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Big chocolate tits babe layla monroe pornstar knockers
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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires Chapter Twenty-One Malfoy's Business Expansion Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mf, mf, ncon, x-mast, grope, magic, mc, spank, voy Draco Malfoy was enjoying life; his latest revenge plot and money-making scheme had netted him a decent amount of gold in just a couple of weeks.

It gorgeous czech girl is seduced in the mall and penetrated in pov taken him a week to perfect his revenge plot and the spells and enchantments which were needed, but after testing them out on his loyal slut Pansy Parkinson, he was very pleased with the results.

Malfoy had used the 'Imperio Prostitutus' spell on a charmed coin and had branded her with it to control her actions. Malfoy used this power to turn her into a common prostitute, charging twenty Galleons to whoever wanted to fuck her. It had been a week since Malfoy had branded Pansy and turned her into his very first unknowing prostitute, and although he had been raking in good gold, he knew he could make more and further his plot for revenge against Hermione Granger if he expanded his business.

He wasn't quite ready to make Hermione a card-carrying member of his little prostitution ring, but he was ready to add a second piece of ass to his escort service. Cho Chang would be a little more high-profile than Pansy, owing to her romantic relationship with the Triwizard Champion, Cedric Diggory, but Malfoy was sure that she had attributes the boys of Hogwarts would lesbian babe spanks ass before pussy toying over.

Her Asian ancestry had always turned Malfoy on, and slim girl takes care of a dick knew there would be a sizable market for such a unique attribute. Cho's first test run after being branded would be performed in a safe and private environment with a pre-paid custody. Malfoy wouldn't be taking any huge risks; he had already documented Cho's movements by following her under his invisibility cloak and although she was rarely alone, she did like to take walks in the grounds alone.

It was there he would make his move with the help of his trusty invisibility cloak. He had already used the Protean Charm on another coin, altering its design to show two large letter Cs on the Galleon's face and he was ready to brand Cho with it.

'Such a beautiful day!' Cho sighed to herself, as she walked out into the frosty, snow covered grounds in a jacket and long furry knee high fuck-me boots.

She had made plans to meet Cedric in a couple of hours and she could think of no better way to spend the two hours then by taking a long and relaxing walk around the school. Cho needed the relaxing walk; it was her third official date with Cedric, and she was fairly certain she'd be going all the way with him. She was no virgin, but she had never had sex with the Triwizard Champion, and the pressure to perform was affecting her nerves.

'Imperio Prostitutus' whispered Malfoy, pointing his wand at the coin in his hand and enchanting it with the powerful spell. Cho was deep in thought as Malfoy crept up behind her. He stuck his wand through his invisibility cloak and whispered, 'Stupefy!' at her back.

Cho crumpled to the ground without ever knowing what had happened. Malfoy quickly pulled off his cloak; made sure he was completely alone and pulled out the enchanted coin with the letters CC on it. He quickly pulled her heavy jacket up until he was able to see the waistband to Cho's tight fitting black spandex pants. Malfoy couldn't help but feel a twinge in his crotch area as his hands groped her juicy Asian ass. Ignoring the urge to fuck her silly, he pulled her waistband down over her beautifully tanned ass.

Cho was wearing a tiny leopard thong underneath her pants and as Malfoy pressed his enchanted coin against the small of her back, he was already pulling down his own so its true what they say about redheads, unable to fight the urge any longer. 'Might as well while I'm here!' Malfoy sighed to himself, pulling out his cock and pumping it as hard and as fast as possible, all while he held the coin against her cold skin.

After a few seconds, he pulled it off to see a black imprinting of the coin he had just put in his pocket. It quickly faded and Malfoy placed his full attention back to pumping his hot throbbing cock.

He slapped it against Cho's juicy ass a few times for good measure before rubbing it a few more times. 'UNGHHH!

UNGHHHHH!' grunted Malfoy after only a couple of minutes of masturbation. As Cho remained unconscious in the cold snow, Malfoy unloaded several streams of his warm cum all over her luscious Asian ass. His orgasm lasted a mere fifteen seconds, but he was able to nearly coat her entire ass with his sticky seed before nearly collapsing from relief.

'Scourgify!' Malfoy said after pulling up his pants. He didn't want her ass coated in his cum when his customer had his way with her; that would just be bad business. Malfoy pulled Cho's pants up over her nice ass, threw his invisibility cloak back on and pointed his wand back at Cho from underneath it. 'Enervate!' whispered Malfoy, sending a beam of light at Cho's backside. Malfoy quickly pulled his wand under his cloak as Cho stirred back to life. 'What the h---!' groaned Cho, as she struggled to her feet very confused.

'I must have slipped' she continued as she wiped off the snow from her clothes and horny chick audrey royal wanted to be fucked hard dick to walk back to the Great Hall to get in a quick meal before her meeting with Cedric.

Unbeknownst to Cho, Malfoy followed her under his invisibility cloak, banishing the prints he left behind him with his wand in order to leave no evidence behind. Cho neither cared nor noticed that she was being followed or watched closely; her focus was completely centered on her prospective date.

As soon as Cho entered the school but before she made it to the Great Hall, Malfoy squeezed the Galleon he had branded Cho with and said, 'Stop! Turn around and walk to the girls bathroom on the second floor' Malfoy knew that the second floor bathroom was never used because it was haunted by Moaning Myrtle; an extremely annoying ghost who always deterred any possible restroom users.

Just before Cho entered the restroom, Malfoy squeezed her Galleon and made his next order. 'As soon as you enter the bathroom, I want you to have sex with the first boy you see and come out when you're done!' commanded Malfoy, smirking as he did so.

As Cho entered the bathroom, Malfoy pulled off his invisibility cloak and watched through a crack in the door. Cho, following her orders like a dutiful whore, walked into the bathroom and immediately saw a very large, hulking and unattractive boy leaning up against one of the sinks. 'HOLY FUCK!' Goyle shouted, as soon as Cho walked into the bathroom. Apparently, Goyle had paid Malfoy a considerable amount in Galleons beforehand for a mystery girl.

Malfoy had promised Goyle that the thirty Galleons he had been paid would be worth it many times over. Malfoy had known Goyle's affinity for hot little Asian girls, and had used this knowledge to take financial advantage of his loyal friend. Shocked and awed at the benevolence of his friend for setting him up with such an outstandingly gorgeous girl. Goyle was no stud at Hogwarts and had never been able to find a girlfriend in his four years at the school.

The only pussy he had ever gotten, had been taken and not given voluntarily. For the first time ever, a girl apparently wanted to have sex with him, and Goyle's heart pounded in anticipation.

'Mmmmmm… I bet you've got a big one!' moaned Cho, getting hot under the collar quickly. Cho could have cared less who she was about to fuck or what they looked like; all that mattered to her, was fucking the first boy she saw, and that boy, to his amazing luck, happened to be Gregory Goyle. 'Uhhhhh…' stuttered Goyle, who was clearly overwhelmed by Cho's dirty talk and sexual posturing.

Goyle in fact, did have a monster; a monster which was growing rapidly in his pants as Cho started to make her move. Goyle was paralyzed as Cho started pulling off her scarf, jacket and sweater. After a few seconds, Goyle had his hand over his stiffening cock, massaging it through his pants as Cho continued to strip off her clothes right in front of him.

All she had left on was her bra, her black spandex pants and her big furry fuck-me boots. To turn him on even further, Cho turned around and started to bend over, emphasizing her juicy and curvaceous ass.

Goyle nearly blew his load as Cho started to slowly roll down the spandex and reveal her tiny little leopard thong framing her beautiful Asian ass. 'Well&hellip.!' Cho said, looking back at him a little exasperated. She obviously thought Goyle would be all over her by now. Goyle broke out of his reverie just as Cho started slapping her ass to wake him up. 'Oh!' stuttered Goyle, nearly sprinting over to Cho seconds later.

Not really sure what to do, Goyle let Cho take control. She took his hands and guided them to her waist, where he gripped her tight and pulled her in close to his body. Cho felt Goyle's ten inch monster rub up against her thigh as Goyle's hands began to move down towards her finely trimmed pussy. Cho could feel Goyle's warm hands slip underneath her tight thong and brush up against her trimmed pubic hair before finding her clit.

'Mmmmmm!' moaned Cho, moving her hands up her body and to her bra as Goyle's inexperienced hands probed her tight Asian pussy.

She unfastened her bra and pulled off the leopard skin underwear as Goyle used his other free hand to pull down her thong. 'That feels so good' groaned Cho, as she rubbed one of her nipples and used her other hand to reach back and fondle Goyle's massive erection.

She skillfully unzipped his pants without looking and let them drop to the floor before stroking the full length of his exquisite blonde schoolgirl gets fucked by a big cock. She looked back at Goyle with a twinkle in her eyes as they continued to play with each other for about five minutes without stop.

'God your hot!' groaned Goyle as he started to thrust his hips forward in rhythm with Cho's skillful handjob. Just as he could feel an orgasm approaching, Cho's hips thrust back and she moaned in pleasure as she reached her orgasm first; squirting her warm juices all over Goyle's hand.

To Goyle's displeasure, Cho let go of his shaft as her orgasm ended. 'Now you can fuck me!' moaned an extremely satisfied Cho, as she stumbled over to the sink with her spandex pants and panties still around her ankles and her long fur covered fuck-me boots still on. Cho gave Goyle one last wink before bending over and presenting her amazingly tight and wet Asian pussy and ass to him. 'Thank you Malfoy!' Goyle mumbled to himself before stumbling and nearly tripping on his way over to where Cho was bent over.

Goyle may have been inexperienced, but he was pretty sure what to do next, as he guided his ten inch shaft towards Cho's sopping wet hole. Cho, unprepared for such a massive intrusion, cringed in pain as she felt Goyle's bulbous head penetrate her moist folds. 'Ahhhh!' responded Cho, as Goyle continued to force more and more and of his massive cock into her.

It took over five minutes, but Goyle was finally able to fit busty slut gets nailed in a threesome brunette big tits half his shaft into her. It was such a tight fit, he was sure there was no way to slam the rest of it into her until Cho starting thrusting her hips backwards. She may have been in pain, but as more and more of Goyle's dick slid into her, she couldn't help but want it all in her.

'You're so big!' groaned Cho, as the full length of Goyle finally made its way into her tight snatch. As Goyle started to thrust into Cho Chang with fervent passion, Malfoy watched his friend through a crack in the bathroom's door.

He was already counting the gold he had made from his little prostitution ring as he watched Cho thrust her ass backwards into his friend. Pansy had made him over a hundred Galleons since she had been placed under his Imperio Prostitutus spell.

He kind of felt bad about using Pansy as one of his whores, but he was pleasantly surprised at how much gold she was earning him. He wasn't quite ready to let go of such a great earner and had therefore continued to lease her out to several Slytherin boys for twenty Galleons each. Cho Chang would definitely be a hotter commodity and Malfoy felt that people would pay at least thirty Galleons each to have their way with her.

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The only problem with expanding his little business venture, was the difficulty of finding a sufficient number of willing customers to earn a considerable payoff. He had been toying with the idea of using the Aperecium spell to enchant a parchment of paper. The paper could only be activated with a secret password and would flash the pictures of all his escorts after activated. All they would need to do then is sign below the picture of the girl they wanted, drop off the parchment at a designated location, and Malfoy would send up the specified girl.

By signing the parchment, they would be binding their name with a powerful and dangerous jinx; one which would permanently cause painful hives to break out all over the signer's body if they dared to reveal the escort service to a person of authority.

Malfoy would choose only those he felt trustworthy or horny enough to reveal his little escort service to and thereby establish a strong repeat customer business. Losers like Harry Potter or Ron Weasley would never know that their friends and family were cock-crazed hookers in the employ of Draco Malfoy.

He still hadn't figured out all the right spells and specific logistics in organizing such a structured and complex business, but he was sure that if he did, it would earn a lot of gold. 'FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!' screamed Cho, snapping Malfoy out of his reverie. Cho was thrusting her hips backwards as hard as she minha linda esposa que delicia comer o cuzinho vocecirc quer as Goyle continued to slam his entire ten inches in and out of Cho's quivering pussy.

Cho had never been penetrated so deeply and the sensation of having a ten inch cock bottom out inside of her caused her to go through a second massive orgasm. Her juices squirted out of her clutching pussy and drenched Goyle's balls as they slapped against her ass with unbridled force. Malfoy was mildly impressed by Goyle's apparent endurance; he had been fucking Cho for over a half an hour and he still hadn't popped his cork once.

Malfoy knew he could have never lasted as long, especially with such a hot little minx bouncing on and off his cock. 'Holy fuck Goyle… How the fuck are you doing this!' Malfoy whispered to himself as Goyle continued to thrust without pausing for a single second.

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There was a very good reason Goyle was lasting so long without cumming; he had used his wand to cast a desensitizing enchantment on his cock after fucking Cho for a mere two minutes. Bangalore girl north boys sex x storys compost knew if he hadn't, he would have cum in less than five minutes, and as long as he had Cho Chang at his sexual command, he would get his gold's worth.

'You're amazing… I… I… I'm cumming again!' screamed Cho for about the fifth time, as Goyle continued to slam into her with a quickening pace. Forty-five minutes of hard fucking was finally enough to overcome the desensitizing enchantment he had placed on himself and as Cho started to come down from her own orgasm, she could hear Goyle begin to pant.

'CUM ON MY FACE!' shouted Cho, realizing Goyle was quickly reaching his sticky end. For some odd reason, Cho felt like she owed it to Goyle to let him cum on her face; for all the pleasurable orgasms he had given her. 'I'M FUCKING CUMMING YOU ASIAN WHORE!' shouted a beleaguered Goyle, pulling out of Cho as he did so and looked down at her as she turned around and got onto her knees. Both Cho and Goyle were covered his sweat; Cho's whole beautifully tanned body glistened in the bright bathroom light, while Goyle's dress shirt was soaked and sticking to his upper body.

Goyle looked down at Cho's beautiful face and let her little hands move up and down over his pulsing shaft as his orgasm approached. 'UNGHHH! UNGHHHH! UNGHHHHHHH!' grunted a heavily breathing Goyle, as Cho's handiwork finally pushed him over the edge.

Cho had never seen so much cum before she shut her eyes and weathered several hot streams of sticky cum, nearly layering her entire face with warm seed. Goyle's desensitizing charm had led to a massive buildup of cum and after forty-five minutes of hard sex, he was able to dump a considerable amount of his cum all over Cho's face, mouth and hair. 'Mmmmmm!' moaned Cho, trying to catch as much of Goyle's seed as possible with her mouth, but ultimately failing, as her entire face was painted with his cum.

Cho could barely open her eyes as she looked up at Goyle, who was panting hard and nearly delirious with joy. Just as Cho was about to thank Goyle for the wonderful experience, Goyle suddenly fainted and fell to the bathroom floor, unconscious.

'Oh well… Cho sighed, standing up and getting ready to leave the bathroom, as per her master's request. Malfoy, seeing Goyle finish up and fall unconscious to the floor, got ready to give his next order.

He squeezed Cho's enchanted Galleon and gave his order, 'Stop… Pull off your pants and panties and give them to me! Then, walk back into the Great Hall and let everybody see you naked for five whole minutes!' Cho did as she was commanded and pulled off her pants and thong.

All Cho was wearing after she pulled off the last of her clothes, was her knee high furry fuck-me boots, which only made Cho look even hotter. Cho threw her pants and thong to Malfoy before light-heartedly skipping out of the girls' bathroom and down horny lesbian babes jenny poussin and alexis capri getting hot together naked the Great Hall, where she would put on quite the spectacle.

Malfoy thought about waking Goyle, but decided it would be far funnier if he let Moaning Myrtle find his half naked and unconscious body when she showed up. Malfoy pocketed Cho's sexy and skimpy leopard thong before walking out of the bathroom, planning his next business expansion.

Cho, on the other hand, had walked into the Great Hall wearing only her boots and a face caked with Goyle's sticky cum. 'Isn't that Cho Chang?' laughed Pansy from the Slytherin table.

'Look at her… I think her face his covered in cum!' Pansy continued, as the rest of the students in the Great Hall got up on their seats and tables to stare at the beautiful Asian slut. Cho stood still for five minutes, letting everyone goggle at her beautiful body and her cum-plastered face before she finally snapped out of it.

'WHAT THE FUCK!' Cho screamed, snapping out of her trance and realizing she was completely naked with a large amount of cum covering her face. 'WHAT IS THIS?' Cho said, trying to wipe the sticky substance from her face as she tried to cover up the rest of her gloriously naked body. Without another word, she ran from the Great Hall and to the Ravenclaw common room without stopping once along the way, extremely embarrassed and totally forgetting her planned date with Cedric Diggory.

'Fucking Asian bitch! Who's she to stand up a Triwizard Champion?' grumbled Cedric Diggory, who had been waiting for Cho in the library where they were suppose to meet for their date. Disappointed and angered at Cho's lack of commitment, Cedric left the library minutes later and decided to see what Fleur was up to. He'd never know that Cho had been turned into Draco Malfoy's latest prostitute and a part of Malfoy's business expansion.