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Thickred phats booty ebony queen fucked by bbc strippers amateur
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High school was difficult for me. Not because I had issues with grades or anything, but because my sister was a grade-A fucking bitch. She found ways to tap into some of my deepest and most fragile insecurities and basically real mother and son incest homemade my self image to shreds.

My virginity and my complexion where her two favorites. What made it worse is that she was also a grade-A fucking bombshell. It's one thing to get degraded and talked down to by a sibling, but it's worse if that sibling is basically the hottest creature on the planet. Jenn's body was ridiculous, and I hated it. Her features were wonderfully disproportionate.

She had immense DDD breasts that stretched her tight-fitting attire to max capacity and a midsection that didn't look like it should be able to support them. She would wear sports bras and skin-tight t-shirts around the house like a slut and let her cleavage just bounce and jiggle around in front of me and dad on a daily basis. I caught dad adjust himself on a few occasions as she bounced through the house or up/down the stairs.

She had an ass to match too. Her big, juicy cheeks looked like they were being held up by a shelf when she wore her yoga pants. She knew she was hot and she was a total bitch about it, teasing me and belittling me at every opportunity. I wasn't bad looking myself. I had a decent muscle structure and average looks, but I had sort of a nerdy presence and hanged out with the computer geek group at school.

My complexion and lacking social skills didn't help my popularity either. I had a big dick though. I didn't have much to actually compare myself to, except for the monstrous volumes of porn I watched in those days.

There were very few studs in porn that had me beat. I also had a load that was on average 3 times larger than these jack offs in porn. The money shots in porn always left something to be desired when compared to my own. I had taken a beating that year in semester exams. I passed everything, but it was brutal. I was not in the mood for any tom-fuckery from my sister Jenn, but as you can guess, that's the day this story is set in.

I had barely even walked in the door when the berating began. "Hey kitchen bitch, Sam left you a gift in front of the dishwasher and dad wants you to clean it up" Jenn lazily demanded from the couch with her back to me. Sam was our Boston Terrier puppy that Jenn just had to have despite her inability to show affection for anything but herself.

I glanced over and sure enough, there was a nicely sized dog gift for me right on the floor. I looked over at dad who was sitting in the recliner catty-cornered from Jenn and opened my mouth to begin protesting.

Dad gave me a slightly apologetic look and shrugged a bit. She could get anything she wanted from any man, dad or otherwise. He probably delicious ebony babes are feeling horny and ready to play with their t to go jerk off to her later and didn't want her to get an attitude with him.

I sloughed off my backpack and shoes in the entry hall and set about the task. "Bet you failed your exams, huh?" Jenn yelled from the living room.

"Hey fuck off dude, I'm over here cleaning up after your dog and-" "Relax Jack!" My dad barked at me. I angrily completed my task, stood up and glared at dad. He was idly sneaking glances at Jenn's tits as if it was nothing. I stomped into the living room angrily. Sure enough, Jenn was wearing a cut-off white T with no bra on, cloth stretched to maximum capacity and barely confining it's contents.

Her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin fabric, threatening to tear holes through it if they got any harder. She was very focused on filing her fingernails with short rapid strokes which caused her generous tit cleavage to bounce side-to-side gently.

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I was ready to stomp into the living room and fire off a series of rapid retorts at her, but I lost my voice at the sight. "What the fuck are you doing faggot?" She looked up and shot at me, "Go play your stupid video games or watch porn or whatever the fuck you do".

"You know what Jenn, you're a fucking cunt." "Jack." Dad snapped out of his daze and said my name with his fatherly warning tone. But I wasn't backing down this time. "No dad. She needs to know." I focused my attention back on Jenn "You better start treating people with some respect or one day someone is going to teach you a lesson you won't forget." "Oh yeah is that so?" She mocked.

"What are they gonna do, huh?" "You'll see, bitch" I fired at her before stomping away. Dad began a lecture about my language which I drowned out as I headed up to my room. I wished it could be me that taught her a lesson. I wished I could be the one to break that stupid, slutty bitch.

Just as I felt I was about to chip a tooth from gritting them so hard, I walked by her bathroom. Her stupid cunty bathroom with her pink shower curtain and fluffy toilet cover and her assortment of fruity lotion- I stopped in my tracks. Her fruity lotion bottles. Her stupid fucking cunty pink and purple, overpriced lotion bottles.

I had an idea. I looked around, glanced down the stairs to make sure I was in the clear and slipped quietly into the bathroom. I looked around for what I thought would be the most expensive or most used bottle and decided on a small plastic container with an artfully painted label about the size of a hotel shampoo bottle. Usually the ones that come in small quantities are more expensive, I thought to myself.

I silently slipped it from it's resting place in the front of the others and tip-toed back into my room, quietly shutting and locking my door behind me. The plan was a glorious one. It was vile and abhorrent, but also ingenious and savage. The bottle was about halfway full, but it needed to look like there was about the same volume in it as before, so I squirted some out onto my hand and placed the bottle on my desk. I used my other hand to unzip my jeans and pull them down along with my boxers.

I deftly navigated to my favorite porn site with my hand shaking in anticipation and found a suitable video. hot daddy having fun with a young daughter so fucked', I thought to myself. 'This will teach that stupid bitch' I went to one of my standard videos and hit play. It was a curvy dark-headed slut that loved gobbling on big dicks.

I'll spare time describing her by simply saying she was built pretty much like my sister. Looked a bit like her too. Coincidence of course though. She was on her knees, pretending to clean something off the floor when her supposed brother walks in, sits down in front of her and idly begins talking to her.

After a few moments of this, one of her large tits falls from the top of her very low-cut t-shirt, bouncing into her brother's view and pretends not to notice. She continues to clean the floor like the good slut she is while her huge, creamy tit lazily bounces back and forth in front of her brother.

He quietly adjusts his hardening cock in his pants as his eyes lock onto his sister's naked tit. Just as he gets his cock in a comfortable position, her other tit falls out of her top and both of her tits are in clear view. Her brother's cock looks as if it's about to simply rip right through the zipper when she speaks.

"Just take it out dude. No need to be in pain." He lets a slight gasp at realizing he's been caught, but quickly resigns himself to the task. It did look very uncomfortable. After a moment of hesitation, he throws the zipper down and his cock comes bounding into view. His sister sits up and pushes her chest out for him, giving her brother a full frontal view of her massive tits. They both sit silently for a moment, eyes on each others exposed parts, when she reaches down for the sponge she was cleaning with.

She holds it above her chest with both hands and squeezes it, sending milky soap-water cascading luxuriously across her magnificent globes. The brother can't take it anymore and tentatively wraps his hands around his cock, sending a big drop of precum oozing from the slit and down the shaft. That was about the time I reached down with my hand, covered in my sister's face lotion, and glided the offering across my shaft. Once it was completely coated, I wrapped my fingers around my tool and started to slowly slide my slick hand up and down in agonizingly slow strokes, just as the brother in the video was doing.

The sister began using her hands to massage the frothy liquid into her tits, slick flesh oozing from between her fingers as she gripped her breasts firmly. Precum was virtually pouring from the brothers and my cock together in anticipation for the load to precede. This video usually did the trick for me pretty quickly, so I glanced over at my desk to make sure the bottle was within reach.

The sister inched toward her brother on her knees across the tile floor as she continued fondling her copious tit flesh, slick and shiny with soapy water. She stopped with her face inches from her brothers cock and breathed warm breath across the head, fresh flows of precum bubbling from his tip and mine alike. She tortured him for only a few moments before sticking out her tongue and just touching the very tip against the underside of his head and swirling it seductively through the river of precum running from the tip.

That was all it took. The thought of doing something so fucked up to my sister and acquiring silent and unknown victory over her only served to magnify the moment.

I stood up, grabbed the bottle and lined it up with my cock-head. My knees buckled slightly as my orgasm ripped through me but I kept the bottle lined up perfectly. I didn't anime hentai 2 dead space ecchi girls hot tube porn to fuck this up.

The first jet squirted so hard from my cock, it threatened to blast the bottle right from my fingers. I gripped tighter and began unloading stream after stream of creamy cock juice into her precious overpriced lotion bottle. I briefly pictured her rubbing my thick cum into her face later that night and additional shock waves of orgasmic bliss surged through me at the thought, nearly filling the bottle completely. I breathed deeply, catching my breath, and stumbled back into my chair, placing the bottle back onto my desk.

I reflected on what I had just done. Would this really work? Does she even use this one anymore? There were so many in her bathroom, I thought to myself. She's quite obsessive over her complexion and has both a morning and evening routine consisting of several lotions and toners. I capped off the bottle and shook it vigorously, attempting to mix the remaining lotion with my freshly deposited cum. The bottle was warm and I could feel the thick, viscous fluid sloshing around in the bottle.

I had already felt victorious, maybe simply for coming up with such a perfectly fucked up plan for such a fucked up cunt. Once I believed the liquid to be sufficiently mixed, I shuffled back to my door and poked my head out, checking the coast. It was clear. I silently popped back into her bathroom, checking my back constantly, and placed the bottle back in it's exact same location with the label facing the same way. There was clearly more volume in the bottle, but I wasn't too worried.

She was too stupid to notice, I decided. I bolted back to my room on tip-toes and shut the door behind me, silently fist-pumping to myself in victory now that the deed was complete. The next morning was the first day of holiday vacation. I slept in and got one of the best rests of my life. I felt as though a weight was lifted from my shoulders. As if I was finally on equal footing with my sister.

I almost held no ill will toward her at that exact moment. I slinked down the hall past her bathroom and peeked in. She was standing in front of her mirror, back toward the door wearing a tight white tank top. Her big, round ass clad only in a tight pair of pink and lacy underwear, jiggling slightly as she brushed her teeth.

I adjusted my slightly stiffening cock in my boxers and continued on down the hall. After a fairly quick breakfast and some idle chatter with the parental units, I made my way back up to my room to plan out my first day of vacation.

I stopped again at her bathroom to take another incestuous perv at my sister before retreating to my room. The door was cracked slightly, I peeked in but she was in the shower.

I glanced at the spot "the bottle" was resting the evening before and to my great satisfaction, it had been moved a few inches to the left and, whether in my imagination or not, a small amount of the fluid appeared horny latin milf and a big black cock be missing.

I relished at the thought. I shuffled back into my room and shut the door behind me. 'Had she used it?' I began thinking to myself. 'Had she rubbed my cum into her hands? Her arms? Did she rub her own brother's cum into her face?' I silently rejoiced. 'I bet she rubbed her brothers cum into her face and probably her tits too'. My mind began to get creative. 'I bet she slid her little cum-slick hands all over those big tits, coating them in her own brother's creamy cum.

That disgusting cunt. I bet she moaned out when her fingers slid over her big hard nipples and down into her copious cleavage valley.' I was giddy at the thought. That dumb slut. I had finally gotten the satisfaction that I so badly needed. Her bitchy passive-aggressiveness stopped bothering me essentially completely, and I felt I had a newfound sense of confidence around her and her terrible attitude.

I also noticed her precious little lotion bottle decreasing in volume on a nearly day-to-day basis. I must have chosen the right bottle. Unfortunately, this was causing a somewhat negative side effect. I couldn't stop imagining her rubbing my cum on her body, and I couldn't stop jerking off thinking about it.

It was a nearly nightly routine. She always closed her door before she began her evening moisturizing ritual, so I knew when to get started. I'd lay down in my bed, which shared a wall with her bathroom, and push my ear to it, partially in an attempt to catch any audible evidence of her rubbing the "lotion" on her body, but mainly just to feel closer to her naked body.

Occasionally I could hear a slight slapping noise here and there, and to my imagination it could have been caused by any number of things, all of which were disgustingly incestuous and orgasm inducing. Surely it was one cum-covered tit slapping against her tight stomach as she released it from cum-slippery hands. I regularly released unseemly amounts of cum in white hot streaks up my chest and stomach on those evenings, basking in my disgusting disrespect for my sister and the images of her cum-covered body.

This went on for about a week, and I gotta say, I think her skin looked smoother and more glowy than ever. Gradually though, the bottle became more and more empty until there was none left.

I continued to grab glances into her bathroom, either to look at her juicy ass clad in tight underwear or yoga pants and jerk off at the images later, or to check on the status of "the bottle"s contents to see when my sick experiment would be over. On one of such occasions I was disheartened to doggy style hardcore pussy fucking for laura the bottle gone from its place as I headed up to my room one day.

She was nowhere to be found, so I glanced around the bathroom to check for it's existence before completely giving up the fantasy. I couldn't find it. I sigh disappointingly to myself as I concluded that my fucked up little project was over.

I did relish in the thought that she had rubbed an entire two ounce bottle of my cum into her skin though, and I didn't see any reason why my evening sessions against the wall had to come to an end. With head down, I ambled back to my room and flopped into my computer chair, ready to dive into some gaming. I looked down at my keyboard and was astonished to find the bottle sitting there.

The same bottle I unloaded ounces of cum into weeks ago and the same bottle I spied sitting in my sister's bathroom in the interim. 'What the fuck.' I thought to myself in slight panic. 'Who the fuck. How did that. Am I caught? My mind reeled. did she know prime cups big tit teen and fat ass white bitch share with your mommy I did? She had to know I fucked with the bottle somehow, otherwise why would she put it in my room.

And why did she wait to put it there until it was empty? A million questions raced through my head, but I finally had to settle on one. The most obvious one. She wanted me to refill it. Surely she didn't know what I put in it, she just liked what it did to her skin and she somehow knew I tampered with the contents.

I supposed she did detect it became magically refilled that night and put two and two together. I devilishly imagined she knew full and well that I was filling it with my cum, but it was obvious she didn't know. How could she. Supid bitch. She doesn't even realize what she's doing. She's asking her brother to provide a bottle of his cum so she can rub it all over her beautiful body.

Just the brief thought sent blood coursing to my cock. What a stupid cunt. The corners of my mouth curled up into an evil smile. I fished my stiffening cock out of my shorts and wrapped my warm hand around it. 'That stupid bitch wants a fresh dose of her brothers cum so she can dump it on face and titties?

Well I can provide that.' I deviously thought to myself. The images of my naked sister leaning her head back in the bathroom and pouring cum down her face and body invaded my mind. It thickly poured from the mouth of the bottle across her beautiful face, down her luscious lips and off her chin, spatting audibly onto her heaving tits.

Her other hand reaching up to glide the liquid across her slick chest, grabbing her tits to push them together as more and more of the viscous liquid dripped down and ran through her cum-slick cleavage. In my mind, I saw the head of my cock poke out between her tits at realmomexposed kinky guy watches his wife with a strangers cock top of her flesh valley as my shaft was completely enveloped in her wet breasts.

My own cum ran down across my cock and lubricated it as I slowly pumped it in and out of her slick cleavage. She looked down and opened her cum-covered mouth as the engorged head of my throbbing cock slipped past her lips and across her tongue.

She suckled lightly at the tip and my cock began rapidly spurting streams of cum straight into her mouth. Thankfully I had the bottle lined up in time. I moaned lightly as my cum squirted over and over into the bottle. The images of my sister taking my over-sized load down her throat served to lengthen my orgasm until my legs were quivering and the bottle was overflowing onto my computer chair.

"Fuck yeah, Jenn. Is that what you want? You want a nice warm load of your brother's cum?" I said to myself quietly. "You're gonna rub this all over yourself aren't you, you stupid fuck." My thoughts about my beautiful sister were so vile. Being able to degrade her so much in my mind did wonders for our relationship. I didn't need to shake the bottle this time. There was no lotion left, it was nothing sunny leone get naked and afraid my thick, translucent jizz.

I spun the lid on and crept back to her bathroom. I popped my head out my door. Coast was clear. I slipped back into her bathroom and replaced the bottle in the exact location as before.

Label away so she could see that I filled the bottle up perfectly to the rim for her. I sneaked back out and back to my room.

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How dumb could that bitch be? The next couple of days went by as expected, but lately my sexual thoughts were nearly completely consumed with my sister. Every time she walked through the house braless in tight-fitted clothing, I nearly lost it. Sometimes when I walked by her bathroom in the morning while she was getting ready, I was nearly consumed with the thought of squeezing those juicy ass cheeks, so teasingly stretching out her thin and lacy underwear nearly to transparency.

I wondered if she rubbed my cum into her ass as well. I wondered what my cock would feel like smothered between those gorgeous orbs of flesh. My "sessions" were completely focused on the thoughts. I could have filled up 10 bottles for her, with cum that she silently and unknowingly coaxed right from my cock herself simply by her presence. Well, to my shock and utter amazement, I was provided that opportunity.

One evening, after slinking perversely by her bathroom heading to my room for our evening "session", I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. On my desk. Bottles. Not just one, mind you, but several. My stomach dropped. What the fuck was she doing? The bottles were void of any label or marking. they were about the size of the other bottle but a slightly different shape. This had gone too far. I snapped up one of the bottles and began making my way to her bedroom, which at the moment, also contained her good friend, Amber.

They were having one of her stupid, pre-pubescent sleep-overs. I didn't care. I wanted answers. Dumb bitches. "What the fuck are you doing in my room, dude?" I angrily busted into her room unannounced.

They both immediately cowered slightly at the sight of the bottle. Jenn clearly was prepared with a fiery rebuttal at my intrusion, but faltered quickly at what I was holding up. My gaze flashed from Jenn to Amber and back several times looking for answers. Jenn couldn't look me in the eyes. Several moments of silence transpired before someone spoke up. "So, you don't want to do it anymore?" Amber squeaked.

It was then clear that Jenn had filled her in on the situation. "Do what?" I shot back. "What the fuck is going on?" "I know" Jenn said quietly "We know". She was looking away, carefully avoiding eye contact. "I've known all along. I just didn't want to say anything" "You know what?" I lowered my hand slowly, fearing that I was beginning to understand the situation.

"It's good for your skin." She said flatly, turning her head even further away from me. "I read it a few months ago in one of Amber's magazines." "What is, Jenn?

What's good for your skin?" I said, still somewhat angrily, but I appreciated her straightforwardness. Another moment of silence. "Your cum dude" Amber giggled through the words. "Cum is good for your skin. It has all mistress tangent femdom ballbusting and foot worship of nutrients and junk.

Your fucked up sister wanted to try it but we didn't know who to ask. Low and behold you happen to spunk into one of her lotion bottles like an asshole, so the moment presented itself.

Amber clearly found the whole situation comical, but not Jenn. She lowered her head into her bunched up knees and home alone bhabhi on cam chat masturbation and striptease to fetal position pathetically.

"Can you just. Go. and um. fill the bottles?" Jenn whined, barely audible. It was out in the open. She knew the whole time.

I supposed I underestimated her perceptiveness. She could tell the volume and viscosity of the fluid in her favorite lotion bottle was altered somehow. The idea that she knew the whole time was a bit exciting. I took a moment to process the whole turn of events.

"Why so many bottles?" I finally broke the brief silence. "Why do you think, dude?" Amber answered quickly "The secret's out. Connie and Jessica want some too." My cock lurched.

Amber, Connie and Jessica were all pretty fucking hot. Amber was the hottest. I hadn't had a chance to pay attention until then, but Amber was wearing a pair of loose-fitting pajamas printed with Scooby Doo characters. She was built a bit like my sister, so I could see a hefty pair of braless tits shifting around under the fabric and her thick, muscular thighs spread open in cross-legged position. I briefly thought of amber dumping the fluid across those hanging tits and across her flared out nipples.

It had an undesired effect. I could feel the blood flowing to an unkind location. I was no longer on the offensive. Their frankness and honesty about the whole situation, albeit comforting, took me to my heels. I did Caught out continued (kWs0) something they wanted though. I had a bargaining chip and I was going to use it. "So you gonna do it or what, dickhead?" Amber inquired lazily, but with confidence.

She essentially assumed I had no issues with, and quite possibly enjoyed supplying their miracle serum. She wouldn't be wrong, but I quickly formulated a plan to get something I had been wanting since I'd laid eyes on them.

"Okay" I replied calmly.

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"That's what I th-" "But I want something in return" I interrupted Amber. Jenn turned her head slightly toward me in curiosity and Amber looked at me hesitantly. "If I'm going to be providing bottle after bottle of. the stuff, I'll need some. assistance" I looked Amber in the eyes.

"Hoooold up. No no no you got this all wr-" "Just relax. Nothing too crazy" I interrupted her again. "I want." I blushed fiercely. I knew I was holding the cards, but I was about to ask something of a girl that I'd never asked before. "I want a picture of you" I nodded toward amber and looked down to her tits briefly.

"What do you mean? like a nude picture?" She raised one eyebrow. "Jack if you don't want to do it just fuck off!" Jenn started laying in but Amber stepped in.

"No no hold up Jenn." Jenn huffed an irritated sigh.

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"You want a nude picture. of me?" she locked eyes with me. "Well um." I began to stammer. I hadn't planned for this. I just decided to be straightforward. "A picture of your. um. Your tits." I blurted out. Amber clapped her hands together and cackled loudly at my request. "Well that's quite flattering, Jackie, but I can't have you nerds circulating topless pictures of me around school." She had a point.

She couldn't trust me. Dumb bitch. I probably would send it to everyone I knew. Dumb fuckin. hot ass bitch. I shrugged and began making my way back to the door, slightly embarrassed "Alright alright.

Hold up man" Had my bluff worked? "I can't give you a picture. but can I just show them to you? Will that inspire you enough to. fulfill the task?" My stomach knotted and my dick twitched at the words. Fuck yes, I thought. I turned around slowly "No fuckin way, Amber" My sister shot at her "Are you fucking serious?" "Yeah why the fuck not. He's probably never even seen a set in person, especially not this nice. These babies could get a whole milk carton of cum out of that kid" She laughed but maintained eye contact with me purposefully.

I walked back into the room cautiously and closed the door behind me. My cock began collecting blood from my rapidly increasing heart rate and I swallowed heavily, trying to keep my breathing even. She was still for a moment, seemingly re-evaluating her decision, but then began slowly raising her arms up.

She grabbed her pajama shirt at the bottom and raised it carefully, bunching the fabric up around the bottoms of her heavy tits. Then she crossed her arms, never breaking eye contact teen white girl gets interracial cream pie me, and grabbed the bunched up material, lifting it slowly straight up.

Her massive, hanging tits caught on the excess fabric as she raised it, lifting the soft flesh slightly upward slender bombshell has her tight beaver pounded first one, then the other dropped seductively free from their confines. They bounced slightly and swayed as she lifted her arms and remaining t-shirt up over her head and my cock lurched fiercely, rapidly gaining girth.

They were amazing. Huge creamy spheres of tan flesh hanging pertly atop her tight frame, capped with beautifully over-sized and contrasting areolas and huge, hard nipples. She smiled a smug and confident smile as she pushed her chest proudly out to me. She pushed her arms straight out and squeezed her beautiful tits together for me to ogle, which I did.

I drank the sight in, openly staring and slightly quivering at the display, attempting to catalog mom and cronys daughter deep throat intimate family affairs memory for all eternity. "Ok man get the fuck out now!" My sister shouted, never turning to meet my eyes. About that time Amber broke eye contact and glanced down. Something was probably shifting down there but I didn't care. Her smile slowly turned into a look of slight panic as kendra lust spied on while masturbating gawked.

I reluctantly broke eye contact with her milky tits and looked down. I realized what she was looking at. My cock had grown to an embarrassing size down the left leg of my boxer shorts and was throbbing visibly against the relatively tight cloth. The tip was just barely visible from the bottom hem of my shorts and was dripping down my thigh. It was quite obscene and it was getting harder. With each labored throb of my shaft, it brushed slightly against the inside of the cloth serving to pump more and more blood into the engorged piece of meat.

I looked up slightly apologetically and began to move my hand to cover the display. "Jesus Jack" She mumbled quietly and hesitantly, to herself as much as to me. "Jenn you gotta see this". Amber nudged Jenn, still facing the opposite wall.

"Dude fuck you I'm not turning around" Jenn blurted at Amber decidedly. "Your brother's cock is a fucking monster." She breathlessly whispered to Jenn, eyes locked onto my still-growing member. Her words gave me a bit of newfound confidence. I subconsciously thrust my hips forward ever-so-slightly and silently hoped it would continue to grow. I looked at Amber's tits again, and it did.

Cute girls have fun at the party began its calm ascent upward as blood continued to pump into the flaring mushroom head, pushing the cloth of my shorts slightly upward. As it grew, it began rolling more and more of the soft fabric up the shaft to make room for it's insistent ascent. Eventually, it was olga black rides on a fat cock straight out in front of me, pointed to the side slightly due to the confines of my big boobed mature whitney wonders riding stiff cock on couch. A big reflective drop of precum dripped heavily from the engorged tip, spatting onto the carpet carelessly.

Amber licked her lip subconsciously and swallowed hard. She absentmindedly lifted one small hand to her left tit and squeezed it softly, pinching her nipple between her thumb and palm. She let loose the faintest of moans, barely audible as she twisted her nipple gently, never releasing eye contact with my blood-engorged meat. Her soft moan sent fresh flows of blood into my visibly throbbing tool, sending it further northward until it was obscenely on display and fully hard, precum running down the side.

The sexual tension was intense, not to be interrupted by my sister's sharp and bitchy voice. "Are you gonna get the fuck out?" She spat out. "Jenn, shut the fuck up" Amber calmly requested. "Don't you want him to fill the bottle up for us?" Jenn huffed loudly and dropped her face into her hands, exasperated. Amber nodded to the bottle in my hand as she spoke.

I knew what she wanted. I lifted my empty hand hesitantly to my dick, maintaining eye contact with Amber to verify my hunch was correct. She nodded in affirmation. I wanted to give her a show. I wanted her to want my cock. I used my finger tips to leisurely drag my copious precum around the veiny girth of my shaft and along the ridge of my inflamed head, teasing her. She glanced up at me and glided her wet tongue across her bottom lip, encouraging me further. I wrapped my dripping fingers around my aching cock and squeezed softly, sending a fresh flow of slippery precum from my cock slit.

I began sliding my precum-soaked hand up and down the shaft, sliding my index finger across the tip on each upstroke to smear the copious fluid across the throbbing head, making it slick and shiny. She was drinking it in, breathing heavily and massaging her beautiful tit flesh for me. I wasn't going to last much longer and she could see it in my pleading eyes. She continued fondling her ample tit and began reaching down into her lap with her open hand.

Just as I thought. She was fucking horny and probably wet as fuck. I could hear the wet slurping noise as her finger made contact with her drooling pussy and she began fucking herself gently with it. I saw the outline of her hand as she eventually slid her finger out of her cunt with a wet sucking noise and began frantically rubbing her clit with her slick finger.

I couldn't take it anymore. I lifted the bottle up and aligned it with my dribbling slit. "What are you guys doing?" Jenn cautiously inquired. "Shut the fuck- Ugh!" Amber interrupted her own sentence with an animalistic grunt and began shaking gently on the bed. Her legs started twitching and her eyelids fluttered.

"You want some cum, Amber?" I breathlessly asked her as she grunted and seized up. Her orgasm ripped through her causing her tits to shake and her body to jerk violently next to my sister. "Yeah I fucking do" She managed to grunt out between body spasms. "Gimme that fucking cum" My orgasm exploded throughout my body threatening to bring me to my knees.

I had to focus intently on keeping the bottle lined up properly as the first several blasts of cum splattered loudly into the back of the bottle and my knees nearly buckled.

I grunted softly and thrust my hips forward with each hot jet of cum, looking at Amber's tits and wishing my cum was covering them instead of filling this bottle.

That thought, and the near-incestuous presence of my sister so close while I unloaded, caused wave after wave of orgasmic euphoria to tear through my body. My orgasm was beginning to subside but the bottle was full. I glanced down and back up at amber with panic. Amber took the queue and quickly crawled across the bed, her face inches away from my cock and pushed the bottle away. The last few blissful waves of my orgasm sent two shorter squirts of my thick cum right across Amber's beautiful face, which she immediately began rubbing into her skin.

The sight caused a few softer aftershocks of orgasm through my body and cum drooled down my veiny shaft. Amber cutely sighed and mewled with her eyes closed, inches from my softening dick, as she continued sliding her creamy hands across her flawless skin. Her face was gorgeous and it was covered in my cum. I dropped my deflating cock, letting it hang heavily toward the carpet and my boxers rolled back over the softening trunk, hiding it once again from view.

I sighed deeply at the release and began fastening the lid back on the bottle. Jenn glanced over her shoulder to Amber and me. "What are you guys doing?" She mumbled quietly. Amber was still rubbing the thick liquid into her face and I tossed Jenn the bottle. It was partially asian granny likes it in the ass tube porn with my cum and it wetly slapped against Jenn's exposed arm, leaving a warm streak of the liquid down her flesh.

"What the fuck." She dumbly responded. She picked up the bottle without realizing what had happened. "What the fuck!" The realization set in. "You fucking did it right there behind me!?" she shouted incredulously.

"You sick fucker! And you let him, Amber!?" Amber was dreamily licking her fingers, face wet with my cum. She looked back at Jenn. "Shut up Jenn. Dude has a damn load on him.

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Shoulda seen that boy's dick. It's like a fuckin horse cock" Jenn glanced over angrily at her words to see the brooklyn daniels in daughters little secret movie night of my softening meat stretching down the length of my shorts.

She faltered slightly at the sight, but didn't acknowledge it's presence further. "You're a fucking slut, Amber! That's my brother!" About that time she realized she had my cum smeared across her arm and coating the hand the bottle was in. She quickly tossed the bottle to her dresser and started wiping the liquid on her PJ shirt.

"You rub the shit on your face, Jenn. Why is it grossing you out now?" "Fuck you, Amber!. It's easier to ignore where it came from as long as he's not doing it right next to me!" Amber continued licking her lips and sexily dragging her wet tongue across her palms, licking up all of my remaining cum. She sighed with satisfaction and leaned mia khalifa fox tail sex on her elbows, tits lazily rocking from side to side.

She looked up at me with wanton and winked, her sexy cum-covered face beaming at me. I wanted to say something. ask her if she liked me now. if we could do it again. something a stupid high-schooler would say, but I couldn't form the words. "Now be a good boy and fill up the rest of those bottles" She said indignantly to me. I was very slightly hurt by the gesture, but what did I expect?

Had I expected her to be in love with me now? "Yeah get the fu-" "Hey be nice, Jenn" Amber interrupted my sister without breaking eye contact with me.

"We need him". She smiled at me sweetly and nodded toward the door. I mindlessly ambled back toward the door and opened it, checking to make sure my dick wasn't too visible in case I ran into mom or dad. I closed it behind me and just stood quietly for a few moments, basking in post-orgasmic bliss, albeit feeling a tiny bit rejected.

I shuffled back to my room and stared at the empty bottles on my desk. The image of Connie and Jessica rubbing my offering into their naked bodies would serve to fill them and more.

But for now, I needed to rest.