Attractive czech chick gets tempted in the shopping centre and screwed in pov

Attractive czech chick gets tempted in the shopping centre and screwed in pov
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Seduction Act I We'd been married six years, no kids, busy accumulating all the benefits of modern society with none of the responsibilities of adulthood. It was a good life. She was still very good-looking, if a little overweight. She and I had put on ten pounds apiece since our wedding.

We were then, as now, still the best looking couple in our loose social group. She was a lawyer in a pretty big firm. I worked at the Health Insurance Agency my Dad had founded in the 1960's. To an objective observer, we had it all, plenty of disposable income, lots of fancy adult toys, good careers. But our sex life, which had been passionate and intense when we first married, had cooled down. Out of the blue one evening, when we were laying in bed, her getting some work done, me reading, she put down her work, leaned on her elbow and looked at me for a couple of minutes.

Having been married a while, I caught on and put down my book. "Whatcha thinking about, Baby?" "Us. We need a charge in our lives." "A charge?" I was wondering where this was going.

"Our sex life has gotten pretty tame, sort of mom and pop stuff, not like when we were first married." I thought immediately this could turn out to be fun and turned my full attention to her, and put my arm on her shoulder. "What were you thinking?" "Do you think I'm still attractive?" "Definitely! You are the sexiest woman I know." She leaned over and kissed me. "You're sweet. And, I might add, horny. That was one of the things that I was wondering about. See, you're getting a hard on.

It's good to know you are still horny for me. And it's good to know that doing something different excites you." "It may seem shallow, Babe, but you're awfully good looking. That's always exciting." "You're sweet." And she snuggled up to me. "I've been going over all the stuff I might find tempting, sex act by sex act, trying to put myself in the situation and deciding what gets my motor running." "Oh? What did you come up with?" "Lots of things get me in the mood sometimes, but one thing gets me in the mood consistently.

I'm getting wet right now thinking about it, but I'm not sure how you'd feel about it." "Lay it on me." "Let's talk about it together. What are the things you'd think of, if I asked you for your preferences?" "Hmmm".

My erection was poking her in between her legs that were laying one on top of the other, but tightly closed. She got closer and I could feel her breathing on my neck. This was as passionate as we had gotten in quite a while. The first thing that popped into my mind was a threesome with some other woman, but, in a fit of common sense, rare enough when I was becoming sexually aroused, I rejected telling her that. She wanted a particular answer, and I had to muslim girl sucks cock first time afgan whorehouses exist out what it was.

I brushed her hair back and said, "You already know how much I love eating your pussy and you know all you have to do is hint." "True" and she kissed my forehead.

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"So that, as attractive as it is right now at this particular moment, is part of our routine." "Does that mean I'm going to do that tonight?" She stretched and pulled me into her chest. "Nope, it does not, but teasing you with that, brings up a question. What would you do to eat my pussy?" She looked at me and grinned, "To get that face down between my legs and push that nose over my clit and just lick and lick and lick, just like you love?" I was on fire for the first time in quite a while.

"Anything." "Anything takes in quite a lot of different stuff. I'm understanding that you'll do anything, anything at all to lick it, to drown yourself in my pussy?" "Yes, Babe", and I put my lips on her neck. "Wow. That makes everything easier. Anything at all, right?" "Yep." I continued nuzzling her. She pressed closer. "I've thought of this a lot. What would really fire me up, I mean. I'm going to tell you what I want with the understanding you've already agreed to it." I nibbled at her neck, "Let's hear it Babe." "I want you on your knees sucking the cock of skinny bitch rides a massive shaft with fervor brunette and anal man I choose." I stiffened.

My erection went down. "What do you mean?" She leaned away and put her elbow on the bed, head in her hand. "You know, don't pretend like you didn't hear." "I can't do that." "Why?

I think it would be unbelievably sexy, I know it would turn me on. You know, with me sitting in a chair right next to you two, directing everything, 'Unzip his pants. Good. Pull them down to his ankles.

Nice. Reach in and pull that cock out through the slit in his underwear. Look at it. Now put your thumbs in the elastic and pull his underwear down to his ankles. Good. Look back at his cock. Lick your lips. Kiss it. Take the head in just in your mouth and run your tongue over it. Good. Move your lips down wife hardcore creampie bringing out the large guns shaft. I'd love watching that. Do that again. Look him in the eyes.

Let's see if you can take the whole cock in your mouth. Put it in and out, in and out. Take more of it each time you move your lips down the shaft. Don't go fast, make it last. Nibble his balls, now back to the shaft.' If you can do that without a hard on, you'll get extra credit, but I doubt it. If you do get a hard on, we'll just have to chalk that up to sex. Then keep doing it until he cums in your mouth.

Extra credit if you swallow all the cum except for a little bit that dribbles on your lips and you swipe it into your mouth with your finger and swallow it.

Simple, huh?"" She smiled and kissed me on the nose. "So, when do you want to do this? I guess the first step is we need to do look at online gay escort sites and pick out the right boy, the right cock, for you.

It'll make it more fun doing it together. Remember, the quicker we get started, the quicker you'll get that nose on my clit, that dick in my pussy." Her smile radiated and she stretched her arms and legs.

She was definitely still beautiful, but what she was asking was impossible. "Babe, I can't do that." "Why not, I have for you." She looked at me seriously. "That's different. "Really? How?" "He will be a guy. I'm a guy." "So? You're not worried about falling in love are you?

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And leaving me all alone while you pursue cocks to suck?" She kept on smiling. "Now, come on, you help me choose somebody for you to suck, it's something we can do together." She leaned over and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth, playing with me like I loved. "Finding that perfect cock for you to suck is making me hornier and hornier, we need to get going." "Babe, please don't make me." "Make you? That's sweet.

I'm not making you though. I'm letting you. A lot of women wouldn't let you, they'd think it was cheating, but I'm more confident." She stretched again. "Come on, while I'm feeling it, let's go choose the boy whose cock you're going to suck." She turned on her back and got her phone.

"I found all these gay escort sites. See? We can choose one, explain everything to him, make an appointment, reserve a hotel room, and you can suck that cock with me watching just like I've dreamed.

I've thought about this a lot. Here, feel how wet I am." She pulled my hand between her legs. She was so wet she was messing the sheets. She didn't let me linger though. She took my hand and put it up to my mouth, "Here, here is just a taste for you." She stuck my hand in my mouth and I licked it.

"Good, I know you love it. You'll like him too." And she went back to her phone. The first picture she showed me was of a very well built muscular, hairy dude who was a 'top'. She explained a 'top' was a guy who liked to fuck, not be fucked. 'Versatile' was either. 'Bottom' was a guy who liked to be fucked, not fuck. She explained all that was not really important for our purposes, after all, we were only looking for a cock for me to suck. "There's one other thing we might as well settle now.

'Cut' means circumcised, 'uncut' means not. Do you have a preference because there was no point examining 'uncut' ads if you just want to suck 'cut' cocks, or vice versa." She scooted closer to me to show me the dude she'd picked out first.

I just looked at her. I didn't know what to say, and she looked at me and said, "I'm so excited. I can't wait to watch you suck a cock then eat me until I can't orgasm any more!" She kissed me, "Now, was it 'cut' or 'uncut'?" I didn't know, I'd never thought about it, and I was trying not to think about it then.

I will admit to a little erection, but she was lying up against me and she looked, smelled and felt very good. She smiled again and said, "Well? I like yours and it's cut, but you might think differently. They say 'uncut' men sometimes last longer and that would be a plus, but I definitely think 'cut' penises are more attractive.

Which one?" I mumbled out, "Cut." "You always go for the looks. All right, 'cut' it is. This guy," and she pointed to the guy on her screen, "is 'cut', let's call him Number 1." She downloaded his picture and named it 'N1'.

She wiggled up against me, and my erection was definitely making a comeback after the shocks. She browsed through a couple of more and settled on a black guy, also a body builder, 'versatile' and pretty young looking.

"Oooohhhhh…a black cock, would you like to suck a black cock? We'll label that one 'N2'." She saved the picture and cuddled up closer. "I love us doing this together." She kissed me again, passionately. Several pictures later she showed me a 'twink' She explained a 'twink' was a feminine guy, she said, "I'm not sure about that, but if you want it…" "No, you eliminate the choices," I said. "OK," she said, brightly.

"N6 he is. To be fair he is cute. Maybe that'll be fun, but I think a big, strong man would be best for the first cock you suck." She snuggled up closer and put my arm over her waist. "You know I didn't realize so many would say, 'please call only when ready'. And I want to email all the details of the meeting to them.

I guess we're going to be stuck doing this tomorrow mistress in fishnets anal fuck black sub, but, the sooner the better, huh?" She looked up and kissed me and kept separating the pictures, the possible from the rejected.

At the end of the 50 or so ads she looked at and showed me and I watched her look at, she eliminated all but eight. She decided to further whittle it to three. French couple for anal casting castingbunnies and pornauditions went back over them reciting what, in her mind, were their pros and cons.

She got me nodding yes or no. She pouted when I nodded no to N1. "Baby, that's not fair.

He's my favorite. I'd just love to see you with your hands on that sexy muscular ass letting him drive that cock in your mouth. Wow, I didn't realize I felt that strongly. OK, what are your preferences N1, N2 or N6, in order?" She smiled and pushed my nose with her forefinger.

"Hmmm?" "N6, N2, N1".

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"OK. Mine is N1, N6, N2, so N2 is eliminated. N6 has his points but remember you agreed to suck the cock I chose, so we're going to go with N1.

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Let me send him an email." She paused and said, dramatically, "If, for any reason, he is unable to stick his dick in your mouth in front of me, then we'll try N6, who is your favorite." She grinned. "He's cute, I see why you like him." She showed me the email she sent, outlining what she wanted, proposing the next night, and said to me, "Now we wait. I'm excited". And she turned on her side and hugged me, with her phone sleeping mom xxx storys sex stories her hand.

I didn't feel much like talking, I didn't know what to say but she kept on chattering about how much she was going to love this, I just masseuse abella fingers and licks her customers pussy. It took almost an hour to get a reply. She was excited when she said, "N1 would love to do it, tomorrow, give him a time between 6-8 and an address, and he'll consider it a date." She was in ecstasy.

She immediately called the local casino and reserved a room and a couple of bottles champagne for a 5:30 arrival, telling them we were going to celebrate. She emailed N1 back and gave him the casino we would be staying at, promising to text him the room number when we checked in. His name was Carl. 'Don't worry, Carl, the party can't start without you', was her final text. Carl came back, "I can't wait". I was filled with dread, but we fell asleep in each other's arms that night.

Act II She insisted on driving me to work the next day and stayed home from work herself, telling me she was too excited to work. I wanted to stay home too, but she insisted I go to work.

The day flew by, I wanted to stop time, but it flew by until about 3:00, when it started to drag. I couldn't think about anything else and cursed myself for getting in this predicament. My secretary even noticed I was preoccupied which was very unlike me. A few times, I almost called and backed out, but I couldn't figure out how to do that, either.

She came to pick me up at 5:00, right when work was over and I honestly don't remember getting into the car, but I do remember being in her car headed to the casino. Act III Check-in was a blur. She did everything, including assuring the room service champagne, two bottles on ice, was ready for what she emphasized to them was 'our celebration'.

When we got settled in the room, she sent Carl the number, and he immediately answered, 'In the lobby, on the way.' "He'll be right here!" She drew up a chair and poured herself some champagne. I was panicked, and couldn't have done anything myself but she smiled and started giving orders, "Get on your knees, at the end of the bed.

No, no, come feel my panties first, then get on your knees all ready for Carl." She smiled as I felt how wet she was and went to the foot of the bed and got on my knees. The knock at the door startled me, she smiled, "That's him, don't move", and went and got the door. Carl was a little shorter than I'd pictured him.

She gave him an envelope and talked softly at the door and brought him in to the room, "Would you like some champagne, Carl?" He accepted and she went to pour it, and said, "He needs some champagne, he's awfully story sex pantat besar black porncewe negro, and she smiled.

Carl looked at me and smiled. "Great, it'll help loosen him up. He looks tight. His first time?" He brought a little table over to where I was kneeling and set a glass on it. He kept smiling at me, "To fun", and lifted his glass. She lifted her glass, "To fun", now you Honey.

The glass weighed a ton but I got it up. "Come on Honey, do the toast". "To fun", stumbled out of asian huge tits big tits and mature mouth and I took a sip. "Let's take our time and finish our champagne, Carl," she said. "Come over here," and she positioned Carl directly in front of me, his feet spread just outside my knees, his fly inches from my nose, and motioned me back on my heels.

Sitting in this position, with her standing watching, smiling, and Carl directly in front of me, and drinking our glasses of champagne was awkward, I couldn't take my eyes off his fly.

She said, "This is will indeed be his first time sucking a dick, Carl, or so he says. He says he's doing it for me, but we both picked you out", and she smirked, while I reddened. "He sure does like to eat pussy though." Carl laughed, "He'll love it, it's the same, only messier." "Honey, it's time to go, unzip his pants." We then went pretty much through the scenario she had outlined, except Carl was a little rougher than I'd expected, slamming my mouth pretty good toward the end, which wasn't totally unpleasant, actually.

I was totally unprepared when he shot his load of sperm in my mouth though. I thought I was ready. She had me scoop up the excess from all over my face and the table and the floor and swallow it, just like her fantasy, only more. It keeping up with kiara mia really that bad, after it was all over, but leading up to it had been nerve-wracking.

They were wrong it wasn't really the same as eating pussy. But they were right it was a good deal messier. To tell the truth, I'd done other perverted things, and this was just another one, and, while I tasted him in my mouth and that made me feel pretty dirty, that's how you're supposed to feel after good sex, right?

When Carl left she gave him another envelope, she called it 'a tip for ejaculating in his mouth', and smiled as she said to me, "He doesn't usually do that, it was special for us." Then she came and sat next to me on the bed and patted the spot next to her.

She put her arms around me and whispered in my ear, "If you want to Honey, we can do this from now on, from time to time. I absolutely loved it, and I know you love pleasing me. Watching you get into meeting that thrusting cock was a real treat.

Maybe next time he can fuck your ass. Anyway, I loved it. Of course next time it will be different after 'Geez Honey I wonder what Carl's doing', it's going to be really difficult to convince me it's all that reluctant." She giggled then got a little serious, but kept smiling. "Oh, and Honey, if you ever cheat on me again, the next surprise will be a real humdinger. I might just be tired of this bullshit and sic that great big law firm I belong to on your little bitty insurance agency and then spend all your family's money looking for Mr.

Right." I ate her pussy all night and she had orgasm after orgasm. She finally relented in the morning and let me fuck her before we raced home and got ready for work. God, she is good-looking. All in all, I'd say it was the best night of sex I'd ever had.

I gave my secretary two year's severance in return for a release. I never loved her, you know, it was just for the sex.