Jade nile my hot wife likes it rough

Jade nile my hot wife likes it rough
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When I was ten years old I lost my parents in an car accident, at the time I was with my babysitter. All I remember is being picked up by these people in suits, and being taken to a home, I never knew what or how it happen. As I grew older and older I went from home to home, I never got the chance to settle in a nice home with a nice family, I always found a reason to leave.

Now I'm 18 years old, I live with my last family, who seem great, after finishing high school I'll be on my own, but for now I currently live with them.

My adoptive father is a businessman who, constantly has to travel due to his business affairs. My adoptive mother is a women with 3 children of her own and 2 adoptive children, she works as a teacher at the local high school where I attend. Her 3 children are currently in different college's, and her other adoptive son is in the military. She struggles on a day to day basis with me, due to the fact that I always move from home to home.

She believes that a person who's been broken can be repaired, but a person forcefully trying to break himself is just someone running from something. It all began at school, I was a student who constantly was in the dean's office, for fighting or bad behavior. My report card would always show up with C's, D's and F's, and it was something the school never understood. My adoptive mother was a high school teacher, how could I be doing so bad in school, they called her to the dean's office.

The Dean explained to her that one more visit or fight or complain about me, that I would be expelled from school. As school finish we went home like always, we slut milf oriental sucks on hard jock japanese and hardcore say a word the whole drive home. "I'll be in my room, if you need me" I told her. "No you get back here right now" she replied.

"Look lady I don't need any lecture from you, I get enough at school" I insinuated. "I said, get back here now!" she replied angrily.

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"What!… just go ahead and do what every other family has done and call the agency and get rid of me" I replied. "Is that what you want? to live a life going home by home, that's not a life" she replied. "I don't belong here, you want me to be someone I'm not, you want me to be someone you can control, well forget it cause, I march to the randi wright gets fucked by interracial cock of my own drum" I replied.

"Watch how you talk to me, I'm your moth…" she replied before I cut her off. "Your not my mother! Your not! And you'll never be my mother! Never!" I replied. "We took you in, I took you in, and cared for you, to me that's a mother" she replied.

"Well your not, to me you're nothing" I replied (Slap) she slas me across the face. "After everything we gave you, after everything we've done for you," she replied tearfully. "You should have never adopted me, you should have looked the other way" I replied. "You know why we adopted you" she replied.

"Don't know, don't horny lesbian babes jenny poussin and alexis capri getting hot together naked I replied. "Because deep down in your heart, I know you want a family, a mother and father who care's about your day, a mother who can care for you" she replied. "You don't know me!" I replied. "I do know you, stop running and let us into your heart, let us help you" she replied.

(She walks towards me, with her arms open ready to hug me.) "Get back, I don't need anybody, I'm perfectly fine on my own" I replied.

(She blocks my path, with her arms open, for a hug, she hugs me, and whispers in my ear.) "Everything is gonna be ok, mommy's here" she whispers into my ear. (I begin to tear up, and after a few seconds I hug her, and realize they wanted to help not hurt me.) Her name is Janice she's forty-two years old, but looks thirty-five. She's pretty skinny and stays fit as much possible, she's a 36d and very a beautiful red hair women.

As she hugged me tight my head was pressed against her breasts, and my arms around her waist. I got solid rock hard, and didn't know whether to tell her or not, I try to stay fit to as much possible, without being in sports due to my temperament. The following night I went up to Janice's room it was, eleven o'clock at night, she was already half way asleep I laid down next to her and hugged her. She quickly woke up and turned and saw it was me and said "what are you doing here?" I looked at her and replied that "I can't sleep, all this has me thinking." (We continue to stay the way we are in bed, me hugging her, and we quietly talk.) "What do you want to talk about" she whispers.

"It's just that, in just a few months I have to be all alone again" I whispered. "You know you don't have to we sign the papers and you can officially be our son" she replied. "I know but, things won't be the same" I replied. "Why won't things be the same anymore" she replied.

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"I don't know I just think some things change" I whispered. "Like what things" she replied. (I began to caress her breast with one hand and the other hand I begin to rub her pussy.) "What are you doing" she replied. "Don't fight it you know you want this as much as I do" I replied.

(She fought the temptation, but could not resist.) "You know how long it's been since my husband touch me like that" she whispered breathlessly. "A few years…" I whispered. "Try since our honeymoon, ever since he got the job, it's been job first…" she whispered. "What a fool, a man should never let a hot piece of ass like you pass by" I whispered.

"Hhmmm… watch it, I might punish you" she whispered humorously. "In that case… you've been a very bad teacher Mrs. Stracci, I might need to reexamine your oral exam" I whispered to her. "Uuhhh… I have an oral exam I hope I pass" she whispered playfully. "Take all the time you need" I whispered. "I hope it's hard" she whispered.

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"Oh it is" I replied (She began to suck my dick.) "Oohhhh… Mrs. Stracci, I have a feeling you're gonna pass this oral exam." I replied breathlessly. "Oohhhh… yes… Mrs. Stracci A plus, plus, oohhhh god" I replied breathlessly. (After a few minutes of her sucking my dick, she stops and cleans her mouth.) "Oh Mr.

Navarro that was a hard oral exam… I hope you like how I showed my work." She replied humorously. "Oh yes… now you have a science project…" I replied.

"Oh what is it" she whispered. "The science project, let's see what happens when we rub certain parts together… what kind of friction do they cause" I replied.

"Ok… safety first" she replied (holding a condom in her hand) "Oh yes, safety first" I replied. (I put the condom on.) (We began to slowly and passionately have sex.) "Oohhhh… mmmm… Mr. Navarro, just like that" she moaned. "Say my name, take it all" I replied. "Oh fuck yes, yes, yes…" she moaned "Tap that pussy honey, yes, yes,yes, yes…" she moaned.

(After an hour past by I was ready to cum and so was she for the third time.) "Yes, yes, yes, yes… make me cum again… yes, yes, yes, yes… oh god fuck uuhhhh…" she moaned loudly. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum mommy" i replied curvy kat rides on a long prick gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" we both replied loudly "Oh fuck yes, yes, yes, yes… oh shit you made cum again." She replied.

"Uh-oh…" I replied nervously. "What do you mean uh-oh" she replied. "The condom broke… I just came inside you…" I replied nervously. "What!, what! no, no, no, no, no… please tell me you're lying…" she replied also nervously.

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"No look the condom broke" I replied. "Oh God no, no, no, no, no… damn! You and you're big penis… now what do we do" she replied.

"You're still on birth control right" I replied. "Hello!!. I haven't had sex in years… I'm not on birth control…" she replied. "Is there anything you can do to prevent getting pregnant" I replied. "Wait… wait… wait…" she replied "What it is" I replied.

"Did you call me mommy… when you were… gonna cum…" she replied "No you probably heard wrong… I didn't say nothing" I replied. "Oohhhh… you did call me mommy…" she replied historically "No I did not, you heard wrong" I replied "You did call me mommy…" she replied "You did call me mommy… a little weird to after we just had sex and you cummed inside me… but you called me mommy admit it" she replied "Ok I called you mommy… but it's your fault" I replied "My fault why is it my fault" she replied "Because… I was perfect the way I was… broken… why… why… why did you adopt me" I replied heartfelt "Because I knew that you were special… the minute I saw you all alone I knew you would be my babe" she replied.

"Why… do you try to fix me… why can't you just leave me broken" I replied "Because you're not broken… pretending to be something you're not, is hypocrisy, being somebody you are is better than pretending" she replied. (She sat down next to me as we both are still naked, and hugged me.) "There's just one more thing" I replied "What is it honey" she replied "I'm not gonna lie, I'm beginning to love you as mom, but…" I replied "But what honey…" she replied.

"Every time I see you not only do I see you as a mom but as a woman… and I love you as a mom but I also love you… and I was just wondering… " I replied "Wondering what hun" she stranger bonks pretty beautiful gal girlfriend and homemade our relationship can be more than, mother and son… if it can be just more than casual sex…" I replied "So you want me as a mom and girlfriend…" she replied "Well yes sort of… I want you all to myself " I replied "How about this, every night your father is not here, we have our relationship, and let time see OK" she replied.

"OK…" I replied (Then I proceed to suck her breast.) "Oh honey" she replied "What are we gonna do with your pussy full of cum, what if you get pregnant" I replied "Don't worry I won't get pregnant, OK" she replied. We cuddled and went to sleep.

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