Bunch of kinky women groupsex on a party

Bunch of kinky women groupsex on a party
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HueyDeweyand Louie were sitting around their clubhouse one Saturday morning when they heard Webby yelling to be let in. Not her again said Dewey when will she stop bothering us.

Wait Huey said this could be fun. How so asked Louie. I found some interesting magazines in uncle Donald's closet last night we can have fun with Webby. Okay what do we do. Invite her up said Huey. So Dewey lowered the rope ladder and told Webby to climb up.

Once Webby had come up skin diamond squirting punishment fuck me like a tiny whore the clubhouse Huey told her if she wanted to join the club she would have to pass the initiation tests. Okay Webby said with enthusiasmwhat do I do. First you strip Huey told her then lay down on the bed. Webby stripped off her pink dress and hair bow and lay down on the cot.

The three boys stood around her and Huey said now don't yell or scream no matter what we do and tell no one what happens next.

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Alright Webby whispered. Huey put his hand up between Webby's legs and started slipping his hand up into her cunt.

Webby whimpered but otherwise didn't make a sound as Huey's hand slid into her and he made a fist. He started punching into her vagina with all his strength soon she became wet and easier for Huey to fist fuck her so he sped up only stopping when he felt her orgasm at which time he pulled jedi skin diamond shows penny pax the force of her and licked his hand clean.

Huey then told Deweygo ahead brother your up. Dewey climbed up on Webby as his cock extended out of his bodies sheath and he slid it into Webby's cunt and started pumping away which would have deflowered her if Huey's hand had not done that already.

Dewey pounded into her until he ejaculated filling her womb with his spunk. He dismounted and patting Webby thanked her and left the clubhouse. Webby sobbing quietly looked at Louie and asked are you next. Yes Louie said and climbed on top of her but then said no this doesn't work for meget up on your hands and knees. Webby did this and Louie stood behind her and when his tool slid from his bodies sheath he slammed into her already wet vagina and once he was lubricated he alternated between her pussy and her asshole until she orgasmed and Louie was about to cumwhen he felt it coming he made sure to unload into her cunt.

Once he was done he also left the clubhouseleaving Webby alone with Huey. As the two looked at each other Webby gasped and collapsed onto the bed she clutched her stomach and expelled an egg from her cunt. Huey laughed and said congratulations Webby your going to be a mom.

Nonono whispered Webby I can't be a mom I'm to young. Well honey there's your egg he exclaimed as he walked to the egg and picked it up heading for a door in the trees trunk that up until then had been unseen. Webby got up and followed him to an elevator that went down to an underground room where Louie had set up an incubator for Webby's eggs.

Placing the egg inside and activating the incubator told her I've been prepared for this for awhile now. How did you know this would happen. Louie laughed and said of course it was going to happen sooner or later you're a girl your nothing but a slut. Let me guessnow that this is settled you want to go back upstairs and fuck me. IIuhm could we Webby stuttered of course my slapping and fucking of a sexy whore let's go and walked back to the elevator holding the door for her.

Once they were back in the clubhouse and the elevator door was hidden Louie turned to Webby and shoving her against the wall shoved his hard exposed dick deep into her vagina where another egg was already waiting to be fertilized. Louie fucked her violently to another orgasm and as he ejaculated his sperm into her coating the egg fertilizing itWebby collapsed onto the bed already clutching at her abdomen Louie pulled out a black leather bound book and flipped it open to a marked page and started reading the strange language out loud.

As he read a glow emanated from the book spreading out and surrounding Webby's body that sweetheart bounds on it faster girlfriend homemade slipped into her engulfing her egg which chose that moment to pop out of her. Putting the book away Louie took the egg away putting it with the other one and returned to Webby. What was that she asked himdon't worry about it Webby it's all over now you can rest now just lay there and tell me what you are and what your main purpose is.

Webby lay there as a blank expression filled her face. Webby started talkingI'm a slut worth only for what I and my body can do for a malemy purpose is to bring pleasure to any and all the men in my life. Perfect Huey said and what will you do when you leave here. I will find Scrooge McDuck and do my best to bring him pleasure. What will you do if someone tries to stop you.

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What ever I need to do to accomplish my purpose. Excellent Webby then go. Webby rose and left the clubhouse searching for Scroogeshe found him swimming in his gold and joined him.

Webby my dear what are you doing. Webby ignored him and instead grabbed his crotch causing his penis to extend out of its sheath and quickly mounted him sliding up and down on his shaft until Scrooge moaned loudly exclaimingoh Webby my poor wee girl what have you done as he pumped his seed into her. This slut has served her purpose by bringing you pleasure and she rolled over so he was spooning her and went to sleep with a smile on her beak dreaming about her next target Launchpad. Scrooge cuddled her and shaking his head in doubt he fell asleep.

Somewhere in the dark shadow realm Magica DeSpell laughed as her plan was coming to fruition. Making Scrooges nephew Huey evil by infecting him with her old black magic book. Then having him bespell his brothers perverting them corrupting them to do sick things to those they cared for.

Then pulling Webby into the sickness and using magic to steal her will so now she was the perfect tool to corrupt the rest of her family starting with Scroogeso soon she would have her hands on Scrooges number one dime. Laughing evilly Magica settled down to wait for her plan to bring her all that she deserved.