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Digital playground porn xxx movie s
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"CJ. I think I love you." Yeah, I was stunned. Stunned is a good word. I knew what Tori wanted to hear, and it isn't like it's difficult to say a measly little 4 worded sentence in response. But I just couldn't do it. Even as this beautiful, caring girl laid underneath me with my dick buried inside her to the hilt, I couldn't say it.

Shit, I had came inside this gorgeous young woman twice in the past 4 hours or so! If I'm honest, I'm still cumming inside her. That's a pretty intimate act, right?

So it couldn't be that much of a stretch to go from that to 'I love you, too'. But I just could not make the leap. Tori could tell I was struggling internally with her little confession, and she was the one to pull my ass out of the fire. She reached up with one hand and covered my mouth. "Don't say it if you don't mean it.

My feelings aren't hurt," she whispers. She sighs as my dick gives an extra energetic spurt of cum. I'm still buried inside her. We've both been cumming together for the last 3 or 4 amazing gal has a bit of butt with guy or so, and we're both pretty worn out.

Even so, her pussy is still spasming weakly around my dick. I lower my head beside hers as my cock empties the last of my seminal reserves into her depths. Sensing that I'm near empty, I flex my cock hard once or twice to make sure I'm well and truly spent.

She gives a sexy little moan as her walls flex with my dick. I figure I've already came inside her, might as well get every last bit of enjoyment I can from it.

"Jesus, you have to be done. It's been like 5 minutes!" she whispers. "I thought guys squirt 5 or beautiful blonde bombshell britney young makes passionate love times, and that's it. So much for that assumption." "No, normally you're right. I don't know why it kept going like that, honestly. That was the most intense I've ever felt, " I whisper back to her.

I then begin to pull out of her. She gives a low hiss as the tip pops out from between her lips. "I guess so! Unless you always leave a quart of cum inside all the girls you sleep with. Ugh. I feel so full.

How are we gonna hide this? I can feel it coming out already." I looked down and, sure enough, saw a steady stream of cum trickling down between her cheeks. As tired as I may have been, my dick jumped a little at the sight voluptuous ebony stunner has her pussy hammered cumshot my cum oozing from the pink lips of her hairless pussy.

She noticed my arousal. "Absolutely not. Holster that thing before he continues to contribute to this problem!" I chuckled. "Yes, ma'am." I pulled up my boxers and then my sweats before helping her clean herself up.

Thankfully, she had some kleenex in her purse to help with the process. Lacking any decent hiding place for the used ones, we had to stash those back in her purse, as well, before laying back down.

"I may never forgive you for this, " she threatened as zipped up the pocket containing the evidence. My eyebrows rose in disbelief. "Really?" I whispered. "Mmm hmm. Really really" She was lying down facing me once again, this time fully clothed. So I wrapped my left arm under and around her back, leaving no room for escape. Meanwhile, my right hand slithered underneath her waistband until my middle finger found her clitoris.

"OK, OK, you're forgiven!" She whispered frantically. I pretended to consider her words carefully as I began to tease her with my fingers. She lowered her head to her chest and balled up her hands against my chest. She began to bite her bottom lip as her hips thrust towards my hand. She looked up at me. "You're SURE I'm forgiven?" "I swear to you that you're completely forgiven of any wrongdoing done to me! As long as you stop your hand before I soak the only pair of shorts I have with me right now." All our bags were in the other van.

I chuckled and removed my hand from inside her waistband. I wiped my hand dry on the side of her shorts. "Jerk! " she whispered. "Well, I WAS gonna lick my fingers clean." Tori let out a low moan as she ground herself involuntarily onto my cock through our clothes.

"Nevermind, your way was better, after all" she whispered while looking at me with slightly unfocused eyes. Not wanting to tempt her any further, I decided to check the time.

5:45am. We were supposed to arrive a little before six in the morning. "We should be there in like 10 minutes or so." She pushed herself away from me slightly and checked me from head to toe. "You look fine, nothing to indicate you were fucking my brains out all night.

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What about me?" she asked. I allowed my eyes to roam over her. "Besides the afterglow? You look passable. The sex hair is to be expected after sleeping in the back of a van, " I whispered. " Any afterglow is your fault, nothing I can do about that. However. " She dug around inside her purse and came up with a brush.

" I can fix the sex hair!" she whispered triumphantly. Then she pushed herself away and sat up sunny leone in blue lingrea in the seat.

She pulled me up with her. "As much as I enjoy lying around in your arms, it'll probably make it seem like we had a little too much fun last night. " Sounded logical to me.

I sat up taller and stretched a little. Mr Meyers must've caught the movement in the rear view mirror. "Goodmorning, Cody!" I sighed mentally as he, again, refused to call me by my nickname. "Morning Meyers," I replied dutifully. I realized the van wasn't moving. "Why we stopped?" Tori had finished with her hair and sat up taller in her seat to hear his answer. "Goodmorning to you, too, Miss Lane!" Meyers said before looking back at me. "Unfortunately, there was an accident a couple miles ahead of us, Cody.

And still another 45 minutes of driving once we get out of this traffic jam. Looks like another couple hours stuck in here. Sorry, guys!" I shrugged, feeling pretty nonchalant about the news. "Nothing you can do, Meyers. Doesn't the choir clinic start at 7, though?" "I already called the director, he said we're welcome to spend the day recovering from the trip, and that we could just catch up tomorrow." said Meyers.

"Cool with me.

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I could use a little more sleep." I said. "You do look a little tired, Cody. You as well, Miss Lane. You two stay up on your phones all night?" Meyers asked me. However, it was Tori who answered him. "HE did.

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I just couldn't sleep with that bright little screen on all night. As a matter of fact, he can be my pillow now, since it's his fault I'm so tired!" Saying that, she then promptly drew her legs up on the seat, covered up with her blanket, leaned against me and then closed her eyes with a smug little smile on her face.

Mr Meyers let out his booming laugh from the front seat, waking a couple of the other kids on the bus. "Now that's only fair since you kept her up all night, Cody." The kids who had just woken up were turning around to see what was going on. Shrugging, I conceded the point.

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"I guess so." I reached over Tori just long enough to grab her pillow, seeing as how she wasn't using it. I had time to tuck it against the window behind my head before Tori tucked my arm around her once again. The other students saw her put my arm around herself and the whispers began almost immediately.

I ass fucked latina gets cum on her hole my head back against the pillow, angling my head down so they couldn't see me whispering to the gorgeous little minx who was lying in my lap.

"So much for not starting rumors." She smiled almost imperceptibly as she whispered back. "I said that I didn't want them thinking we had sex last night. I don't mind them thinking that we're together." A thought suddenly stuck home. "Are we?" She opened her eyes and looked at me with a very serious expression.

"I was hoping that that was the case, but I can't decide for you." She watched from my lap as she tried to read the answer in my expression. I leaned my head back against the pillow. "Night, babe" I could almost feel the smile that must have threatened to split her face in half. She wrapped both arms around me in a brief hug before laying back down in my lap and wrapping my arm around herself once more.

The only difference was that, this time, our fingers were interlocked as she held my hand against her chest. I was smiling as I drifted off to sleep with Tori in my arms. I woke up a couple hours later as the van rocked to a stop. I held Tori a little tighter so she wouldn't roll off of the seat. Looking around, I quickly noted that we were at the hotel.

I leaned down and blew softly in Tori's ear. "That tickles!" She giggled softly, still a little drowsy. "We're here" I whispered before sitting up straight again. A handful of the students were staring at us. I met their stares with my own cold gaze one by one until they had all looked away. Tori was stretching in my lap, completely oblivious to our silent exchange.

I helped her stand up and we tucked her blanket and pillow into her travel bag.

She grabbed her purse and we stood and waited for everyone else to clear out so that we could get out of the van, too. Our little group entered the hotel lobby and stood together in a ragged bunch as Meyers went to the counter. Tori never strayed very far from my side. It probably had something to do with the fact that Madison, a cheerleader who also sang soprano, was staring daggers at her from across the circle.

So she was pretty grateful when Abby, who sang alto, struck up a friendly conversation with her. Abby was dating Ben, a tenor like me, who happens to be my best (and probably only) friend at our high school.

Ben was a laid back dude who had a lot of the same interests as myself. We both wanted to go into Law Enforcement after graduation, we were into the same music and movies, and we both boarded in the wintertime (Hey, I'm half white, remember?). Lately, though, Ben and I hadn't got to kick it a whole lot with him taking Abby out all the time.

So we were both pleasantly surprised when Tori and Abby bonded almost immediately. We slid each other a high five as the girls talked. Soon, Mr Meyers came back with five rooms for the boys and five rooms for the girls. Since there were eight girls and eight guys in the trip, we had to bunk with another person while the chaperones each got a room to themselves.

Of course, Abby and Tori volunteered to bunk together. For Ben and I, it was a no brainer, and we grabbed the card keys to our room. Then, Ben and I jogged out to the van to grab the bags for the ladies. We got them settled in before going down to get our own luggage. We rounded the corner before the elevator and ran into a bunch of kids from our group waiting for a ride, too. Both Ben and myself are extremely fit, so we elected to take the stairs and avoid the crowd.

On the way out into the lobby, Ben grabbed my arm and pulled me to a stop. He pointed out a sign on the door we had been passing. Pool. Schweet. I smiled and nodded, then we continued on our way to get the bags. After we were settled in and unpacked, we texted the girls our room number. They ambled over a few minutes later, so Ben got up and propped open the door.

I ran down the street to the local mini mart and picked up some oreos, chips, and lemonade to snack on. On a hunch, I made a side trip down the feminine isle and scored. Plan B's, $40 for a pack of 4. Cool. I had a part time job back in Ohio, and tended to be pretty frugal with my wages. I had money to spare on this trip. The cashier didn't even look twice as she bagged the pills with the oreos and gave me my total.

I paid and left. Figuring I'd surprise the guys, I took the time to Google the nearest pizza Hut and ordered a couple za's for us. I found Ben and Abby cuddled up on his bed watching some romantic comedy.

I looked at Ben and raised my eyebrows. "Fuck you, Bro. I was out voted. Besides, Blondie over there picked the movie." Tori stuck her tongue out at Ben before smiling winningly at me and stretching her arms out for me to join her. I rolled my eyes before diving over the foot of Ben's bed and landing on my own. "Just had to show off those black hops, huh? " asks Ben from behind me. "Fuck you, whiteboy," I laughed, throwing the bag of chips in his face. "Thanks, I WAS getting hungry." I quickly leaned in to kiss Tori before rolling off the bed and heading for the door.

"I'll be right back! " I promised a petulant looking Tori. " Better be. " I heard her mumble as I walked out the door. I got to the lobby just in time to meet the pizza guy coming through the door. I paid him and gave him a pretty generous tip. I was in a good mood. I took the stairs back up, I didn't have the patience to wait for the slow ass elevator to come back down.

This time, two people were ecstatic to see me. Tori was just happy that to see me because she felt lonely with Ben and Abby curled up across the room. Ben was just happy to see the pizza. I brought Tori her lemonade and dropped the pill discreetly in her hand. She understood immediately and took the pill with a look of relief.

We ate and hung out through the romantic comedy, which was actually halfway decent. Then, as early evening set in, Ben got out his credit card and ordered a new horror movie that we'd been wanting to see from the On Demand list. Just as the previews were wrapping up, Mr Meyers stuck his head around the corner. " Knock, knock! You guys ready to get dinner with the rest of the group?" he asked.

Ben and I pointed at the empty pizza boxes with sex xxx scholl six vidoes expressions. "Ah, I see you ate without us! You're all upperclassmen, I won't force you to tag along. Besides, that's a helluva scary movie!" he said as he walked out the door. Ben and I laughed and shook our heads as he walked out. Meyers was good people. "Is he really gonna leave us here?

" Tori asked in disbelief. "Yup" I told her. Ben clarified for her "As long as you're not a moron and you contribute during class, he gives you freedoms that most teachers probably wouldn't. I help him transpose a lot of the music and CJ is one of our best singers. We do what we want," he laughs. Tori shrugged. "Cool. Not like I'm complaining." She snuggled closer as Ben hit 'play' to non stop gang bang with gorgeous bitches smalltits and homemade the movie and I reached over to cut the lights.

Meyers was right, the movie was damn good. Ben and I were riveted, but obviously the girls had had enough. They both had their eyes closed and their ears covered. I didn't really blame them, even Ben and I were jumping during the best scenes. I pulled the covers over Tori and myself, deciding I'd give her a break. She turned over immediately and buried her face in my shoulder.

"You scared? " I asked softly. " No!" she said, before realizing how obvious the truth was. ". Well, maybe a little." Tori had donned a blouse that matched the blue of her eyes perfectly prior to coming over to our room.

A pair of skin tight grey jeans and a pair of white sandals finished up the ensemble. She had painted her fingernails and toenails the same blue as her blouse, as well, and I found the outfit to be decidedly attractive. Thankfully, I had elected to change into blue jeans before the girls had come over. Otherwise, Tori would have had no problem telling exactly how excited I was.

As we cuddled underneath the blanket, I decided to let my hands roam. Tori's breath caught in her throat as my hands snuck under her shirt and around her back.

Once there, they unclasped her bra and migrated back to her front once again. As I got close to her breasts, she stopped me by grabbing my hands.

Taking a deep breath, she steadies herself before looking at me. "What if Abby and Ben see us?" I looked over her shoulder and found Ben checking on me at the same time. I winked at him before taking off Tori's bra. "They're busy, too, babe" I whispered to her, dropping her bra to the floor between the two beds when she wasn't looking.

Her blue blouse quickly followed. Ben got the idea of the game and quickly started a pile of his own. Tori was squirming under the covers as I licked and sucked on her exposed breasts, too absorbed to notice my hand was unbuttoning the front of her jeans. In fact, she didn't notice it until my hand had snaked it's way into two males fuck one beauty homemade hardcore panties and my middle finger was pressed against her clit.

She gave a low hiss and ground her hips into my finger. "Dammit! I didn't mean to let you go this far. Abby is gonna think I'm such a whore." I glanced over my shoulder and saw that Ben's pile matched my own. I continued fingering Tori's clit as she squirmed against my hand and fought to stay silent.

"Baby, Abby is not thinking about you right now. Trust me. " She considered that until I slipped a finger inside of her.

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"Shhhhhhitttttt." she hisses. She gives up trying to resist at all, and starts to shimmy her jeans off of her hips. I take over with her jeans, so Tori takes over with mine. Her hand disappears down the front of my pants, and I feel her pause as she gets to the base of my dick, realizing I'm already rock hard. "At least I have the same effect on you, I guess." She resumes her effort to extract my dick from the confines of his denim prison.

I can't help groaning softly at the feeling of her hot little hands grasping my shaft. "You have no idea, " I growl softly into her ear as I finally succeed in removing her jeans and panties. I add my last two articles of clothing to the pile on the floor, smugly noting that I managed to do so before Ben.

Tori had just barely managed to free my cock from my jeans when we were interrupted from the other side of the room. "Aw, dammit! I fucking hate losing, Bro!" Ben's voice exclaims from the darkness. I laugh and reach up to turn on the lights, to the obvious embarrassment of the lovesome cutie spreads soft vagina and gets deflowered. "Shit!" I hear Abby exclaim.

Meanwhile, Tori tries her best to dissappear underneath the covers, her face bright crimson with embarrassment. As Ben and I laugh, Abby finally works up the nerve to see just what the hell was so funny about her spending some intimate time with her boyfriend. As her curly brunette hair appears over the edge of the blanket, her arms hold the sheet tight to her chest in an attempt at modesty.

She turns to see that I'm the only one laughing, and that Tori is still under the covers, but very obviously pressed against my chest. Then she notices two piles of clothes on the floor, and she starts to put together what had happened. "Damn, girl. They played us!" she says, smiling in spite of herself. Ben wraps his arms around her from behind. "I love you." "Yeah, well you're an asshole. I love you, too, though " says Abby. Tori finally appears over the top of our blanket.

She looks up at me quizzically before turning over to look at Abby, blushing furiously the whole time. When Tori notices the matching piles of clothing on the floor, she glares briefly at Ben before rolling onto her back to give me a genuine death stare. I smiled sheepishly. " You two are BOTH such.such." she pauses, too exasperated to come up with the proper term. "Such guys?" suggests Abby. "EXACTLY!" Tori explodes. Both Ben and myself begin to giggle like toddlers, pleased with our recent accomplishments.

I regain my self control after a few seconds and apologize to Tori. "Hmph!" She closes her eyes and turns her head away. "Dude, I thought girls only did that in movies," said Ben, earning a smack in the head from Abby.

"I guess I'm in trouble, huh?" I say to no one in particular. "Damn straight" says Tori under her breath. "Guess I'll just have to earn forgiveness" I say nonchalantly. Then I disappear under the covers and slide down the length of her body. She realizes my plan just as I put it into action. "No, wait. Oh fuckkkkkkkk" she moans as my tongue begins to brush against her clit.

She writhes for 10 seconds before her determination breaks. "OK, OK, I forgive you! I forgive you!" she gasps, pulling me back up from under the covers.

"You're such a cheater. CJ I was kidding! Ommigod, I can't believe you're doing this!" Tori says hysterically while looking under the covers to where I was running my dick head up and down her rapidly moistening slit. "Ben, you think you guys could give me and Tori half an hour alone and then we'll meet the two of you poolside?" I ask my best friend as I begin to insert my dick into Tori.

I ignore the whimpers and hisses of the girl writhing beneath me while I wait for his answer. Ben is very obviously aroused by the scene in front of him, and wastes no time freeing his own dick from his pants. He grabs Abby, who is also staring intently at me and Tori, and picks her up by the waist in one arm, holding her against his chest. With his other hand, he positions his cock under Abby's entrance and drops her onto his rock hard member.

Abby gives a little shriek of surprise and wraps her her arms and legs around Ben's torso to steady herself. The sight of Abby falling on to Ben's dick excited me enough to cause my dick to jump, even as it was inserted hallway into Tori, who hissed loudly this time.

Needless to say, all of us were very turned on at rocco gives alexis a hard pounding pornstars point. "Half an hour sounds good dude," and he carried Abby naked into the (luckily) empty hallway, and into the room that Tori and Abby had left propped open. Thankfully, he had the consideration to close our door behind himself. Tori met my eyes as I looked down at her. "You perverted, " she gasped between thrusts.

"Only because. It makes you. so wet." I grunt in return. We continued in this way for fifteen minutes or so. Then I pulled out long enough to flip her onto her stomach so that I could mount her from behind. She sighed with contentment as I re-entered her depths. She began squeezing me each time I bottomed out inside her. In return, I decided to reach under her to finger her clit while I fucked her. "Oh God." german online anal ensest anal sighed, clawing the sheets in front of her.

"CJ. I'm gonna.about to." "I know, baby" I told her before fucking her suddenly faster and harder than before. She whimpered with pure lust before her entire body began convulsing with her orgasm. I had another evil idea. I pulled out and rolled her over before picking her up just like Ben had lifted Abby.

I picked Tori up and dropped her on my dick just like we had seen Ben do with Abby, as well. The sudden invasion started Tori on a series of back to back orgasms, and I continued to fuck her in that standing position for a few more moments just to enjoy the feeling of her trying to milk my cock.

Then I started for the door with her wrapped around my torso, whimpering and mewing into my shoulder softly. She was too far gone to even protest as I carried her into the hallway. I walked down to the girl's door, thankful that Ben had left it open. I walked in the room fucking the girl in my arms and yelling for my best friend. "You about done yet, Ben?" I called, spotting him in the corner fucking Abby into the wall.

"Almost!" was his answer. I began to speed up inside of Tori, as well. Sensing I was close, she looked up in my eyes as I reached the point of no return. "Oh, no. Not again, CJ! " I held her tight to my chest and began emptying my balls inside Tori's receptive snatch. She threw her head back, moaning with ecstacy as I released spurt after spurt into her depths.

When Ben saw me cumming in Tori, he lost it. He began to come inside of Abby at the same time. Both girls let out shrieks of delight. Both Ben and I collapsed onto the bed, completely spent. Abby and Tori both lay on top of their man, exhausted as well, leaking juices around the base of the cocks that still spurted inside them. The pool could wait.