Anal casting brunette big natural tits nadia da ferro

Anal casting brunette big natural tits nadia da ferro
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Leeza the Teaser 2 Gus pushed her shoulders back down onto the pool table. "Please let me go" she cried. "Hey. The fun has just begun" says Gus. He put his mouth over her entire pussy area sucking in her lips, clitty and everything.

He didn't mind the taste of cum left over, in fact it made him hornier.

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He sucked so hard her pussy lips were sucked into his mouth hard and his tongue found her clit. She jumped, tried to resist mentally, but was too aroused, so then started to pump her hips against Gus's mouth. Meantime, the brothers were lining up for a blowjob, when Bob just shoved his 9" dick into her open mouth. She almost choked, when Bob pinched her nose and started pumping her mouth.

If he hadn't shot his load in 10 seconds, she would have died of asphyxiation for sure! Peter, the quieter brother, then decided to get romantic. He tried to kiss her gently. She was having none of that, thinking they were all rapists. "Either fuck me or fuck off" she said. "Right", said Peter, "if that's how you want it!" And with that, he pushed Gus aside, picked her up, threw her face down on the table, placed his massive hand in the middle of her back to hold her down, smacked her on the side of the head to make her dizzy, then aimed his huge prick at her virgin date.

"No, no, I'm sorry" she pleaded, "I'm sure you're the one who understands" she said. "Oh! I understand" said Peter, "I understand more than you know" says he. "You mistook me for an idiot, instead of someone who sympathised with your predicament" he said, "Well now you'll pay the price suck my pussy slave these dumb pounding teenagers and their keg soirees and bonfires in treating ME like a dork"!

He grabbed her naked cheeks, spread them wide open, and tongued her wide open arse hole. She wimpered, as much in appreciation as fear. When she was good and wet, he pulled his rock hard 10" cock out and placed it ever so carefully against her virgin arsehole. "Please no, not that" she begged. "Oh yes" he replied, and with this pushed the head of his stiff cock inside her sphyncture, parting her cheeks.

Pushing harder, the head of his cock 'popped' into her anal passage. She let out a loud scream and tensed her muscles, which just made it hurt more, so she relaxed them again. He waited, allowing her to get used to the feeling, then unmercifully thrust all 10" into her anal passage up to his balls.

She screamed again, he grunted, then shot his load of cum inside her buttocks. Not satisfied, he waited a few minutes then began to pump again.

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In 3 minutes he started to cum again, and she responded by having 3 orgasms one after another. He laid on top of her feeling spent. She was sore in every way, especially at herself for responding to being raped and arse-raped. He got off the table, clothed himself and left the room.

She was gasping for breath, decide it was a good time to escape, when the door opened and in came 3 merchant seamen. "Well, what have we got here" said Benny, the leader of the gang. "Get some beers boys" he said as he grabbed both her ankles, "this could be a long night".

"I was just leaving" says Leeza.

"I don't think so" said the seaman grabbing her wrists. "OH NO", she thought to herself, and yet the thought of being abused again made her pussy wet.

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As she was already naked, Benny laid her back down on the pool table. He had his head between her thighs and grabbed a nipple in each hand, sucking and licking her pussy lips. The smell and flavour let him know that he was not the first there tonight. But he didn't care her juices tasted so sweet, he lost himself in her wetness. Benny's mates, Bri and Den, returned with a dozen bottles of beer, eager to have their turn.

Benny had Leeza well excited by now, so he thrust his now hard cock straight into her pussy, which was flooded with all kinds of juices. He fucked her like a steam train for what seemed like an hour, then he shot his load inside her, quivering several times before he had emptied his balls into her.

As soon as he withdrew, cum was flowing all over the table, Leeza was in a sort of dream almost comatose. Den was engaged in drinking, so Bri saw his opportunity, and while Leeza was recovering from the latest onslaught by the others, he turned Leeza onto her stomach. She tried to resist, scratched his face, but he was too strong. "Oh no, not again" she thought. Bri said, "I'll make you sorry for that, slut"; put his hand in the small of her back to ensure she was at the right angle, aimed his 9" rock hard dick at her arsehole and, without even a hesitation, rammed it home, up to his balls.

Her scream could have been heard for miles around. Having penetrated as far as he could go, he released a spittal onto his cock to provide some lubrication. Together with the blood that flowed from her anus, he had lubrication, so he fucked her unmercifully, occasionally grabbing and squeezing her nipples making her cry out in pain, until he shot his load of cum into her bowels.

It felt to her like a hosepipe had been put into her and turned on! "Don't ever fuck with me again lady" was all he said, as he withdrew his prick, wiped the cum and blood away with her panties, dropped them on the floor and took off. Because of her background, she was repulsed by what had happened, and yet, to her disgust, she found it all so exciting. She suddenly realised that she was alone in the room, so managed to escape, got to hawt legal age teenager attractive babe deepthroats car and drove home.

She went straight to the bathroom, stripped and jumped right into the shower, scrubbing herself until she felt clean again, which wasn't easy, given the amount of pain she felt in her pussy and anus.

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Even her jaws hurt. She threw her clothes into a garbage bag and would drop them in someone's dumpster in the morning. She got into bed, but couldn't sleep depite everything that had happened, the thought of it made her pussy start to get wet again.

Now she was no longer a virgin, she realised that had nothing to protect. So, she began to plot her next adventure …… To be continued &hellip.