them take me just for the pleasure. "Ok, cool. Um, bye I guess." Austin left. I cried. When Mark came back, we hardly spoke and when he asked for sex, I told him straight that I would never do anything like that again for him. Two weeks later, we were done with finals and on our own separate ways home. I spent the next couple of weeks looking for a school to transfer to and found one outside of Dayton Ohio that would take my credits.