Guy cums on luscious cutie after sex

Guy cums on luscious cutie after sex
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this is my first story it all started as a normal summer day in my home town while i was sitting at home on my computer looking at some porn when i got a knock on the door and when i got up and looked their was a good friend's daughter named bobbie, now bobbie is 16 5'5 130 lbs brown hair brown eyes and an average 36 d tits and it's been known that she has had a crush on me for a number of years ever since she hit puberty. now i'm 24 and i'm thinking damm what a hot body she has cause all she is wearing is a low cut tang top tee shirt that show's lot's of cleavage and my god she has alot and a pair of very tight jean's that if u look at her ass it makes u think god damm nice ass, anyway while she is standing there in me doorway i'm thinking to my self okay it's late at nite and she is at my door what is up, i ask her and she tells me that young doctor xnxx boy ang gilr america dating jackson citi dating mom locked her out of the house because she got home after 11 at nite and the door's locked at that time so she was wondering if she could stay at my house for the nite and i told her i don't know because if her mom find's out that she stayed at my house i would be in so much trouble considering the age and the law's in my home town.

but she promised me that her mom wouldn't find out about it and eventually i gave in and told her that she could stay here but only for the nite and then she had to go home.

well as the nite wore on we both eventually were sittin on my couch watching a movie with her snuggled up in my arm's just because whenever we watched t.v.

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together at her mom's that's how we alway's sat,well by the time we got about half way through the movie she had already put her hand inside of my pant's and was playing iwth my rock hard cock that didn't need the help from her cause it was already hard just from sitting there next to her and holding her in my arm's it felt great even more once i got really daring and started to unbutton her pant's{ yeah i know i said i wouldn't touch her but with that body i couldn't help it} amd to my suprise she didn't stop me from unbuttoning her pant's and then unzipping them and sliding my hand down and feeling her nice flat bare pussy s i looked down at her once my hand was there i asked her if alice sucks ryans cock after sniffing her panties smalltits pornstars wanted me to stop and the only response that i got from her was she sliding her hand down to mine and pushing it even furhter down between her legs into her wet pussy.

as we sat there with my hand in her pussy and her hand around my cock every once in awhile pulling up and down on it i got more daring and started to slip a finger in her pussy and all i got met by was pure wetness and a little moan from her and after asking her again if she wanted me to stop all i got from her was a nod no from her head and more moan's of pleasure.As i continued to finger her pussy i got more daring i started to work my hand's down her sides and started to slide her pant's down and not really a suprise to ma at this point all she did was lift her ass so i could pull her pant's all the way down until all i saw was her bare pussy and her looking at me like nwo what.

At that point i looked at her and sked her how far she wanted me to go with her without gettting into trouble and as i asked her that question she reached down between her legs and spread her pussy lip's open to me and told me that she wanted me to be her first time at doing anything sexual and that's one of the main reason's why she stayed out late tonit cause she knew i didn't have to work in the morning and we would have all nite to play around if i wanted to.

i looked down at her and said u have no idea how long i have been waiting to get my hand's on that beautiful pussy of her's and she said now's ur chance.As soon as she had those word's out of her mouth i went diving between her legs and all i heard was a squeal of pleasure and then lot's of moaning and hip grinding from her and i severely licked and tongue lashed that nice tight virgin pussy of her's eventually i stopped and made my way up her body slowly licking her tiny clitg on the way i made my way up her belly up to her nice perky tit's and slowly licked each one and sucked on each nipple in my mouth while i had the other one in my hand i would slowly role each nipple in my mouth gently tug on it and suck on it like it was a lolli pop as all i heard was moan's and gasp's coming from her as i would look up occasionally and she was just sittin there with her eye's closed and breathing really hard.soon i made my way up to her neck stripping her top and bra off as i made my way up her body eventually kissing her lightly on the lip's and then it got more passionated as my tongue found her's and she started nice college girl gets teased and shagged by her senior lecturer lick her virgin juices off my tonge i asked her if she wanted to do it right here on the couch or would she rather do it in my bed where it's more comfortable and all i got from her was a nod of her head on the second option as i lifed her up in my arm's and carried her through my house and into my bedroom and very gentley laid her on the bed as i just laid there on top of her admiring her beauty for as long as possible before i broke it but apparently someone else had other idea's and that's whne she pushed me onto my back and startd to take over in the love making session p.s.

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coment's welcome on this story it will be continued in part two critism is welcome