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Glory hole brunette big tits blowjob fat schlong
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This is my first story and submission. Feedback is welcome. Caveat. this story is quite long, and mostly sensual with very little sex. Holiday for Two 1 Scott and is daughter, Candace, were always close. Her mother passed away when she was 10 from a long illness.

The events of that trauma brought us close, and we remained that way until she went away to college out of state. It was harder on him, than her. She had college and friends young casting euro beauty banging old dude keep her busy. He didn't even want to think of what else kept his little angel busy. He spent most of his time with work.

They saw each other whenever they could; holidays, school breaks. Candace graduated from college in June, just days after her 23rd birthday. To celebrate both her birthday and graduation, Scott decided to take her on a week-long vacation to Tahiti. She had always wanted to stay in one of the over-the-water bungalows on an exotic tropical island.

Candace had a job offer a few states away, so they knew they wouldn't see each other as often as the would like. This vacation was a way to celebrate and spend some time together before her exciting new life started. Candace went out with some friends the evening before our trip, and Scott went to bed before she got home.

Scott woke in the morning to finish packing up last minute things.

He was making breakfast when she walked into the kitchen and kissed him softly on the cheek. She was pouring herself a cup of coffee as he turned to say good morning. He almost didn't recognize her.

Her normally light brown hair was now pitch black with red streaks down the right side, near the front. The color was a great contrast to her fair skin, and really made her eyes devastatingly gorgeous! He kind of stammered a "Good morning, hon" as she made her way to the table. She turned around as if just remembering, and said "Good morning, Daddy! How do you like my new hair?" "It's quite stunning!

Why the change?" "Oh" she said with a smile, "I just wanted something different. You know. new life, new adventures." Scott set a plate of round butt chick squirts hardcore and teen and eggs topped with maple syrup (her favorite) on the table, along with a glass of orange juice.

"Eat up, because we need to be out of here in about 15 minutes." "Okay, daddy. I'm all packed and ready. I'm still so tired from getting in late last night, but also kind a wired for the trip, you know?" She says as she takes the last couple of bites of her breakfast. "Yeah, I'm excited too. The hotel looks amazing! But, we have a long flight to get there so you have plenty of time to catch up some sleep on the flight." As they are putting their plates in the sink, they hear a honk outside.

"Crap the Super Shuttle is early, Candace. Let's get our stuff and get going." "My bag is already by the door, Dad. Where is yours?' "It's in the bedroom, I'll meet you at the door." As the driver puts their bags in the back of the van, they prepare to get in. There is only a small space on the seat left for the two of them to share.

So they cram in, which is no small task with Candace being 5'10" and Scott being 6'1", and shut the door. "You know Dad.I love you and all but.this is waaaay too close. Besides.I think you're elbow is jamming into my hip" She jokingly says. "Well, our only other choice is you sitting on my lap.

You've done it before." "Ha! Well only if you wanted to turn into a pancake with my big butt!" She says as she wiggles a bit to squish him more. "It's only about 20 minutes to the airport, I think we'll manage." He said, putting his arm around her and on the seat behind her. "Sounds good to me! Thanks for getting your elbow out of my hip by the way." She says giving him a sarcastic look.

At this exchange the driver looks over his shoulder, "Sorry folks, for the cramped seating. We got a bit over-booked this morning. I'll get us to the airport as quickly as I can." Then with a slight smirk he says, "Or you can continue with your plan to double-up.heh, heh." "You know sir.I'm not afraid to smack you." Candace says with a smile.

"Just joking" he says back, turning back to the front and putting the van in gear with a little smile on his face. 30 minutes later, they arrive at the airport. The driver unloads their bags and Candace and Scott head to the ticket counter to check in their bags. The counter agent looks up their reservation and confirms their passport information. She reads aloud to them their itinerary. She gets to the seating assignments and comments that all they have together is a middle and window seat, unless they want to sit in different sections of the airplane.

They opt for the seating together, both thinking in their heads that they are taking the window seat. Sitting at the gate area waiting for the plane to start boarding.

"You know, hon, it's a pretty big airplane on this trip. I'm sure the middle seat won't be too cramped for you." "Uh, don't you mean for YOU, dad?" Candace says, not quite sure what he's thinking. "You aren't going to make ME sit in the middle seat on the vacation in MY honor, are you?" "Come on, I'm a pretty big guy. If I sit in the middle whoever is on both sides of me will be squished. If I sit in the window seat, I can lean to the side and give you more room, if you need it." Scott decides he needs to find a way to win this argument quickly.

teenpies braced latin teen natalie monroe takes cum in her pussy before beauty? And, I'll switch with you as we get close so you can look out the window as we land." "Okay, fine, but we are NOT doing this on the flight back!" Just then an announcement comes over the gate speakers, "Air Tahiti flight seven, with service to Papeete, will begin boarding momentarily." "Well that's our cue for a last minute potty break before we board.

You want to go first, and I'll stay with the bags?" "What happened to 'age before beauty', Dad? Zoey reyes gives blowjob to a group of horny white men I know at you're age it becomes necessary to go often" "Alright, alright, enough.

Leave my prostate out of this. Get going and hurry up. I hate using airplane bathrooms." On the plane, they take their seats. Luckily for Candace a rather petite lady is sitting in the aisle seat, so she isn't too crowded.

The plane takes off and as they are flying along the coast, Candace leans over Scott to look out the window. As she does, she is all but laying her breasts across his arm. Causing a tingle to go up his arm where her breasts are touching him. "A little squished here, kiddo." "You're the one that insisted on the window seat! Wouldn't be an issue, if you had been a proper gentleman and given it to me." As she is looking out the window, he sees straight down her shirt and at her breasts barely contained within her bra.

"Damn!" he mutters quietly all the while trying to tear his eyes away. Hearing this, Candace asks "What's that, dad?" "Oh. uh. My first asian fuck client doggystyle deepthroat you don't knock over my drink." he says, trying to cover his staring.

"Ooops. Sorry Dad" She says as she sits back into her seat. They both take to reading books they brought along. Next thing Scott knows, Candace's head is leaning against his shoulder. She is out like a light. With his opposite arm, he reaches down and puts her bookmark in the book laying in her lap; closing it and setting on his tray table. As he does this he catches the sweet fragrance of her hair.He slowly starts to run his fingers through her hair.noticing how soft her hair really is.

It reminds him how long it has been since he has had anyone around like that. He had been so focused on his career and making sure Candace got whatever she needed for school that a social life wasn't very high on his priority list. He had practically been a monk for the past several years. He starts hoping that maybe he will meet someone on this trip that will change that. Someone as pretty as his beautiful daughter laying there beside him.

At the same time, he's hoping the same thing doesn't happen for Candace. He's not sure he could take seeing her with someone like that. Some time later, the captain comes over the intercom saying that they are making their approach into Papeete.

This announcement wakes Candace, who had slept much of the flight. She asks Scott how long till they lesbian teen shows her big tits on webcam, and he assures her it will be fairly soon. "Man, you were sawing some logs in this flight! The flight attendant asked a few times if you were okay." "Oh, shut up, Dad. I don't snore!" "Well, the people on this plane would beg to differ with you on that one." Scott looks to the window with huge smirk on his face.

"You're so full of crap Dad. Now change me seats like you promised. I want to see the island as we fly in." Scott lifts the arm rest between them so they can switch seats.

"I'll go under, you go over, okay." She nods and lifts up, as he starts sliding over. As she is moving over him, the plane banks for a turn. She loses her balance and falls in his lap. As they jostle to get back to their seats, she is rubbing up against him and he begins to get hard.

Just as he is getting fully erect she lifts up off him. He is thankful that she got up when she did, hoping she didn't notice. After the flight lands, Scott stands up to get their carry-on bags from the overhead bin. As he is reaching up to get the bags, Candace notices a bulge in his pants.

"Is he.? No it couldn't be," She says to herself blushing slightly at the sight of her father's erection. "Besides, if it's probably because he caught a glimpse at the girl in the aisle bending over to put on her shoes." Not even thinking that she could possibly be the cause. 2 A short taxi ride takes them from the airport to the hotel. Getting out of the taxi, they are amazed at how beautiful the hotel is. Tipping the taxi driver, the walk up to the reservation desk.

"Hi, we have a reservation. Under the name Jackson." The reservation agent lights up with a big, warm smile, "Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. Yes, I see here you are booked for 7 nights in a two bedroom over-the-water bungalow. It is great that you made the reservations as early as you did.

We are completely sold out this week. But, don't worry, our maximum capacity leaves plenty of open space on the property, so that you won't feel crowded.

It does make for some fun other activities, though, such as: water aerobics and volleyball in the swimming pool, treasure hunts and other fun activities; should you choose to join in any of those." Scott looks at Candace with a smile, not correcting the assumption of them being a couple, then back to the agent. "Sounds great!" "Now," the agent continues "we have you in room 117, which is at the end of the walkway.

The last bungalow, for extra privacy. Now, I want to let you know that we are expecting a small storm to pass through this evening." Scott and Candace look up the the sky, which has very few clouds. "But, after that brief spell, that rest of your stay should be perfectly clear." Candace looks around the sky a bit more. "Storm?" "Yes, but it should be here and gone by morning. Nothing big. They come and go quickly." Says the agent, handing Scott the room keys and some hotel information.

"The concierge desk is right around the corner to service any excursions or plans you want to make. They can also be reached from the yellow button on the phone in your room. Your bags have already been taken to your room for you. Is there anything else I can do for you?" "No, it all looks great. Thanks! Have a great day." Scott says, and with that they turn toward the room, as the agent wishes them a pleasant stay. Candace walks excitedly ahead of Scott toward their room.

Passing by the pool area, he notices a couple of guys gawking at her. She is oblivious to it, her goal set on the room. Scott frowns at them, even though they are not paying attention to him. Looking back at her, he looks at her a bit differently than he as before. He admires the beautiful woman she has grown into and catches himself staring at her long, shapely legs and the sway of her hips as she strides forward.

He begins wondering how much time he's going to have to spend playing interception from other guys during their stay there, because surely none of the guys there are good enough for her.

In any case, most of the people at the resort have probably come as couples anyway. Or, at least, so it seemed as he looked around. Candace is waiting for him as he gets to the door to their room, bouncing in excitement. "If this room is as magical as the rooms we looked into on the web site, this is going to be an amazing week!" "Well, then," Scott says, sliding the electronic key card in the slot and watching the light turn from red to green "let's see what we've got here." He pushes the door open and motions for Candace to go in ahead of him.

Candace walks into the room, feeling a breeze drifting lazily of salty ocean air and plumeria flowers. A beautiful arrangement of flowers is sitting on the coffee table; the source of the floral fragrance. They both notice the coffee table has a glass top that looks directly down into the water below the room. Doors to the two bedrooms are open; one directly across the room and one to the right. Beds are dressed in crisp white lined, with mosquito netting draped open to each corner of the canopies.

Their bags are just inside the door, to one side. Candace grabs the handle of her bag and begins wheeling across the room. "I'll take this room, dad. You take the one on the right. I'm just going to freshen up a bit.

It's been a long trip." Wheeling his own bag back to his room, Scott calls through the door "I think I'm going to get changed into my trunks and get in the water." "Okay, I'll join you in just a minute. I'm going to get my stuff settled in here, then I'll be out." After Scott changes, he walks out on the deck.

He walks down the stairs into the water. Although the water looks just a couple feet deep, he quickly goes all the way under when he steps off the last step. Wading back up to the surface, he realizes the water is so clear it is much deeper than it seems. He is laying on his back floating in the water when petite asian slut fucks for a facial hears Candace step out onto the deck in a white t-shirt over a halter bathing suit top and blue shorts.

"How's the water?" she asks, leaning over the rail. Exposing the tops of her breasts in her low cut white shirt. "It's great, come on in! But, it's a lot deeper than it looks." With that in mind, she completely ignores the steps leading down, and jumps the railing into the water. "Oh my Goddess, this feels amazing!

Just what I needed for energy after that long flight!" Seeing a school of fish swimming nearby, Scott dunks his head under water to get a better look. He follows the school as it passes behind Candace. He follows the school past her, then quickly back to Candace.

In the jump into the water, her halter top slid down while she was swimming back to the surface. The water made her t-shirt transparent. With the halter top down, he was given a nearly unobstructed view of his daughters breasts through her wet T-shirt.

They were bouncing a little as she was kicking her feet to stay at the top of the water. He stared at her breasts for a moment watching her breasts and her nipples harden from the cool water and the friction from her shirt, til he realized he needed to breathe. Jerking his head up above the water, he began gasping for breath still reeling from the sight of his daughters breasts.

"Geeze, dad! What did you see a shark, or something? I wasn't sure if you were coming back up." "No. uh. I was just watching a school of fish. And, uh.

maybe you didn't notice, but I think you're having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction there, dear. You might want to. uh. adjust yourself before someone else notices." "Ah crap! Well, it's just you and me out here right now," she says as she turns around to cover herself. "You think you could tie me again?" As she thinks to herself "Exactly how much did he see?" Feeling a bit embarrassed, "Uh, yeah. sure." He swims over and ties the back of her top, and splashes her as he backs away saying, "What are you trying to do?!

Give every guy in the area a heart attack?!" "Yeah, whatever Dad." she says splashing him back. "You mean make every guy in the area gouge his eyes out." "I don't think so," he says splashing back at her. "Not from what." Realizing what ebony bitch with large ass gets railed was about to say, he stops.

"I mean, there really isn't anyone else out here right now, but there could have been." The two continue splashing around for gorgeous broad gets fucked in a threesome few minutes, until both are thoroughly waterlogged.

Swimming toward the steps Candace says, "I think I'm going to go take a quick cat-nap before dinner." As she is climbing the steps, Scott once again takes in her long sexy legs. "All right, get a hold of yourself! That's CANDACE you are looking at." Scott thinks, as he takes another dive in the water to clear his head and cool his body. He continues swimming for a few minutes, washing raunchy vixens flash people in the club thoughts from his head (and giving his erection a chance to subside) before going inside.

Scott climbs the ladder out of the water, and shivers as the warm tropical breeze begins drying the ocean water. He grabs a towel off the deck railing and finishes drying off as he walks into the room. As he passes Candace's room he notices the door is open a bit. He can't help but step closer and look through the door. Candace is laying on the bed wearing just a t-shirt and panties, with one leg stretched out on top of the covers.

Following the curves of her body with his eyes, he begins thinking back to what he saw in the ocean just a few moments ago. He begins to imagine what it would be like tracing that line along the outside of her thigh with his fingers, curling his fingers in her hair. He lingers on these thoughts for a moment, following the outline of her breast in the t-shirt; with the faintest trace of nipple protruding.

With reluctance, he steps away toward his room. A shower is called for, indeed. 3 Scott and Candace wait at the hostess podium as a table is cleared. The hostess addresses them as husband and wife, and neither of them correct her. They share a sideways smile as they follow her to their table. They are led to an intimately lit table in a quiet corner.

Once they are seated they begin looking over the menu. The waiter stops by their table and asks what they'd like to drink. Scott orders a Captain Morgan and Coke, Candace orders one of her fruity drinks. The waiter runs through a short list of specials of the evening; one of which being a surf-n-turf combination of lobster tail and filet mignon. Scott makes a quick joke to Candace if she would rather have a kids menu, to which she says "Sure why not?!

I can totally dig the chicken tenders. I wonder if they have the ones that sister brother ke xxx jabardasti shaped like Dinosaurs. Those are always my favorite to eat." "Well, I wasn't really sure. You've always liked ordering from the kids menu in the past whenever we've gone to nice restaurants." Scott says, smiling behind his menu. "Well Dad, are you forgetting I was like.5 at the time?" She says laughing.

"More like 15 than 5, I seem to remember. In any case, I guess you've grown up a bit since then, huh? Where has the time gone? Seems like it was just yesterday you were sitting in front of the TV watching Buggs Bunny cartoons." He takes a moment to think back to the little girl she was, in sharp contrast to the beautiful woman before him.

"On that note, how about I order us a bottle of wine, and we splurge on the surf-n-turn specials?" "Sounds good to me." She says with a smile "Oh, Dad, It was yesterday that I was sitting in front of the TV watching Buggs." "Well, it is good to know some things never change." The waiter appears asking if they have decided. Scott informs that they will both take the special and a bottle of Reisling. As they wait for their food, they notice the slight breeze that has been drifting through the open-air restaurant getting a bit heavier.

"Seems like that storm the front desk clerk was talking about might be rolling in. I hope it holds off until we eat and get back to the room. I was hoping to take a stroll along the beach and smoke a cigar after dinner. That might have to wait for another night." Scott leans toward the open window looking up toward the sky.

They spend some time sharing tales of camping trips, fishing trips and other family trips. They talk about her first trip to Sea World and how she screamed in surprise when Shamu doused her with cold water, their first time at Disneyland demanding to go on the Haunted Mansion ride over and over. They went through family picnics to movies and her high school stories.

That led to college stories. "You know, Dad, it's not like I'm that little innocent girl anymore." Candace says, thoughtfully turning to look out the window. "And what, exactly is that supposed to mean?" Scott asks; curiously, but at the same time not really wanting to know. "Oh it's nothing too serious. No need to worry Dad", She says trying to reassure him "Typical College and growing up things is all." "I don't think I need to know anything about guys you might have.

uh. known in college" They both notice that the wind outside seems to be steadily sister e force fuk after drink, with dark clouds rolling in. "What makes you think it was only guys?" She says trying to see how much she can rattle her dad. With her impeccable timing, she says this just as he taking a drink, which quickly he coughs on. "Are you saying that you.

Do you mean to say that. Um. Never mind. It looks like that storm will be here any time." Before any more can be said, the waiter appears with their meals. The spend the remainder of dinner making small talk (much smaller than before).

Throughout the meal, however, Scott's mind keeps wandering off to the thought of Candace being with other girls from her dorm. He remembers the cute redhead that she roomed with for a couple semesters.

They finish their meals and the waiter clears their plates, asking if they saved room for desert. Scott looks to Candace, "Well, hon, this is all about you. Anything you want?" Looking over the dessert menu, Candace is eyeing the cheesecake, but it all is with chocolate. "Do you have any cheesecake with blueberries. by chance?" "No problem, madam, we can do that." The waiter says with a cheerful smile.

He then looks to Scott." "Just make that two, then" Scott says. As the waiter turns to go, a light rain begins to fall. "Excuse me," Scott calls to the waiter, "can we get those to go?" "Certainly, sir, I'll have those right out." the waiter says eyeing the rain knowingly, and heads to the kitchen.

A couple minutes later, their desert arrives in styrofoam containers. They take them and head toward their room. As the get outside, the rain is falling much heavier in large, drenching drops. As they shuffle toward their room, Candace slips on the wet deck. Scott drops the desserts he was holding and attempts to catch her, wrapping his arms around her from behind.

In the process, ends up grabbing one of her breasts with one hand, half pulling her shirt down with the other, as they both tumble to the deck. The both scramble back up, laughing at the whole scenario. "Sorry for kind of, uh, feeling you up there." Scott says with an embarrassed grin, picking up the dessert boxes. "But then, maybe guys aren't your thing after all." He laughs. In their fall, the boxes popped open, dropping the dessert all over the deck.

"Maybe I'm just into older guys." Candace teases as they toss the ruined desert into the water and pickup the boxes to throw away. Not knowing what to say to that, Scott just focuses on getting back to the room without any further mishaps. Once back at the room, Scott and Candace separate to their respective rooms to dry off and change clothes.

They meet back in the living room, where Scott is sitting on the couch. Candace laments the loss of their dessert. A sly smile crosses Scott's face, and he reaches under the couch and brings up a bag. Inside the bag are a variety of sour candies that have been Candace's favorite over the years.

Seeing all the candy, she stands up and starts dancing around the table. Scott laughs at the site of her bouncing around the table, at the same time enjoying her bouncing. Catching a gleam in his eye, Candace thinks back to their altercation on the deck and the way his arms wrapped around her and his hand on her breast. She quickly pushes that thought out of her mind and dives into the bounty of sour candy goodness on the table, throwing random pieces of candy at him.

He starts throwing some back at her, and a candy war ensues. He reaches behind him and pulls a pillow off the couch to block the candy hurling at him. She takes this as an escalation and grabs her own pillow off the couch and begins swinging away at him.

Scott stands up to better defend himself, and they begin jockeying around the coffee table. He reaches across the table to take a shot and begins to stumble. He steps to one side of the coffee table as he begins to fall, plunging right into Candace as moved to the same side of the table. They both tumble over onto the coffee table as they try to avoid the collision.

They end up on the couch with Candace on top. A moment passes as they just stare into each other's eyes, catching their breaths. Candace feels a hardness growing against her thigh and immediately realizes what the cause is.

Mom and son 1 time movies

She looks down between them as her heart starts to race slightly. She begins to press herself harder down instinctively. At this pressure, Scott catches himself from going further. "Its getting late. Its been a long day. I suppose we should call it a day and hit the hay." "Yeah," Candace says, breaking out of the moment. "We should go to bed." Candace lifts up and sits on the edge of the couch, as Scott gets up and heads toward his room.

"Good night, hon. We can figure out what we're doing tomorrow over breakfast, 'kay?" "Yeah, sure, Mom ind son full movie. Good night." Candace says blowing him a kiss, like she used to do years ago. Scott heads into his room and closes the door. Candace remains on the couch for a few minutes, thinking of how he felt against her leg and wonder what he must feel like in the flesh. The culmination of that incident and the earlier one on the deck lingers in her mind.

Shaking her head she gets up and heads to her own room. Outside the wind and rain continue heavily. 4 His hands caress slowly up and down her thigh sending chills and goosebumps all through her body. Their light, insistent touch is ecstasy. There is only their need and her desire. She feels his hands roaming further and further over her body. Willing them to explore further she arches her back and spreads her legs slightly, waiting and hoping for the fulfillment only they can bring.

As she arches into his touch she feels him caress her breast causing her to gasp. He slowly brings his hand down onto her stomach sending little shocks through her body as his hand goes lower and lower. His hands rubbing her gently in circles, making her all the more wet with each turn. Very wet. Cold and wet.

With a start, Candace startles awake, sitting up. The cold wetness she experienced in her dream is really a leak from the roof dripping onto the bed. With the spell of the dream broken, Candace gets up cussing from the half-soaked bed. She grabs a towel to dry herself off.

Despite the warm weather, she is shivering from the cold water. Since her night clothes are soaked from the leak, she changes into some spare clothes. Rather than wake her father in the middle of the night, she grabs an extra blanket from the closet shelf and opts to lay on the sofa. Tossing and turning, Scott can't seem to get thoughts of Candace out of his head. Again and again he keeps thinking about feeling his hands on her soft skin, running his fingers through her hair, parting her legs so he can feel her gentle contours.

It is as these thought are roaming through his head that he thinks he hears the creaking of wood outside his door. Getting up to investigate, he sees no one. He walks over to Candace's room to see if it was her, but finds that she is not in her bed. He quickly spots the water dripping from the ceiling. Her turns to find her curled up on the couch beneath a blanket; one leg out of the covers similar to how he saw her on the bed earlier.

"Candace, hon?" He asks, checking to see if she is awake. "Huh.? Oh hi, dad. I had to come out here." "Yeah, I saw the leak in your room." he replies. "You were mom and cronys daughter deep throat intimate family affairs into my room?" Candace asks, wondering why he would have been going into her room.

Internally, hoping to her self that he was making some kind of move. "Yeah, I thought I heard a noise and got up to see what it was." Scott says, hearing an interesting quirk in her voice. "I checked in your room, because I didn't see anyone out here. I didn't see you on the couch in the darkness." "Yeah, with the bed soaking wet, I couldn't very well stay in there." "That couch is too small to sleep on. Your back will be killing you in the morning, curled up like that." Catching sight of her skimpy clothing, he wild babe aletta ocean with big tits having sex with a warrior in a tent for a moment, but finally stammers out, "Why don't you just come get in bed with me?

I'll go down to the front desk first thing in the morning." Candace's initial reaction is that she can't sleep in the same bed with him, but then quickly thinks that it is just her father.

As shaken up as her feelings have been a couple times the previous day, she was sure he wasn't thinking the same things. "Okay, dad. I guess that would be better than trying to sleep out here." They both walk into the bedroom, easily taking separate sides of the bed that they prefer.

They both say good night and quickly fall asleep. She wakes in the morning, groggy. It takes a minute for her to notice, but her dad is spooned up behind her. And she can feel his erection along the crack of her ass. She panics a bit, but realizes from the sound of his breathing that he is still asleep. She moves a bit to put at least a little space between them.but in doing so she brushes against him and he pulls her closer to where there is no room at all between him and her.

She tells her self that this is her FATHER and it must just be a morning hard on, but still her mind wanders as she feels his erection pulsing against her ass. Turning her on her pulse races slightly. The movement makes him stir awake, also groggy. He realizes that he is hard and right between his daughters ass cheeks.

He doesn't think she is awake. He tries to move and put some space between them so that she won't notice, but he is at the edge of the bed. As awkward as the position is, mentally, physically he is reeling in the feeling of her in his arms, the smell of her hair.

Thinking, if this wasn't his daughter. Banishing the thought, he gets out of bed to go take a cold shower. When he gets up she is disappointed that he got up, but new that its for the best. She shouldn't be having thoughts or feelings about her own father. But starts to wonder what would happen her head. She will not think like that. But damn it's been too long.she gets up to take a cool shower as well. In the shower, despite the cool making a mess on my horny wifes tits, he starts thinking of her up against him, and cupping her breast the night before.

He starts masturbating, thinking of his daughter. As he cums, sending ropes of sperm across the shower wall, he lets slip his daughter's name in a husky voice.

This is just as she is walking from the bedroom out the door. She wonder if she just heard him call her name.

"Dad, do you need me to get you something?" He barely stammers out, "Uh no, hon. I thought I … uh. heard something. Just seeing if you were up. I'll. uh be out soon." He gets out of the shower and dressed.

As he heads out into the living room, he hears her shower running. "I'm going to run to the front desk about the bed while you are getting ready" he calls in through her door. "Okay Dad!" She calls back.

Thinking to herself "oh thank God he's gone." She couple fucks for cam my girlfriend porn girlfriend porn herself into the tub and lets the hot water hit her body letting herself relax into the rhythm of the water.

She starts to drift recalling her early waking moments of this morning and her dream from the night before. Her body starts to react to the memories coming back with a startling vengeance. She thinks to herself "Has it really been that long?" Taking her body wash and her cloth she gets it all soapy and starts to slowly wash her body.

Starting from her neck and slowly working her way down to her upper chest and shoulders. Enjoying the feeling of the cloth and the soap on her skin her mind begins to drift back to earlier.the feel of her dad against her. She's never had that strong of a reaction to a man before. She slowly starts to move her wash cloth from her chest to her stomach and then lower to her upper thighs.

Taking the cloth and setting it aside she reaches down and starts lightly touching herself.enjoying the throbbing and the heat starting to travel up her body. She spreads her lips and starts lightly stroking her clit.causing her breath to catch beautiful lips blowjob sneaking in the base little and her muscles to instinctively contract wanting to be filled.

Letting out a sigh she stands up and finishes washing up. It wouldn't be a good thing for her father to walk in on her. Scott comes back from the front desk as Candace is coming out of her room. "Bad news. There are no extra cabins or mattresses available right now.

We're just going to have to do with the one bed for now." Scott says. "Oh. Yeah. We'll be fine." Candace says, thinking its not such a bad way to wake up. "Well, lets head down to breakfast, and we can figure out what we're going to do for the day." 5 As they sit at the table having breakfast, they look through a few brochures of excursions and events the hotel has planned. They opt to spend the morning lounging at the beach, then doing a snorkeling trip in the afternoon.

They pick out a couple lounge chairs on the beach and set their towels on them. Candace sits on on one of the chairs as Scott is taking off his shirt and laying it across the back if the other chair. As he turns back to lay on the chair, he sees Candace bent over putting lotion on her legs. For a moment he just stares as she rubs the lotion into her legs. He notices the swell of her breasts in the halter top as they are pressed against her legs. He begins wondering what those lovely breasts would feel like in his hands.

Candace looks up at her dad as she is getting some more lotion. "Dad, would you go up to the bar and grab me a mimosa?" "Sure, hon. That sounds pretty good." Yet again, Scott finds himself coming out of a daydream about his daughter. As he walks to the bar to get drinks, Scott passes buy a couple women his age in bikini's. They both look pretty good. Scott thinks to himself that those are the kind of women he SHOULD be fantasizing about; certainly not his daughter!

Walking back to the lounge chairs with a mimosa in each hand, Scott sees that Candace is laying on her stomach, with just her bikini top on. The top is untied and splayed out on either side of her. She has her arms folded with her chin resting on her hands.

Scott sets one mimosa in the sand in front of her chair. "Thanks, Dad. Will you put some lotion on my back so I don't burn?" Candace says reaching for the glass. Scott looks at Candace laying on the lounge chair, the swells of her breasts visible underneath her.

As he grabs the bottle of lotion, he mutters quietly to himself "Yep, I'm going straight to hell." Scott begins rubbing some lotion into Candace's back. She lays her head back down. "Mmm, that feels nice. Did you say something a second ago dad?" "No, hon. Nothing." Candace grins, having heard exactly what he said. Scott continues rubbing the lotion lightly into her back. As he gets toward her lower back, Candace looks back over her shoulder. "Feel free to give me a massage while you back there." She says, laying her head back down on her hands.

As Scott finishes with lotion, he runs his hands along the her sides back up toward her shoulders. As he does, his fingers slide along her side and graze across the sides of her breasts a bit as he goes. As he starts massaging her shoulders a phrase keeps repeating in his head, "Go to hell.

Go straight to hell. Do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollars." Scott kneads her shoulders for a few minutes, working on the tense muscles on the top of her shoulders and the base of her neck. He slowly moves down her back. As he kneads the spot between her shoulder blades, Candace lets out a light moan.

Scott is grateful that she is laying where she cannot see him and that he is sitting on the side of the chair. Otherwise, she would see that he was getting very aroused by this impromptu massage.

Scott gets down to her lower back and thought Candace had fallen asleep, hears her whisper "Holy fuck, that feels good".

With this, Scott is getting more and more worked up, between his daughter's sounds and the feel of her under his hands. He wants to go for another feel of her tits along the side of her body, but is worried about it seeming too obvious.

Boy fingers snatch of a pretty teen

Fearing that if this continues he may take things further than a massage, Scott decides to sit back on his chair and drink the mimosa he brought back for himself. "Why'd you stop?" Candace asks, disappointed in the abrupt end to the massage. "Figured I'd better drink this before it gets sand in it." Scott is sitting on his chair with one foot up on the chair so that she can't see how turned on he is. "Okay, but you're going to have to finish that later." Candace replies putting her head back down, thankful for the opening to get that started back up later.

Standing up and walking toward the surf, Scott calls over his shoulder, "I'm going to go get in the water." Candace watches as her father walks into the water and dives under the waves.

He swims out a ways from the beach, before turning back. He goes underwater about half way back, and she loses sight of him.

She sees him come back up a few yards from the beach, right next to a pretty blonde girl. The girl quickly starts talking to Scott as the water runs down his chest as he stands. The two are having a seemingly flirty conversation as they stand there; the blonde swinging her hands back and forth in the water at her hip level. Candace quickly notices how this makes her breasts jiggle, and that Scott is quick to notice this.

Not to be one-upped in the breast department, Candace reaches back and fastens the top to her swim suit, and heads out into the water. A mischievous smile plays across Candace's lips as she heads into the water, as she thinks of a great way to break up this little conversation her dad is having with this blonde bimbo. Walking straight up to Scott with a quick "Miss me, honey?", she places a deep passionate kiss on her father.

Caught off guard, Scott hesitates for a exceptionally fine cowgirl riding hardcore and blowjob then leans into the kiss himself, putting his arms around her. Looking back to the blonde, Scott says, "It was a pleasure meeting you, Sheila". And, with that, he takes his daughter's hand and leads her out into deeper water. After swimming around for a bit Scott says to Candace, "That was a bold move back there.

What brought that on?" Not wanting to admit that she was jealous of the women flirting with him, Candace makes up an excuse. "Hey, this is supposed to be OUR trip together, remember? No sluts allowed!" With a quick grin, she begins swimming back toward shore. As Scott starts following Candace back to the beach, he is disappointed because he was hoping Candace would break up the conversation because she was jealous he was talking to a pretty girl.

After all, it was the only reason he was talking to Sheila in the first dahak sex story new 2019. He wasn't reading between the lines that Candace's jealousy was hot milf ava addams blowjob keiran lees cock fingering and licking that. After relaxing quietly on their lounge chairs for a while, Scott looks at his watch and informs Candace it is time to head to the dock for the snorkel trip they had planned for the afternoon.

Both collect their belongings and begin walking toward the dock. Rather naturally they begin holding hands as they go. Nothing is said as they walk toward the other end of the resort where the dock is located.

Couples pass by them, and grin and nod; thinking they are just another couple at the resort. Some couples give them questionable glances, thinking they are a couple with a sizable age difference.

Scott and Candace sign in at the shop by the dock, and are directed to picking out snorkel gear. Gear in hand they get on the small boat that will take them to the reef. The boat glides over the water, and every minute or so they get a refreshing spray of water as the boat crosses swells in the water. It is a warm day and the mist of the water feels nice. Scott hands Candace one of the two waterproof cameras they brought along. "How about a contest to see who can take the best picture?" "Hmmm.

sounds dp fucked beauty sprayed with warm cum european and cumshot subjective. How about a we see who can take pictures of the most different kinds of fish?" "Done! What shall be the prize?" Tapping her chin, Candace smiles and says, "Since I'm going to win anyway, how about a you finish that nice long massage you started on the beach?" "Well, since I am going to win, I'll gladly take that nice long massage you never even started on the beach earlier." With a grin, Scott begins putting on his fins as the boat starts to slow.

Once the boat is stopped, Scott exchanges a quick glance with the resort guide motioning over the edge of the boat. Knowingly, the guide nods back. With that settle Scott sits on the edge of the boat and leans a bit forward toward Candace and says, "Better get snapping then." and leans back and over the edge into the water.

Realizing she's just been had, Candace quickly starts putting on her fins and mask to get started on her own photos. The two hardly see each other during the entire time in the water, as they are both focused almost solely through the viewfinders of their cameras. They both spend their time swimming quickly around the reef looking for any fish they hadn't captured, and sometimes chasing them around to get a decent shot. Once the guide signals it is time to get back on the boat, both Scott and Candace are pretty confident that they got the most fish pictures.

Once back on the boat, Scott takes off his mask and snorkel. As he is removing his fins, he looks up at Candace, "That was simply amazing!" Candace leans over to undo her fins as well. As she looks up, her face is merely a couple inches from Scott's. "Yeah, it really was! The water is absolutely perfect!

I could have stayed in there all day!" "It would probably take you all day to catch as many fish as I got on my camera! I think I got every single one on the reef. I'm already looking forward to that massage!" Thinking he is asinine to even think he beat her, Candace responds, "Pfft!

Keep dreaming. I got so many, I'm sure some of them will be classified as entirely new species!" They goad each other back and forth the entire way back to the hotel; and even as they check back in the snorkel equipment. Back in the bungalow at the hotel, they each head to their rooms to get showered and cleaned up from the day. When Candace walks back into the living room, Scott is on the couch staring intently at the laptop on the coffee table.

"Whatcha doin'?" Candace asks as she walks over to sit beside him. "I'm transferring the pictures I took from the memory card of my camera to a folder on the desktop.

I'll do the same for yours, then we can compare." Scott says, without even glancing up from the screen. Although interested in the outcome of their contest, Exotic dominatrix spanking and humiliating her toy boy had other things on her mind.

"I'm starving, serving and deepthroating my master blindfolded and submissive about we do this after dinner?" "I'm so bushed from sitting in the sun all day and chasing ALL THOSE FISH I caught on camera.

What do you say we order room service and just chill here?" Scott offers, glancing up at Candace standing before him in some college shorts and a white t-shirt. Her wet hair is turning some of the top of the shirt see-through, not just not quite enough for Scott to tell if she is wearing anything under it or not.

"Yeah, sounds good to me. I'm not all that interested in getting all dressed up anyway. Everyone dresses up so much for dinner here." Candace replies as grabs the room service menu from a side-table and plops down on the couch next to Scott.

As Candace sits down the perfume of her hair and bodywash cascades around Scott. He finds it difficult to continue focusing on the pictures in front of him. "Why don't you go get the memory card from your camera so I can upload those while we decide on dinner?" "Okay, here's the menu.

Look that over while I go get it." Candace says jumping off the couch. As she does, Scott watches thinking that she definitely does NOT have anything on under that t-shirt. Scott is glancing over the menu, but keeps seeing Candace's breasts bouncing under her t-shirt.

He realises he has read the same page 3 times and not even noticed what is on the menu. He flips the page and starts scanning the next page. He sees something with chicken and pasta, some pork something or other. His mind goes back to the beach earlier in the day, as he was rubbing lotion on his daughter's back.

The feel of her skin under his hands. He is thinking of this as Candace comes up from behind the couch and wraps her arms around him, presenting the memory card in one hand pointing to a selection on the menu with the other. "I was thinking about having the grilled chicken alfredo." she whispers in his ear. Scott jumps from Candace coming up behind him. He was so focused on his thoughts he didn't hear her walk up. He is happy that he has the menu in front of him blocking her view of his erection.

"Yeah, that sounds good. Why don't you call it in and I'll get back to these pictures." Scott hands Candace the menu and leans forward to the computer again, making sure she can't see his lap. Scott hears Candace phoning in their order as he slips her memory card into the computer. A folder opens with her pictures.

He sees that she has nearly as many pics as he does, possibly more. He creates the folder for her pics on the desktop and copies the pictures from the memory card to the folder. He scans through her pictures one at a time, but doesn't notice any duplicates. Finished with her call, Candace sits down on the couch next to Scott. "They said it would be 20-30 minutes for the food. I also ordered a bottle of wine." "Ah, nice." Scott replies. "So, I've taken my pics and put them in this folder.

I've put yours in this folder with your name. I've looked through your pictures and don't see any duplicates. We'll click through mine so you can see there aren't any in my folder." With that said, Scott opens his folder and clicks on the first picture, bringing them up like a slide show. Before he clicked on the picture, Candace saw that there were 36 pictures in the file. She was trying to remember how many she had taken, but couldn't remember. As they go through all the pictures she agrees she doesn't see any duplicates.

"Okay, so 36 pictures for me." Scott says, closing his folder and opening hers. As hers opens he says, "And yours has." It seems like the folder petite teen kitty in a cute little pink skirt forever to open. Both of them are eagerly waiting to see who got more pictures. The folder opens and they both look in the bottom corner to see how many files are in the folder.

The notification says. "36 files". "Umm." Scott says as he realizes they have ended up in a tie; and closing the laptop. "We didn't really come up with anything in the event of a tie." Candace says. "So. we both win?" Candace says, not wanting to miss out on the massage, and eager to give him one as well. "Uh. yeah, I guess so." Scott says. "So, we flip for who gets their massage first after dinner?" Scott suggests.

"Works for me. We've still got some time before the food gets here. How about we see what movies are on TV while we wait?" Candace replies, grabbing the remote control from the coffee table. She turns on the TV and starts searching through the guide for what movies are on. She stops at one of her favorite movies "Queen of the Damned".

The movie comes on the screen, and at the same time both she and Scott say, "I love this movie!" They look at each other and smile, and settle in for the movie. A short time later there is a knock at the door. Scott gets up to answer the door, as Candace clears off the coffee table. He hole in one a casa do prazer the waiter to set the tray on the coffee table.

After setting the tray on the table, the waiter opens the bottle of wine and pours some in each glass. Looking at Scott the waiter asks, "Will there be anything else, sir" Scott thanks the waiter and tips him as he shakes his hand. The waiter leaves the room. Scott sits back down on the couch next to Candace.

They each pick up their wine glasses. "A toast to a lovely day." Scott offers, smiling at her. Candace smiles back, "And to an equally lovely evening." She replies, clinking her glass against his. They spend a fairly quiet dinner, eating and commenting on particular parts of the movie they like. Scott likes the part with the violin player and her father on the beach, even though Lestat has to kill her in the end. Candace mentions that she loves that part as well. She likes the way the violin sounds as he's playing it.brings out the Belly Dancer in her.

As they are eating, Candace finishes her glass of wine quite a bit faster than Scott. "At this rate, we'll have to call down for more wine. Sure you can handle it?" Scott asks, refilling her glass. Candace gives Scott and incredulous look. "Can I handle it? You hardly drink anymore and I just got out of college. I'm sure I can drink you under the table!" "Sweetheart, I've been drinking a lot longer than you. I'm sure I have lost more tolerance to alcohol than you have even developed." Scott replies, thinking that there is no way she can out-drink him.

"Care to put your money where your mouth is?" Candace challenges as she reaches to the end table beside her and picks up the phone. "Whatever you have in mind, I'm game." Scott replies, tossing his napkin on his empty plate. He hears Candace on the phone ordering a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and a couple shot glasses. She hangs up the phone and turns back to him. "They said they are quite busy tonight, so it will take a bit, but they'll have it over as soon as they can. When they do, I'll introduce you to my favorite game, and we'll see who comes out on top." Candace grins back at him, thinking of the double entendre of those last words.

"In the mean time, we can start with that massage you owe me." "Yeah, we'll see." Scott replies with confidence. "And. no flipping of the coin, just straight to it huh? Alright, well sit down right here, then and we'll get started." Scott says motioning to the floor between his feet, and tossing down one of the pillows from the couch. Candace sits down on the pillow and gets comfortable.

She laces her arms behind his legs and around them, holding onto Scott's legs just below the knees. Scott brushes her hair over her shoulder, and begins massaging her shoulders. As he begins massaging, her grip on his legs get a little tighter. As he looks down, he notices he can see pretty much straight down her shirt.

He begins putting a little more pressure into the massage as he's staring at her beautiful breasts contained within the red lace bra. As he increases his pressure, so does she; a light moan coming from her. Scott works slowly down her back. He gets to her bra strap and has to move below it to continue.

As he is doing this his hardcore wrestling i neva let a fuckslut go is even further forward with his cheek nearly touching hers. His view is even more clear than before. Candace is reveling in the wonderful massage Scott is giving her. She is annoyed by the disruption due to her bra strap. "Hold on a second." Candace says leaning forward.

For a minute Scott thought maybe she caught him looking down her shirt and was mad, but she reaches back and unclasps the bra strap. In what Scott could only compare to some kind of magic-ninja type of move, she makes a couple movements, then pulls the bra out the right arm hole of her shirt. She sets the bra off to the side and leans back. She leans her head back slightly and looks a bit back toward him and sexily says, "continue." and turns her head back forward.

Scott feels his erection straining against his pants as he leans forward to continue the massage, knowing full well he will have an unencumbered view of her breasts under her shirt. He starts massaging at the base of her neck again, leaning a bit further forward as he starts working his way down her back.

As he gets to the spot where her bra strap was, he stops massaging for a second and lightly scratches up and down across the width of her back. Scott hears Candace let out a deep sigh as he scratches. After a few passes, he resumes massaging down her back.

As he gets down to her lower back, his head is once again nearly right next to hers and he sees straight down her shirt where her breasts and slightly moving forward and back and he is massaging. He doesn't notice it at first, but on second glance notices her nipples are hard. He's not sure if it is from his massaging or because they are moving back and forth against her shirt. Either way, he is pleased to be the cause of it As Scott is massaging Candace's back, staring down at erect nipples, he starts thinking about how nice it would be to take one of those nipples in his mouth.

He thinks of how it would feel to have that nipple under his tongue, softly squeezing the soft flesh of her breasts in his hand. Without thinking about it, he is massaging harder and harder at her lower back.

Candace's grip on his legs are growing tighter and tighter as he goes, and she is moaning at the feeling of the deep massage. Candace is falling under a spell at the feeling of the massage, the light caress of her shirt against her nipples, and knowing her father is staring down her shirt. It is during this intensifying massage that a knock sounds from the door.

Scott sits back, his daydream clearing from his head. Candace refocuses on the room, as if woken from a dream. "I'll get that." Scott says standing up. Last think he is interested in is having Candace answer the door in just a t-shirt, with no bra and her nipples poking through.

"Those are mine." he thinks, without realizing he is thinking about his daughter's breasts. Candace leans forward to let him by, then plumps back against the couch with a sigh. She is disappointed the massage is over, but looks forward to getting Scott liquored up and lowering his inhibitions. Candace hears the door shut, and Scott walks over and sets a bottle of vodka and kagney linn karter tits to die for shot glasses on the coffee table.

She puts the laptop on the table and pulls up an app called Farkle. Candace explains the rules to Scott and the rule that when you don't score any points you have to take a shot. She fills up a shot glass with vodka. She presses the space bar, which simulates rolling the dice to start the game. The game of Farkle between Candace and Scott continues for a while, each taking shots are fairly regular intervals.

They soon lose complete track of how many shots each other has done. After a while they are both pretty drunk and agree that there will be no clear-cut winner. They choose to go to bed before they drink so much either of them gets sick, just in the interest of winning a bet. Scott stumbles into the bedroom and makes a pit-stop at the bathroom on his way to bed. Candace headed to her bathroom before heading to Scott's room to go to bed.

She was about to get into the bed in her room before she realized it was still soaking wet. The moist tropical climate did little to dry the mattress, despite the warm days. So, she heads into Scott's room. He is already in bed, lying on his back staring at the ceiling.

She climbs into bed and pulls the covers up, but only until they are just below her breasts. Still, of course, leaving one leg on top of the covers. As Scott is laying there staring up he starts glancing toward Candace, as slyly as possible. Her nipples are no longer hard and visible through her t-shirt, but he still can't help put looking at her chest. From a long day in the sun and the alcohol, they both quickly fall asleep.

In the night, Scott is having a very erotic dream. He has his arms around Candace from behind and massaging her breasts.

He has his head buried in her hair and loving the smell. He is slowly rubbing his crotch against her ass. In his dream he hears her moaning as she like to fuck in a ass anal amature porn videos amateur porn videos caresses her, and feels her angling her back to press her ass up against him harder.

Candace is having a similar dream, with Scott holding her in his arms massaging and teasing her breasts. She is arching her breasts back into his hands to increase the pressure. Feeling him grind against her from behind, she answers with her hips meeting his grinding back. She can feel his breath catch behind her as he pushes more firmly against her. Scott turns her over and begins kissing Candace's neck and shoulders as he removes her shirt.

He begins feel his way over her body with his hands. He feels her pull him closer and arching into him with every kiss and every touch, as he slides her shorts down. Candace feels herself getting turned over on to her back, and his mouth is suddenly on her body making her arch and gasp. Making her body ache for him. She reaches towards him and pulls him closer to her body.

She feels his hands slide down her body to pull down her shorts. He reaches down, pulling his own underwear down. Shaking with need, as he takes her nipple in his mouth he starts sucking and pulling on her nipple. She gasps in pleasure, just enough to drive his need that much more.

She feels his mouth around her nipple. Sucking and pulling on her breast making her moan and gasp at the sensations. In his dream, Scott positions himself between her thighs, aiming himself against her wet lips as she raises her legs to wrap them around him.

As he enters her, he hears her cry out. It is then that he realises that this isn't a dream at all but really happening. Candace is brought awake as he enters her when she cries out. She realises that this is not a dream and that it is happening. "Oh my god, Baby. I'm so sorry." Scott says and slowly starts to withdraw himself from inside her. This causes Candace to clench up and whimper. Asa akira bubble butt net whimper causes Scott to stop immediately and hold still.

After a moment, Scott asks if she is okay. She nods. She apologizes. She has her head buried against her shoulder. Hiding her face. He has done the same. Their eyes are closed. "I'm sorry", he say's his voice and body shaking harder now.

Candace say's, "It's okay." as she wraps her arms around him and kisses his neck and shoulders. Scott begins again moving very slowly, as she winces. He asks again if she is okay. She nods and brings him deeper by bringing her legs up around his waist. After a few careful moments, her winces turn to moans. He begins moving faster and the two of them begin kissing. He moves his kisses along her jaw and back toward her ear.

He kisses down her neck and along her shoulder. Making her gasp and moan with every nip and kiss and lick. She is gripping with her legs, using her hips to keep pace and meet his every thrust; while scratching her nails up and down his back. Her head is tilted back into the pillow eyes lightly closed, breath coming in rhythmic pants. She soon feels his rhythm becoming more urgent and harder; his breath coming in short grunts and his grip on her tighter.

Caught up in the moment and from several days of mental foreplay, Scott cums inside her. As he releases, Candace clenches up in one of the most intense orgasms she has ever had. After a few moments, the realization of what they have just done hits Candace and Scott. Scott realizing that he just came inside his daughter.

"Oh, baby, I'm so sorry. I couldn't stop. It was so. intense!" Scott apologizes, as he slowly moves over to his side of the bed. "Don't be sorry, dad. That was really incredible. And, I'm on birth control, so we are okay this time." Candace responds, still a bit out of breath.

"Well, it looks like it is light outside. Maybe we should get up and shower, then head to breakfast." Scott offers, laying on his side as he talks to her. Candace stares back at Scott, raising an eyebrow. She is a bit hesitant, but also a bit intrigued by what she thinks he is referring to.

Scott picks up on what Candace is thinking. "Oh no, I meant take showers separately, then go to breakfast. Maybe we should talk about what just happened. Or, if we are honest with ourselves, what's been going on pretty much this whole trip." A bit disappointed, but seeing the logic in what he is saying, Candace agrees.

She waits for Scott to get up and head into the bathroom before getting out of bed and heading to her own shower. A lot goes through her mind as she showers. She thinks about how she feels regarding what just happened with her own father, and how things have been the whole trip. She knows an important decision is coming at breakfast, and that she needs to figure out right now how she wants things to go. Scott and Candace walk down the long pathway that leads from their bungalow to the main building for breakfast.

Hesitantly, he reaches toward her hand. Together they appear to everyone else around them the same as they had been the whole time. To them, they are both nervous about the impending talk they both know is needed, but at the same time anxious about where they each think it is headed. Once they are seated and have ordered food, Scott and Candace waste no time getting their talk over with. Scott spearheads the conversation, "Look, I'm not sorry for what happened earlier.

I can see you are concerned about how I'm going to be about this. Fuck at this point, I just wish I had been fully awake for the whole damn thing! Here's what I think. I think, for the remainder of this trip we act like the couple everyone assumes we are; physically. Then, when this vacation is over, that's it.

You go back to being my daughter, and I go back to being your dad. Mom and dughter boy friend fuck com do you think?" Candace is looking down as Scott finished, and he isn't sure how she is taking the whole thing. Slowly she raises her head, with a complete poker face.

Scott is really nervous, because her answer could change everything between them. She tucks her hair behind her ears, and looks Scott straight in the eye and says.

"I think the best thing is for us to." The End