Gorgeous teen fucked by old man in pov

Gorgeous teen fucked by old man in pov
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This story doesn't have much of sex context. English is not my first language so there may be many spelling mistakes. My name is Eric Farkas. When I was 9 years old, life for me was easy and I was really happy. When I was 10, we found that my father had been cheating on my mom and also had another child. We packed our stuffs and were on our way to my uncle's house. My grandparents were rich since they were very strong mages. After their death my mom and uncle were heir of their wealth. My uncle and aunt were very nice people, they even warned my mom about my dad many times but she never listened to them.

On our way to my uncle's house we had an accident which would of taken both of our lives. But my mom saved my life using her magic but she wasn't able to save herself. I helpless watched my mom die right in front of my eyes. I was crying, all I could do was watch her die. I still remember her last words '' it's alright Eric, I will always love you''. After my mom's death my uncle have stunning blonde hottie has her pussy plowed taking care of me.

I found out that my father cased file for my custody but my uncle using all power had easily won the case, now my uncle and aunt had full custody. First week after death of my mom was devastating for me, I had no control over myself.

whenever I slept, I would see dying face of my mom in my dreams. I would lock myself in my room and cry all day. Back then my uncle Ted, aunt Scarlet and my cousin brother Mark were my family. After few months I was got over my depression with their help, all I had in my mind was determination and feeling of revenge for my father. I wanted to be strongest mage and also destroy my father's life. Once powers of mage is awakened they are taken to classification where they find out about their element.

They also sign a contract with their element spirit which increases their power and understand of their element, only if spirits answer to their call so they say. And if you are able to do so you will be recognized as a powerful mage which was my target.

Element spirits are source of power and will serve mage and in return mage will provide whatever spirits ask in return. A spirit make contract with a mage who have similar personality to them or to a mage who they find worthy to serve. Signing contract is a proof that ''a mage will always serve their element and in return element will always give you your power through your spirit which lives within mage's body.'' A mage's power awakens usually when they turn 15 years old.

Mark is 2 years older than me and had already signed contract and is in Grand Mage Academy sunny leone suck and fuck sex story is Air mage like his mom. He comes home for a week since you can come home at last week of the month only. Today I finally turned 15 years old, my mage power was awakened.

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I was going for my classification. My uncle went ahead of me to pay for my school, wand, and also to open a bank account and everything else that I was going to need for mage academy. Although my aunt wanted to hire a teacher mom and son toylet sex that Mark and I wouldn't have to go academy and be trained at home but my uncle insisted letting us go to mage academy.

I went with my aunt for classification. Classification was done in city called Alexia which was hidden from world using invisible force fields which was on an island in pacific ocean. I was really surprised when I found that whole island was invisible to humans. Another thing that surprised me was the crowd. Using another spell my aunt teleported us to some old building. My aunt asked me to go inside alone and do what they ask you.

I went inside and saw an old man sitting in a chair in front of a huge table in which many circles and words were written. Seeing me he said me, come here.

I went to him he handed me a piece of paper it burned into ash as soon as I touched it. Seeing this he said quite a powerful fire mage aren't you? I didn't knew what to say. Then he asked me to put my hand in middle of circle of some circle and close your eyes for a minute and open it and don't close it until it's time.

I was going to asked how would I know if its time but I didn't and I did as he told me without any questions. When I opened my eyes I saw a blonde girl of my age standing in front of me.

She was beautiful, she was 5 ft 6 inch, had soft kissable lips, and fair skin. I was just staring after dinner but still hungry for something her, I couldn't say anything.

She looked in my eyes for some time and asked my name. Me: My name is Eric. Her: My name is Saber, I m a flame spirit. Tell me why do you want to be a mage. Me: Because I want power. Her: Why, what do you wish to gain and how much power do you want.

(I thought for a while it was first time anyone had asked me this question but I knew why I wanted it.) Me: I want it for revenge and to protect people I love.

So that I don't have to watch my loved once die before my eyes. I want enough power I protect ones I love and to destroy my father's life. Her: Do you hate yourself more or your father… Me: Myself. Her: why? Me: because she died to save me, because I was weak. Her: will you ever forgive yourself or your father… Me: I don't know. Her: if I grant you I wish what do you ask? Me: my mom Her: what if it cost you your life Me: I don't car Her: what if I ask of other human's life Me: I will give you as many lives as you ask Her: Doesn't killing innocent lives mean anything to you Me: you never said innocent lives you said human's lives, there are many humans who don't deserve to live, if you're talking about innocent people's lives l won't do it.

Her: I Saber, fire spirit promise to serve you no matter what path you take in glorious busty bitches scissoring with dildo during a picnic in return you will fulfill my needs and promise to be loyal to fire elements and its creature, do you accept?

Me: I do. As soon as I said "I do" I felt pain in my left hand, I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. My hand felt like it was burning then after few minutes I felt as if something warm was flowing through me.

When I opened my eyes I was back to same room with old man. I looked in my left hand and there was nothing. when I looked at old man who was smiling. Later he explained burning what I felt was contract seal and warm feeling was due to me being a fire mage.

He said I was I have signed a contract I their 1st attempt which was rare. He also warned me full black lan young girls sixxx since I was a fire mage and had already made a contract with spirits I would be feared and also it would be really hard to control my powers.

I left the room and saw my aunt was talking to someone. As soon as she saw me she asked me about my element. When I told them it was fire she said knew it. I asked her how, my aunt replied it is due to your past and your mother. Maya has anal sex to stay pure then explained that my mom was also fire mage and since I knew pain of losing someone precious to me it was most likely to be fire. Later they explained that one who have experienced pain of losing someone they hold dear, they mostly gain fire element only if their parents are fire mage and it is also believed that if fire mage feels such pain again they can easily lose control of themselves.

And such pain also increases their power a lot so some crazy fire mage often kills their family members or their loved ones which is forbidden. If a fire mage does something like that they are killed immediately. No wonder saber was asking such questions. After short conversations we headed to market area to get my wand and books for mage school which starts from 1st April for which we still have 2 weeks. Then I went with aunt to wand shop. Inside shop there was a middle aged man standing behind a desk reading something.

When he saw us he asked me if I was one buying wand. I nodded and he took my and lead me to another room filled with wands. He asked me what my element was, when I replied fire he didn't seemed to be frighten as earlier old man said. looking around he brought me three wands, which were dark brown I color but different in size 1st one was about two ft, 2nd was about 3 ft and last was about 5ft. He asked me to touch them each one by one.

When I touched each one of them but nothing happened, So I asked him if something is wrong. He said wait for a minute. He picked some more wands from top self and asked me to check another few wands but nothing happened. Finally he brought a dark colored, 3 ft long wand with 3 red lines at tip. When I touched tip of wand glowed red. Seeing this middle aged man smiled told me wand I had selected was a powerful wand which can transform its shape.

Then he asked me to cast a spell. When I told I don't know any spells he asked me to picture a ring I liked in my mind and say ''fetutas" When I did as he asked me my wand started changing its, before I knew what was happening my wand was changed into ring I had pictured.

I asked him what happened. He explained that my wand changed its shape and can do it with same way and no matter was shape it was I can still cast spells and it also minimizes chances of losing wand.

I thanked him then went back to room where my aunt was waiting for me. We got out of wand shop, Aunt asked me what I wanted to get first a familiar or books.

I had seen a book shop near wand shop so I said let's get books first and headed to book shop. Aunt stopped me and asked where I was going, when I pointed book shop she laughed and used another teleportation spell.

In front of me was a huge library and a book shop.

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There was a long line in front of book shop I was wondering how much time it was going to take which I estimated to be 1 hr least. But to my surprise aunt just grabbed my hand and took me inside, when I asked don't we need to stay in line? She replied no not in your own shop, I asked her why she need to buy a book shop.

She said ''not me you do, actually Robin(my mom) did so now it's yours. Don't worry it is being handled by your uncle along your other business and all of them are making a lot of profits making you super rich." I was really amazed by this, Any way we got books I need I also took some other spell books to help me learn more. I also found out that I owned huge library near book shop.

Then we headed to get a pet. Like previous shops I had to go alone to find my familiar. The owner explained that, you have to chose a hardcore gloryhole creampie first time everythings got a price with which I feel I have a bond. So I went on looking for my pet, I passed snakes, eagles, dogs, cats, etc. Finally after looking for a long time I felt something drawing my attention.

I followed my instincts and before I knew it I was standing in front of blue dragon wind deep blue colored eyes. It looked like it was just born, I tried to take it in my hands but before I could touch it, it bit me. I don't know why but I tried again but this time I closed my eyes and just kept my hand in front of it and waited it to come to myself.

To my surprise it came in my hands and slept in my hand, I was so amazed by this I just kept staring into its eyes and lost track of time. After hearing my aunt calling me I went outside and signed papers of ownership of my dragon. Now only thing left was to name it. I was thinking what I should name it then it hit me why not name it sapphire, its perfect. After taking care of all necessary things I went home with aunt where uncle was waiting for us. He gave me a credit card of my mage account which had limit of 50000 and a credit card of human bank account of limit of 20000 and 1000 demi (mage currency).

It seems that mage world used demi as currency but were advanced as humans and had banks and all other things. After that I spent next week training with my uncle and improving my control over my magic. Now I was able to create and control flames at my will. I was also able to use teleportation spells, few healing spells, create force fields, and some other spells which were pretty impressive.

I wanted to train more but Uncle had to go out of town for 5 days in which aunt also went with him leaving Mark in charge and me with another female mage as bodyguard. Her name is Sabina and was a babe, 6ft, brown hair, black eyes, C cupped breast(Guessed), chocolate brown colored skin.

I found out she was 20 and had completed her mage school and was working for earning a living. Spending 2 days in home doing nothing was really boring. So on 3rd day, I decided to go to Alexia and get some spell books to read. Since I wasn't able to open my school books which was locked with a stupid binding spell which needed a password which I would get in first day of school.

Since uncle petite brunette minx rides on a bbc aunt weren't home Mark went to his friends home for few days leaving me with Sabina which was fine by me. I was headed off library to get my hands on stronger spell books which bound to be in library. Students were not allowed to buy spell books above their year in school so I just thought of getting books from my own library. When I teleported myself to Alexia, Sabina was standing in front big tits babe kyra hot gets her juicy pussy smashed good me.

I was surprised but I remembered she was my current bodyguard which I didn't need. Without saying anything to her I teleported myself in front of library being followed by Sabina again. I entered library found librarian, introduced myself and stared searching for books which I could use and master within 5 days before going to mage school.

I looked around and was amazed with number of books. I found a book which helped I memorize spells. There were books on element magic's and other spell books.

Element magic didn't need spells and were controlled by mage's mind as if they were parts of body. I had already found many element books and was looking for more when I saw a book named fire spirits. I immediately took it then I thought there are sure to be more so I kept looking. Then I found a book with no name on cover, I was really curious about it.

When I opened it, 1st page had "Spells of lust" written on it I turned the pages. I soon discovered there were many spells and ways to make potions' which could get you laid. I took it with me. Since I owned the library I didn't need to make any formalities regarding to book. I teleported myself back to my house, Sabina was as usual following me but now she had few books in her hands.

Maybe she had brought it from library I headed to my room and asked not to be disturbed for an a hour at least. As soon as I got inside my room I used memorizing spell and memorized a binding spell and used it to bind lust book so that only I could open it. Then I started reading it. I found a spell which would get me allow me to make a person my sex slave until I released her. It said "one who casts a spell will remain master of person whom spell is casted on and do whatever s/he will tell him to until one who casted spell says s/he is free.

S/he won't remember what s/he has done but be careful if spell is not pronounced correctly number of consequences may arise. I practiced the spell for half an hour and was sure I could cast it proper. Now all I need was a target which wasn't hard to find at all. I went down hall ate lunch which had been brought to me by house maid who was in her mid thirty and wasn't much attractive.

I went to find Sabina skanky british sub gets cunt pounded roughly fingerfucked and ballsucking was in hall watching TV. I went to her and casted spell, she stopped her movement for a minute then came to me and said how may I serve you master.

I was shocked and really happy that spell worked. "Take off your jeans, top and panties, Sabina." I tell her, as I'm undoing my jeans and pulling them off. I'm playing curvy sweetheart rides on a weenie hardcore and blowjob her tits and pinching her hard nipples leaning forward I suck on her hard nipples as I have dreamt of.

I can't believe this is actually happening! I ask she if has a boyfriend, she nods yes. I tell her, Sabina imagine me as your boyfriend and do what you do with your boyfriend.

I strip my clothes off and in no time our naked bodies are crushed against each other in a passionate embrace. I teleported her to my room in bed. I am virgin so I ask her to tell what to do not knowing how to pleasure her. She say "keep fondling my big brown tits", as I did what she asked to do.

She leans her head back with a sigh when I put my lips around her nipple, nibbling on her thick black nub. I alternate between her nipples, sucking and biting. She stops me and asks me to slide my hand down through her thick, curly patch to her pussy lips.

She spreads her legs, and I start running my finger up and down her aroused slit. "Oh god, baby!" Sabina moans. "I've been wet all morning thinking about you". She's pushing her pussy against my finger, trying to get it to slip inside. I keep running my moist finger up and down her lips, but not penetrating. She asks me to eat her showing her pussy. I took a good look at her sexy body. Her chocolate brown stomach darkens to almost black around her naval and then gradually turns brown again just before it reaches her thick pillow of hair.

The triangular patch is neatly trimmed and encircles her thick pussy lips. Bending forward, I breathe in her scent, before planting kisses on her thighs and around her pussy. Her lips are glistening with her juices and almost begging to be licked but I can't take my eyes off very first pussy I have ever seen in my life.

She's squirming around and sliding her ass forward on the bed, trying to push her lips against my tongue. Spreading her knees, I flatten my tongue to its full width and take one long, slow lick from her ass all the way to her clit. This is the first pussy I've seen up close and I'm fascinated by the two-toned look of her pussy lips with their dark brown outside and shiny pink inside. I am so hard, "Oh yes!

Baby!" She says, "Eat my pussy!". I push my tongue between her thick pussy lips and begin lapping at her hot juices. Her taste is arousing and my cock is rock hard as I tongue fuck her and eat her delicious cream. She is responding to my tongue, humping her pussy against my mouth and spreading her legs wider apart. "Oh! So good, baby!" She breathes, massaging her tits and pulling at her own nipples while I continue to eat her pussy.

She is no longer telling me what to do, I follow my instincts. I slide my tongue up to her clit and lick gently around it several times before sucking it into my mouth. I slip two fingers inside her steaming pussy and finger fuck her as I continue to suck her clit.

She's bucking wildly now, thrusting her hips up while grinding her clit against my tongue. I suck her clit completely inside my mouth and flick my tongue across the tip of it while continuing to twist and turn my fingers inside her slippery, hot pussy.

I attack Sabina's pussy pumping my fingers furiously while sucking and nibbling her clit. "I'm cumming!" she yells, "Oh baby! Just like that!

Oh fuck!" She clenches her pussy around my fingers, jerking wildly, her whole body shaking. I brace her from sliding off the couch, as her orgasm overtakes her and she gushes creamy juice all over my fingers and down her ass cheeks.

I shift my mouth back to her pussy and hungrily lap up her delicious flow of syrup for the first time in my life. she is leaning back gasping for breath, her magnificent brown tits swelling with each breath she takes. I keep lapping up more and more of her thick, tasty cream. I wanted to cum so bad I ask her to give me a blowjob( I had only had 3 blowjobs from my ex-gf) and was proud of making her cum.

She immediately position herself in front of my cock and stuck her tongue out at me and wiggled it up and down, then in and out of her hot, wet mouth. For a brief moment I thought that I would cum right there and then, but I was determined to be in control of my body. So I fought off the urge with some will power, she reached out with both hands and stroked the backs of my thighs, then worked them around to the front and finally ended by gently fondling my aching nuts.

Damn she was good! I realized that I had been moaning the whole time I couldn't take it anymore. I blurted out, "Oh god you hot slut suck my cock" and came in her hot, wet mouth. But she didn't stopped, she swallowed all my cum then cleaned my cock, man it was hot watching her do that.

She smiled and stretched out on the bed, reached out her arms and spread her legs and said, "Come on and put it to me, 'Big Boy', ride me hard to your heart's content." I knelt between her legs and she showed me how to use my hand to hold my dick and slide it up and down a woman's 'cunt lips' (I love this bitch) in order to get my cock and her pussy ready for an easy entry.

She moved her hips forward just enough to take in the head of my throbbing erection and said, "Fuck me!". That action and those words spurred me on to an immediate response by thrusting my hips forward to meet hers thereby burying my shaft to the hit in her tight, hot, wet cunt. Five strokes later I was ready to explode, I told her" I'm cumming".

she said "cum inside me I on birth control don't worry, cum in me I want to feel your cum". I started pounding her, in seconds I had a phenomenal orgasm I ever had in my life. I recover from my orgasm. I am sure I can last longer since I have cummed two times already. I said "I'm going to make you cum again" and stared slamming into her like a jackhammer. Her pussy is so inflamed and thick with her juices that my cock feels like it's gliding through hot gelatin.

There is no gentleness or loving kisses, just animal-like ferocity, as my balls slap against her ass and I maul her tits with both hands. Her hands are on my hips, her fingers digging into my ass cheeks, as I pommel her bare pussy, losing myself in the growing intensity of my long awaited release.

"Oh fuck! It's building! I'm so close!

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I'm so fucking close!" her arousal achieves its highest peak. I was out of control and I want to experience it to the fullest. I slip my arms under her and hold her against me as I roll us over, placing her on top of me. She pushes herself up, sitting her ass on my thighs, pulling her knees up against my hips and starts riding my hard cock like a wild woman.

She's like a fucking bronco rider, jouncing up and down and slamming her pussy down around my cock, like she's trying to pulverize it with the force of her attack. Her hands are pulling at her nipples, twisting them and stretching them out from her bouncing tits. My cock is throbbing from her ferocious onslaught and I tense my legs, as my balls constrict, ready for the eruption that is seconds away. "Sabina, I'm cumming! See if you can orgasm with me!" The magic words push her past her peak and I can actually feel the pressure of her juices against my cock as waves of pent up pleasure flow from her body.

Her pussy grips my cock and she pushes down hard against me as I shoot my long overdue load deep inside her quivering tunnel. Her whole body is trembling as she collapses on my chest, her ample tits cushioning her fall, while her pussy is pulsating like a vibrator, milking the last bit of cum from my cock.

We're both breathing hard, but Sabina is gasping for breath. Her head is on my shoulder and her brown hair is wet and matted from her intense exertion. I stroke her hair and kiss her gently on her sweat-soaked forehead while rubbing her back with my other hand. Then she said something that blowed my mind, Wow you're not bad for a virgin I came so hard but aspect me to follow all your commands because your spell doesn't works on me ok.

I pretty shemale mod shows off ass and masturbates her dick tube porn shocked, speechless I didn't knew what to do. In seconds my head was spinning with what was going to happen next? If it hadn't worked why did she let me have her? Will she complain about me to uncle or aunt, I will be doomed if she does. But she surprised me again saying " don't worry it will be our little secret if you destroy the book." Me: so you won't tell anyone if I destroy the book?

Her: Yes, won't tell anyone about it because I too enjoyed it and I want it destroyed because it too dangerous. Me: But didn't you said it doesn't work? Her: No, I said it doesn't work on me. And besides why do you need such a thing you're good looking, smart and really good at magic since you mastered 4th year's spell within an hour.

Me: Okay, I will destroy it I am not some womanizer I don't even like using woman like the way I did. you may not belief me but I am not proud of what I did. but I don't know why but I couldn't control myself… Her: I did it because of spell casted on you which doesn't have much effect on you now.

I think it was cast on the book so reader will be bound to use it. Me: But even if I do destroy it there are sure to be more copies of it. Her: did book had its name written on its cover? Me: No, to speak truth it's the reason I opened it in first place. Her: Then no need to worry it doesn't have any other copies.

If it had its name would have been written it's cover. Look Eric you have to destroy it have you thought what will happen if someone else gets their hands on it.

Me: You're right I will destroy it don't worry about. I was ready to destroy it because she was right and also I had already memorized 10 spells from book so it doesn't matter. I found the book and burned it down right in front of Sabina as a proof. Seeing this she smiled came near me she kissed on cheek. she took one of my towel and went for her room to get a shower.

I did same I took a bath, I spent rest of the day reading other books. At dinner time it was really awkward eating dinner sitting next to Sabina whenever I looked at her she would give me a smile. I didn't knew what to do. I quickly finished and curvaceous hottie pleasures a monster black dick brunette big tits to bed.

Next day I wanted to avoid Sabina so I spent reading book on fire spirit, it said you can use powers of your fire spirits if you can manage to summon your spirit to real world from spirit world.

In order to do so draw given circle below using mixture ash of oak tree and salt, then put your left hand in middle of the circle pour few drops of your blood. Then remember your spirits face and call his or her name after speaking the spell written at the bottom line.

However, if you don't have enough power you may be drawn into spirit world yourself, if you feel yourself being drawn inside immediately break the circle or you will die. I studied it over and over for more information about it but it had only ways of using your spirit's power after summoning it.

I thought about I whole day if to take such risk to gain power, Finally I came to a conclusion to use it if I was going to be strongest mage of history I had to take a chance. But I had tight masseuse gives massage and banged by nasty client clue how to get ash of oak tree, I had no choice but to ask Sabina. I found her in living room reading same book from yesterday. Me: Hi! Her: hey, how are you? Me: fine and you?

Her: Fine, look what happened yesterday was one time thing and I did enjoyed so don't get wrong idea or blame yourself okay. Once she said this feeling of guilt was back again, I apologized to her again and asked her for forgiveness. I was really glad that she didn't had any hard feelings. Finally after long awkward silence I asked her about oak tree's ash. She told me that oak tree's ash wasn't hard to find but was expensive. Later I went to another mage city with her and got it.

She was asking why I needed it all of sudden, I told her I wanted to try a spell and her help in it. When we returned it was already afternoon so I planned on using it tomorrow, rest of day was spent un eventful. Next day at noon I made all necessary arrangements and asked Sabina to break the circle if she saw anything out if the way. I did everything book said, and was about to read out the spell.

I was really nervous and scared. I nodded Sabina and stared casting the spell, when I had finished I shouted SABER. As soon as I said that I felt same burning pain I had felt first time but I bearded it, whole circle started to produce bright red color and as soon as it stopped I collapsed. I woke up few hours later in my bed. When I stood up I saw Sabina and a blonde girl in standing near the window talking. As soon as they saw me they both came towards me asking me to rest.

Seeing that blonde girl was Saber I was conformed that I succeeded so I did what I was told. I spent whole day in my bed. Next morning when I woke up I was feeling really fresh and full of energy.

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I showered and went down for breakfast where I met not only Sabina but uncle, aunt and frank too but there wasn't saber. Later I found out that Sabina had called uncle after my act and they came home immediately hearing whole story and saber went back to spirit world.

I also spent wild asian titty fuck and oral service job japanese and hardcore hour hearing how reckless and careless I was from aunt Scarlet mostly. Aunt even forbid me using my magic until I had joined school. I had to spent whole day reading books. Sabina went home but came to me and said goodbye. She warned me not to use such dangerous spell in future and also gave me her number if I ever needed her help.

After reading book of fire spirits I found out that once you have summoned your spirit in real world you don't have to do it again since spirit is bonded to your body once spell is preformed. All I had to do was to call her name keeping her image in mind.

I tried it out it actually worked. When she was standing in front of me. I didn't knew what to say so just stared at her like last time but I couldn't help myself.

I don't know why.

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she started the conversation. Saber: why have you summoned me? Me: I just wanted to see if I could call you. Saber: well, you can call me any time you want but stop staring me every time you see me, will ya. Me: sorry, I didn't meant to offend you. Saber: boy fingers snatch of a pretty teen when are how did you managed to summon me in such a short time.

Me: like I said I want to be strongest mage and I had help from this book. Saber: Not bad any way when are you going to start training because you aren't strong as you think you are.

Me: Well that will have to wait. Aunt just forbid me from using magic for this week. Saber: I wasn't taking about your magic. Your magic is good for your age but your physical status is very poor.

At your current state even a human of your age can defeat you. Me: Does it really matter I can use magic why do I have to be physically strong. Saber: First of all you can't all ways rely of magic and second there are many spells which require physical stamina.

Me: ok, so what do I have to do. Saber: you can rest for this week. we will start training from next week. And one more thing don't use your magic today bonding between out soul are weak right now. So there is possibility of you destroying the contract seal.

Me: ok. So rest of day was uneventful. Also I spent weekends with Uncle aunt and mark enjoying normal life as much as possible. Starting from tomorrow I'm going t Grand Mage Academy