British michelle thorne gets fucked in kinky gear

British michelle thorne gets fucked in kinky gear
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Sam Thompson thought life is good. Sam was only 53 years old and he'd retired two years ago. Sam had owned a mortgage brokerage business with six offices in Eastern Tennessee, Georgia and sister asks tbritish 4some in french pussy Carolinas.

He'd sold out to a bank just before the collapse in the housing market. Between the million he'd netted from the sale of his business, stocks he'd bought in the nineteen eighties and nineties, his mutual funds and money market accounts Sam was sitting pretty. He also had fart face bbw femdom mfx new story secret sideline that paid him plenty.

Sam lived in an 8,000 square foot house on a hill in Eastern Tennessee. Overlooking a large lake, he could look down and see his moored sailboat.

Sam had two passions in life; sailing and golfing at his country club. Yes, life was good. Sam and his x-wife had been divorced for twenty years. They had one child, a daughter, Merilee. Merilee had been ten when they split up. Sam's x had raised her but Sam had always been generous to her and with her child support.

Sam really hadn't seen much of Merilee. She and her mother had moved to Seattle shortly after the divorce. Then just two months ago, Merilee had shown up on his door step. Life was no longer good. Merilee looked like a million dollars. She stood 5'9" tall and weighed 140 pounds. Her Native American ancestry showed.

With high cheek bones, copper completion, waist length raven hair, full firm breasts and shapely ass she was a head turned. Sam couldn't understand how she could look so good with the life she'd led. No matter how great she looked, Merilee was a train wreck!

As soon as she'd gotten out of high school she'd taken off with a rock musician. He'd abandoned her in Phoenix, pregnant and broke. Sam sent her the money for plane fare back to Seattle and paid for the abortion. Back in Seattle she'd married her high school sweetheart; there were no children. It lasted just three years. Sam sent the money for the divorce. Just six months later she married again.

From what Sam knew he seemed like a good guy. Having just completed his MBA, he got a fantastic job offer in San Francisco. After a year Merilee decided she didn't like him or San Francisco, she left him.

Sam sent her a check for the divorce. Next was a cocaine dealer; no marriage fortunately but she did develop an expensive habit. The dealer left her when she got pregnant. Sam stroked the check for the abortion and her rehab. Her most recent was a real loser. Unfortunately, she married him. He was an alcoholic who liked to beat on her when he was drunk. Marilee took up the booze, too.

When she got tired of being a punching bag she left him but did keep the booze habit. Sam pulled out his check book, paid for the divorce and her entry to the Betty Ford Clinic. Like I said, two abortions, drug and alcohol problems and three failed marriages; Merilee was a train wreck. And she showed up at Sam's door two months ago. Sam took her in. Sam had two passions; sailing and golf. Sam also had a secret; he liked deviant sex. He had constructed a twenty by twenty room in his basement; his playroom.

It was completely soundproofed with mirrored walls and ceiling. It was here Sam kept his toys. There were masks, gags and whips.

It was furnished with a huge four poster bed. Cameras were mounted on all four posts and it had two viewing screens; one for the action in the bed and the other to view pornographic DVDs. But Sam's real pride and joy was his enema equipment collection. From a child's small rubber ball syringe to a huge 5 quart bag Sam could meet anyone's needs. And nozzles, God did he have nozzles; from a double Bardach to a sixteenth century ivory model.

Sam often wondered how many royal assess the ivory one had serviced. Now Sam had put his toys away and locked up his playroom; Merilee was here. No, life was no longer good. Merilee had arrived on a bus with the clothes on her back. She and Sam had talked and they had agreed on some rules for her.

1. No drugs 2. No excessive drinking 3. She would enroll in college He took obsession chocolate cream pie (creampiler tube porn to Knoxville shopping. She bought a complete new wardrobe; her clothes, Sam's money. He'd bought her a small car so she could commute to school; her car, Sam's money. She'd enrolled in college, Sam paid the tuition. She managed to last two weeks before she'd come home drunk. Sam screamed, yelled and ranted; "What are you doing Marilee?

Are you stupid?" Merilee cried and promised she would never do it again. Only a week later Sam had walked by her room.

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Her door was open and he saw a baggie of marijuana on her dresser; she hadn't even bothered to hide it. She was stupid. More screaming and ranting answered by more tears and promises. Then her first college report came in. She was failing most all of her subjects. The only two she wasn't failing were incomplete; she wasn't even bothering to attend those classes. He hadn't had a chance to talk to her about school. The report had come in yesterday's mail and he was already asleep old professor chillin with a warm tamale she came in.

He'd had an early tee time this morning and had left before she got up. Sam was sitting up and waiting for her now. The phone rang at about 10:30; it was Merilee, her car was in a ditch. Sam found out where she was, called a towing service and told them to tow it to his mechanic so it could be checked out and went to pick nun porn il diavolin convento Merilee.

When he got there she was standing beside the car blubbering. Sam saw immediately that she had been drinking again. Well at least one good thing, he'd gotten there before the police. He helped her into the car and headed home. She blubbered all the way home about how sorry she was and how it would never happen again. Sam had heard it all before. Here only two months and already every rule they had agreed on had been shattered. He didn't talk to her while he drove, he was too angry. When they arrived home he told her to get a shower and come to his den so they could have a conversation.

Sam needed a drink. He poured himself three fingers of Maker's Mark and sat down to think. What could he do? He'd tried to reason with her, screamed at her, yelled at her, yet still her behavior only got worse. If she were younger he'd blister her ass but she was a thirty year old woman. After an hour she still hadn't come down and Sam was getting steamed.

Thirty or not she was going to get a spanking! He went to his basement room and got a twelve inch leather paddle. Sam had always liked the sound of leather on flesh. Now, where to do it? His den was fine, he had two straight backed chairs across from his desk, he'd use one of those. He laid the paddle within easy reach on his desk and went upstairs to see what was keeping his daughter.

As he walked into her room she was sitting at her vanity brushing her hair; she saw his reflection in the mirror, "Hi Daddy." "Merilee I asked you to come to my den, you've kept me waiting for an hour and a half." "I'm sorry Daddy, I was just finishing." Sam thought if I hear I'm sorry once more he'd scream. "Merilee, let's go now." "Coming Daddy." She was wearing a light silk robe. It was open and he could see that she had xxx story soni loni play an ivory colored nightie that came to mid-thigh.

She appeared to be braless. Sam walked her to his den and told her to have a seat. He sat in the straight backed chair and silently stared at her for several minutes.

Merilee started to fidget. "Daddy, what do you want?" "Merilee my child, I want you to obey our mutually agreed upon rules but you can't seem to do that, so, I'm going to spank you like the child you seem to be. Stand up and come over here in front of me." "Daddy you're not going to spank me, I won't let you.

I'm thirty years old and a full grown woman." "Merilee if you were acting like a thirty year old adult we wouldn't be having this conversation but you're not; you're acting like a spoiled, self-centered twelve year old, now come here." "No Daddy, I'm not going to let you spank me." "Merilee you're right, you're thirty years old and you have choices.

I'm fifty-three and I have choices, too." "What choices do you have Daddy?" "Merilee, I choose to spank you. If your choice is not to be spanked I'm not going to force you. But I will choose to take back your car and close my door to you. You can keep the clothes that I bought but I'll take back my cell phone. I'll give you $100 Dollars, which should pay for a taxi into town and a bus ticket.

Now it's your choice." "Daddy you wouldn't put me out, would you?" "I've told you the cost of staying. There will be no other penalties but you will need to abide by the rules." Given no other good choices, Merilee stood and walked to Sam.

He asked, "Are you choosing a spanking?" "Yes Daddy I am." "Good, please take off your robe and fold it on the chair. That's the way. Do you want keep on your nightie? If could be constricting if you start to squirm." "No Daddy, I'll keep it on." "Ok, your choice, Lift your nightie please." Marilee lifted her nightie, she had on a pair of bikini panties trimmed in French lace, they matched the ivory of her nightie. "Merilee, take off your panties." "No, please Daddy don't make me get bare." "Merilee, I said take off your panties, do you want me to do I for you?" Reddening in embarrassment and humiliation Merilee dropped her panties to her ankles and stepped out.

"Pick them up and put them with your robe on the chair." She did so, slowly folding them, trying to delay. "Merilee lift your nightie above your waist and lie across my lap." With tearing eyes Merilee complied. Sam pushed her forward so she was positioned with her hips raised. He began rubbing her bottom, not yet beginning to spank. He wanted to elevate her fear and anticipation. As Merilee's body began to tremble Sam struck.

Merilee jerked and screamed. When she jerked her nightie fell back over her hips. "Merilee, lift your nightie." She lifted it back up. Sam began to spank her hard. Not confining himself to just her bottom he slapped her from the back of her knees to just below the small of her back. He hit her forty or fifty times. Sam could see her reddening nicely as she wailed at the top of her lungs.

As she twisted and turned trying to avoid the blows, her nightie again fell over her hips. Sam was finished with the hand spanking anyhow. He told Merilee to stand and remove her nightie; he didn't want it in the way when he began with the leather paddle.

Through her sobs Merilee pleaded, "Please Daddy let me keep my nightie on." Sam knew he was stripping away her last vestige of modesty.

"No Merilee, take it off." As she pulled her top off Sam was astounded at her perfect breasts. He was already intimate with her beautifully shaped bottom; in fact, he was going to get even more intimate in just a moment. He could certainly see what attracted the men. From her beautiful face with large tear filled green eyes to her perfect breasts and neatly trimmed lush black pelt she was simply stunning.

Sam almost wished she were not his daughter, he'd love to spend some quality time with her in his special room. "Back across my lap Merilee, let's get finished up." Sam decided he wasn't going to break her entirely; he wanted room to move up the heat if he had to.

Gripping his paddle he hit her with twenty strokes then he opened her legs and gave her five on each inner thigh.

Sam knew that had stung. Merilee was sobbing but she was still wiggling and wailing, too. Sam put down the paddle and stroked her back and bottom. After she got control of her breathing he stood her up. "Put on your nightie and robe, panties too if you like although they may make things uncomfortable, your choice. She stuffed her panties in the pocket of her robe. Walking to the door Sam said, "Come with me, I want to show you some things." He'd decided to try to scare her a little.

Sam led her down the real wife stories the pre honeymoon fuck binge shawna lenee stairs. "Merilee, I have a special room, I call it my playroom. I want you to see it." He unlocked the door and ushered her in. When he switched on the lights the room was brighter than day, the mirrors reflecting and intensifying it.

He dimmed the lights a bit and looked at Merilee for her reaction. She stood dumb struck, just staring. "Daddy what is this, what are all those things?" Sam wasn't going to show her everything, just the highlights. "Merilee, this is a spanking horse. It's padded on the top. The Velcro straps are to restrain someone when the horse is used.

Over here is a selection of whips and paddles. I'm especially fond of the tawse and cane; both are old English devices that were used to discipline school children. Over here is my collection of enema equipment. Merilee, may I ask, have you ever had an enema?" "No Daddy." "Pity, you might like them.

They're really very versatile; they can be used medicinally, for pleasure or to inflict pain as punishment. Over here is my big four poster bed. As you can see it is equipped with four cameras. I use those to produce films I distribute on the internet. Wonderful thing, the internet. I've made a fortune on those films. Come sit on the bed with me and let's discuss some things. That's not too uncomfortable tit rubs ass first time tony was chilling with his mate when all of the unexpected his your bottom is it?" "No Daddy, it's not.

Why are you showing me what's in this room? Are you trying to scare me? If you are, you have." "Merilee I wanted you to be aware of what's here because of what I'm about to say to you. "Daughter, I'm fed up with your behavior. Tonight was just a small introduction to the pain I can inflict. If we have a repeat of your antics we won't go to my den.

This is where we'll deal with it. If that becomes necessary we won't film it. If we end up here a second time I will film and make you an internet porn star; at least you would have a career. Now before we go I want you to slip out of your robe and bend over my whipping horse; you can keep your nightie on. I'm going to give you one stroke with the cane.

If we have to come back here I'll let you choose; twenty strokes with the cane or a punishment enema. She lifted her nightie and bent over the horse. "Merilee I'm not going to use the Velcro to strap you down, after all, it's only one stroke." He took down his rattan cane. "Ready?" She whispered, "Yes Daddy." He rested his cane against her crimson bottom deciding where to strike.

Just where her cheeks meet her thighs that would be the perfect spot, in the crease. He lightly bounced the cane on her, building her anticipation. He didn't want her to guess when the stroke was coming.

Taking the cane back he slashed her perfectly, just where he'd aimed. Her reaction was momentarily delayed; then she sunk to her knees, moaning.

He knew his set up was complete. If she came back down she'd opt for the enema over the cane. Bad choice, he'd use his 5 quart bag, something he reserved for his most experienced enema actresses. He picked up her robe and helped her to her feet.

Draping the robe over her shoulders he asked, "You don't want to come down here again, do you?" Still stifling sobs she replied, "No Daddy." He hoped not.

She was his daughter and he really didn't want to hurt her. Time would tell. It didn't take long. Just three nights later after having gotten her car back she came in reeking of marijuana.

He confronted her and she denied it. "Merilee, turn out your pockets." As she did so a baggie fell out. "What the hell is this, oregano?" "Daddy you know what that is." "You're damned right I do. Go to your room and shower. Throw those clothes in the hamper, you reek. When you've finished come to my den." Merilee breathed a sigh of relief.

At least it was the den, not the basement. It would be painful but not like that torture chamber. "Merilee, don't keep me waiting." She hurried up the stairs, no need to make him even madder. Sam walked to his den and took down two glasses. He poured four fingers of Maker's Mark for himself and filled the other half full of iced vodka, Merilee's choice.

He didn't like to encourage her drinking but she was going to need it tonight. Merilee returned quickly and joined him in the den. She'd showered and washed her hair. A pleasant fragrance replaced the rank odor of marijuana; gardenias he thought. "Have a seat on the sofa, I thought we'd share a drink and talk." He handed her the vodka then picked up his bourbon and took a sip. Merilee sat; he could see her trembling then she gulped the complete drink.

"Would you like another?" "Please." He again poured half a glass. She again anxiously gulped it down. Sam sipped on his drink. "Care for one more Merilee?" "Yes please Daddy." He once more gave her a healthy pour, reached across and clicked his glass to hers, "To your health." Sam finished his drink as she, yet again, drained hers.

He could see her getting a little glassy- eyed. She'd had about nine shots of vodka in a little over five minutes. He wanted abella and riley loves licking each others wet pussies mellow, not falling down drunk. "Let's take a walk Merilee." "Where to Daddy?" "I think you know. Come along." "Daddy please, not downstairs." As he walked her down the stairs he said, "After what you went through just three days ago, I'd hoped you'd learned your lesson.

I'm not going to work myself up over this. After all your promises, you lasted all of three days. What are you, stupid?" "No Daddy I'm not stupid I just can't always control my impulses. Please don't take me in there." "Merilee, I'm going to try to help you with your impulse control." Sam turned the key and opened the door, he didn't dim the lights, he wanted a good view of what he expected to happen. "Ok Merilee I told you if we came back here you could choose your punishment, what's it to be, the cane of an enema?" "Please Daddy don't make me choose.

Take me back upstairs and spank me again if you want but don't make me stay busty blonde sucks on a massive shaft big tits blowjob, please." "No Merilee, that wasn't our agreement. Obviously the spanking didn't work. You wanted choices, well now you have one; the cane or the enema?" "Daddy, I've never had an enema but I know the cane stings like fire, I guess I'll take the enema." "Ok, sit over there and wait, I'll get things prepared." Sam fixed the 5 quart with warm water, he didn't use any soap.

This would be bad enough without that irritant. Sam hung the bag; it was equipped with a double Bardach nozzle for retention. He got a tube of Astro-Glide. Sam walked his daughter over to the low padded table that was set up for giving enemas; it even had restraints that could hold a body in position if necessary.

He removed her robe, folded it and put it on the chair. "Merilee you need to remove your french pornstar clanddi jinkcego rides a monster cock and your panties." Merilee stood nearly hyperventilating. He pulled her nightie over her head. She stood in only her panties trembling in fear. "Merilee, are you going to take down your panties or do you want me to do it." "You do it please, Daddy." As he knelt in front of her reached for the waistband of her panties he saw the gusset was soaked and moisture was dripping down her inner legs.

The pungent odor of urine wafted to his nostrils. She'd involuntarily wet herself. He didn't think she was even aware of what she'd done. He rolled her panties to her ankles; she stepped out without his asking.

"Merilee, you've wet yourself." "I'm so embarrassed and I'm so scared, Daddy please don't do this to me." Jim took her arm, walked her to the bathroom and seated her. "Merilee, go ahead, we don't an accident." As her urine flowed he smiled with obscene pleasure, he loved to hear, smell and watch a woman pee. He even took a fold of toilet paper and wiped her.

The water was cooling; they needed to get started. He lifted Merilee to her feet and helped her back to the table. "Merilee, I need you on the table on your hands and knees, then I'll help you get into position. She got on hands and knees, legs clamped tightly shut. He placed a pillow on the table and pushed her head down it, positioning her arms so that she could support herself. Then he walked to her rear.

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He gripped her legs and pulled them until they were about two feet apart. "Ok Merilee, hold that position." "OH Daddy what are you doing to me?" "Why Merilee I am about to give you an enema. I still need to lubricate you so the nozzle can slide in easily." Picking up the tube of Astro-Glide he stood hack and admired his daughter.

With her pussy gaping lewdly and her anus partially distended, Sam thought, my, my little girl has gotten some serious attention back here. Big as she looked he wondered is she could handle Big John and Little John. Big John was a sixteen inch strap-on dildo. It was five and a half inches around; Sam liked to use it to fill big pussies.

Little John was a ten incher, only three and half inches in girth. He loved to put up a young girls ass; maybe later. Sam coated his fingers with the Astro-Glide and shoved them into Merilee; she moaned and rocked forward. He slapped her bottom, "Hold the position." Merilee repositioned herself. Sam pumped her several times then greased up the Bardach. "Merilee, I'm going to put the nozzle in you, don't move." He held her open and forced the nozzle into her.

She gasped when he inflated the inner balloon. "Daddy what's that, it hurts." "I'm sealing you shut so you don't leak. That was the balloon inside you inflating. Now I'm inflating the outer balloon to keep to keep you from leaking. She felt pressure on her anus as the balloon filled.

Sam had the bag hung high so the flow would be heavy; he wanted her cramping as quickly as possible. As the flow started Merilee thought, this isn't too bad, in fact it feels kinda nice. Soon the gushing water induced cramps. Merilee moaned in pain, "Daddy please stop, I hurt badly and I have to go to the bathroom." "No you don't, that's just the water.

Massage your tummy to help relieve the cramping." She tried to rub herself but nearly fell sideways. Sam, feeling a little sympathy for her plight, helped her. "Oh thank you Daddy that helps." Sam continued massaging her tummy causing the water to disburse deeply into her bowels. He glanced at the bag. She still had three quarts to go. She'd be sobbing in pain before this was done. As he continued his massage he felt her tummy distend and bloat.

God, he loved that feel. He loved to see and feel them swell. Sam glanced up, still two quarts to go. Merilee looked like she was nine month pregnant with her bloated tummy hanging down. She was panting and moaning in pain. "Sobbing she moaned, "Please Daddy I hurt so badly." "No Merilee, you have over one quart to go.

I can do something to take your mind off it if you want; it's something I sometimes do for my enema actresses, would you like that?" "Anything Daddy, Anything, I hurt so much." He waited a few moments just watching. She was panting heavily and moaning softly into her pillow.

Reaching between her legs from behind, he split her vaginal lips and began massaging her clitoris. He felt her release as she moaned louder. Sam hadn't intended to touch his daughter but since he'd already violated that taboo, why not go all the way? She would get the chance to meet Big and Little John. As the last of the bag flowed into her Sam was strangely proud of his daughter. She'd handled that 5 quart bag like a pro. Maybe she really would make a great porn star. He'd know better after the Johns had visited her.

He teen chicks gets facialized in threesome hardcore and jizz the valve shut on the bag to avoid any possibility of back flow. He had planned on making her hold it for twenty minutes but, with his other plans he'd cut that to ten.

He patted her bottom, "You've done well Baby. Just hold that for a few minutes and then I'll help you to the potty." Merilee couldn't answer; she was panting like a dehydrated dog and moaning. Sam got the Johns and laid them out with their harnesses, he laid the Astro-Glide beside them, he'd need that. After the ten minutes had passed he disconnected the hose from the bag.

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It would be easier to make it to the toilet that way. Helping Merilee to her feet, Sam told her, "Hey you're a trooper; my best actresses have trouble taking that bag." Putting an arm around her waist and massaging her bloated tummy, Sam said, "Lean on me, I'll help you." He walked her to the commode and sat her down.

"I'm going to deflate your balloons and pull out the nozzle, when you've finished here come back out, or, if you need help, call me, we have a couple more things to do." Sam went to his private area.

He masturbated to relieve himself; he didn't want to interfere with Big John or Little John while they did their work. He stripped and fitted Big John on, cinching it securely then putting on a robe. He didn't want Merilee to see what was coming.

Merilee had been in the bathroom for about fifteen minutes when she called, "Daddy can you help me." When Sam walked into the bathroom she was still sitting on the commode. Her legs were splayed, hair stringy, sweaty and matted and her eyes were still leaking tears. "Help me Daddy." God, she was beautiful. Helping her to her feet, he put his arm around her and directed her back to the padded table. That's where he'd decided to do her. He wanted her from behind both ways.

"Feeling any better Baby?" Sam asked. "A little, Daddy." "Good cause now we need to finish up. I want you to get into the same position as before; would you like a new pillow?" "Daddy you're not going to give me another enema are you. I don't think I can take it." "No, no enema; here's a dry pillow. Get back in position but this time I want you to arch your back." Once she was in place he reached between her legs and fingered her pussy. He wanted her wet and ready for Big John. As he felt her moisture begin to flow he dropped his robe and heavily greased Big John.

Kneeling behind her he split her lips and aimed Big John at the entrance of her vagina. She was large down there. He wasted no time. He took Merilee's hips, pulling her back on him while he thrust forward, burying at least 13 inches of his 16 in her.

Merilee screamed a high pitched scream, "Oh my God Daddy you're splitting me in half." "Baby, you've done good, I'm almost in." Keeping a grasp on her hips Sam pumped into her powerfully; working the rest of his rubber cock into his little girl. Looking down he could see that he was completely in her; he also saw some blood. He had hurt her. He began to pump her hard, with thrust after powerful thrust he banged against her cervix, bruising it and causing more pain.

He backed out until only about 12 inches were in her. He reached around and found her clit, strumming it rapidly; she began to respond. Merilee liked big men; maybe not this big but she liked them big. It was beginning to feel good.

Sam continued to stroke, more gently now. He could feel her tensing then she let go with orgasm after orgasm. She pushed back forcing even more of Big John in.

With her release she sagged forward. Still gripping her hips he held her in position, saying, "Stay up Baby only a little more to go. I'll get a warm cloth and wipe you off." While up, he switched to Little John and brought a hot wash cloth. With none of his cum to wipe there wasn't much clean up; a little blood and her discharge.

He just held the cloth against her and let her enjoy lesbian full moviegirl with girl comforting warmth.

"Ok Baby, one more thing and we're done." "Daddy, you're going to fuck my ass, aren't you?" "Yeah Baby that's next." "Please lube me up real good." "I will." Sam squeezed the Astro-Glide directly onto her anus and rubbed it in.

He took two fingers and forced a large glob of the gel deeply into her. He could tell she was no virgin here. Well lubricated he forced a third finger in deeply and pumped her several times; she began low grunting noises deep in her throat. Positioning Little John at her entrance and again gripping her firmly by the hips he pulled her back onto him as he thrust deeply into her most private of places.

She tried to collapse but he held her up. She was big ass latina fingers her shaved pussy into her pillow now but her low grunting continued. He stroked into her about twenty times but he was getting no real thrill, after all, his cock was plastic; this was only to punish Merilee. Sliding out he encircled her waist and hugged her, "We're done Baby. Come on, I'll help you up." Helping her up, he left her stewardess christen courtney public fuck by strang while he went to shed Little John.

When he returned she asked, "I know you did all this to punish me, but do you really make porno movies?" "Yes Baby, I really do, the even helped pay for some of your divorces. But tell me, how do you feel about your visit here?" "Daddy, I don't ever want to come back. I promise and I know I've promised time and time again, but I swear I'm really going to try.

Like I said, I never want to come back here again." "Baby I'll make you a deal, if it's not a major screw-up and you'll know if it is, I won't bring you back here. But you do know it's waiting. For anything else we'll deal with it up in my den.

You may get a bare bottom spanking over my lap but nothing else. I may even look for reason for that; I liked the feel of you over my lap." "Daddy I liked being over your lap. I could feel your erection against my tummy; I hoped you would take me to your bed. I want you to take me, Daddy, but not tonight, I'm sore everywhere and I'm exhausted." "Alright, you let me know when you're ready; but would you like to come to my bed tonight just to hug and spoon?" "Yes Daddy, I'd like that." In bed Sam slid behind his beautiful daughter and pulled her hips to him, spooning around her fantastic bottom, God this felt good.

Merilee was already asleep from her strenuous work out. Sam couldn't help himself; his cock had risen to full staff. Reaching between her legs he parted her lips. There was plenty of lubrication still in her. He guided himself into her sweet pussy and stroked her slowly and gently; he didn't want to awaken her or hurt her. Pressing a little forwarded he climaxed; nothing explosive but it still felt good. Still embedded in his daughter, Sam drifted off to sleep.