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Milf stacie starr sexy glasses ass fuck
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Kate, Catherine and Big Black Cocks! Chapter 5 Kate now sure that her clit would be sadistically severed and with her mind and body conspiring in anticipation.kinda like the horror of a train wreck, had blanked out her thoughts and were trying to erased this terrifying vision as she passed out into an almost comatose state, new prons sex stories new prons dashi the mind does to protect one from witnessing such a thematic brutal and sadistic event!

The Brute had no intension of actually biting Kate's clit off, he had only done this to one other woman and that was the older white bitch where he had lived in her foster care as a young boy, the one that had caught him masurbating. She so insensed at catching him doing this so sinful of a thing, had tried to cut off his adolescent dick with a butchers knife!

He at 17. almost 10 years later had tracked her down, she was now a woman in her 60s. He had watched and stalked her until the time was right. He had broken into her home and waited for her to return, had grabbed her, smacked her around pretty hard and then ripped the regligeous bitchs clothes off!

At first she did not even recognize who he was?. Then he had tied and bound her to the bed using rope and duct tape, which would become one of his trade marks!

She was terrified, and begged him not to hurt her, but her pleas were ignored as he first started biting her saggy old tits and nipples! Doing so with his sharp gold teeth! This alone had left incredible deep hideous teeth marks all over them!

Followed by using his belt that would become another one of his trademarks, he had whipped and whipped her crotch as she. screamed and. screamed! She in between the screaming was begging and pleading for him to stop! For an older woman she had had an enormous clitoris!

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This had led him to believe, she as a righteous church going bitch of a woman had apparently masturbated furiously herself numerous times throughout her man-less, sexless life, and had probably done so every day! This was what he surmised she must have done in order for it to have become so robust and large! He had as a parting shot easily sucked her off several times, apparently no one. not so surprisingly had ever done so before! Then the tables were turned and she was now begging him.

not to stop, from this aggressive stimulating attention! As he went down on her for the last time, this. would be her very last incredible orgasm!

She begging and now cooing from such incredible pleasure, was beside herself! Then .he had stopped for a moment and stuffed as much as he could of her old lady yellow self inflicted cum stained bloomers in the bitches mouth! Then resumed his rough biting that became more brutal and sadistic until she screamed one last time in muffled euphoric orgasmic pain and pleasure! "Then Bit her big swollen over stimulated Clitoris Clean Of, just like the head of a Rat"!

Her screams of pleasure were now muffled screams of even more searing painful abusive torture as the blood that had rushed in to this big swollen tender fleshy orb for pleasure, was now squirting out in all directions each time her heart pumped! He had taken this rather large chunk of blood soaked clitoral flesh from his teeth and had wrapped it in a dirty wash rag! Taking his time he cleaned himself up, listening to her still muffled screams of tearful blood soaked agony, and had packed a warm wet towel over the bloody nub!

Then turned out the lights and left locking the door, when he was far enough away had found one of few public phones and had called the fire dept emergency line! Telling them he heard screams of a woman in distress giving the address and him as a concerned passer by!

This was followed by dropping the wet blood soaked wash rag with the remnants of bloody clitoris into the sewer where he was sure there were a bunch of hungry rats! He had no remorse what so ever from this sadistic encounter and had satisfied his burning desire to right what he felt had been a terrible wrong! "Take that Elaina Bobbitt"! Brutus loved to scare the shit out of women especially older ones like Kate, and took great pleasure in doing so!

But he could be, as one would suspect after such and ordeal a very abusive, brutal and sadistic man when it came to what was needed. Each woman usually required something a little different and the Brute was happy to meet the needs of them for whatever special occasion! Brutus was not a gay man or a bisexual butt ranger, as most would think!

He had spent time in the mental hospital as a sexual predator, and not in a regular prison with other men. But even if he had been around other men, as big and as strong as he was. feared no one nor did men appeal to him. Besides women, were his appeal and most of his time until his release by the young female clinical psychologist had been in solitary confinement where he had little contact with anyone! "Male or female"! Just as Kate had resigned herself to the fate of being a mutilated clitless sexless woman OMFG!

She had held her breath it terror just knowing that he was going to do this most "horrible thing". as she had passed out! When he knew she was out of it, he took his time and waited until she was just starting to come around, and regain her senses!

Then he had returned to pleasuring her. The biting had been a bit sadistic but just enough though, that it had not done any permanent damage or had even broken the the skin! However there were several places around her pubic mound and the inside of her thighs that did have some rather shall we say grotesque looking bruises!. Thus leaving this area of her genitals with incredible sensations and her, stimulated to the very edge of sexual torture! He had bitten her a lot, but just hard enough to scare the beejees out of her and this along with the pussy whipping had given her pain, but also incredible painful stimulating pleasure!

When she was finally awake the incredible stimulating pleasure had returned, she thought at first it was one of those dreams, that one minute was so wonderful and the next, a crazy part that had quickly turned into the one's that are so terrifyingly real!

That when you do finally become fully awake are so releaved that it is a dream, and that the most dreadful of things has quickly become a most pleasurable one?

OMG! Opening asian beauteous teen cum hole to hot to be seen eyes she just could not bare to look! Trembling and shuddering in fear.

she could not believe. old man sucking tits would you poledance on my dick could have such a pleasurable stimulating sensation with out her clitoris? Thoughts in her head, that the mind just could not comprehend coupled with the incredible pleasure of a shuddering convulsing orgasm like no other? Left Kate unwilling to look and with mixed emotions still could not believe a woman could have such an experience with a clit.

let alone without one! Her clitoris had been whipped bitten and horribly bruised and then stretched and pulled to its very limit, but the fleshy hood and membrane that surrounded it had left it firmly attached and very much connected!

The fact that with his big lips year old new to sex sexy luscious girl hardcore bondage it she could not see.

whether it was there. or was not? OMG!. OMG!. OM.FUCKING.G! Kate held her breath just knowing that her most tender of treasures was gone, as the Brutes, big lips pulled free with a loud wet sucking pop! . Thus exposing a well used, and very well bruised clit now almost twice its original size, but one that was "still very much intact"! Kate was so relieved that she screamed so loud, one would have thought she had just won the million dollar jack pot on the "Home Shopping Network"!

With this wonderful releived and most pleasurable thought for Kate, the brute had stood up! He had cut the cords that secured her ankles helplessly up in the air, and had quickly rolled her over onto her knees. This was followed by smacking her bare bottom numerous times quite harshly with his bare hand! The sound of Kates bare flesh and the sight of her white buttocks jiggling so sinfully had only fasinated him to the point of giving her several more really good bare handed whacks for good measure!

For Kate this rough forceful and sadistic treatmeant was exactly what she had been craving! The thought of her clit being severed was something she tried not to think about as this thought only moments ago, was replaced by her present predicament! The kinky things we had done as husband and wife including some rather large toys along with introducing her to several threesomes with my male friends had only awakened her zest for more, and more sexual adventure late in life.

Something that had not happened in her first marriage!. This of course was in the way of kinky sex and abuse, but clitoral sadistic abuse now had. at least for the moment much less appeal, but even this thought would be quickly forgotten?. Her first really bazaar sexual encounter was the recent trip to the old hotel to meet her new black, on boyz stare at lesbo enjoyment pornstar and hardcore lover, the one I had set her up with.

This had turned into a case of willing rape, followed by more sexual abuse! This is where her and now her friend Catherine, had really turned into slutty white whores for black men! Now being hooked and wanting it so much more, both seemed to view cum from black men as some sort of aphrodisiac as she had in this latest case again, willingly agreed to meet another black sexually perverted predator, the Brute for even more kinky and abusive sex!

Kate do to her association with the Naughty Ohio wives club had quickly discovered that she, was not alone or the only white woman that had more that just a casual interest in abusive black men and their well endowed male attributes! Once nymphomaniac puma swede abused by hypno doc arielle ferrera on her knees with her ankles still duct taped to the wooden dowel, her wrists taped tightly behind her back, and her bare bottom still smarting.

Kate could feel him poking the head of this enormous monster around her dripping abused cunt lips and more than ready slit! Then, he grabbed a fat granny venuse riding long schlong on couch hand full of her hair with one hand, and with the other was fingering and opening her wet folds and labia lips, even more.with it well open had placed the head of his gigantic hard, well over 14"penis firmly against her helpless wet opening!

With no more warning than this, using both hands, and with two fists full of her long shoulder length hair, had pulled her head back abruptly!

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So hard it had bent her neck and arched her back painfully, to where she could only see the celing, this had left her bottom at the perfect height, as he drove his gigantic black home wrecker deep into her entire depth! The scream my wife made was like no other!.It could be heard over a block away!

The scream and howling that Kate made was loud sharp and terrifying! .That of a woman who had just experienced a deep hurtful penetration that few women have ever, or will never experience!

The searing burning pain as she felt her vaginal opening stretched to its very limit, did not tear, but had come as close as one could imagine without doing so!

The fact that my wife from her previous marriage had given natural child birth to a baby weighing over 12 and a half pounds, had really stretched her then, along with bruising her pelvic bone, and actually opening it enough that this had made his incredible piece of black meat able to pass?

This along with the gigantic toys I had used on her was the only thing that saved her slit from being brutally ripped apart! She had little time to contemplate this revelation. as he pulled her hair so hard her scalp hurt.followed by .brutal stroke, after brutal stroke as he hammered away at her!

The beast was putting his full 300 pound weight into it, and with this, had plenty of bulk behind each hard painful thrust, of a dozen or more as pummeling her good Oh!. Oh! Oh! Timed with each thrust was all that could be heard!

She could feel her hair and the roots almost pulled allinternal anal creampie squirting from hot russian chick her scalp Uh! Uh! Uh! Uhhhhhhhh! Just when she thought he was going to pull several handfuls of her hair out, and with her still screaming from this and the painful intercourse, was when a sex bomb went off deep in her cunt!

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. This had caused him to relaxed just enough, and had kept his hands that were full of her beautiful shoulder length hair from being ripped clear out of her head, just as he exploded! It felt like warm cream flooding through her innermost sexual genitals as an incredible cum load of male ejaculation, filled her!

It was such an intense sensation his cock seemed to grow and move inside her like it was a gigantic snake? The strange feelings and pressure from this black monster of a man and his pent up cum seed that he had ejaculated, literally gushed and squirted out all around his enormous black rat of a penis.

This had left it not only running down the inside of her thighs, but also gobs of stringy warm gooey cum was. dripping sinfully off the very tip of her swollen stimulated and well used dangling clitoris!

Kate could not move nor did she want to, and had no idea that others had been watching this sinfully perverse and brutal sex show! She now, so used, and so drained was utterly helpless and could only lay there helpless!. The Brute after one last hard thrust slowly moved back farther, and farther in what seemed to Kate, an eternity as her vaginal tunnel and cunt hole now stretched to its very limit seemed to stay wide open.

and that way. even after this enormous thing had finally pulled free! The next horror for Kate was her ass!. Like I said the Brute was not a butt ranger but occasionally liked to intimidate. and for her he had a very sinister plan that was even more appealing! With Kate's bare bottom still up open and exposed, it was perfect for jack finix solo gay ass and jerking off he had in mind?

Brutus had this most unusual uncut penis, in that it had a small head at first. Then would become bigger when erect and in doing so would slowly swell blonde hoe alicia amira enjoys huge cock of mailman pornstars hardcore become gigantic like the head of a mushroom!

The thing would swell and contract each time he would ejaculate during wild sexual intercourse and kinky sexual encounters! First the head would become larger, and after ejaculating smaller! Apparently it had something to do with knife wielding bitch that had tried to cut it off and the complex surgery that followed!

Three or so black men that had been hanging around the parking lot earlier including the young man, the one that had squeezed her tits and had kissed her, heard Kate's screams and had gone to the upper floor motel room to investigate?

They already had a pretty good idea what had happened, and the screams of hers had only confirmed that! The Brute had left the curtains open on purpose, and had even turned on a small bedside lamp that was behind him and Kate.

This had made watching what went on in the motel room from the front window easy and quite vivid! With the head of the Brutes dick now small in between his enormous ejaculations, but still quite hard he started slowly forcing it into Kate's pink little ass spinster muscle!

This was new virgin territory as I was not big on fucking women in the ass and her first and only, degrading and humiliating experience of this was only a week ago during the old hotel gang bang and rape thing! As Kate laid there helplessly unable to do anything, and had been enjoying her last relaxed orgasm she could feel these new sensations as he worked his rat like black dick in farther and farther, stretching until!

OMG! It can't.Kate thought. go in any deeper? Can it? This was followed by an even deeper harder penetration as he put his full 300 lbs behind this thrust and packed her Hershey highway to the very end! When.

he finally stopped she felt it, and the unusual end start to expand slowly as if it was someting growing or coming alive inside her, almost like some sort of animal deep in her ass hole!

She could feel the head alone become bigger and bigger! As this was happening the Brute's black rat shaped dick started plunging her like the piston on an old steam locomotive! It went faster and faster as Kate's titties and bottom jiggled helplessly as she endured what ever his sexually twisted mind and rat shaped dick wanted to do! Harder and harder he went as Kate's cunt hole and love tunnel was partially caved in but was still gaping and open where one could look down and into the very depth of her cum filled well used stretched open mature pussy!

This episode of ass fucking had taken only a dozen minutes as another large amount of cum now shot into her hot. formerly tight little ass hole and passage! Then he quickly pulled out with an unexpected jerk! Now with the Brute out he squirted several more anemic strings of cum and was finally done, he then standing, had cut loose the duct tape from her ankles.

Turning her over on her back now and with her wrists still taped had taken several lengths of rope picked her up and placed her on an old wooden table that was up against a square wooden pole and had tied her there with her head back against it!

Leaving her knees bent but her legs free, again using this as another of his calling cards and as a parting shot had taken an ice cold can of Budweiser beer from the mini fridge in the room, and do to Kate's most recent open ass raping, and with her bottom wiggling helplessly and trying to keep him, with little success from inserting it into her cum filled hot ass hole!

For Kate it was the most excruciating sensations she had ever felt in her life and had quickly taken away any thought. of her only minutes ago severed clit! This ice cold can of beer left her hot genitals shuddering and convulsing with the most incredible and perverse mixed sexual feelings! One. that had gone from a hot and burning sexual desire, that was now followed by an icy cold shrinking and tightening of her spinster ring and ass hole muscles helplessly around the cold can!

OMG! Kate was defenseless and beside herself! She with this new incredible frozen feeling that had gone the full sensual spectrum of bazaar perverted sex, to uncertain chilling ass hole and pubic muscle contractions! Brutus with his job done had taken his time dressing as Kate frozen so to speak, and now waiting with an almost detached numb look of disbelief on her face? As, Brutus after taking several cell phone pictures of my wife's cold helplessly abused beer can situation!

Then called my number, I am not sure how he knew it, telling me the address of where my wife was, and to come and get her, along with sending me a picture text of the beer can in her asshole!. He wanted me to see what she looked like and if I approved of his handy work? But also told me to take my time as there would be several young horny black men enjoying her company a bit more before my arrival! Apparently Kate had caught part of this conversation about having someone pick her up, but was not sure who?

The three young black men, that had been watching from their vantage at the window were amazed by what had happened! As the brute left, and walked out the door he handed the key for the room to the surprised young man, the one that had squeezed Kate's tits, and said to him and his black brothers, she is all yours, but don't untie her until a perverted point of view fujiko kano husband shows up as Julia oppai jav japan reading news want him to see my handi work!

Two of the young men at first weren't sure, what to do? But the third after earlier sampling Kate's charms had no problem and knew exactly what to do! He, followed by them entered the room! This had left Kate still shivering with the ice cold can of beer stuck up her butt hole, but it was now. slowly starting to warm up!

With some of her senses returning and her ass hole spinster muscle numb from the cold can, she helpless started to plead with the young men now standing around staring, to please get it out! OMG! Please help me, she begged? The young man set down next to her and leaned over her slightly bruised face and said, taking his time we will be more than happy to help you! But first as he lovingly rubbed her bruised breasts said we and my friends here, would like a good old fashion cum sucking blow job, you would like to do that wouldn't you?

As it looks like you pussy and that ass hole of yours are more than well used, and it wouldn't be much fun if we banged either one right now! Kate then said yes, that perfect ass was made for anal. I will do anything, what ever you want, anything please, I will suck your cock dry, I will suck all of you black motherfuckers big cocks dry, just get it out! OMG! Pleaseeee.just get the dam thing out!. The young man said asking again teasing her, and still taking his time.

anything.and she quickly replied anything, I will do anything! The young man leaned over a bit farther and said prove it, kiss me like I am your young black lover! He then seeing what she would do kissed her quite lovingly on the lips as Kate laid there helplessly, she tried to kiss him back as best she could after which he said sure we will help, but we have to wait for your old man!

My god, my husband, Kate had not given any thought at all about me? The brute had called me by name Mike, and that Pretty girl with a panty fetish masturbating with stolen panties should bring something for her to wear, as my favorite flowered dress was useless and in shreds! Saying for my benefit and trying to imply that she wouldn't need it for a while? Earlier Catherine had called Kate and had left a message on her cell phone.

I wondered why she had not taken it, and as I checked her calls discovered why. Kate was to meet a black sexual pervert at an adult motel and Catherine with the threat of blackmail a bit earlier was to meet several of the black men that had abducted and raped her a week ago after she got off work. The message also said that Catherine would probably be staying at our house again later that evening as she was not sure what she would have to do or where she would end up?

This is where my thoughts were as my dick got harder and harder with visions of Kate and Catherine both well used, naked and in each others arms consoling and sharing each others intimate company. I had watched them both a week ago as Kate had gone after Catherine, but it was some distance away and on a video,screen!

So this time I had planned on sticking my nose right in the middle of their intimate business and watch them together! The time was almost midnight when I arrivedit did not take me long to figure out which of the motel rooms she was in!

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Not only from the directions I had been given! But the door was wide open and all lights were on in the room. I had by mistake and in my haste grabbed one of Kate's young daughters dress and top, the one that was away at college! It was a short little pink and gray plaid girls thing along with her make up and nothing else!

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katie kox outdoor solo strip strip outdoor blonde big-tits hd po tube porn Not knowing what Kate had been through, but with my dick getting harder by the minute it was starting to anticipate quite a show?

When I arrived Kate looked awful, her mascara from her tearful ordeal had run down making her look as if she had two black eyes. she was beside herself and after seeing me quickly said, you guys don't mind if my husband watches do you? He loves to see me with other men especially black men with big cocks? She not knowing I had been invited by the Brute.and was there not only to pick her up, but to watch her with these three young virile black studs!

They looked at each other for a moment in mild disbelief as to what my slutty well used wife had said shaking their head, no they didn't mind!

Then the young man said to his friends with me watching lets help the lady out like we promised! Two of young men then carefully and slowly started working the cold can of Bud out!. As they did, she was whimpering and groaning. Oh, oooo! Oh! The young man now paying little attention to her chilling plight was again fondling and squeezing her breasts and continued to enjoy himself as he kissed her again most passionately and very loving.

His friends finally worked the beer can out of her tightly contractedand now blood red ringed asshole spinster muscle! The relief was incredible and quite wonderful, and the lessening of such debauchery had produced another orgasm as her skene's gland that similar to a male prostrate conspired to help this formerly uncomfortable matter along, and into a much more pleasurable sensation! She was then untied and helped up to a sitting position, her wrist were cut loose allowing her arms to dangle helplessly at her sides for several minutes letting the blood flow and circulation slowly return.

Thankfully she and Catherine had spent a lot of time at the gym and that this sort of bondage and humiliation thing was not all that debilitating! Once the can was out, the young man had popped the top, took a gulp followed by passing it around to his black brothers commenting that "Dam, this beer is warm, now"! The last bit was given to Kate as she quickly downed what was left! Then, my wife said, I really need a shower and would it be all right if she took one first?

I handed her the the skimpy dress and her make up she realized it was one of her daughters as it came loose displayed a pair of charcoal gray bikini panties, she just looked at me with a sinful smile shaking her head!

After the shower my wife not thinking and now looking cleaned up, refreshed and quite radiant had tried to put on her daughters tight little pink and gray outfit! She was able to get it over her hips but was unable to fasten the pink bra like top that was hanging unfastened under her boobs as it was at least a size to small!

As she emerged from the bathroom topless, she had this pantyless short skirt up sinfully above her waist showing most of her bare well used pubes, and had taken so much cum from the Brute even after a shower that it was still dripping out of her! The only other thing my wife Kate was wearing were a pair of her favorite silver dangling ear rings, the ones with cute little Owls, that now seemed quite out of place! Kate valentines day fucking in public exhibitionist and hardcore happily and obliging these young black studs with a renewed perverse glow about her, and the color in her face returning.

She actually looked younger and much less used as the bruise's on her bottom were mostly gone from the warm shower. She was keeping her word and had quickly gotten down on her knees as the young men removed their clothes and shorts! Kate with her eyes lit up and sparkling at the sight. as all three had big beautiful hard. perfect looking black cocks! All were about 8 to 10 inchers and all with precum dripping in anticipation! She easily with a cock in each hand, and sucking on one of them was quickly rewarded as he.

so excited in the moment was unable to hold it!. Especially after having watched the perverse and abusive treatment she had experienced earlier.he had oft a large amount of his goodies into Kate's mouth after she had just barely sucked on his cock!. Then his cock helplessly slipped out from her lips leaving cum on her face and even more slowly oozing out of her mouth and off her chin as she willingly sucked, she was face fucked!

Gluk, Gluk,Gluk! The sinful sound of dripping black meat and a white woman. mine, eagerly trying to pleasure them and herself! With her on her knees and one white hand around the inside of the mans black thigh was pulling him toward her with his black cock deep in her mouth, her other hand had found her well used cunt lips and hanging clitoris, marveling to herself as she felt the wet swollen flesh that it was still firmly attached!

Especially after such sadistic abuse, and now with renewed sluttyness started to masturbate vigorously! With me setting next to old red leather couch and my white dick rock hard from watching this attractive horny woman of mine suck black dick after black dick!

Kate had one of his hands holding her head as it bobbed up and down back and forth this way and that! I watched her switch from one to the other as she was virtually trying to please all of them at once as she voraciously sucked! Gluk, Gluk, Gluk, was all that could be heard as her silver owl ear rings jangled with each of her sinful head movements!

Kate was trying her best to jerk them off as she masturbated eagerly, and was obsessed with doing so. as all she seemed to want was to suck more cum as each went off! With another black hand now a hold of her hair and the back of her head, he rubbed his curved cock head on the roof of her open mouth, it still dripping cum off her chin had easily allowed him to deep throat her, up to his big black balls!

Kate is just loving it trying to suck every bit of cum right out of their black dicks! Occasionally one of the black bp is karina kapur xxx would squeeze and slap her tits around, followed by deep throating her again and again!

Kate's eyes were nice and big as she then tried to suck two of the black dicks at the same time. Then with perverse sheets of cum in her mouth she could have easily blown bubbles from it, as more cum slobber ran out of her mouth, and dripped off her chin! With helping hands on her head, and her going from one cock and back to the other, Kate was quite a cum covered site as his cock squirted cum, it was rubbed all over her face, and around under her chin smearing strings of the warm gooey cum all over her!

Finally they had gotten her up on the old red leather couch, and with her on all fours and sucking one, the other thought he might try her her pussy! As it had seemed to relaxed enough so that he could get off again! This was followed by switching places until each had sexually releaved himself as more and more cum filled her !

Continued in Chapter 6