Blond eats cream enema off gingerbread house

Blond eats cream enema off gingerbread house
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Horny teen loves getting her pussy wet masturbation missionary of a Feather, Chapter 16 (My bachelor party) Nancy has agreed to stay with Frank and Kathy and they have adopted her as their Mother and she has adopted them as her children, (not legally, of course) but in their hearts and minds The meeting with Cindy's and Beth's kids went much better than expected, thanks to Kathy' insistence to come clean and tell everything. There is less sex in this chapter than in some of the others.

Part of the chapter is about some of the other changes in our life but the sex is very intense and explicit ********************************************************************************************************* This is a work of fiction and may include incest, group sex, bi sexual actives and more.

If these things offend you, you may not care to read this story. I try to improve, on not only my writing but also my story line. I hope you, the readers have enjoyed my efforts and I would appreciate your input and votes. ************************************************************************************************************* I rose up for just a second as Mom slipped quietly out of bed.

Then I cuddled a little closer to Kathy and dozed of for a few more minutes. I awoke again just before the alarm went off. I felt Kathy's hand covering mine and press it tighter against our babies. My heart was beating fast and tears welled up in my eyes. It was tears of joy and love. I knew there would be some bad days ahead because that's how life is. However, right here, right now, my life was so full of love and joy I just couldn't hold it. I heard Kathy sniff a little and I knew we were sharing a special moment.

I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She laughed a little, "Love you Double Daddy." "Love you too, Mother of my children." Finally, I let go and we rolled out of bed and headed to the kitchen. Mom was at the stove doing the eggs to go with our sausage and hot cakes.

When she looked, I could see the big smile on her face and the tears running down her cheeks. She dropped the spatula and rushed to us with her arms open and we meet her in a big three-way hug. "I love you both SO MUCH, you make me so happy. Thanks to you, I'm gonna be a double Grand Ma." I thought, "What in the hell's going on this morning?" Then, I knew our house was so full of love it just engulfed you, what a wonderful feeling it was.

A thought crossed my mind and I made a mental not to talk with Dan and Tim about it. While we were eating, Mom was asking Kathy what she needed to take with her to the Horton's for tonight and tomorrow. She also asked what we needed to take with us on our honeymoon. The list was short because it didn't include very many cloths. When we arrived at the parking lot, we were a little surprised. Cindy and Beth were waiting, as usual; there were also about 12 to 15 other friends we worked with waiting for ua.

Cindy and Beth had put out the word about the twins. There were lots of hugs and handshakes as we made our way to the plant door. I noticed old Gus wasn't in the group outside. We stepped inside, Kathy and I hugged, kissed and as I turned to go to the office, Gus was standing in the middle of the aisle, big grin on his face and holding up his index finger on each hand. "That woman is going to give you some beautiful babied. Just don't name the boy Gus.

That's one hell of a name to hang on anyone." "I don't agree, one of the nicest people I know has that name," I told him as we shook and hugged. The morning flew by, it seemed like I had just got to work and I was already meeting Kathy for lunch. I was surprised to see Allison setting at the table with Cindy and Beth. Allison congratulated us on the twins and the wedding.

She told us her, Brent and the kids would be there. Cindy pointed toward Allison and smiled as she said, "Small world, she and Brent have the same situation we did. I have told her where we were with the kids, thanks to you two." Allison told us it was hard to tell their kids it was wrong for them to want the same things her and Brent were doing at the same age. Cindy said, "All this with the kids takes some getting used to.

This morning I heard Shawn in the bathroom, laughing and talking with someone. I thought, "Who the hell could he be talking to." When I walked in, Shawn was shaving and Sarah was setting on the toilet taking a piss. Both were stark naked and act like it was a normal thing. I ask what the hell they were laughing about. Sarah pointed to Shawn's semi-erect cock, we were laughing at Daddy getting half wood listening to me peeing and looking at my little tits.

I was a little pissed at first, and then I thought, this is what we all had agreed to. My husband and daughter were enjoying each other's company. I laughed along with them and told Sarah, maybe we could do something about that soon. She didn't hesitate to tell me she was looking forward to having fun with both of us." Kathy asked Allison what was happening with her kids, Allison said, "Brent accidentally walked in on Nikki when she was setting on the toilet, using a mirror to look at her pussy.

She quickly jumped up and ran to her bedroom. When I questioned her about what she was doing she told me we were not being fair with her and Robin. We questioned them all the time but when they tried to ask us questions, we wouldn't answer. We also heard the two of them talking in the back yard about a week ago. We couldn't hear everthing they were saying but we could hear words like cock, pussy, cum and the scariest of all, pregnant.

I asked what kind of questions the kids were asking them. Allison blushed a little, "One time, after she had started her period, she asked if I trimmed my pubic hair or just let it grow. I told her that was personal and I never answered. Another time, she and Robin we curious as to what Brent's thing looked and felt like.

We both told them we didn't want to hear any more talk like that." Allison asked, "Kathy would you and Frank consider talking to our kids like you did with Cindy's and Beth's" Kathy told her she didn't think that would work because we didn't know Nikki and Robin as well as we did the other kids.

She asked what we would do if mom shows daughter how to pick up men were our kids.

Kathy told her she didn't want to upset her but it was our plan to raise our twins and any other children we may have in a very open and sharing manner. If they know enough to ask a question, we owe it to them to be honest and give them the best answer we can. As we started to leave the table, Allison asked if she could talk to us a little more about this after our honeymoon.

She said there was something her Cindy and Beth has talked about and would like to discuss with us at a latter date. We agreed to talk when we got back to work, then we all headed back to our work areas. After work, we were heading home, I think we were both a little nervous and we talked very little, Kathy just placed my hand on her stomach and cupped both her hands over it. Just before we arrived home, Kathy told me she had a special favor to ask of me. All kinds of thoughts run through my mind before she finally spoke, "Frank, I'll be gone tonight and that will just leave you and Mom at home.

I would like very much for you to have sex with her. She knows you love her but I would like you to have a really hot sexual time. Fuck her with the hole-in-one, fuck her down her throat, share your cum, piss and spit. Spank her ass good, she'll like that. Just you and her together, will you do that for all of us." "Yes my love, if that's what you want, and then I'll make xxxx story hot mumbai girl happen," When I pulled in the drive, Walter's car was already there.

When we entered the front door, I expected to see or at least hear someone but everything was very quite. We walked across the den and into the kitchen but there was no one there. We started toward the bedrooms when I heard laughter. I looked out the kitchen window to see three naked bodies stretched out on floats in the pool. Mom saw us as we walked onto the patio and waved to us.

Walter and Maggie then turned our way and waved. As they got closer I noticed Kathy, stand with feet apart, hands on her hips and a very stern look on her face. "Just what are you two doing to my Mother" "Not at all what the three of us would like to be doing" Maggie replied as she reached over and massaged Mom's right tit. We were all laughing as we walked back into the house. Mom told us to get a shower and dinner would be ready by then and we could all eat together before Kathy leave.

When we got to the bedroom, we found three bags, two medium and one small, on the bed, packed and ready to go. We showered, dried off and returned to the kitchen. Mom had a delicious beef roast with all the trimmings. We all enjoyed the meal and the conversation was lively. Maggie told me where I need to be the next day and when to be there.

Mom could drive me and she was going to spend the rest of the weekend with Walter and Maggie. Though we understood the reason, it was still tough when Kathy left with Walter and Maggie. Mom walked back in the house with me, "Not that it was necessary but I was told to take good care of you until tomorrow," Mom said as she wrapped her arm around my waist. I laughed, big tits gets sprayed with sticky jizz cunnilingus straight was given the same instructions about you.

Just give me a few minutes to change gears, it's hard watching Kathy leave." Mom smiled, "I'll get us a glass of wine and meet you in the den." When Mom returned with the wine, I was setting on one end of the couch and she down on the other end. She kept her left foot on the floor and starched her right leg out on the couch, exposing her soaking wet pussy to me. We were talking about everything except sex but she was aware I was looking at her wet slit.

She was telling me about the dress they had picked out for the wedding when she very casually reached down and run her fingers through her pussy lips. Looking at me with a mischievous smile, she slowly raised the wet fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean. I felt my cock twitch so I moved my left leg onto the couch and Mom smiled as she saw my cock starting to grow.

"Son, Kathy and I had a talk and I told her what I would like to do tonight and she totally agreed. I've told you both that everything I have is yours, my pussy, ass, mouth, tits and most of all, my heart. What I would really love is for you to do is make me your toy, treat me like a slut, a whore or anything else that comes to mind.

When I was younger, during my entire married life I experienced many things sexually but never anything to this extent. I have often fantasized about it and now I would like to experience it." I thought about Mom's request then told her, "Mom, Kathy usually takes the lead on things like this and since you two have talked about it and agreed, I guess she is this time also.

I've sweet teen swoing her blow job skill been that brutal or forceful but I would like to try. If I get too rough or out of hand, just let me know." I told Mom to start by fingering her pussy. She smiled as she pushed two fingers of her right had into her pussy and started massaging her clit with her other hand.

I told her to add another finger and fuck harder. She followed my orders and I noticed her breathing was increasing and at times, she would tilt her head back and close her eyes. I told her to put all four fingers deep into her pussy and fuck herself hard. She raised her right leg up and placed her foot on the couch.

This opened her pussy even more. She wiped the front of her fingers down one very wet thigh, then the back of her fingers down the other side. She let out a low moan as she pushed her fingers most of the way into her pussy. I watched for a few seconds then quickly moved over, placed one hand on her elbow and one on her wrist and shoved her fingers into her pussy so hard it pushed her back into the arm of the couch.

As she threw her head back, her mouth flew wide open and a loud groan escaped her throat I shouted, "ALL THE WAY IN, YOU FUCKING BITCH. HARD, LIKE I TOLD YOU." I started jerking her arm back and forth, forcing her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Her thrum was rubbing against her clit at the same; a constant moan was coming from deep in her throat. Her pussy was leaking so much juice it was running down the crack of her ass and dripping onto the couch. I couldn't believe what a turn on this was. My cock was throbbing and oozing a steady flow of pre-cum. I released Mom's arm but she continued to slam her fingers in and out of her pussy with a brutal force. I moved around behind the arm of the couch, grabbed a hand full of her hair, pulled her head around and rubbed the head of my cock across her lips and chin.

She opened her mouth and I shoved my cock in her mouth. As my cock started to push into her throat, she gagged a little. Instead of pulling back as I usually would, I took a tighter grip on her hair and shoved my cock as deep as I could in her throat, telling her, "SHUT-UP SLUT AND TAKE THIS COCK DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT" She was working her magic on my cock and I knew, even with all my badass action, I couldn't last long at this.

Just when I thought it was going to be over with my shooting my load down Mom's throat, she pushed her pussy hard against her hand, "AAAAAAHHHHHH,GGGGGRRRRRRR." Then she fell back against the couch, causing my cock to slip out of her mouth. I thought, "Saved by an orgasm, now I have to keep the pressure on." I placed a hand on either side of her face and started pulling her toward the other end of the couch." Lay down on your fucking back SLUT" I told as she scramble around to keep from falling.

As soon as she stretched out on the couch, I straddled her head, kneeling down and placing my ass over her face. I pulled my ass cheeks as wide as I could and told Mom, "Lick my shit hole you fucking slut." I felt her tongue lick across my sphincter as I watched her push her four fingers back in her pussy.

I reached down and teen strapon fuck and stolen small girl problems down hard on both her nipples. She cried out a little and pushed her wet tongue inside my asshole. It was all I could do to keep from cumming but it felt so good, all I could do was push my ass tighter against her mouth. Just before I was about to shoot my load, I stood up. I took Mom by the arm, pulled her to her feet, and started toward the kitchen.

"Sir, I have to pee" Mom said as I pulled her along behind me. I didn't stop, when we reached the kitchen I pulled the chair away from the end of the table and pushed it across the floor. I shove Mom up next to the table and pushed her forward until her upper body was pressed against the tabletop.

Her feet were wide apart and she had starched her arms our and was huge tit compeers daughter xxx talk about the wrong place and wrong time to each side of the table.

I grabbed a tall glass from the cabinet and shoved it between her legs, covering her pussy. Before she had time to realize what was going on, I raised my right hand and smacked her hard on her right ass cheek. She let out a little cry and the piss started flowing. When she had finished she said, "Thank you Sir." I set the glass on the counter behind me and when I turned back around, I could see Mom's pussy was pumping out so much juice it had run down her thighs and with her legs so far apart it was now running down her lips and dripping on the kitchen floor.

I had held off on cumming so long, my cock was throbbing and oozing a steady stream of pre-cum. My balls were aching and I knew I had to have some relief soon. I walked up behind her, grabbed her by her hips and quickly shoved my hard cock ball deep into her dripping wet fuck hole.

She let out a single moan and I could feel a hot gush of wetness as she cum again. This time I raised my left hand and brought it down hard on her left ass cheek. "Thanks you, thank you, Sir, I love you," Mom said as I felt her pussy tighten down on my cock. I remained completely still until she relaxed her muscles. Then I pulled out and stood with my eyes closed until I could regain control of my throbbing cock. I got a hand full of hair and pulled her off the table.

I pulled her back to the chair that was not in the middle of the kitchen floor. I pushed her down in the chair, reached back a picked up the almost full glass of piss. She was looking at me as I turned back to face her.

There was a look of pure pleasure on her face as I stepped up to her. I grabbed her hair again, pulled her head back, "Are you my nasty, slut, bitch?" 'Yes Sir and please forgive me but I'm loving it" "Open your filthy mouth slut" I said, then took a little sip of the piss in my mouth.

When she opened her mouth, I leaned down and spit the piss into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around in her mouth, then swallowed. I couldn't explain why but what I had just dome, spitting the piss in her mouth, was such a turn-on I knew I was going to cum, no matter what. I stuck my cock down in the glass of piss then poured the remainder of the glass into Mom's opened mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could but quit a bit of the piss overflowed, running down her face, across her ties and down onto her stomach.

I put my hand behind her head and pulled her forward as I shoved my throbbing cock into her mouth and down her throat. I held her head with both hands and showed no mercy as I shoved y cock in and out of her throat.

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I only made 3 to 4 plunges before I started unloading my long overdue shots of cun down her throat. I felt her left hand reach around and pull my ass cheek to the side. Them I felt her wet finger pushing into my shit hole. Both our bodies was soaked with our sweat, I felt like my legs were about to collapse and I felt like I had cum at least a gallon. Then Mon's finger hit that spot and I remembered her wiggling her finger a cherry ferretti face fuck pornstars and hardcore times and it felt like a bold of lighting had hit my body.

When I opened my eyes, I was laying on the kitchen floor. Mom was kneeling beside me, wiping my face with a cool washcloth. She smiled at me, leaned down and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips.

I could still taste my cun and a little hint of her piss on her tongue. When she broke the kiss, she whispered, "Tell me, my son, was that okay for your bachelor party?" I looked at her, a little confused by her comment. "You were not going out and party with your buddies, so Kathy and I thought maybe this could take the place of a traditional bachelor party. I laughed, "Mom, there has never been a bachelor party any where that could top this." She leaned down and whispered, "It's not over yet Honey, this is just a break." "Mom, I gotta piss real bad." She took me by the hand, rolled me over and helped me to a kneeling position.

She reached for the glass I had used before and placed it under my cock. I pissed the glass almost half-full, and then Mom went to the fridge, took the OJ out and finished filling the glass.

She took two large swallows of the mixture then handed me the glass. I took a couple of big gulps, then a smaller amount and swished it around in jiben xxx story you tp mouth before I swallowed.

"A little unusual taste but very refreshing. Are you ready to go get a shower?" I said as I licked my lips and smiled a Mom. "No shower Son, we're just gonna add more to what's already there and we'll keep it with us all night long.

We shower tomorrow morning." I took her hand and we started walking out of the kitchen.

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As we passed the end of the table, Mom turned me around and pushed me back causing me to set on the edge of the table. She placed her hand in the middle of my chest and pushed me back. I was stretched out on the table with my legs hanging over the edge. Mom reached down, lifted my legs, pushing them back toward my chest. This totally exposed my cock, balls and ass. Using her foot, she pulled a chair in place and had a seat.

She motioned for me to hold my legs, which I did. I had no idea what she had in mind but I knew it would be good. Her fingers pull my ass cheeks apart. Then I felt three very wet fingers rub down the crack of my ass. Then Mom pushed two fingers just inside my anal passage. She pulled her fingers apart a few times then I felt the tip on her warm, wet tongue slip in between her fingers. She pulled her fingers a little wider and pushed her tongue all the way inside my asshole.

My cock had been lying soft and deflated against my stomach. When her tongue slipped in my ass, my cock imminently sprang to life. With her tongue firmly planted in my ass her other cum coated hand come over the top and started stroking my, now hardening cock. She continued this for a short time, she pulled her tongue out and I felt her warm spit hit my sphincter, breathtaking ball licking by a beauteous chick then she shoved two fingers into my asshole.

The slight pain greatly outweighed by the pleasure. Mom showed no mercy fucking her fingers in and out of my hole or pumping up and down on my very erect cock. Mom had a rhythm between her fingers in my ass and her hand on my cock. I was savoring the moment, but just as quick it had started she stopped. She took my hand, pulled me up off the table and we headed to the bedroom.

"Kathy tells me you have a nice toy box that I need to get acquainted with," Mom said as she looked at me with that little wicked smile. Once we reached the bedroom, I removed the toy box from the closet, placed it on the bed and told Mom, "Go shopping, see if there is anything there you might like to try." Her face light up in a big smile as she opened the box.

The Hole-in-one harness was the first thing she picked up. She gave me a questioning look and I smile and told her, "Later Mom, you'll become well acquainted with it. Next, she picked up the three different sizes butt plugs. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders, "Different sizes plug's for different size holes for ." Mom smiled and nodded. She continued to look at the different vibratos, dildos and lubes. Then she held up the harness again, "Can we talk about this now" I held up the long, slender dildo and the larger but shot one, "How about I show you instead of tell you about it.

Only two things I need to know, long and slender or shorter but bigger and if you want my xxnx sax in first time in your pussy or asshole." Mom smiled, "Oh shit, decisions, decisions. I think I would like to have the big one in my pussy and your cock in my ass but PLEASE, go easy.

I've not done DP in a long time." I put the toy in place and locked it in. Mom helped me get the harness on and tightened in place. She was spitting on my cock and using her tongue to spread it up and down my shaft. Once every thing was in place, I had Mom move to the middle of the bed on all fours. I used the very slick Kama Sutra oil to cover her puckered little rosebud.

I pushed both my index fingers into her slick hole, first pulling from side to side, then up and down, opening her hole up a little.

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She reached back and lined the dildo with her vaginal opening as I aligned my slick, hard cock with her slightly gapping asshole. I started pushing forward slow and easy. I watched as my cock head slipped past her sphincter and into her tight warm shit chute.

I could hear a long throaty moan for Mom as my cock and the dildo moved deeper into her. When the harness was pressed hard against her ass cheeks I just held still, knowing my cock and the toy was as deep as it would go inside her holes. I felt her anal muscles tighten and relax several time around my cock and I knew her pussy was doing the same with the dildo.

"Fuck me Son, fuck your nasty slut hard and fast, without showing any mercy" Mom said in a raspy voice I had never heard before. I pulled my cock out so far the head was about to pop out of her ass. I grabbed her hips on each side and shoved my cock back in until the harness slammed against her ass cheeks, A sound comes from deep in her throat that sound more animal than human. I repeated the same move again with the same results, only this time I could hear the sloshing sound of the dildo as it slammed into her dripping wet pussy and knew her pussy juice was flowing again.

I continued the same move, increasing my speed with each stroke. Mom was making a constant sound that borderline on a scream. Suddenly, she pushed back against me, started rotating her hips and screamed. "FUCK,FUC…AAAHHH, I'M CU, AAAHHOO. OOOHHH FFFUUCCKK, YYEEsssss." Mom fell forward on the bed. I followed her down, my cock and the toy still buried in her holes.

She was breathing very heavy and I was afraid we had gone too far. I was about to pull out when I heard her say between deep breathe, "NO, NO, don't stop, fuck your bitch good, fill my asshole with your hot cum, PLEASE!" I set there for a few seconds thinking, "How can I do this, I love this woman, how can I treat her like this?" Then I heard, "PLEASE SON.

PLEASE DO IT" I reached up, grabbed one of the pillows, and started trying to push it under her lips. She managed to rise up just enough for me to push the pillow under her, raising her hips and giving me better access to her ass and pussy. If an ass full of cum was what she wanted, that was what she was going to get.

I was on my knees and I placed my hands on the cheeks of her ass for balance. I started fucking her holes as hard and fast as I could. I was trying to think of any thing I could do to make it even more erotic for both of us. Without missing a stroke, I drew back my right hand and smacked her hard on her ass cheek. I imminently repeated the same on the left side.

I felt my cock tingle and my balls tighten up. A constant, "YES, YES" was coming from Mom. I smacked the cheeks of her ass again and could see they were turning a little red from my abuse. Suddenly, I had an urge, I leaned back and spit a big glob down in the crack of her ass.

I had no idea why but it was making me hot as hell just watching the spit runs down until it blended in with the lube on my cock. That was it, the thing that pushed me over the edge. I started filling her ass with my cum. The second time I pushed in I could feel the cum pushing out around my cock. Finally, my cum stopped flowing and my cock started to soften.

I stayed still for a while, trying to catch my breath. Mom just lay quietly, still catching her breath. As I became more relaxed I felt the urge. I told Mom not to move I was going to try something very nasty.

Mom giggled, "Oh goody, please do." I really constricted on relaxing. The first couple of shot of piss was short and quick but it was enough to let Mom know what I was trying to do. I was able to relax a little more and started mixing my piss with my cum in her ass. I pushed in as tight as I could to keep the piss from running out.

"Oh my, it feels almost like an enema," Mom giggled as the last drops of piss dribbled into her ass. "I'm gonna pull out now Mom. Get ready for a surprise treat," I said as I rose up and started sliding my cock out I could feel Mom clamping down on my cock and as soon as my cock head popped out, I shuffled back and quickly covered her ass with my mouth.

A small amount of piss leaked out before I could get my mouth in place. Without having to tell her Mom started pushing down, squirting the mixture of piss and cum into my mouth. I tried to hold it all in my mouth but there was so much, I had to gorgeous tits ebony orgasming pinklipz masturbation webcams part of it, a little leaked out, and run down the side of my mouth.

The flow had stopped so I pulled out. I moved around in front of Mom as she moved to a kneeling position. I took her in my arms and our lips met. Mom moaned as the cum, piss mixture started flowing into her mouth. We pushed it back and forth between our mouths a few times then we both swallowed. We fell over on our side and lay there for a few seconds. Then Mom turned around, took my soft cock in her mouth, and started gently sucking on it.

I raised Mom's right leg giving me access to her soaking wet pussy. I pushed three fingers in and up a little until I felt that little spongy spot and started massaging it. At the same time, I licked cross her very tender, erect clit and bit down a little. "Easy Son, that's one tinder hole there" she said. Then return my cock to her mouth. I continued to massage her G-spot and lightly sucking her clit.

She lowers her leg and I could feel the wetness on both of her thighs, as they lay relaxed on either side of my head. I wasn't even aware I had fallen asleep. I was totally confused when I first open my eyed. Then I realized my head was between Mom's legs and my mouth was still over her pussy.

I heard Mom snicker then gently suck in my soft cock. "Don't worry son, this is your and Kathy's day. Your bachelor party is over. We need to start getting ready for your big day.

We separated, rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

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Mom showered while I shave then she headed for the kitchen while I showered. She has us a nice breakfast ready by the time I reached the kitchen. As soon as we eat, we dressed in our casual clothes and headed to the Horton's. Maggie, Tim and Dan were waiting for us when we arrived. Mom went in the house with Maggie. I joined Tim and Dan on a golf cart and we took as wide sweep around the outside of the yard to the pool house out back.

On our trip to the pool house, I had a few minutes to talk to them about my idea and find out if they, as lawyers, thought it might be done or if they thought I was crazy to even think about it. They were aware that Kathy and I have, on our own, excepted Nancy as our Mother and she had accepted us as her children.

I told Tim and Dan I hadn't talked with either Kathy or Mom but I wanted to know if it would be possible for Mom to change her last name to Howard, to match ours and legally adopt Kathy and me.

They both gave me a strange look at first until they realized I was serious. They told me they had never heard of it being done before but as far as they knew, there was no law against it. The only problem they saw was getting the right people willing to approve it. They told me to talk with Kathy and Mom and if the women agreed, they would see what they could do about the legal end of it.

I opened the door to the pool house and walk in, then stopped dead in my tracks. Katie was standing just a few feet inside the door. She looked good dressed in a medium gray skirt and jacket with a light gray blouse, dark gray hills and very light gray stockings.

Her bright red hair was pulled back in a French twist and her green eyes sparkled like emeralds. There were two other women I had never met, were just as well dressed as Katie and just a beautiful. I had never met the well-dressed man standing next to the three women but none of is this was what shocked me. Cindy, Beth, Shawn and Paul were all standing in the middle or the room, stark naked.

Cindy looked at me, smiled and said, "Hi Mushroom, you're a little early aren't you?" Everyone laughed, including me. "We come out here to dress, the house was so full of people," Beth said as she started putting on her bra. Tim interdicted the other people, "Frank, this is Marshall Finch, our business partner and fellow attorney, and this beautiful lady is his wife and fellow attorney, Dawn or you can call her by her Desi indian mumbai hot bhabhi exposing on webcam American name, Princess Dawn Eagle.

This fabulous creature is my older brother Dale's wife Marion." First Marshall stepped up, shook my hand and kissed me on the cheek, "welcome my stunning beauty shows oversized ass and gets anal fucked Next was Dawn who surprised me with a long, hot kiss on the lips with a little tongue "love you my brother." Then Marion stepped up, give me a hot kiss on the lips, "Mushroom huh, I'm looking forward to seeing more of you dear brother." I was confused, they were kiss me, calling me brother and I knew my other four friends could hear what they were topless teen busty buffyrnlearns to jump rope. I looked over to see Shawn and Paul were putting on pants but no underwear.

Cindy and Beth had on a bra, garter belt, stockings but no panties. Katie and Dawn started undressing me. I just stood there in a total state of confusion, "Am I missing something here," I asked Katie as she was pulling interracial dp sex party double penetration doggystyle shirt off.

When she looked up at me, I nodded toward my half naked friends. Katie started laughing, "Yes, I guess you are. Dan and I had a talk with Walter and Maggie last week. They checked with the others and with everyone's approval, Maggie called Cindy and Beth and invited both families to breakfast this morning.

We all had a nice, long talk and everyone agreed both families should be part of our family. We didn't expect you this early and Kathy was going to tell you later today." "Hey Mushroom, I guess that makes you my double brother now" she laughed as she pulled the light blue dress over her head. "Cindy, Beth, where the hell is your panties" I asked as I noticed their uncovered pussies when they started pulling their dressed down over their hips.

"The same place as mine," Dawn said, pulling up the front of her dress showing us all her close trimmed, jet-black mound. Katie smiled, "You will go to the alter knowing that none of the family members are wearing underwear and that includes you. I looked around and noticed I was now the only naked person in the room.

Tim and Marshall called me over to the table and helped with my pants, and shirt. Kathie pushed me back in a chair and Dawn and Marion put on my socks and shoes. Dan placed a tie around my neck and Katie tied it, added a belt and my jacked. Now, I was dressed and ready to go. I looked over at Cindy and Beth.

They were truly beautiful in their light blue dresses, hair and make-up all in place and it was hot knowing they had bear pussies under all that. I walked over to the four of them, "Thank you for being her for Kathy and me, you know we love you." I saw tears well up in Cindy's eyes, "Asshole, you're gonna make me cry and fuck up this great make-up job my sisters Katei and Dawn worked so hard on." She gave me a gentle borther/sister kiss then whispered, "The thing with our kids, I talked with Maggie and she agreed it might be better to keep it between the six of us for now, Okay?" I hugged her again and she asked, "So tell us, how was your bachelor party last night" I laughed, "I guess there's just no secrets in the family is there.

Dawn and Marion come over, each took an arm and led me over to a table where there were some light snacks, and home make sangria. We all geather around the table, talked and enjoyed the snacks. Tim told me he had talked with Marshall and Dawn about my unusual request and they agreed, as far as they there was no law that would prevent us from doing what I wanted to do. He suggested I talk with Kathy and Mom and see if they agreed.

If they do, let him know and he would see what he could do to make it happen. Everyone left the pool house except Shawn, Paul and me. We were told Brad would come and let us know when it was time for us to come to the alter and we should try to relax in the meantime.