Preachers chums daughter and real mother threesome if you wanna keep perving on me

Preachers chums daughter and real mother threesome if you wanna keep perving on me
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Fbailey story number 274 The Grandmother's Club Where do I begin? Well my parents were childhood sweethearts. They lived right next door to one another the whole time that they were growing up.

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To this very day my two grandmothers live side by side in separate houses. They are both widowed and they have combined their backyards into one big yard. Mom and Dad said that their mothers had gone to a lawyer and entered into a partnership, which gave them almost the same rights as being a married couple.

Mom and Dad are 'only children' and I am the only grandchild. I'm fourteen years old and I get paid very well to mow their lawn, rake the grass, and tend to the in-ground swimming pool and their Jacuzzi.

They like to take care of their flowerbeds themselves. Now, they want me to start fucking them! I could not believe my ears.

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Grandma Maude is fifty-seven years old and Grandma Mildred is just a few months older but fifty-eight years old. Both of them are still very attractive women and quite sexy for their age.

The day I turned fourteen they invited me over for a piece of birthday cake and to open my presents. My parents did not go with me. I was totally shocked by their appearance as I entered the house. Both of my grandmothers were in shear black neglig? that showed me everything that they had to offer. My prick stood at attention immediately.

Grandma Maude sat up on the back of the sofa and opened up her legs up wide to show me that she was not wearing any panties. She pulled a short string out of her pussy lips and offered it to me. At first I thought that it was a tampon string but she assured me that it wasn't. The string was short so that I had to get right down next to her pussy to grab a hold of it. Her pussy lips were quite puffy, reddish looking, and they were covered with short red hairs that were slightly darker than the red hair on her head.

She told me to pull on the string but I really had to pull hard to get it started. Then a big white plug came out of her pussy. It was longer and bigger around than any cock that I had moist milf adores getting fucked hardcore and blowjob seen in a dirty movie, my father's collection that is. When I removed the string I had to open the condom that she wrapped around it, and then I had to unwrap the tissue paper to find a bicycle handlebar grip.

Okay! My grandmother Maude had given me a bicycle. The rest of it was in the garage. I certainly thanked her. Grandma Mildred then laid back on the low coffee table placing her heels on the very edge and opening up her pussy wide for me.

That time I had to dig around for the string myself. She had pushed it in all the way just so that it would take me longer to find it.

Her pussy was really slimy too. I had no idea how soft and moist a woman's pussy was. Her pussy had the same short red hairs all over it that Grandma Maude had on her pussy. They must give it a brush cut or something. As I struggled to get her present out of her pussy I had to press against her pubic mound with my other hand and tug hard. I couldn't get it to budge so she told me to try harder. Finally I had to get on the floor, place the bottom of my feet against her ass cheeks, and pull just as hard as I could with both of my hands.

Finally, out popped a much bigger white plug. I couldn't believe that she had gotten that thing up inside her. It was incredible. I removed the string, the condom, and the tissue paper to find a camera lens. It was a zoom lens from normal to telephoto. Grandma Mildred had bought me a terrific digital camera with interchangeable lenses, extra memory cards, and rechargeable batteries.

Then they told me to start taking pictures of them dressed just like they were and in those positions so that I would always remember their presents. How could I ever forget those birthday presents?

I took at least a hundred pictures of them posing all over that house then we walked next door to the other house lucie cline kneeling and blowing a massive dick I took more pictures of them posing in there too.

Then to my disbelief they posed they went outside and posed all over the backyard with out a care in the world. Then they removed their neglig? and posed again in the pool, out of the pool, and in the Jacuzzi. I was practically forced to strip down and join them in the Jacuzzi naked. It didn't take much force, it just took me getting over the fact that I had to get naked in front of my two naked grandmothers.

That was when they told me that I could fuck them whenever I got the urge too.

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They told me that they could not get pregnant and that they were both horny as hell all of the time. They said they would give me blowjobs, teach me how to please a girl my age, and then they both offered me anal sex too. They would do anything that I wanted them to do. Anything! They really stressed that part too, anything. After the Jacuzzi we all walked back into the house for a piece of birthday cake and ice cream.

The ladies posed with me as we tried out the self-timer on the camera. There I was naked and standing between my two naked grandmothers. They talked about getting it blown up to poster size and hanging it in both of their bedrooms. They both cut small pieces of cake placed them on their pussies then smeared icing on their nipples.

I was then invited to eat my birthday cake. Each grandmother took pictures of me eating from the other grandmother's naughty teen enjoying a huge hard cock inside her pussy. Small scoops of ice cream were placed in their pussy slits but most of it melted before I could lick it up.

They took turns sucking frosting off from my cock too. Then I lost my virginity. It was my choice as to which one I fucked first. Grandma Maude had the biggest tits so I chose her. She said that they were 38-D while Grandma Mildred's were 38-C. Then since I had lost my virginity in one grandmother, I had to cum in the other grandmother.

Okay! I rode my new bike home and Mom asked me how I liked my birthday presents from my grandmothers. I showed her my new bike and my new digital camera. Then she asked me to show her some of the pictures that I had taken with it. Oh Shit! I couldn't show my mother naked picture of her mother, now could I?

So I lied to her and said that I hadn't read the instruction manual yet to figure out how to use it. She said, "Well that isn't what your grandmothers told me on the phone just now." I was shocked, I was embarrassed, and I too scared to do or say anything.

Mom saw how uncomfortable and agitated that I was and said, "Calm down little man. I knew what they were up too all along. They talked about it for years but your father and I made them wait until you turned fourteen.

You see your father and your grandfathers used to go out to Strip Clubs all the time and your grandmothers felt left out. They created "The Grandmother's Club" just for you. Besides the old girls do get pretty horny and they are tired of eating the other's pussy all of the time.

You can go over there and have sex with them anytime that you want too. Even in the middle of the night if you get a hard-on. Hell, spend the weekends there, they certainly have a lot that they can teach you." She tapped the camera in my hand and asked, "Do you want the close-up lens that goes with that?

It can photograph things as small as an RCH." Confused I asked, "What's an RCH?" Mom smiled at me lasbeen sex young girl 2 girl fingring said, "Red Cunt Hair.

Both of your grandmothers and I have red pubic hair." I smiled and asked, "So where is my close-up lens?" Mom smiled, sat on the edge of the couch, and spread her knees wide. She was not wearing any panties and her RCH were just as short as my grandmothers had been. Wow, I was looking at my mother's pussy. Then Mom said, "Find the string and give it a pull." She smiled as I knelt before her and started probing around in her slimy pussy for the end of a string.

I hit something hard in there and eventually found the end of the string. As I pulled on it I realized that it was just as big at the one her mother had given me so I pushed against her pubic bone hard but I couldn't get it out. So I got on the floor on my back, mom lifted her knees up, and I placed the bottom of my feet against the back of her thighs.

I pressed hard and pulled hard with both hands to get that lens out of my mother's pussy. Finally it popped out and I unwrapped it. Mom made me attach it to my camera and take pictures of her RCH, her pink insides, and her puckered asshole.

She opened up her blouse and unhooked her front clasp bra so that I could photograph her stiff nipples too. I got some great close-up pictures of her intimate anatomy. Petite blonde begged to fuck her big dick was rock hard so I asked Mom for sex.

She just laughed at me and said, "Get on your new bike and pedal your ass back over to The Grandmother's Club if you want sex. You know it's a very exclusive Club and that you are the only member." Then Mom hooked her bra back together, buttoned up her blouse, and then closed her knees before standing up, aiming me toward the door, and giving me a slap on my ass.

I had a feeling that Mom had done that on purpose and that she would be doing it again too. I sure hoped so. Mom really excites me and I had been jerking off to thoughts of her for quite some time. The End The Grandmother's Club 274