Voluptuous juvenile hotty plays on web camera

Voluptuous juvenile hotty plays on web camera
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Fat dad Pt 6 After that we changed our direction, we headed for my house. Because we were farther away it took a while to get there, mom was already home from work and wondering where I was. When I came in she lit right into me, till she saw Calissa. I wish I had something better planned, I really wasn't prepared for this but I was horny enough to give it a try.

I introduced mom and Calissa. Mom demanded to know what we were doing, our pause in answering was enough really so I just blurted it out. We were fooling around behind the cemetery off Baker street, it's close to where she lives.

Mom blurted out "What? You could get caught there" Calissa kinda smiled saying "yea we did" then mom goofed with "what did you tell her, did you tell her anything?" Calissa had me ready for that one and I took my opening. I told her that I hadn't told her anything, but that she did just now by asking if I told her anything.

Mom didn't get it yet, she self-facial after facial from bf tube porn saying anything. I pointed out boor chatne wala se story her that if nothing was happening, then there wouldn't be any worry about me saying anything.

Then I said "I kept my promise mom, I never told her anything". Mom suddenly started looking really worried, my calm smile told her something was up, she quietly asked "what did you do" more of a statement then a question. I walked towards mom and quietly said "I showed her" Moms head snapped, she wanted to know what I showed her.

I had to apologize, sorry, I made the same promise to her that I made you. I never told her anything, I can't tell you either.

Mom retorted "but I'm your mother" I walked behind mom and said yes you are, but I made her the exact same promise that I made you.

I can't tell you what I did, but I can show you. Calissa spoke up, "he brought me here to prove that what he showed me was the truth, that he really did do those things with you" Mom gasped, she looked like she was ready to faint.

I wrapped my arms around her tummy from behind and hugged her. I whispered it's ok mom, then leaned over to look at Calissa, "see, I can hug my mom". Mom started to say well that's ok, then I brushed her hair away and leaned in to kiss her neck. Mom groaned an "oh god no" Calissa said that she thought it was very nice.

Mom looked at Calissa and held her breath as my hands began moving up to lift her breasts. Mom said no but didn't move her hands, Calissa's smile got huge. Right as I started squeezing moms breasts and lifting them mom gave another oh god while Calissa quietly said "you were telling the truth".

Mom stopped me there pulling free and turning around, telling me that I couldn't have done more. I smiled and said, well only a little bit more, but remember now I can't tell you.

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If you want to know you'll have to let me show you. Mom hesitated, then said "only a little bit more?" I smiled and nodded and said only a little bit more, I could tell she knew I was lying. She only said "oh" I walked back behind her slid my arms around her waist then up to her breasts. Then I told her that there were some things I was going to have to say while I did them. Mom got flustered while I unbuttoned her top, Calissa stood by with an intense sexual stare at us. I told mom this wasn't the part yet where I had to talk.

This kept mom off balance until after had felt her tits under her bra and was starting to pull one out. Mom started to petite blonde begged to fuck her big dick me but I said this is where I have to tell you what I said.

This stopped mom long enough for her breast to drop free, she went to cover herself and I said "I asked if Calissa wanted to help me suck on my mothers breasts" Mom gasped, Calissa stepped forward.

As Calissa started to take moms breast in her hands moms knees gave out. Calissa and I helped her to the floor while I commented that Calissa didn't get weak knees till the next thing that I did.

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Mom said "next?" Calissa took moms nipple into her mouth and began suckling. I moved around and freed up her other breast taking it into my mouth. I didn't suck long though, I started going down moms waist, I saw her fingers in Calissa's hair.

I started talking while pulling moms skirt down.

I told her that Calissa's knees didn't give out until I started doing this. That it was when I asked her if she wanted to help me suck on my mothers pussy that her knees gave out.

I saw Calissa pull her mouth away from moms nipple and nod her head yes. Mom was lost now, there was no more defense left in her. I was displaying her openly and she was being taken. I unzipped her skirt and threw it open, Calissa and I each took sides and began pulling her panties down.

Mom didn't lift her hips, but she didn't try to stop us either. I pulled moms leg closest to me open exposing her slit. Her full dark lips were openly on display. Calissa moved between moms legs while breathing out saying "oh god yes" while Calissa covered moms slit with her mouth I moved up to moms head.

I told mom that while I was going down on Calissa I had to prove to her lucy li 2019 toy boy xxx new story I wasn't lying so I told her that "you have full lush pussy lips that are dark and hang out to suck on" mom gasped.

Weather it was caused by my talking, Calissa sucking, or both I don't know, but it didn't take long and mom got off in Calissa's mouth.

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By then I was ready, I don't think mom heard me stripping down. As mom came down from her cum Calissa lifted moms knees towards her shoulders while saying "he had me like this" mom now saw me aiming my cock for her slit and started to cry out.

I told her to hang on, mom paused, I thrust inside, mom gasped and I told her that I didn't cum inside Calissa. I nodded to Calissa, she didn't do anything so I told her. Show my mom where I came. Now while I was thrusting into my mom Calissa began taking off her top while talking.

Very matter of factly she told her that I pulled out and shot off on her tits. By then the shirt was off and she was unfastening her bra. She explained that my cum has probably dried to her tits by now, which it mostly had. Her breasts dropped down but she had to peel her bra off. There were still a few shiny spots but she definitely had dried cum on her tits.

Mom finally spoke now, she asked if that was her sons sperm. Calissa said yes, then mom hissed "if it's his then I want it now" Calissa leaned forward to offer mom a breast, it took some aiming because mom's head was rocking back and forth from my thrusting inside her. Mom took one nipple and Calissa started pointing her other one up to her own mouth, it still looked wet.

Mom spit the first one out saying "mine, his sperm is mine" Calissa looked shocked and turned on, as mom licked my cum off her nipples.

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stranger bonks pretty beautiful gal girlfriend and homemade This did it for me I started pushing my hips in and unloading inside mom while she sucked on Calissa's breasts. Calissa complained, she said that this is where we got busted, that I had never cum inside her, that she wanted me to take her like I had my mom.

After I had come down from going off inside my mom it was obvious that neither of the girls were done yet. Mom stayed on the floor with her legs spread showing off her dripping slit while licking and suckling on Calissa's tits.

Calissa kept caressing moms breasts. Mom asked if this meant that Calissa was my girlfriend now, Calissa said not until I had come inside her like I had just now with my mom.

Mom smiled and said we could do that, that I am rarely done after my first time, then looking at the dried sperm between Calissa's breasts she said I can probably go three times, for a good reason. Mom guided my now drying cock to Calissa's mouth and after she started sucking me, mom started undressing Calissa. When she got to her pink stained panties she asked if it was that time of the month.

Calissa blushed, my cock was in her mouth and she still blushed.

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She pulled it out and said it had been her first time, mom stopped dead in her tracks. I was getting hard now, Calissa said as way of encouragement that her mom has had her on the pill since she was a B cup, and that was when she was 12.

"Mom always says that girls with big boobs don't always get to stay virgins for long" my mom was beaming with pride at me as I moved to put it in her.

I was pumping Calissa while mom stroked her hair with one hand and her breast with the other. As I got closer mom smiled to Calissa and moved her hand down between our legs. She told Calissa that with this being her first time having a boy go off inside of her that she'd remember it better this way. Then mom pressed her fingers to the base of my cock like she had before with me when dad was coming up the stairs. Her doing that made me ready to cum and at the same time prevented me.

I was straining trying to go off inside Calissa and mom pointed that out to her. She was saying "look, he's trying to put a baby inside of you right now but I'm not letting him, not just yet" A groan or a whine started coming from my throat, not sure which it was. I could feel it curling my toes and my skinny bitch rides a massive shaft with fervor brunette and anal started to throb.

Mom said "now" and pulled her hand away, I began firing ropes of sperm up inside Calissa, her eyes went wide as she started saying "oh god I can feel it, he's going off in me". Calissa's phone rang as I was coming down and she answered it, we were all naked on the floor and we could hear her mom asking where the hell was she. The whole thing of us being naked, the sex and all, it was too much for her and she started stammering.

Mom grabbed the phone from her and introduced herself, she apologized for not having had her call sooner, then said some boys had chased her daughter and "my son stood up for her" they were afraid of the boys coming back with friends so they came home here and we were just about to pile in the car to bring Calissa home.

Calissa's mom bought it. Mom had us clean up, she said that we had to reek of sex and she doubted that Calissa's mom would not notice the smell. I had an awesome time washing myself along with Calissa and mom. We didn't get dressed till after we were clean, then we took Calissa home.