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Curvaceous hottie pleasures a monster black dick brunette big tits
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I sit at the table and listen to my parents screams. It's report card day. "Jenifer I thought we raised you better than this!" My mom shakes her head and looks back down at the report card. My father stands next to her and reads out my grades "An F in math a C in gym." He then looks up at me. "AND suspension for two weeks?!" I lean back in my chair and look down. "I'll try better next time." I sigh and nibble on my toast.

My mom leans towards me and lifts my chin up, her big brown eyes stare into my light blue eyes. "Is this because of Jason?!" "No mom." I mumble under my breath.

But she knows I'm lying. Jason is my boyfriend. We have been together for about six months. After about four months of dating my grades began to slip, I started skipping school, and doing drugs in the alley.

Jason is about 6'3 with short black hair. He's seventeen but Im only sixteen. Jason is pretty good looking. Not exactly a jock but not a nerd either. My mom shakes her head again and drops my chin. She looks at the clock and clears her throat, "Well I best be getting to work. Agreeable three some fornication moms bang teens scene and Jenifer you are not aloud to leave this house, And no funny business." My dad sets the report card down and kisses my mom as she walks out the door.

"Don't worry, I'll watch her." He gives my mom a nod. My dad had been layed off last fall because of budget cuts. He comes back over to the table and sits down.

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"Promise me you'll try harder next time" He sighs and looks over at me. I nod. "Don't worry dad. I will try my hardest." I get up and put my plate in the sink then run upstairs to my room. I yawn and look out the window. It's a sunny day here in Arizona, the perfect time to go swimming. I lock my door and take my clothes off.

I look at myself in the long mirror that sits on the floor. My eyes go to my C cup breasts, my perfect pink nipples stand erect on my golden tan skin. I'm about 5'8 with curly dark red hair that flows down my back. I smile at my figure in the mirror, I push my butt out a little and then look down at my freshly shaved pussy.

But that's when I see it. My small purple clit ring. I smile at it neither my mom or my dad know that I got it. I slowly graze my thumbs over my nipples.

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I hear a knock on the door and slip quickly into my bathing suit. I wrap my towel around myself and walk past my dad and outside. I set my towel down on the side of the hot tub that is set on our deck in the backyard.

I go in slowly and lean my head back in total relaxation. After about twenty minutes in the hot tub I hear the back door open then close.

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I look back to see my dad in his swimtrunks. My dad smiles at me, "Mind if I join you. Or is it weird ?" I shake my head as he sets his towel down next to mine. He sits next to me in the hot tub. We sit quietly in the hot tub untill I finally break the silence, "Hey dad you know I never realized how buff you are." I smirk and slowly run my hand up his chest.

My father flinches slightly. "Thank you Jenifer but I don't think you should be touching me like that." He squirms away slowly. And that's when I see it.

I look down at his swimtrunks and see a lump forming in his pants.

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Without thinking I sit in his lap. I lean foward so our lips are touching. "Oh daddy is your little girl turning you on? Hmmm." I purr. "No Jenifer." He tries to move me away. "Oh but daddy. I just want some.

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Fun." I smile and run my fingers through his soft brown hair. I kiss him slowly and softly at first, but then begin to work my tongue into his mouth. He rejects at first but then finally begins to get into it. I slide his hand up to my breast and whisper softly into his mouth "Come play with me daddy.

Come play." He slides his hands into my bikini top. "HOLY SHIT. They're much bigger than your mothers." He says as he runs his fingers over my nipples. He slowly takes my bikini top off and leans down. He begins sucking on my nipples. I moan softly as he does. "Daddy those are so." I let out another quiet moan "Sensitive." I say as I have a small orgasm.

That's when we both hear it. Moans from behind us, I turn to see my neighbor Jessica. A shorter girl than me with brown hair and green eyes. She's the slut at our school and is bisexual. I look mili jay is so beautiful and horny to see her hands in her pants. She yells from across the fence "Keep going!!!". I turn bright red as I realize she's been watchhing us this whole time.

I get up and help my dad up. We run inside leaving behind our towels and my bikini top. He leads us through the house and into his and my moms room. He throws me onto the bed and lays on top of me, french kissing me roughly. "Oh you're such a good daddy." I say as I slip his swim trunks off. He nods as I squirm out from under him. I help him sit up against the wall, I lay down in front of him and lick the head of his cock.

"Daddy you're so much bigger than Jason." I spit on his cock and rub my hands up and down. "That's because Jason isn't a real man" He laughs to himself. I play with his balls as I slowly begin to put his cock in my mouth, it's half way in when I gag. I slide back up. My dad runs his hands through my hair. "Don't worry baby. Let's just fuck!" he says as he slowly begins to slip my bikini bottoms off. "WAIT" I yell and try to pull them back up, But he's already seen it. He throws my bikini bottoms to the floor."WHAT IS THAT?!" He runs his hands down my stomach to the small ring.

"I umm." I look down.

He slowly begins playing with it, "I like it." I look up with a shocked expression on my face. "You do?!" I stutter. "Yeah" He nods with a wink. He lifts me up and slowly slides me onto his big thick cock."You're so tight!" He screams as I moan. He slides in all the way filling my pussy. He lays back slowly and I go to work. Bouncing up and down on his cock. We groan at the same time and I hold back my orgasm untill I can't take it anymore.

I scream and cum. As I continue bouncing I hear the sloshing of my cum hitting against his cock. I look down to see my juices sliding down to his balls. We begin moving at the same pace. Like we could only move together. He begins mumbling to himself. "Baby. I'm gonna.

Gonna." He tries to get out as he hits orgasm. Shot after shot of his thick, creamy, white cum go into me. As he squirts out his last shot of cum I have another tiny orgasm.

And with one last moan I slide off his slowly shrinking cock. I lay down on the bed as he leans down in between my legs. He slowly begins to lick my pussy, using one hand to play with my clit ring.

I begin bucking up and down as I reach my final orgasm. I sit up with my dad. "Thanks for a good time" I say with a wink and get up slowly. I kiss my dad one last time and go down the hall and into my room. Eventaully my mom came home we all had horny teen enjoys riding cock homemade and amateur and then I went back up to my room, Because all I could think about was what happend between me and my dad.

And Jessica watching the whole thing. That night I fell asleep with one hand in my shirt the other in my pants.