School girls and boys six storys

School girls and boys six storys
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Chapter 16 TOPLESS WAITRESS After recovering from her orgasm, Laura showered. She graciously let Erica join her, and together the two girls washed the sweat, sex juices and piss from their naked bodies.

It felt weird washing with the chain still hooked on Laura's tits (and painful) but it seemed to be stainless steel and unlikely to rust. Afterwards, Laura dressed for her new job. The chain was her bra, of course. And she was going to be topless, but she would need to cover her tits while Erica drove her to work, so she put on a casual shirt.

She got Erica to slide a fresh pair of lacy pink panties up her legs, and then put on a sexy miniskirt over the top. She complimented the outfit with high heels. She needed to tell Erica where she was going, of course, as Erica would be driving the car and picking her up. She chose to do it as Erica was kneeling in front of her, having just helped her put on her underwear.

"I'm going out to be a topless waitress tonight. It's my new job," she said, looking down at Erica. She was checking for any hint of challenge or defiance in Erica, but Erica, abused, confused and sad, showed none. The bitch was curious, of course, but she knew better than to ask. Hot teen gets the cock she waited for night fell, they together drove into the red light district.

Laura quickly found the Pretty Titty Bar. It displayed a giant neon sign of a kneeling topless whore stroking her bare breasts. Laura kissed Erica on the lips and told her to come back and pick her up when she called. Erica signalled her assent, and Laura got out and watched as her lover drove away. Inside, the club was dark and noisy. Men sat in darkened booths, drinking, or gathered around the fringes of a large central stage. The stage featured a stripping pole, but the buxom brunette under the spotlight wasn't using it.

She was completely naked, kneeling with her legs spread, and pumping a large blue dildo in and out of her twat as she moaned sluttily. Occasionally men would throw money at her. She ignored it, letting it fall to the stage, focused on her masturbation.

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In amongst the darkened tables, women moved. All of them were buxom and topless, their breasts bobbing as they moved from man to man, taking orders and delivering drinks. Some wore short skirts like Lauras. Others wore only panties. At least one was completely nude, her shaved cunt displayed to the world. All of them wore high heels. Laura felt her cunt wettening, and cursed it. She wasn't even on her pills - she shouldn't be acting slutty.

But so much bare female flesh was causing a reaction in Laura anyway. She felt her cheeks growing hot and her breathing quickening. These women were beautiful, and sexy, and on display, and they reminded Laura very strongly of the images she had been looking at while being machine-fucked at the Mayim Clinic. As she stood staring at the den of eroticism, she felt a hand take hold of her arm, and she turned to see a roughly handsome man with an unshaven face wearing a suit.

"Are you the bitch David sent?" the man asked. Laura wanted to say she wasn't a bitch, but starting an argument wasn't a way to start a new job, and she needed this job.

"Yes," she said instead. "I'm Laura." "Laura's no good," he said. "It's not a stripping name. You can be Kitten Tits." "What?" asked Laura. "Don't 'what' me," the man replied, irritated. "You're already late to work. Next time you start at 5 pm, okay? Your name here is Kitten Tits. That's what you introduce yourself as, that's what you answer to.

You don't brunette babe miho lechter gives a blowjob on her knees in the kitchen your real name because you don't want the customers following you home, okay?" "Okay," said Laura. She remembered her rule about calling her breasts degrading names, and wondered if she was allowed to say "Kitten Tits" or would have to say "Kitten Fuckhandles". She decided that Kitten Tits was probably okay in the context of her name.

The man looked her over. "I'm Edgar, by the way," he said. "You take instruction from me.

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You don't answer to the other girls, you don't answer to the customers, got it?" "Got it," said Laura. "You're dressed okay, so you're obviously not completely stupid. Take off the shirt and I'll put it in the lockers for you, and then you're good to go." "Here?" asked Laura. Many of the nearby men were looking at her. "The whole point is for them to see your udders, Kitten Tits," said Edgar.

Nervously, Laura unbuttoned her shirt and removed it. Her large, painfully chained breasts came into view. She heard some scattered applause from the nearby tables, and blushed.

Edgar reached out and pulled at the chain connecting Laura's nipples. Laura squealed. "What's this?" he said. "It's a decoration," Laura replied. "I think it suits me, and I like it." Edgar laughed. "I think it suits you, too. Alright, you can chain up your tits like a goth if you want. Come on, I'll show you how to take orders and do bills." The man led Laura around the strip club. Laura tried to concentrate on the things she was being told, and not the exposed female flesh around her.

On stage, the brunette brought herself to a noisy orgasm, gathered up the money around her, and retreated through a door to what was presumably the backstage. Another girl, a redhead, came out wearing a bra and panties, and began to dance on the pole, slowly peeling off her underwear to reveal her breasts and twat.

Laura was introduced to the bartenders - tonight, a blonde named Kelly and a brunette named Tania, both of them with large fake breasts - and she was told how to greet the customers.

"You're to say, school japan chut land sex xxxx, my name is Kitten Tits,'" Edgar told her. "And then you tell them something pornographic about yourself, like, 'I like being fucked in the ass.' Then you ask them if they like your tits.

If they say yes, you say thank you, and if they say no, you tell them you'll try hard to have worthwhile tits in the future. And then you lean right down so your tits are in their face, and you ask them what you can get them from the bar. They might grab your tits or your ass. They're not supposed to, but if they do, don't make a scene, just let the bouncers know afterwards." "And they'll kick them out?" asked Laura. "No, they'll make them pay for the privilege. They learn pretty fast that it's more expensive to grope waitresses than to just buy a lapdance or fuck a whore, and all but the richest ones stop." It was incredibly demeaning, but Laura memorised what she was supposed to say carefully, and therafter she was set loose to start working.

At her very first table, she said, "Hi, my name is Kitten Tits.

I like licking pussy. Do you like my fuckhandles?" The men laughed, and said that they did. "Thank you," said Laura. She leant over, letting her tits lovely lilith growing boobs with milk down, and almost sighed with relief - the position caused her breasts to not pull at the chain so painfully. She looked at the men. "What can I get for you from the bar?" And so it went.

She went from table to table, introducing herself as Kitten Tits and telling men about her sex habits. "I like fingering my vagina." "I like squeezing my rapemelons." "I like sucking on dildos." She would ask them if they liked her sex-balloons, or her milkbags, and they would mostly tell her they did, and she would thank them. She got to enjoy leaning over to show off her tits because it was the only time they didn't hurt from the chain. Sometimes men would reach out and squeeze her breasts when she did this.

She tried to pretend it wasn't happening, even the man who gripped both her fuckhandles and started trying to milk her like a cow.

She just took their orders, and told the bouncer, and then watched as money would reluctantly change hands. Laura liked that her tits were so expensive to touch. It made her feel valuable. The hardest part was the other women. Everywhere Laura looked, there were tits, and sometimes cunts. She would brush past the other waitresses, all of them beautiful, and it was erotic every time. She found herself staring vacantly at their tits sometimes when she wasn't paying attention.

And on the centre stage was the worst of all. A nude girl rubbed her pussy up and down the stripper pole, leaving it glistening wet with cunt juices. A blonde fingered herself to orgasm while standing. Two buxom nude sluts did a dual act that ended in them 69ing each other in public, eagerly lapping each other's cunts to orgasm with their tongues. And one dyed blonde naked whore invited a man up from the crowd, and then knelt in front of him and sucked his cock until he came in her mouth.

The last one was too much for Laura. She stared at it, rapt, picturing the cock in Erica's mouth, or in her own mouth, and when the man came, and she saw the woman's throat muscles working to swallow the semen, she had to excuse herself and run to the toilets. The stalls of the women's toilets didn't have doors, she noticed, but she didn't care. She was desperate to masturbate. She sat on a toilet, pulled up her skirt. and stopped. She wasn't allowed to touch her panties. Not to take them off, not for any reason.

She couldn't masturbate. She looked down at them. They were wet, soaked through with her cunt juices. She squeezed her thighs together, feeling her cunt squelch between them, and it was good, but she knew it wasn't enough to make her cum.

She felt like crying. "Need help, Kitten Tits?" said a voice. Laura looked up to see Kelly, the blonde bartender, standing in the door and looking at her. Like all the other girls at the Pretty Titty, Jada stevens gets anal sex from huge black cock breasts were bare. They were large and obviously surgically enhanced, with tiny brown areolae and erect nipples. Laura whimpered. She was humiliated and ashamed, sitting here in the toilets thinking about touching herself.

But she was so horny. She did need help. Was that what Kelly was offering her? Laura tried to think clearly but her pussy was throbbing and dripping. She struggled to her feet. "Please," she said. "Can you pull down my panties? I'm not allowed." Kelly laughed. "I figured you had a boyfriend or something playing sex games with you, from that chain on your boobs if nothing else. We often get new girls starting here on a dare from their guys. He must be really hot to convince you to make a slut of yourself like this." Laura said nothing, avoiding eye contact.

"It's okay, baby," said Kelly. "I'll help you out. But you need to know they have cameras in here, and all through the backstage areas. They take money from clients to watch the feed in the private rooms. If you touch yourself in here, or anywhere else in the building, you'll be giving the clients a show. Do you still want me to help?" Laura didn't want to show herself off - but was it any different from the cameras in her home?

She had no idea how many anonymous men had already seen her naked, fucking her girlfriend and perfoming other intimate acts.

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Would a few more make a difference? And, after all, she was so horny. "Yes," said Laura. "Please." Kelly knelt in front of Laura, hooked her fingers into the waist of the panties, and pulled them down.

Laura's engorged, soaking wet pussy came into view. "You're pretty," she said, and leaned forward and gave Laura a light kiss on the vulva. Laura moaned. Oh god, she wanted this big-titted slut to kiss her there again - to lick and keep licking. She wanted to rape her like she did with Erica.

The girl's fake tits reminded her of Candy, and how Candy had made Laura fuck her. Laura hated Candy so much - she wanted to make Candy drink her piss, like Erica had done. She wasn't far gone, enough, though to force Kelly to lick her out, though. Kelly had been nice, and anyway Laura needed to keep working here. She just moaned a bit, and pushed her pussy forward a little, hoping Kelly would take the hint and go down on her.

"Oh, no way, honey," said Kelly. "I'm supposed to be working. You are too, for that matter. Plus I don't eat carpet unless there's a guy involved too.

Your fingers will have to do." Laura moaned in frustration as Kelly got up and left. But at least her panties were down. She sat back down on the toilet and began raping her snatch with her fingers, trying to cum as quickly as possible so she could get back to work. Her mind filled with the image of the slut on the stage swallowing the man's cum, and she felt herself orgasming within minutes.

The orgasm left her helpless and shaking for nearly a minute. When she had recovered, she licked her fingers clean, did her best to dry her pussy with toilet paper, and then took the chance to empty her bladder as well.

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Afterwards she realised she had no one to help her pull her panties back up. The only alternative was undesirable but inescapable - she let her panties fall the rest of the way down her legs, and then kicked them off, leaving them on the floor.

It felt extra slutty to just leave small girl gets the pump and dump underwear lying there at the base of the toilet, but she wasn't allowed to touch it, so she had no choice. At least her brain chemistry was returning to normal - no longer overpowered by her need to orgasm. When she returned to the public areas, luckily Edgar didn't seem to notice she had young blonde enters violenty tporn world with old ed missing, and Laura returned to her work.

Her skirt was short, but not too short, and she thought that most of the time no one would have a chance of seeing that she was now without panties. The exception was when she bent over for the customers though.

After she told them a fact about her sexual kinks ("I enjoy the taste of pussy") and asked them if they liked her sex-balloons, there was no escaping the fact that bending forward to show them her fuckhandles gave anyone behind her a clear view up her skirt to her pouty, wet vagina. The first couple of times she did it, Laura reached back to reflexively tug her skirt down, which only drew attention to the situation.

She heard wolf-whistles behind her, and blushed a furious red, knowing she'd just shown off her twat to strange men. The second time wasn't any better, or the third. Eventually Laura became numb to it, and resigned herself to the fact that her vulva was going to be on display every time she took an order.

She focused on smiling delightedly at the customers as they complimented and occasionally squeezed her milkbags, and not instead bursting into tears at the constant humiliation of her life and the continual pain in her chained rapemelons. By the end of the night Laura was nevertheless getting wet again. Despite her humiliation, and despite having masturbated to orgasm once, the never-ending presence of naked titflesh wherever she looked was having a definite effect on her body. Laura wondered how she could possibly work this job on a regular basis - was she doomed to spend her time here in a permanent haze of horniness?

At least tonight was almost over - Laura could take her sopping wet pussy home and force Erica to satisfy it. The bar was due to close at 2 am, and by the time that hour approached there were few men left in the club, and those who remained were roaring drunk. The last dancer of the night was finishing up an act in which she fucked her cunt with a large cucumber and then ate it sensually while rubbing her tits. Laura was serving a table of three men, who assured her they liked her fuckhandles, and was leaning down to take their orders while giving the table behind her a beautiful view of her twat.

She heard giggling coming from that table behind her as she started to take down an order for three full-strength beers, and then suddenly she felt a man's thick finger push between her labia and slide into her slick, eager fuckhole. She yelped, and straightened hurriedly.

The man's finger slid out of her pussy, and she turned to see who had violated her. It was a short, ugly man with a long drooping moustache, grinning at her drunkenly. She started to open her mouth to yell at him, when something happened.

The feeling of his knuckle sliding out of her twat had set something off inside her, and to her horror she felt an orgasm coming over her. Her legs buckled under her, and she fell forward, her naked tits pressing against the chest of the man in front of her. She wrapped her arms around him for support, and clung there in the embrace of the man who had violated her as her body twitched and shook from cumming.

She heard the table she was serving and the table the bearded man had been sitting at burst into uproarious laughter, hooting and guffawing as the pretty pink-haired waitress with the chain on her tits orgasmed publicly from having her cunt fingered. The next thing she knew she felt herself being lifted off the man who had poked his finger into her twat. She was crying, unable to help herself, and through her tears she saw it was Kelly who was helping her up. A bouncer was remonstrating angrily with her assaulter, but Kelly was leading Laura away.

"Oh honey," said Kelly. "Is it really so bad having a finger in your cunny? He could have put his whole cock in there, you know, the way you were flashing your goods around." Laura said nothing.

"It's okay, your shift's nearly over and Edgar will let you off cleaning up this one time. Are you driving home or do you have a lift?" "I have a lift," sniffled Laura. "Your boyfriend, I'll bet," said Kelly, and Laura said nothing. "Well, you just go call your lift and wait in the back room, and I'll bring you out your pay." Laura nodded gratefully and allowed herself to be led to the backstage area, where she called Erica as Kelly vanished to get Laura's wages.

Only it wasn't Kelly who returned with the money, it was Edgar. He threw a white piece of cloth to Laura - the shirt she had been wearing when she arrived. Laura pulled it on gratefully. "You've been quite the little slut tonight," Edgar said. "Masturbating in the toilets, trying to get Kelly to lez you off, and presenting your pussy to all the customers.

And wearing that whorish tit-chain, of course." "I'm sorry," said Laura. "Don't be sorry," said Edgar. "You're working at a strip club. We like whores. All I care about is that you get your work done, and I get a cut of your sluttiness." He passed her an envelope, with what appeared to be bills inside. "Here's your money for tonight. The rest of the bitches get a smoke break - you can use yours as a masturbation break if you want.

If you can finger your cunt as quickly as you did tonight it shouldn't take too much time out from your work. No lezzing off though - if you want to lick out some slut, you do it on stage. I won't have you distracting the other bitches. And if you want to flash your twat around that's up to you. But I saw you were about to go off at that guy who fingered you before you orgasmed - that's not okay.

If you choose to show off your pussy, and someone sticks something into it, you grin and enjoy it, just like when wankz hot reporter gangbanged by basketball team pornstars hardcore grab your boobs, and then tell the bouncer afterwards.

You're welcome to wear panties if you don't like the thought of people buying what you're advertising. I won't have you getting into fights with the clientele." Laura nodded mutely. "There's a good little slut," said Edgar approvingly. "See you next time, okay?" And he left, to help close up the bar. === When Erica arrived, Laura hurriedout to meet her, and they drove home in silence.

When they got home, Laura's horniness had gone, drowned in her humiliation, so she didn't get Erica to fuck her - instead she just slapped her lover across the face a few times and then made her suck on the ejaculation dildo until it filled her mouth with piss.

It was only once Erica was crying that Laura was able to calm down from her humiliating night at work, and fall, eventually, asleep. (To be continued.)