Cute teen enjoys fingering and sensual climax

Cute teen enjoys fingering and sensual climax
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Fbailey story number 518 My Cardboard Box Glory Hole Dad had bought a new stove for the kitchen so I asked him if I could play in the box. It had just been cut around the bottom and then lifted straight up so it was completely intact except for one small hole that I couldn't even put my hand through. I was thirteen years old and I had started to develop breasts, I had started my periods, and I had also started to masturbate.

I knew that my brothers had been masturbating too. Dad had put the box out in the boot room. That was the small room where we took off our boots and coats so as not to track mud through the house. Anyway I was in my new cardboard box hiding when my oldest brother came into the boot room.

I was watching him through my hole. He closed the door, pulled out his cock, and started rubbing it with his fist. I giggled and he looked around panicky. I giggled again and that was when he knew I was hiding in the box.

He stuck his cock through that hole and told me to suck it. I had wanted to taste one ever since my girlfriend had told me that she sucked her brother's cock. I was jealous. As I sucked on his cock he started to moan and slide his cock in and out of my mouth.

Soon he was cumming in my mouth and I was swallowing it. My girlfriend was right it did taste nice and creamy. When he was done he pulled his cock out, thanked me doing a nice job, and then he told me to stay in there.

In a minute my other brother was sticking his cock into my cardboard box. He didn't last as long but he tasted better. I was just about to get out of my box when I saw my father enter the boot room, pull out his cock, and slip it into my box.

I didn't think anything of it and just sucked him off like I had done to my two older brothers. Dad really loved it, he started moaning and thrusting, and then he emptied his balls into my eager mouth.

He had more cum than both of my brothers put together. I swallowed it all and then I licked his cock clean afterwards. Then Dad left without another word. After dinner Dad told the boys to help Mom with the dishes. He took me out onto the front porch where we could talk in peace. Essentially Dad told me that it had been a very long time since Mom had sucked his cock, he had forgotten how good it felt, and he asked me if I would mind doing it for him occasionally.

I told him that I would suck his cock anytime that he wanted me too. He thanked me and then he asked me to stop sucking my brother's cocks. I didn't know why but I told him that I would stop.

Well that didn't set so well with my melissa pitanga vs kid bengala big macky and they destroyed my cardboard box. They called me a cock tease and a cocksucker. Then my oldest brother told me that Mom was a much better cocksucker than I was anyway.

He only said it to hurt me but he also told me that Mom was sucking them both off long before I had. If she was sucking the boy's cocks then why wasn't she sucking Dad's cock anymore? I thought about asking Mom but then I figured that I would ask Dad instead. He said that Mom and he had had a big fight about a year ago when he caught her sucking my oldest brother's cock.

That was when Mom told him that she no longer loved him and that she had been sucking the boys off for quite sometime. He slept in her bed but they never had sex anymore. He said that he only stayed for the sake of us kids, me in particular. I then realized that every night Mom spent a long time in the boy's bedroom that they shared. She only kissed me goodnight on her way to bed.

I bet she was just doing that because she had the boy's cum on her lips when she kissed me goodnight. Two could play that game. When Mom went into the boy's bedroom I went down to the living vintage bareback in his undies tube porn to Dad.

I knelt before him and sucked his cock for real. I got to hold his huge cock, I got to look at his thick patch of pubic hair, and got to fondle his hairy balls too.

I could not believe that Mom had given that up for two short thin tiny cocks. When Dad started to moan and thrust his cock into my mouth I knew what was happening and went along for the ride. A few drops escaped and ran down my chin but I certainly got to swallow most of it. That night after Mom had sucked the two boys off and came into my bedroom for our traditional kiss I shoved my tongue into her mouth. It was still covered with Dad's cum.

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She broke away shocked and looked at me. Then she wiped my chin with her finger and asked me what it was.

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I wiped her chin with my finger and replied that it sure wasn't my brother's cum. Mom was silent for quite a while. Finally she said, "Suppose you and I share the responsibilities of being the woman of the house. You help me with everything you can after school and in return I let your father sleep with you and I get to sleep with your brothers." I said, "Just keep those two jerks in line and make them stop harassing me." Mom said, "Deal, if you do the same think to your father." I said, "Deal." Then we both went to tell our men what we had decided.

Dad was almost as happy as the boys were. We could hear them screaming for joy while Dad just hugged me tight and cried on my shoulder. He didn't even watch his nightly news, he just took me to bed. He made the rule that we sleep naked. I liked that rule. Then Dad taught me what oral sex felt like. We were in a sixty-nine but I couldn't concentrate so it was just him eating my pussy and I loved it. Dad gave me three orgasms that night and I fell asleep more content than I had been in a long time.

In the morning Dad and I were bright and chipper at breakfast while Mom and the boys were exhausted from a long night of sex. Yes, sex! She had let the boys fuck her for the first time, and the second time and about four more times after that. When one cum in her the next one was ready to go again. She wanted it and now she had to live with it. She also had to go to work and both boys had to go to school.

I just laughed at them. That night Mom was exhausted and wanted to go to bed early. As soon as she was out of sight Dad told the boys to go with her. We giggled outside her door as she begged the boys to leave her alone…but they didn't. She got very little sleep that night and in the morning the boys told Dad that Mom hadn't even been awake the last two times.

He laughed remembering those days too. Then he told us that Mom had gone from the frying pan into the fire. She had always though of Dad as a sex maniac and thought that the boys were cute just wanting a quick blowjob at bedtime. She now had two very horny teenagers trying to fuck her to death. She would have been ahead of the game if she had only kept Dad happy.

Dad and I enjoyed oral sex until I officially turned tasting a wet japanese bawdy cleft stockings hardcore years old. For my birthday he and I took a cruise for a whole week in the Caribbean. We had never been alone like that before. I got to wear very skimpy bikinis and attract the attention of every male on the ship, and then I got to make love to my father.

His cock felt so good sliding into my pussy that first time that I had an orgasm right away. He made me feel like a queen, just like he used to make my mother feel. After he had cum in me I cleaned up, put my tiny bikini back on, and went back out on deck.

That ship was a whole amusement park, a water park, and an exercise studio all in one. They had food and drinks that I had never even heard of. I let Dad get a few pictures of me loosing nasty lesbos fill up their massive bums with cream and squirt it out threesome spreading top going down a waterslide.

I even talked a couple of other girls into doing it for my Dad too. Then one woman asked me if she lost her top for my father could she have sex with him afterwards. I smiled and told her that she could share 'our bed' if she was into threesomes. Emma licked her lips and said that she would love a taste of my pussy. Needless to say Dad got ready, Emma came down the waterslide, and she lost her top. Her boobs were huge compared to mine. I was a B-cup but that woman was a D-cup and all natural too.

We headed to our stateroom and got acquainted. The three of us became very intimate. That woman inspected every inch of my body with her eyes, with her fingers, and with her tongue.

I had never been with another girl because I always had Dad in my bed but she was good. God was she good. Emma did things to me and brought me to so many highs that I thought that I had died and gone to heaven.

She sure gave Dad a lot of pleasure too.

Needless to say Dad and I tried our best to give her pleasure. Emma was well off, so every time that our ship docked she would have a jeep waiting to take us to parts of the island that the 'boat people' never got too.

We saw old building, out of way beaches, and ate the local food. She bought flawless sex kitten is showing off her stretched yummy twat in closeup pleasuring and close up and I something sexy at every chance. On that first island she bought us each a very strange bikini. It consisted of two pasties that were glued to our breasts and only covered our areolas. Hers were bigger than mine for obvious reasons.

The bottom was really something. It consisted of an Y-shaped stainless steal wire with a cloth triangle in the forks of the Y. That triangle supposedly covered our pussies while the rest of the wire went between our legs and most of the way up our butts. It was springy enough to just stay there. The lady at the gift shop told us that if we couldn't keep it on that we should bend the wire and stick in our assholes. Yeah, right! I felt absolutely naked in that bikini but I wore it because Emma did.

We sure got looks and the sex that we shared back on the ship was even better. Dad just watched us until we saw him jerking off. There was no way that we were going to let him waste all of that great cum. He shot it in me and she licked it out. Thanks to Emma we took SCUBA diving lessons, went snorkeling, and saw some fabulous fish in the ocean. We dove on some sunken ships, went parasailing, and had a wonderful time sailing, kayaking, and surfboarding. We enjoyed a few topless beaches as well as nude beaches.

Being with Emma seemed so normal. I wished that she were my mother. Our last night aboard the ship we were sorry to see it end. Emma told us that it didn't have too, then she proposed that we go on another cruise that would last two weeks and take us to different islands as well as a couple of stops on the mainland in Mexico and Venezuela.

Dad told her that we couldn't afford it. Emma smiled and said that she would enjoy the company. teen sex koylu kadin siki

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She made all of the arrangements and we were transferred directly to the other ship. Dad, Emma, and I had the best three weeks of our lives. The sex was great too. We made love on beaches, in jungles, and under the stars on the deck late at night. I won a sexiest bikini contest and Emma won a best boobs contest. Dad was proud of his two women. Before we returned to Miami, Dad, Emma, and I had decided that we loved one another and did not want our relationship to end.

Dad was going to get a divorce from Mom, Dad and Emma were going to get married, and Emma was going to adopt me. Mom quickly agreed to the divorce when Emma told her that she would pay off the house and let her keep it, buy Mom a new car, and give her a nice allowance for the next two years.

The following year the three of us spent the entire summer in Europe. We made love in every major capital, saw all of the oldest buildings, art museums, and castles that they had to offer. We had a great time and Emma and I made love to one another every night before taking care of Dad's needs.

His love and attention grew more toward Emma but that was only natural. A few years later I fell in love and got married on a beautiful nude beach in the Caribbean, with dark blue water and bright blue sky behind me.

To get pictures to show people my husband put on his bathing suit, I put on real mother and son incest homemade tiny bottom, and I held my bouquet of flowers in front of my breasts, which had grown considerably since I was a teenager.

My husband sure liked playing with them. My mother was there with her current boyfriend. My two brothers were there with their new spouses and their babies. Mom's tits were quite saggy and my brother's cocks hadn't grown at all since I had sucked them off that one time. Oh, they sure got hard seeing all of the exposed pussies around but they were not very big.

Everyone enjoyed the weekend and returned to work. Dad and Emma went on a trip to Australia while my husband and I returned to our business. We took tourists to places that the big cruise ships couldn't get too. Our cruiser held twenty people and had none of the luxuries that bigger ones offered, however we offered them the best places to have sex in the Caribbean.

We offered ten fabulous spots in one week. They could make love on a sandy beach, under a water fall, or in a peaceful lagoon. Palm trees, banana trees, and tropical forests were quite popular too. We catered to newlyweds and those celebrating anniversaries. Sex sells and to think that it all started out with my cardboard box glory hole. The End My Cardboard Box Glory Hole 518