Zealous sex thrills hawt mother id like to fuck pornstar hardcore

Zealous sex thrills hawt mother id like to fuck pornstar hardcore
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They were 4 sisters. Abby at 25, Kacey at 20, Amanda at 19 and Emily at 18. The 3 older girls had been developing feelings for each other for the past few years now and they knew it.

They lived with their Mother named Penny who was 43. She was single and her husband had pasted away due to cancer 5 years ago. The 3 older sisters Abby, Kacey and Amanda loved each other very much but could hardly get to show it to one another because their mother was always home and in the room beside them. Their mother would never go out. She would work from home, shop online and do pretty much everything else online as well.

she was almost 100% of the time right beside her daughters rooms. Even though the 3 girls could never make love to one another knowing their mother was right next door, they sometimes managed to sneak into one of their rooms and make twmen one women xxx story. They have never been with a boy and have never had sex.

They were still virgins. They had also never seen each other naked because taking their clothes off would be too risky. Their mother would frequently check in to see how things were at random times.

With each day passing by, the 3 older girls grew closer and closer to their breaking point. They needed to be alone with each other for at least 3 hours and they knew it. They needed to see each other naked.

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They needed to have sex with each other. They needed to make each other cum. Just when they couldn't handle it anymore, their mother came running up stairs. "Girls! Girls!" said their mother. "Whats wrong?" said Kacey in a frightened voice. stiff black cock for a lusty hussy interracial brunette just won a 1 week trip to Cuba" "How did you win a trip?" Abby asked.

"I entered a contest online and i was just notified right now that i won. I leave first thing tomorrow morning. The only bad thing is that its just 1 ticket so i cant bring any of you." Abby, Kacey and Amanda all looked at each other with extremely horny faces.

They wanted to jump delicious blonde gets nailed with a machine and scream but couldn't. Abby said "awe, that sucks but please mom go on the trip. You deserve it." That night when the 3 older girls went into their own separate beds, they clutched their vagina's very tightly. Each one thinking about what would happen tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. They had the whole week to be alone.

Just thinking about it made them wet below. They couldn't even fall asleep. The next morning, Abby, Kacey and Amanda all woke up when they heard their mother getting ready to leave. They ran downstairs to the front door where they saw their mother all ready to leave. But also standing beside her was their little sister Emily.

"Emily is going with you mom?" Amanda asked. "No honey, I'm just driving her to her friends house on the way to the airport. She has to work on a project." And with that the door was closed and the 3 girls were alone.at last. All three girls ran upstairs and jumped into the shower together. For the first time they all witnessed each other naked. They couldn't belive it.

They were finally home alone with each other completely naked and under the shower together. They started caressing each other with their hands. Their nipples started getting hard under the hot water coming from the shower. Just before anything more could happen, Abby said "wait, lets just shower first and head towards the bedroom later for more fun. I want it to be perfect." Kacey and Amanda both agreed.

After the shower they all walked upstairs holding each other close wearing nothing but wet towels that had been wrapped around their tight bodies. They hadn't even bothered to dry themselves coming out of the shower because they liked how their wet skin touching against one another felt. As they headed towards one of their bedrooms, they left a trail of water on the floor leading upstairs.

They agreed to all have sex in their little sister Emily's room because for some reason she had the biggest bed. Abby said " I really wish Emily was here with us. I always thought she was so cute." Amanda agreed " oh my god yes!, she is so hot.

I want to make her cum so hard!, I have been giving her signals all week." And with that, the girls all walked towards their little sisters bed. Just before they were about to take their towels off, the phone rang. Kacey ran to go and pick it up. It was their mom. "Hey girls, I just wanted to tell you that i dropped your sister off at her friends house and she should be back later tonight. I'm just leaving on the plane now." All three girls shouted "OK mom bye!". All three girls ripped off their soaken wet towels and sat beside each other on the bed completely naked and still wet from the shower.

They started caressing each other while french kissing.

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They were already wet down below. Abby sat on the left, Amanda in the middle and Kacey on the right. All three girls were in a 3 way messy kiss. As they were kissing, they didn't care that they were spilling saliva on to the bed and on to themselves. Then Abby and Kacey both reached for Amanda's pussy and started rubbing it.

Amanda started moaning. All three girls fell back on the bed. At this point Amanda knew that Abby and Kacey wanted to make her cum. They wanted their sister to Squirt. "Oh my god that feels so good." Amanda gasped. "Please cum.Please squirt!" Abby said in a nervous voice.

"Yes please squirt on us!" screamed Kacey "We want you to." "OK" Amanda gasped. "I will squirt on you because i love you so much". Then Abby slid her fingers inside of Amanda's pussy and started to finger her. Amanda started to have spasms because it felt too good. Thats when Kacey slid her fingers into Amanda's pussy also and told Abby to go faster. Now both of Amanda's sisters were fingering her at the same time. Amanda shouted "Oh my god, i think im going to squirt." Kacey and Abby both shouted back "Yes please squirt.

Its OK to squirt now. We are home alone. Try to get the juices everywhere." Seconds later, Amanda Screamed "Oh my god" and let out 3 huge streams of cum right on to her sisters faces and all over the bed. Abby gasped "It tastes so good." Kacey gasped "Yes it does. We want more." Both Abby and Kacey dove back into their sisters vagina and started to rub, lick and finger it again.

"We want you to squirt and cum again." At this point Amanda couldn't take anymore. Both her tia ling fucks boy her best scene asian street hookers kung pao pussy were devouring her pussy.

Just when Amanda had cum for the 4th time, she passed out on the cum soaked bed. When Abby and Kacey were done drinking all the left over juices from Amanda's pussy, they went up to her face and started to tenderly kiss her on the lips while spilling pussy juice into her mouth which seemed to wake her up. Now all three girls changed position and went into a triangle 69.

All three girls were now pleasuring each other at the same time. They soon realized how much they loved each other and how much they all needed to make each other cum. At this point all three girls were almost tongue deep into each others two lovely babes get their bungholes nailed. The more they moaned and gasped, the more deeper they'd go.

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They were desperately trying to make each other cum fiercely and all over the place. Thankfully all the windows in the house were closed because all three girls were moaning extremely load and were about to squirt. All three sisters shouted "I'M GONNA SQUIRT". Thats when they all tried even harder to make each other cum by going deeper and rubbing faster.

Seconds later all three girls let out a massive squirt. "Oh my god, that felt amazing." said Abby. "Yes i know." said Amanda. All three sisters were now covered and laying in cum. They were all extremely tired and fell asleep in the triangle 69 position. Amanda woke up to the feeling of Kacey licking her pussy. "I feel like i have to pee" said Amanda.

"Why don't you go ahead and pee on my face? said Kacey in a horny voice. "As a matter of fact, how about we all pee on our faces, i mean we are still in the triangle 69 position after all." replied Abby. All three girls seemed excited to try it so they did. They all lay on the bed with each of their faces under another ravina xxx story full sex stories bp and waited for a stream of hot yellow pee to come out.

When it did, it felt great. All three girls lay there peeing on each other in bed while their bodies began to heat up due to the pee surrounding them. After they washed their faces in hot pee, they moved position and rolled around in it. After that they all lay back on the bed, held each other close and kissed passionately while all three of their vagina's grinded into to one another. Just when they were about to do it all over again, they heard someone walking up stairs.

Since they had no time to react, they didn't even bother to move. then the door to the room opened. It was their little sister Emily who had come home from her friends house after being dropped off.

Emily said "What the hell is going on here?". TO BE CONTINUED.