Fucking with my curvy wife blowjob amateur

Fucking with my curvy wife blowjob amateur
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"Anything to please you, Master." I spoke softly to the mountain of a man in front of me. His 6'7", impressively muscled body towered over me. "Is that so?" he asked. "I think we'll put that to the test, see just how obedient you are." I could see his mind was racing with thoughts, thoughts of extremely wild commands for me. I could only imagine the extent of them.

This was my test, my interview, if you will. I had asked him to be my Master some time back, and finally he gave me a chance. My first order was simple, I was to clean him entirely with my tongue. I did just that, slowly and thoroughly I cleansed his entire body, finishing at his feet. And there I remained, kneeling.

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I bowed my head as I waited for the next order. The knock at the door was unexpected, he must have had this all planned already. In came several people, I counted seven, 3 women and 4 men. They all looked me over as if I were a farm animal up for auction, fondling and prodding as they did. "This is your test, your chance to show me what a good little slut you're going to be. You will tend to the needs of all of us, licking pussy, sucking cock, rimming, whatever we say. And if someone bends you over and rams a cock up your ass, you will take it, without a sound.

Is that understood, whore?" I nodded, "Yes, Master." It was difficult to hide the excitement I felt. The prospect of having all these people fucking me had made my pussy hot and wet.

"Where shall I begin?" "Suck my cock," he said, "and do it well. Make me proud to be your Master." Immediately I moved to his semi-swollen dick, releasing it from the confines of his clothing. This was the first astonished beauty in lingerie is geeting pissed on and poked I had set eyes on his manhood, and I was mesmerized by the perfection before me.

Even without being fully erect it was much larger than I was used to seeing. I would guess 10 inches at half-staff, I dared not imagine how much larger it would become. Taking it in both hands, I began to lick and kiss the perfectly shaped helmet.

The taste of his flesh excited me as I took him slightly into my warm wet mouth.

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Wrapping my lips snugly, I flicked and caressed him with my tongue. I kept my eyes on his face as each stroke deepened, drawing him in. He was growing harder and longer, and I was worried I might not be able to satisfy him due to his size.

Someone behind me grabbed my hips and pulled me back. It was a masculine touch, but I had no way of identifying whose hands they were. Master was holding me by my hair so I wouldn't be drawn away from his cock. I was bent over more exposing my holes to the group. I braced myself for whatever came next.

My pussy juices had to be visible to all by now, drops were forming on my lips. The cock that was rammed in my ass startled me as if I didn't know it was coming. As I let out a gasp, Master shoved his cock deeper in my mouth to my throat. My eyes watered as I struggled to demi sutra in scoping out my stepsis, but I dared not pull away for fear of failing to please Master. As he backed out slightly I drew a few panting breaths, and the discomfort eased as the cock moved in and out of my ass.

I now felt fingers exploring and probing my pussy, they were the soft fingers of a woman. Her touch was anything but gentle though. Master removed himself from my mouth, pushing me hard against the now pounding strokes of the cock behind me. With his foot he spread my legs apart, allowing room for the onslaught that was to come.

Or so I thought. One of the women was positioning herself in front of me, legs spread wide. "Lick her!" Master's deep voice commanded. And as I leaned forward to do so, my hands were grabbed and pulled behind me. The handcuffs clicked as the were tightened on my wrists. I almost lost my balance, but the man behind caught me at the hips. This isn't what I expected at all, but if this is what it takes to please Master then I'll do it. The bondage and use of me continued for some time.

My mouth was occupied alternately by cock and pussy, back and forth until everyone there had filled my mouth with their cum. They all had some kind of special request from me.one woman wanted her clit sucked hard and fast, while another told me to use long slower strokes with my tongue service her hole, and the other wanted something different still.

I thought to myself, "how am I going to remember who wants what done? Master will be disappointed with me if I can't" When my mouth was near the point of utter exhaustion and my holes had been occupied by all in attendance, whether by cock or strap-on, I was released from the cuffs. "You are allowed 5 minutes for a refreshment and restroom break, no more.

You're to watch the time and be in your place, if not punishment will follow." To say Master was serious about the control would be a massive understatement.

He was very experienced in the matter. And I was assured by this that I had made the right choice of men to be my Master. Before I walked away, Master added, "You're doing very well tonight, I may just have to shop for a collar immediately." I melted with the smile he gave me with that compliment.

Definitely, he was the Master for me. When I returned everyone orgasms of a hot swarthy attractive hottie relaxing and chatting comfortably, I could tell that this was a normal occurrence for this group. Master glanced quickly at the time, I was a minute and a half early. He smiled his approval of this. "Time to change things up a bit, my awesome little slut." he said.

"Now we will see your initiative to please and act on your own. Take care of business, princess, it's in your hands to seal the deal now." Instinctively I knelt at his feet and kissed his toes gently, then raised my eyes slightly to see if this was where I was to begin. He laughed, "You do what you anticipate me wanting, I'm not giving you guidance.

I want to see if you are in tune with me on your own. As my property you are expected to know what I want almost before I do.let's see if you do." I smiled humbly, but inside me was something else entirely. I had no doubt that I would excel at this, but I didn't want to appear too proud yet.

Revived by my confidence, I began to suck his cock with a passion and desire that he couldn't have nubile films shoot your cum in didos hungry mouth. Not only pleasing him, but arousing and igniting a firing within myself.

As the flames grew to an inferno, I reach out to either side of him and began to rub and play with a couple of the women. Fingering their pussies with a talent they obviously hadn't expected judging by the looks on their faces.

I moved over to one side and began licking one of the hot wet snatches. Darting my tongue in and out of her hole, bringing her quickly to the crest of an orgasm. After lapping up every drop of her cream I moved to the other side and repeated it for this lady, bringing forth the same result. I looked around for the other woman, I found her sitting on the floor behind me.

She was leaning back against one of the men and he was holding her legs up and back, allowing me greater access to her pretty pussy. Once more I skillfully brought an orgasm. This left only the men to attend to, and I was more than ready after all that pussy.

My thoughts now were, "It's about time, I feel like a cockaholic going through Dts." Stroking and licking Masters cock for a moment first, I motioned for the men to come closer.

As they did, I turned around and sat on Masters lap, sliding my tight pussy down over his huge shlong. "MMMMM Yes! That's it princess!" he moaned loudly. I moved deeper and gripped his cock with my cunt hearing his praise. Encouraged by the thought of being his completely, I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around one of the waiting pieces of hard meat and reached out to grasp two more. It became apparent that this wasn't sufficient, not everyone was included.

So I asked Master to please move and lie down so I could turn around and ride him, explaining that I wanted to make my ass available for one of the men to fuck and still be able to suck as well. He agreed it was a good idea and moved.

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The feel of his enormous tool penetrating me from this direction was incredible, I almost came at once. But since this wasn't about me I fought it. I then asked for one of the guys to take my other hole while another still fucked fetish babe rides bbc interracial big dick mouth. The others were left to be stroked by hand for the time being.

Master was holding me still as he and the man behind me found a rhythm they were both comfortable with, allowing them to both move deep and fast in my holes at the same time. I could feel the cocks growing harder and thicker inside me as I slurped and sucked on the third. Almost in unison the moans came from Master and the back door guy as they exploded and shot their hot loads in me.

I could no longer hold back, I came intensely. It was a flood of pussy juices mixed with their sticky jizz. I smiled apologetically at Master as I move to climb off his cock.

I didn't want to separate from him at all, but I knew he would want me to complete the task and satisfy everyone. "Don't worry princess, I'll have you all to myself plenty of times. You're doing just what you should." then he hugged me tight and whispered, "You're incredible, I'm not letting you go anywhere.

Consider yourself My property from here on out." I blinked quickly trying to fight the tears welling up in my eyes. I was so grateful, hearing this drove me on and I turned to one of the men that I had been stroking. Taking his cock in my mouth, I moved with a hunger, starving to please even more.

The intensity of the sucking drew his load out very quickly, and I swallowed every last drop.

Next I turned to the other hand recipient, and again sucked and relieved him of his load swiftly. Leaving only the man that had been in front of me as I rode Master. He was stroking his own cock, and appeared to be at the brink of blowing one already. I told him to hold on one second as I stood and bent over, spreading my ass wide for him to fuck me. "Take your pick." I said.

He chose my ass as he said, "It's only right after what just transpired between you and your new Master. I don't want to detract from what you two obviously just shared." "Thank you for that." I said "You are an awe person to take the feelings of a lowly submissive into consideration like that." I almost felt unworthy to be fucking such a wonderful group of people.

People that I now considered very good friends. After everyone had called blonde babe fucking guy beside her old man a night and headed home, Master and I laid together on the bed.

He had his strong arms around me protectively as we talked about the events of the night, simmering in the warmth of it all.

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"You have definitely made an impression on my friends as well as myself." he spoke softly in my ear. "You have earned the right to call me Master, but honestly, I didn't expect anything else." "Thank you, Sir.

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I will only continue to make you happy. I am so proud to have you for my Master, but I don't feel worthy of your kindness. I will always feel the need to show you so much that you could only want to keep me." "And that, my sexy little pet, is what a being a submissive is all about. You'll do fine." And with that he kissed me deeply, bringing forth the inferno once again. This time he made love to me, and I completely lost myself. I finally felt complete