White horny teen gets fucked by black dick

White horny teen gets fucked by black dick
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I know that this looks like it begins halfway through, but there is a reason, trust me, and this is my first posting here, so critics please be gentle Before we left I let both our dogs have sex with me, Jessica had Marley and Pepe. We managed to let Pepe horny vanessa drilled with perv stranger in his taxi cab Jan, we didn't clean up at all .I was leaking a lot and I could smell dog cum on Jess and Jan.

We had chosen the Rottweiler cus he lived in a street that had no street lights but there were more houses, just a regular street. As we got close to the Rottie's house we pulled off our sweats and we looked at each other and Jan whispered "we're really gonna do this", we giggled nervously and threw our sweats into the van and stood naked on the sidewalk.

Jan switched off the lights and reversed down out of the way. With the van gone and its lights off my eyes got accustomed to the dark, there was almost no moon but the sky was clear and in the starlight it was easy to find his house. I thought about how Jessica would deal with his cock and knot. Her pussy was really really loose and I'm a lot tighter. From looking at him from the road earlier I thought he was going to rip me apart if I let him knot me.

She had been with her mom's dog Marley and our two mutts so I knew how loose she her pussy was, I felt that she should be able to take his knot really easily. If she got scared I would let him take me first. When we got to his yard we could hear movement on the other side of his fence. He was breathing hard making terse almost-growls as he looked at us through the wooden slats of the fence.

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I'm certain he was smelling us but trying to figure out why two human girls smelled of dog cum. He was moving along the fence keeping pace with us. I looked at Jessica and her eyes were wide and she was breathing fast.

Her nipples were really hard. In the starlight we saw him run ahead.

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We could see the fence move and sway and we saw that he had crawled through the less than sturdy wooden picket fence. Once he was on the sidewalk he walked towards us. Without as much as a wag of his stubby tail his nose lifted up towards my pussy. He sniffed and sniffed before licking a few times. I rubbed his ears and told him that he was a good boy.

He sniffed again, then moved to Jess, and licked her, his stumpy tail and butt really wriggling I told Jessica we better get headed back to the van before he got too excited. We started to walk quickly back and he followed right behind us. I could feel his cold nose nudge my butt crack a couple of times as we walked. Jess chuckled softly.

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We made it to the van and as Jess and the dog got in I closed the sliding door behind us. Jan drove really slowly saying the whole time when she saw how big the dog was. I had to remind her to switch the lights on She asked Jessica if she was sure about trying girl watches her husband get fucked. Jess was pretty worked up so she nodded, yes she was. The Rottie continued to sniff and lick my pussy as we drove home.

I knew this was going to be a problem getting him interested in Jessica's pussy. when we reached home Jan went in and locked our dogs into our bedroom while we stayed in the van with our kidnap victim I decided to try something.

I told Jessica to spread her legs. I pushed the dogs head away and I pulled him over over to Jessica by the collar pushing his face into her pussy. He just sat not doing anything. I moved myself so Jess and I were kinda pussy to pussy with him in-between.

I told her to hold onto my leg and I held onto hers. I wiped my pussy juices onto her hoping some of my scent would transfer. He began to lick her. I stroked him behind his soft knot and his cock began growing. Jan got back to us and said that the dogs were very unhappy to be locked away. I swear Jan's eyes got really wide as the dogs big cock started showing from its sheath. This actually felt really good and I heard Jess moan a couple of times I separated them and told Jessica to get out of the van find some soft grass and get onto all fours I got out the other side of the van holding the Rottie by his collar and pushed Jan in her wheelchair.

Jess was on the grass with her ass high and her shoulders on the grass and her soaking wet pussy fully exposed. The Rottie followed my scent right to Jessica. He gave her wet pussy a few licks as she moaned. I could see his big pink cock showing and I knew he was ready so I gave his cock a quick rub till he began humping and tried to guide him which was really hard cus he was humping like crazy he finally mounted Jess. She could barely hold his weight as he humped his hard cock searching for the entrance As soon as he touched her wide hole his hips flexed.

Her pussy swallowed up as half his cock. She was yelling he was so big. I cooed telling her to just relax he hadn't even got to the knot yet. The dog continued to thrust into Jess. More and more of his cock was going up inside her. He was half growling and panting and so was Jess. He was humping fast, deep deep inside her and his knot began slapping her outer lips and she began pussyfarting.

I was on all fours trying to help her spread her pussy more and shoving the dogs ass urging him forward.

It looked impossible and I wondered if I looked like that when he mounted me. I rubbed her clit as he pushed again. then suddenly it disappeared in her entrance and they were knotted. He quit humping and stood still. Jess was breathing hard but said she could feel him swelling inside her and that she didn't know if she could take it.

I swear his knot was the size of a small melon and getting bigger. She said she could feel him coming deep inside her. I was still on all fours totally hypnotized by seeing the dog's cock buried deep inside her pussy. I had forgotten about Jan, that is right up to when I felt her hands on my ass. She had wheeled up behind me I guess I was in a very exposed position and she was going to take advantage of it.

I felt one of her hands stroke my pussy. I was so horny that I didn't stop her. Not that I wanted to; I just wanted to get fucked. She started to poke all four fingers in and out sexy teen clary gets her pussy pleasured my pussy.

While Jan was trying to fist me, I couldn't keep my eyes off the incredibly sensual mating of Jess and our kidnap victim. It was about fifteen minutes before the dog back pedaled a couple of times, like reverse humping, but his knot was too big to slide out of Jess quite yet.

Jan was still stroking me when the dog pulled free of Jess, her pussy gaped wide wide open and she pussyfarted noisily and leaked a stream dog cum onto the grass, the scent of their mingled juices filled my nostrils, I came big time. For a while it was quiet Jess was moaning softly while laying on her belly on the grass, my breathing had slowed to some semblance of normal and the dog began licking himself then Jess.

When the dog lay down and looked bored I asked Jess if she had enjoyed it.

She turned and looked up, turned and smiled weakly and said, " yes". I turned to ask Jan if she had enjoyed me, she giggled saying how turned on she was. I looked at the dog who had begun licking himself again while watching us.

He looked fully recovered from his being with Jess. I guess the smell of sex in the air had him excited again because I could see the tip of his cock poking out of his sheath. As Jan and Jess began kissing and fondling each other I really didn't care I got up and crawled over to the dog.

I rubbed his ears and then reversed backing my ass into his face. He and licked me and I heard a low growl from him. I raised my ass presenting my greedy pussy, spreading my thighs almost unnaturally. He sniffed me and licked my wet pussy. Jan giggled and said she bet to him we all smelled like we were on heat. I guess I was in heat to him, cus he reared up gripping my flanks with his front paws and began thrusting blindly, I snaked my arm across my belly and somehow managed to get a hold of hid fast moving cock.

I gripped him, guiding him to wet pussy and it didn't take long for him to hit the mark I swear. I felt him humping, then incredibly my cunt was invaded by an incredibly big thick hot cock he was thrusting wildly, his back paws scratching and scraping the grass amazing black pregnant chicks participate in a hot lesbian orgy with some nice and big toys us, his forepaws gripping my waist tight, while ramming home his massive cock into my waiting wet hole.

I heard Jess gasp and figured they were now watching me. I was so wet and made lewd loud farts as air escaped from the tightness of our connection, Yes! I was able to take him, although it was still a really tight fit. His cock was about the same length as our dogs but way hotter and way, way thicker. He didn't waste time and his erratic thrusts in and out of my cunt, his cock slowly softening slightly as the fist size knot began to swell.

I was whimpering a little, my eyes screwed closed and rolling my hips and thrusting back trying to keep him inside me; enjoying being taken by this beast. There was a little pain, but so much more pleasure. I was trying to catch my breath which was coming in short gasps in time with his hard thrusts. When I opened my eyes. I saw Jess down on all fours with Jan behind her fucking her fingers. Her pussy was still full of the dogs load and making squishing sounds as Jan fingered her I didn't care, I swear.

The dog fucking me had all my attention when I felt his knot slap my cunt's lips. I knew it was going to hurt going in, but I wanted it, I had to have it. He kept humping and I moved matching his movement. It felt like a man's fist smacking my insatiable wet cunt, each time he thrust I felt my body absorbing it little by little, it took me by surprise when it suddenly my cunt seemed to open. We slowedmy cunt absorbing, and stretching. It wasn't as big as it was going to get and I knew that there was no way he wasn't going to pull it out of me now.

I arched my back as he stood rampant above me, loud farts echoed across the yard and his cock pumped slowly, his knot sliding into me and setting under my clit I held my breath and bore down and suddenly it slotted home.

The dog and I were dead still, waiting for the seal to be complete. I could feel him getting bigger as my vaginal walls enveloped his iron hard knot. The end of his cock was pressed up tightly against my cervix softening, still hard but far more flexible.

I could feel his monster cock vibrating; suddenly my cunt was flooded with hot cum far hotter than a human male ever gets. He must have held back with Jess, His knot grew and grew inside me until it felt like a watermelon, and his balls vibrated in time with his soft growls as he filled me with his seed.

As the dog pumped me full I could hear Jan and Jessica still going at it again. Jan was really pumping Jess, her hand in Jess's sloppy cunt and Jessica was asking for more. I thought I heard her say something but I couldn't quite make it out. Jan pushed her whole hand inside Jess to her wrist.

Jess's pussy was leaking cum of her juice and the dogs cum. Jan was talking dirty now and urging Jess to cum for her, "Cum for me bitch". It felt like an hour while the dog gripped me; rampant and fully in command. My belly felt so very full of his cum. Finally he was starting to shrink, but the bond was still tight. His pulsing knot pressing on my spongy G-spot and I could not help cumming then again the bliss of an orgasm made staying still for him impossible.

My pussy started to contract and actually began to expel that magnificent organ out of me. He backed up and the contracting knot suddenly managed to pull free. I slumped belly down on to the grass oozing his cum out onto the grass. He licked himself as I caught my breath, then wandered over his tongue curling into my pretty astonishing lesbian cosplay tube porn cunt.

As the last dribbles pooled onto the grass between my legs, the dog made his way over to Jan. He sniffed at her sticky hands and then the puddle on the grass where I lay and lifted his leg and we-ed. We all watched, I guess he was telling Jan he was a dominant being here he was making sure she knew it. We were all naked in our back yard, me and Jess sitting on the grass while Jan in her wheelchair Finally the dog licked himself and yawned, In a few hours it would be dawn, it was very late cooling fast and we needed to get the dog back to his house.

We stood up still all undressed except for Jan in a sweater and I gave both Jan and Jessica a kiss. We managed to lead him to the van and drove him back along the dark road to his house. We let him out and he wandered off and clambered through the rickety fence.

Jan asked."Did anyone see if he had a name on his collar?". We all stared at each other giggling.