Redhead lingerie babe fucked during taboo sex

Redhead lingerie babe fucked during taboo sex
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This was my CAW #16 entry. I Tied for third place in a field of outstanding stories. Enjoy --- I stood at the window, looking out over the late summer landscape stretched out below. The forests here were so beautiful; they could bring a normal man to tears. The coming fall would make that beauty a fire in the eyes for all to see. There were no tears left in me, however. I mused over what had brought me the long road into my emotionless state.

The death of my beloved wife ten years earlier had set me on a path of self-destruction. How had I come so far and not destroyed myself? I took a long pull from the glass of whiskey and water in my hand, my mind looking back at the night the gunshot had taken her from me. I could not bring myself to cry over my loss. The pain had become a constant ache in my life, an ache punctuated by pain so intense I wanted to join her.

"Chad, the game is about to resume, you're up four hundred and fifty thousand dollars so far. You don't want the blinds to rob you." Robert had come up behind me quietly. I knew he was there -- his breathing, the cologne that smelled like it came from a bottle with a ship on it, and the slight change in the pressure of the air. All of these had combined to tell me who was behind me, before he even spoke.

This was how I made my living now. I had become a gambler. I lived my life by taking money from others. Tonight I was involved in a game at the local gentleman's club. It was a hundred thousand dollar buy-in, play till one man wins. There had been ten men that sat down at the table. Four had gone home already. Better than half of the million dollars on the table was stacked at my seat. I was up four hundred and fifty thousand dollars, plus my buy-in, five hundred fifty thousand dollars.

The game tonight was no-limit Texas Hold'em. I was amused by this game; fortunes could be won or lost on a single hand. I walked to the table and took my seat. The dealer, a very cute blue eyed, blonde in lingerie started to mix the cards. Two complete shuffles followed by a scattering of the cards on the table. Then scoop them into a stack and remove the first card. The dealer slid two cards to each player one at a time. I did not touch my cards. I waited in silence. The betting started with Robert, "Five thousand." This was a healthy portion of the twenty-five thousand he had left.

Daniel called his bet, and the others folded. I was last to teen cums for you watch part on flirtsexlovecom. "Raise, to ten thousand," I said after taking a quick glance at the pair of threes I had in my hand.

Robert's eyes lit up, and I knew his next words before he could utter them. "All in." I did not move, or change my breathing in any way. Robert had been playing recklessly all night. He was betting big, trying to dorcel ma soeur et moi up his losses. Daniel covered him and they turned to me.

I glanced at Daniel's stack of chips, not that I needed to. I knew exactly how much he had. "Raise to one hundred twenty five thousand." Daniel folded like a house of cards. He turned in his cards and sat back. "Re-buy!" Robert called out. "I am sorry, sir, but the house rules do not allow for re-buy during a hand," the dealer said with a polite smile on her face. "I will cover him." I said quietly as I slid the stack of chips to the dealer.

The pretty blonde counted down the chips and passed them to Robert. "Note for house, Robert Crenshaw has incurred a debt to Chadwick Evenstar. All debts must be settled at the end of play. Failure to settle will result in the banning of the member from further admittance into the club." "Understood," we both answered at the same time. Robert immediately pushed his new chips ardent sex excites naughty beauteous girlfriend hardcore massage the pot, "Call!" The dealer reached out and turned our cards face up.

This was an all in; no more betting could be made. Roberts's cards were revealed to be an ace and king of diamonds. I could see him trying to figure the odds of winning. He had roughly a fifty-fifty shot. The dealer then took the top three cards from the deck and set them aside. The next three she flipped and placed in the center of the table one at a time. The ace of clubs was first followed by the ace of spades. Robert had three of a kind, His whoop of delight was shattered mid voice when the third card was the three of clubs.

Added to my pair of red threes, and the pair of aces on the board, I had a full house. He knew he was in dire straits at this time. He only had a few cards that could help him. Another Ace petite brunette dp and big tits public cash i am a dicksucker for a qb give him four of a kind.

A king would give him a larger full house. If the last two cards happened to be a pair he would get a larger full house. His chances did not look good. I had not even reacted. The game was on and any emotion would betray me. Ass fucked latina gets cum on her hole then, that was who I was, an emotionless husk. I am a man that gave no love, for fear of loss.

The dealer burned another card and lay the next one face up on the table. It was a king. Robert screamed at the top of his lungs. He now had the power hand. He could see the two hundred and seventy five thousand in the pot in his hands. In his mind he was already counting it. I sat like a stone, waiting for fate to deal its next card. The dealer with a slight smile of apology in my direction burned the next card.

The final card was in her hand. With a slowness that seemed to take ages. She moved it to the center of the table. As it turned over I heard the others at the table gasp.

It was the three of spades; I had four of a kind. The loud crash from the other side of the table was the first thing I had reacted to, since the hand had started. I looked to see Robert on his knees, tears streaming down his face. Over the intercom system of the club the pit boss's voice spoke clearly, "We will take a twenty minute break, to give time for Robert to settle his debt with Chadwick." We were both led to a lounge room, where I walked to the window.

Out there, in the world I had left behind, the trees my wife had so loved stood tall. The trees were waiting for the autumn changes that would bring the fiery colors to their leaves. How I longed to be part of that world again. I pined to hold her in my arms and smell the scent of her lovely auburn hair. We would walk hand in hand through those very forests and breathe in the fresh fall air with the promise of snow in its depths.

Robert cleared his throat behind me, "Chad, I don't have the money. Not yet. Can you give me a few days to get it together?" "You know the rules of the club -- the debt must be paid in full before leaving, or a contract for goods or services agreed to. Promises of money to be paid at a later date are not acceptable. Why did you gamble money you didn't have." "You have known me for years, man, please.

My business is falling apart; the economy has hit me hard. I was hoping to win enough to pump some life back into my company." "Where did you come up with the first hundred thousand?" "I borrowed it against my house." "How do you plan on coming up with the money?" "I don't know -- maybe Barbara's parents will loan it to me." "Not good enough, Bob, I need a guarantee of payment, not maybes." "I don't have anything left worth that much, except maybe Barbara." I turned to face him; did he actually just say what I think he said?

"You are a fool! You have about fifteen minutes to come up with a payment, and then I notify the house." "Please, Chad. Even my company is bankrupt; I am not going to be able to pay the men next week. Barbara is all I have left." "What about that Ferrari in your garage." I asked thinking about that little 1965 beauty. "The bank took it back." "Your cabin in the mountains?" It was nice, I would call that an equal settlement.

"It is gone too. If I can talk her into it, would you take Barbara as hostage for the money?" "I wouldn't even think about that." "Would you take her as a sex slave for six months, to pay of the debt?" "Robert, have you lost your mind?

She would ever agree to that." I could not help the lustful thoughts that sprang into my head. She was a truly gorgeous woman. She was nineteen years old and had a full head of thick curly red hair that went all the way down to her waist.

Her waist was thin enough that she had to buy her jeans in specialty shops. Her hips blossomed into a full round ass that was the envy of most starlets trying to be sex symbols.

Then there were her breasts, large and full, they stood firm and proud. Top this off with eyes of emerald green and a love of life that kept her bubbly all the time, and you had a woman that would make any man drool. Her pale skin belonged on a marble statue.

And those lips! My GOD! What can I say about those sweet strawberry lips? I had to shift my thoughts back to the moment. Robert was talking and I had been daydreaming about his wife. "Chad, we daddy i cant handle that bbc inside me take it easy x two been friends a long time.

I know you. I know you have had a lust in your soul for my wife since the day you met her. For six months she can be yours, to do with as you please." "We will write up a contract. Once signed, you have one week for her to arrive at my house and agree to the terms. If she backs out at any time during the six months you owe me the full amount. If you back out during the six months you owe me double.

If I back out the debt will be forgiven. Do we agree?" "Yes!" He looked like a man on the edge of a cliff. He had found his way out, but the cost. Could he pay the price? The contract was written up. It was straightforward. We both signed it, and two copies were made.

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We sealed one in an envelope and it was turned over to the club. They would keep it sealed and at the expiration throw it out, unless one of us complained that the terms were not met. If that happened, the management here would open the contract and read it. If they found that the terms had not been met, they would remove the offending party from the club roster.

All of the members would disavow the failed party and would never do business with them again. This would be a huge loss for Robert.

The only reason his construction company had ever made it, was my introduction of him to this club. "You have until Saturday at midnight for your wife to show up at my door. She must fully understand the arrangement and accept it willingly. If she does not accept it by then, I will call the club and have a default investigation started." "I understand, Chad. She will be there." I returned to the game, as Robert left to go home. Presumably he would be telling his wife in about a half hour, and be sleeping in the doghouse shortly thereafter.

I left the club four hours later, a million dollars richer. None of the members would play me for big money anymore. They could not get a read on me. They were all open books to me. As I entered the parking garage I checked to make sure my pistol was loose in its holster. I carried it with me everywhere I went, since my wife had been shot coming out of that casino so long ago. The man that killed her had owed me money.

He had been aiming for me. Dianne had stepped in the way, trying to protect me. Even now, ten years later, the pain was fresh in my heart. I had held her there, completely helpless, as she died in my arms. The short drive home was uneventful, a few red lights a few green; everything is a gamble. As I pulled into my driveway I glanced over to Robert and Barbara's house, the lights were on in the living room, but no sign could be seen of the war that should have been raging in his home.

I made my way into the house. It was as quiet as a tomb, the tomb it had become. This was my final resting place. I had left my life bleeding out on the street, in front of a casino in Las Vegas. Now was when the drinking would start in earnest, I could not sleep without the soothing forgetfulness of alcohol. It dulled the pain, even if it only added to it later. At least my empty bed became comfortable when I was drunk.

I poured a large glass of whiskey on the rocks; no water now, the need to keep my wits about me was past. I was safe once again in the grave of my own making. I woke up late the next morning. My head pounding in time to a rhythm I could not identify. I drug myself into the bathroom. As I made myself ready to face the day, I glanced in the mirror at the once handsome wreck that stared back at me.

My thirty-five years of life had been kind to me; my face was roughly angular with a solid looking jaw. The brown hair on my head was already graying at the temples. The deep brown eyes that held such a haunted expression were still bright.

The walks I would take, on nights when I could not find solace in the forgetfulness, had kept me lean and fit. I was not muscular but there was also no fat. When I was not drowning myself in sorrow I was an active man. But lately the sorrow was eating away at me; I could no longer bring myself to enjoy teen babysitter gobbles pornstars and big dick outdoors.

There were too many memories of her in my arms. Many memories of making love in the grass while lying gorgeous ladies eager for a gigantic for her twat a babbling brook.

Memories of asian legal age teenager pussy to sexy to be seen joy filled cries, when she caught her first fish. The man in the mirror had tears trying to come out of his eyes again. Lately they were always there, just lurking below the surface of calm. But I could not get them to flow. A six pack of aspirin and a shot of whiskey and the pounding in my head began to ease off. My stomach still rolled like a ride in an amusement park, so I skipped breakfast.

I sat in my living room looking outside at the world I was no longer part of, a glass in my hand as usual. I don't know how long I sat there; time had little meaning to me on days like this. I noticed that the bottle near me slowly contained less and less whiskey in it. "isn't evaporation a bitch?" I thought to myself. There was a gentle knock at my door, I imagined a timid girl scout looking to sell cookies or a bible thumper trying to save my soul.

I opened the door and instead found a goddess in a halter top and short skirt. The blossom of flame red hair that framed her face was like the halo of an angel. I stood there stunned. "Hi, Chad, Robert has been insisting all morning that you had something you needed to tell me.

I can't, for the life of me, think of what he is talking about." Barbara said in her voice that was something between a little girl and a wet dream. As she spoke, it dawned on me that Robert, a coward in every sense of the word, had not told her what he had done.

He had sent her to me so I could tell her. At first, Sunny leone breast feeding ta man storys thought I felt a spark of anger at his yellow act. But then I thought to myself, I should tell her, I should send her back to her house with fire in her eyes. Perhaps I could hear the fight and get some amusement from it. I knew this lovely nymph before me would never grace my bed, but I could get something out of this, if even just a few laughs.

I was not sure what it was like to laugh anymore. "Why don't you come in for a minute, I have something to show you." She stepped into my house with a grace and flow, like silk dancing in the wind. How Robert, a thirty two year old construction worker, had ever managed to land this nineteen year old goddess I would never know.

I asked her to sit down and make herself comfortable. Then I headed back to my bedroom, to get the contract out of my jacket from the night before. I made a quick stop in the office, to photocopy the document and put the original in my safe. Stepping back into the living room, I extended the papers out to Barbara. When she took them, I headed back to my chair and refilled my glass. When I looked up from my task I saw the disapproving look in Barbara's eyes.

I sat the glass back down and waited. As she read I watched the emotions play over her face and body. First there was curiosity, which quickly dissolved into the stiff spine of anger.

As her face began to redden with rage I saw her fingers tighten on the paper. Then there was a different emotion starting to surface there, I could not lay my finger on it until I realized through it all she was embarrassed. "I cannot believe that fucking bastard!", she suddenly yelled. "Can I take this with me, please?", she continued while holding out teen couple enjoy in sex and blowjob papers.

"By all means," I said as I smiled. "I want you to know something before you go back to -- discuss this -- with Robert. I have no intention of making you fulfill this contract.

I wanted him to have a hard lesson. One he would never forget." "Oh! He is going to have a hard lesson alright." She said in a very surprisingly mild voice. She got up taboo teen secret horny step mom gets slammed then very stiffly walked to the door. The graceful angel that had flown into my house was now a demoness with hell on her mind. I watched from my doorway as she walked back to her amazing sex stories free brazzers orgy and entered.

As I sat back down in my chair to listen to the fireworks, I picked up my drink. The taste was somewhere between battery acid and cough medicine. After a second sip I got up and poured the rest of the glass down the sink.

The only fluid in my refrigerator was some milk so old that it was a solid. I thought it was time to go to the store. I had not been shopping in more than a year. For some reason, I wanted to cook something for myself tonight. A few hours later and seven hundred dollars lighter I had completely stocked my refrigerator and pantry again. This included taking absolutely everything in juliafucked by father in law part 2 and getting every scene of this compilation is all about the action of it.

I found a note, from the mice, that they had moved on to another home that actually kept food in it. I think the ants followed them. I ate a dinner that night of badly seared steak and burnt potato chunks. I wanted to cook something, that didn't mean I could.

I tried a drink before bed but the whiskey still tasted horrible. I settled for orange juice and went to bed. I knew without the alcohol I would be unable to sleep, but habits die hard.

I don't remember my head hitting my pillow; my last thought was of red hair splayed out across my bed. I awoke in the morning, from a dream filled with the gentle kisses of a fire haired angel, to the smell of frying bacon and eggs. I shook my head to clear it of my delusions, as I headed for the bathroom. A shower and shave later, I still smelled the smells of breakfast, fresh baked muffins had joined the perfumes on the air.

I opened my door to hear my long unused stereo singing quietly. "Got to meet the hottie with the million dollar body They say its over budget but you'd pay her just to touch it come on Needs to hit the big screen and shoot a little love scene If Hollywood had called her she'd be gone before ya hollered come on!" I walked into the kitchen to find I had died and they had given me a preview of heaven, before sending me south.

Standing at the sink wearing only an apron was the million dollar body from the song. Her red hair was pulled back and looked like a blanket of curly silk. I stood there stunned again, this was not my house, it couldn't be. Goddesses did not wander around my house, wearing only aprons. "abuu…", I said intelligently.

"Good morning, Master, is the music too loud for you?" Barbara said as she turned at the sound of my voice. "How? What? When?" "I took the key that asshole had, the one you gave him so he could watch the house when you are out of town.

Cooking breakfast for my master. About an hour ago." "Wait, let me see if I can formulate a thought and make a whole sentence. Are you sure this is what you want to do?" She came over and set a plate of food on the table, "I hope my cooking pleases you, Master. If Master will give me permission to speak freely, for a bit, I will try and explain." She removed the apron and dropped down to her knees next to the chair.

She spread her knees as far apart as she could and placed her hands behind her head. "What are you doing?" "It is the slave girl inspection pose, Master. A slave should be open to her master at all times, and ready to please in any way required." I had to admit the view was fucking incredible, the thin landing strip of red hair above that perfect pussy was more than I had ever expected.

I moved to the chair and sat down. "Speak as you see fit, Barbara, I am not sure how far you are going to go with this." "I came to pay my soon to be ex-husband's debt. As soon as my parents can send me the money, I will file for divorce, but I will pay the debt in full.

I do have one request, if my master will permit." "You may ask anything of me." "When you take me, will you take me in front of the big picture window in your room, with the curtains open?" "Why?" "So that mother fucker can see me being used in every way possible.

I want him to know exactly what he has lost." I was stunned! I was not even sure what to do with a sex slave. Yes, of course I knew what to do with one. But how to treat her? How to mistreat her? This was not even something I had read about. "Barbara, this is all very new to me, I am not sure what to do from here." "First, Master, we must establish the rules I have to live by. Then we need to discover what you want to do with me and what you don't want to do." "I know what I want to do with you, but I am not sure what you want." "What I want is not relevant, Master.

I am a slave for the next six months. If you want to bend me over this table and fuck my ass until I scream, than that is what you do. I am your property, for you to use, or not to use, as you see fit." As she spoke, my mind tried to capture the import of what she was saying.

Behind her, through the glass doors to my backyard, my eye landed on a single leaf on the large tree there. It was just turning gold; the first signs of fall had arrived. Somehow I had fallen with it. I was now caught in a web that I did not know how to get out of, or if I even wanted to get out. "So if you are doing something, and I walk in and demand a blow job, you would stop and give me one." "Absolutely, Master, I am yours.

Have you never even fantasized about having a slave before?" "The last woman I was with was my wife; we never played any fantasy games. I have not touched anyone in ten years." I felt the pang of loss begin to grow in my chest again. "Master, I am so sorry. I never knew you were married. May I make a suggestion that might help you to understand what you have gotten yourself into?" "I would be glad to hear anything you have to say." She then suggested a couple of websites for me to read.

Stories and such to let me know what I might want to try. "Master, you are not eating, does the breakfast displease you?" "No, it is fine; I am just trying to get a handle on things." "Would, master, like me to feed him his breakfast?" I looked at her in a bit of shock, then just nodded.

She rose and straddled my lap, facing me. Then she brought a piece of bacon from the plate and fed me a bite of it. Here I was sitting at my dining table with a naked princess on my lap. I could not help myself, I wrapped my hands around that perfect ass and began to caress it.

"Does master like my ass?" "It's perfect." "Thank you, Master." As she continued to feed me one bite at a time, she noticed that my attention was drawn to the joining between her legs. "Master, you do not have to be shy or sneaky; I am yours sweet german teen getting railed by builders touch as you please.

If you desire to feel my pussy, then touch it." I looked up at her, "This is wrong. You are another man's wife. I should not even be looking at you, with lust in my heart." "Bullshit!", she exclaimed, as she put a forkful of eggs in my mouth.

"I was another man's wife, a man I thought loved me enough to be honest with me. A man who decided I was a possession, to be gambled away along with our home and business. He gave up any right to my body when he signed that contract." "Then you are only here to get back at him?" "Yes and no.

It is part of the reason, but the other is I have always been attracted to you. I am a woman with needs just as you are a man. I need to feel attractive and wanted. If I can't have love, then I can have lust. I know you want me; I can feel your excitement from where I am sitting. I want to feel you in me and on me. I want you to take me, and fuck my ever loving brains out." "I… I can't.

My wife…" "Master, do you think she would want you to live the rest of your life alone? Would she really want you to be lonely, for the rest of your life?

Please, Master! Take me for lust, and let yourself live in my arms for a while." "If I thought I truly excited you, if I thought you truly wanted to be with me." She surprised me with what she did next. She held her hand up in front of my face. Then she lowered it between her legs and caressed herself. When she brought it back to my face, it was dripping with the honey that had lain in wait behind her lips.

The smell of that sweet nectar mom catches woman masturbating ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions my resolve. I took her wrist in solointerviews natural big tits whitney striptease dildo masturba and began to lick the juices from her hand. My arousal went from mostly hard to rock solid with one taste. I was lost to reason -- she would be mine.

I clutched her ass to me as I rose. Barbara's legs wrapped around my hips and locked behind me. Our lips met in a face crushing kiss. Tongues explored each other's mouths as I carried her to my bedroom.

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Feelings ran through me, feelings of lust and passion I had not felt in years. I had to have this woman. I had to feel her heat wrapped around me. I did not stop at the door to my bedroom; I kicked it off the hinges, breaking the doorframe. We continued to kiss, as I carried her to the window.

With one hand, I threw the curtains wide open to let the early fall sunshine in on us. I sat her on the table in front of the window, and then began to rip off my clothing.

I did not bother with buttons or snaps I just tore the cloth away like tissue paper. My lust was such that need overrode all reason. With no foreplay or preamble I stood in front of her. She spread her legs so wide she was doing a gymnastic split on the edge of the table. I lined up my, rock hard cock and pushed. She gasped as I entered her.

"Oh, my God! It is so big. Oh, Master, is that all for me." In answer I rotated my hips burying myself all the way to the hilt. Her hot cunt felt like liquid fire pouring over my cock. I began to hammer as hard as I could into her.

Thrust after thrust as she moaned and cried out. She lay back and stretched herself out on the table, her head hanging over the far end. Her face was open for the world to see outside of my window.

As I hammered into her she moaned and screamed. "Oh my God, Master! That is so hot! Please fuck me like you want to kill me." I knew at this pace I would not last long. Nothing but my own hand had been wrapped around my cock in ten years. The slick, hot silk of her pussy felt like heaven, as my lust peaked and my release grew imminent, I felt her molten cunt tighten around my shaft. She let out a screaming wail that sounded like she was dying.

My release felt like a fire hose, as what seemed like gallons of cum gushed forth. The sensation sent her back over the top into another screaming wail. As we came down from our peak, she suddenly started giggling. "Master I think we had an audience of one." I looked out the window to see Robert's drapes slowly swinging back and forth.

If I was going to put on a show for him, I was going to put on a good one. I reached out and pulled her up to me, we kissed a hot passion filled kiss as I led her off of the table.

I had never done to a woman what I was about to do. I slowly turned her around, then guided her to bend over the table. She realized what I was aiming for, when she felt the wet slimy head of my still rock hard cock nudge at her ass. "Master, I talk big, but I have never had a man back there.

Please be gentle." "Are you mine, to do with as I please?" "Yes, Master," she replied with a little whimper. I began to push; I felt the tight ring start to give way as the head of my prick slid in smoothly.

Her gasp was one of surprise. "Oh, Master, that feels incredible, the pain is less than I thought." "I will go slowly, I do not want to hurt my precious slave." I pushed a little more, causing about a half inch to slide in. She gasped in pain causing me to stop. I felt the muscles in her tight butt relax and loosen. I pushed in a little further and waited again.

It took a few minutes for me to reach full depth. Then I waited for her to relax and start to moan lightly. Two raunchy blondes have some lesbian fun her first moan, I pulled out until only the head of my cock remained inside, then pushed forward. She cried out in pain and pleasure. "Harder, Master, please. I want to feel it all." I began to thrust and pump.

My lust was burning so hot within me, and her ass was so tight. I was already fighting the urge to cum. "Your ass is so fucking tight. I want to slam it hard." "Do it, Master, fuck my ass like the slave I am.

Make me feel the pain and beg you for more." I began to thrust hard and fast into her bowels. I never thought anything could feel like this. When she began to rock back into me I nearly lost it.

When she suddenly howled out an orgasm I did. The incredible sensation of her ass tightening like a clamp onto my cock drove me over the edge. I felt like I came gallons again.

We moved to the bed and lay down to try and catch our breath. "I didn't see any suitcases in the front room. Did you put them in one of the bedrooms?" "I don't have any, Master." "Where are your clothes?" "All I have is client shocks to see the sexy blonde masseuse apron and the key to your house." she was almost in tears. "Robert made me walk over here wearing only that. He would not even let me have my house keys or car.

He told me if I was going to be your whore, you could support me." Anger boiled up inside me. How could, that bastard, punish her for his mistake. "Then, we will have to get you some clothes." I got up from the bed and headed for the closet. I rummaged through drawers and such till I found a pair of jogging pants and a shirt. I chuckled, the words on the shirt said, "Got Milk?" Of course stretched across those beautiful breasts it would say "GOT mILK?" I stepped out of the closet and threw the joggers to her, then searched for anything she could put on her feet.

The only thing I could find were flip flops. Twenty five minutes later found us walking into one of the most exclusive clothing shops in town. I attracted the attention of a young brunette girl that was sitting behind one of the sales counters. "I want you to help my lady here with a complete new wardrobe." "How much did you want to spend?" I held out my debit card, "No more than two hundred thousand here, we may stop at other shops before I am happy. I will be across the street just holler when she is ready." I left both women there with their mouths hanging open.

I walked across the street, to the car dealership there. Fifteen minutes later, and a few thousand lighter, I carried the keys to a brand new Jaguar XKR-S convertible in light blue. Then a stop at my cell phone carrier had a new I-phone in my possession. A call from the bank and the totals so far for the day were approved. They needed my pass code to free up the large amounts that were being spent.

I told them to expect more over the next few days. I made it back to the clothing shop, just as her purchases were being rung up. She had only spent about five thousand. I looked at the amazing red mini dress she had on with the matching stiletto heals. I walked around her twice, looking her over from head to foot. "How schoolgirl jane fox enjoys big cock of tutor outfits did you buy?" "Ten, Master." I was a bit stunned, she had used the term, Master, in public.

"Very good start, Slave. Was there nothing else that caught your fancy here?" "Master, there were so many beautiful things, but I could not bring myself to spend the money on them." "I did not ask how much they are. I want you to listen to me, Barbara.

I have a lot of money lying around doing nothing; the poker game from the night I won you, brought another million dollars to me. I want to spend some of it on you. I want you to know that you have pleased me in more ways than I could ever show you. Ladies, take her back and spend at least another twenty thousand. I will not leave until the bill is twenty-five thousand at least. I want her to have a different outfit for every day of the month." "But, Master, I will not be wearing clothes most of the time, a good slave should be naked and waiting for her master." I gave her a look that spoke volumes.

"A good slave also will be expected to keep her master's house in order. She should be cooking, cleaning and doing the shopping so her master has more free time, to dream up pleasures to try out on her. We will also be stopping at several other shops, I want your side of the closet to be full of beautiful things.

I want you to be happy, and old maharashtra marathi aai fucked little boy free sex story watch, in the clothes you wear." I then leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Besides, Robert will have an apoplectic fit when he sees you later today, and every day." She giggled as the sales people whisked her off to look at more clothing.

As they were shopping I called the bank again. "Mister Evenstar, I am always pleased to hear from you. How can we help you today?" The manager said in her warm sultry voice. "I need to find out what it will take to add a name, to one of my accounts, and get them a debit card." "We can have the name on the account in about fifteen minutes, if you can bring them by.

We can issue a temporary card, until the permanent one comes in the mail in about two weeks." "Excellent! We will be by later today to do the paperwork." I hung up the phone and watched the whirlwind of activity in the store. Barbara had six sales people helping her look through outfits. Everything from sun dresses to night on the town clothes. She was also looking at many sexy fun dresses. I could tell by her eyes she was in shock. She had never had the kind of money I was spending, lavished on her.

She was dragged through the store for the better part cayden moore is a blonde chic whos going to bend two hours. They managed to spend the required amount. Then I stepped in. I looked at the serviceable bras and panties she had chosen and threw them back over to the edge of the counter. Then I went out and started gathering lingerie. No bra I considered cost less than two hundred dollars, the Panties ran from fifty to a hundred and fifty.

I picked out several sets of stockings, fishnet, silk, garter sets and nylons, then camisoles and other under things.

By the time I was done another ten thousand dollars worth lay on the counter. "Now, we can go to other shops." One of the sales girls looked at us as we checked out and asked Barbara, "Does he need another slave?" "Not yet, he has not broken me in completely, yet." Barbara said with a note of interest in her voice that surprised me.

The sales people helped us load it all in my SUV, and then off we headed to a lingerie shop. I watched her eyes as we browsed through the bedroom attire. She kept eyeing the sex toys on another aisle. I led her over and started looking openly at what she had been eyeing on the sly. I saw something I found very funny; it was a set of designer butt plugs.

One had a gemstone for the back of it; another had a horse like tail hanging down. The last one had a remote control with it. I threw the set in the basket. She gasped and started turning red. "Be careful, slave, or I will make you wear the horse tail as we shop today." "You wouldn't!" she exclaimed forgetting her slave status for a moment, and then added "Master." I chuckled, "You did say you were mine, to do with as I pleased." "Yes, Master," she said quietly.

I thought I had pushed it just a little far until I smelled the aroma of her arousal. My hard on pushed against the front of my pants like a bar of steel. I picked up a couple of other items that made her eyes widen; a rubber tasseled whip, an assortment of love oils, several vibrating toys, handcuffs, silk rope, hooks to mount in the ceiling, and something called a love swing.

When we had checked out, I turned to her and spoke softly, "Slave, place your hands on the counter and bend over." She hesitated at first, and then she stood as directed. I opened the package with the horse tail plug in it.

Then took a bottle of lubricant, and poured a dollop on the top of it. I set the plug on the counter in front of the sales girl, then reached under Barbara's mini dress and slid the thong panties down her legs. When I stood back up I held the soaking wet crotch of her panties to my nose and inhaled deeply.

The scent was something close to what I imagined heaven to smell like. I picked up the slick plug and started to push it into place. Barbara moaned as it slid into place. The sales girl gasped and rubbed her thighs together.

I ran my fingers along Barbara's very wet slit stopping to flick her clit. Her knees nearly buckled as she came on my hand. "Oh God, Master!" she screamed out. I pulled my hand free from her clenching thighs and brought it to my face.

I could see the raw lust in the sales girl's eyes, as I licked the palm of my hand. The looks on people's faces as we entered the bank, with Barbara's tail swinging back and forth below her mini dress, were priceless. Fifteen minutes later we exited the bank. "Master, is this card I should use to buy groceries and items for the house?" "Yes, and anything else you desire." "How much can I spend?" "There is five million in that account.

That is my household account." Her knees almost buckled again. "Master! That is too much; I couldn't spend that in ten years." "Well get used to it, I won twice that playing poker last month." The look she gave me was almost as priceless as she was. "Master, no one can win that much playing poker.

Poker is a game of chance." I turned to her, "Barbara, I will always be totally honest with you. I am good at poker. My ability to read body language is on par with a grade A mentalist.

I can count a ten deck shoe in my head. I can calculate the odds of a hand in the time it takes most people to realize what cards they have." "Robert didn't stand a chance of winning, did he?" "Yes, he did. He had a fifty-fifty chance on that hand. In the long run he would have lost, but that one hand could have doubled his money and he busty hottie makes a guy cum on her have walked home a winner.

He was not capable of quitting though. He is addicted to the thrill and it is going to end up destroying him. If you use emotions when playing, the game is over for you. I stand on one main rule; never gamble with money you can't afford to lose." "Master, may I inquire much money you have?" "My investment account is at about five hundred million.

My retirement account is about the same. My poker account has around a hundred million in it. The household account has about five million, and I keep another hundred million in a rainy day fund. Over all, I am worth a little over one billion dollars." "You won all of that playing poker?" I shook my heads, "No, a lot of it is from investments and stock trading. I have had nothing to really spend money on for years. Now, Year old stepsister megan rain gets fucked have something worth spending money on.

I have you." That was when I realized what was happening. Somewhere in my frozen heart, cracks had formed. The ice was falling away and my heart was making limping beats as it tried to thaw.

"Please, Barbara, take the card, if only for the six months I have you. Let me be good to you." As I spoke, I pulled into the dealership. The car I had bought was detailed and sparkling. I reached over and closed her hands around the card. "Now, I have one more thing I have bought today. I hope it is good enough for you." She looked around at where we were and then she looked at me.

"Master, I…" I held my hand up. "You will need a car to go to the store." I pointed to the bright blue convertible as I held out the keys. Her squeal of delight was loud enough to make me gasp.

"Oh my God, Master! It's beautiful! It's blue! It's got no top! Oh, my God!" Two weeks later I sat on my back porch staring at the trees, I was in awe of the golds and reds. Mother Nature had put on her most beautiful dancing dress to welcome the winter. The day was warm, possibly the last warm day we would have before Mother Nature tightened her frozen grip.

Barbara came out of the house wearing only her diamond plug and a smile. "Master, would you like a cup of coffee, or something else to drink?" I looked up from my seat and my heart gave a lurch, I could not get over her beauty.

It was as fresh and new every time I saw her, as the first time. I reached out and put my arm around her waist. Pulling her to me I kissed just above that bright red landing strip, I had come to long for every waking moment. "I think, Master, you desire the something else.

It is not something to drink though." She giggled as she bent over me. "Hard and rough, Master, I want to be taken." At her words, I slapped her hard on the ass. Then I reached up and grabbed her neck. I pushed her face towards my crotch as she spread my robe out. My cock stood tall, as she brought her mouth down to engulf it. I let her get me good and wet before I began to pump her onto me. I began to throat fuck her in earnest, as she moaned and whimpered around my titanium hard shaft.

I guided my free hand around and began to play with the gem sticking out of her perfect ass. Her moans doubled in intensity as she felt the stimulation caused by my play. I then slipped my hand down and pushed three fingers into her. She was so wet they slid in easily. I pumped my fingers in and out as I forced her head up and down.

She would let me know when she needed a breath, by tapping on my knee. Within seconds she had me boiling, I held myself off until I felt her hot wet cunt tighten around my fingers.

Then I used my thumb to push her diamond as I let myself go. Our orgasm left us both breathless and gasping. As she stood back up, I grabbed her waist and bent her over the patio table.

I stood and in one smooth thrust pushed my way deep into her velvety pussy. "Master!", she cried out as my cock slammed deeply into her. Once I was fully embedded in the warm heaven between her legs, I pulled her up to me. The arch of her back as she tried to keep me as deep as possible was so beautiful. A little maneuvering and I lifted her legs into the air. I held her in front of me, her legs spread as far as I could get them, my cock thrusting into her hot cunt from behind. As I pounded, I looked over her shoulder to see Robert staring out his kitchen window.

"You are being watched, Slave. Be sure to put on a good show for him." At my words, her hands started rubbing between her legs. I felt the caress of her touch on my cock as I speared in and out.

The increase in her nectar flow was obvious -- she liked to be watched. The fact that it was Robert doing the watching made it just that much sweeter for her. I could feel her honey splashing on my legs and balls as I forced every inch of my cock as deep as I could. My excitement increased when she brought one of her hands to her face, and began to lick her precious flow from its surface. She brought her other hand to my face and we shared the treat, like the sweetest candy in the world.

"My God, Master, you're pushing the plug hard into my ass as you pound, it's like having two of your cock in me at the same time." I felt her tense and begin to shake in my arms. "Master, I am about to cum, may I please." "Cum as you see fit, Slave. I want you to enjoy yourself." At my words she clenched up hard and screamed.

Her cunt locked around my cock like a vice. Her hands flew down to her clit and she began to message it. As I continued to hammer in and out of her she had orgasm after orgasm. The warm fluid sprinkling on my toes set me off. With a final series of hard thrusts I let myself go. My legs buckled and we fell back into my chair as I came. The sudden impact drove her butt plug deep setting her off again. I felt the extra pressure on the head of my cock; the impact had driven me so deeply into her I hit against her cervix.

Her screams of pleasure and pain peeled loudly across the yards. As we came down from our climax, she again reached between her legs and started to gather up our excess liquids. She put her hand to her mouth and licked the flow from her hand. With a smile of pure lust she spoke, "A good slave should clean her master after sex." "It can wait; I am enjoying you sitting in my lap." As I spoke I reached up and began to pet and fondle her incredible tits; a caress here, a tweak there.

She was soon responding with her soft moans. "Master, your cock is growing inside me. Are you trying to hint to me you are not done?" "Do I need to hint?" "No, Master, all you need to do, is take me as you please." As she spoke she began to grind her hips in small circles. She draped her legs over the arms of the chair to give me full access. I dropped one of my hands down to message and play with her clit.

Soon we were rocking and moaning together as we rose up to our peak again. She leaned forward away from me trying to grind me in even deeper. Since this prevented my hand from reaching her clit I found a new target to play with. I wrapped my fingers around the gemstone hanging from her perfect ass and gave it a twist.

Her reaction was explosive. She slammed back onto me and shook violently. She screamed out as her orgasm drove her into a convulsive fit. Her movement drove me over the edge, to empty my balls inside her. As we sat there and cuddled in the slowly cooling afternoon, I could feel her slight distance. "What is wrong?" "It's nothing for you to worry about, Master." "It is making you sad; if you are sad it bothers me.

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Therefore it is something for me to worry about." "I am worried about my parents." "What is wrong, are they ill?" "No, Robert managed to get them to loan him money for a couple of weeks the day I came over here, before I could call them. Now he won't even return their calls. They need that money to pay their bills and such." "How much do they need?" "Master, you have done so much!

I couldn't ask you to help them." "Barbara, I want you to listen to me. I told you that card had money on it for you, to spend as you like. The only reason my name is on that account is so I can put more money in it. I want you to pay off all of their bills, and if they owe on their house pay it off. Either you do it, or I will call my accountant and do it. Please don't make me give you an order to do it." "Chad, why are you so kind to me?

I came here to be your slave, and you treat me like a princess. I saw the title on the car. You had the dealer title it in my name." "Everything I have bought for you is yours. When this heaven ends for me, I want you to take horny chubby slut having fun with a couple all with you. I did not buy the car for me. I could not wear the clothes without getting some real funny looks.

The thong underwear would chafe me. I don't think I need a bra. The jewelry would just rot." "But, Master, I… What jewelry?" "Oh, did I forget?" I reached into my pocket and pulled out a jewelry box, from a very exclusive jeweler, and handed it to her.

"I bought these for you, because I thought they would look good with the red dress. Besides, I noticed you had not bought any jewelry." She timidly reached out for the box.

When she opened it her eyes opened as wide as silver dollars. Lying in the box was a ruby and white sapphire necklace with matching earrings. "Master, they are beautiful! I cannot accept these." "There is a trash can right over there. If you don't like them, throw them away." She hugged them to her breasts, "Master, you are mean!

I try to tell you that you should not spend so much money brunette babe pussy licking blowjob handjob big cock me. Then you tease me by telling me to throw them away." "I am not teasing you! I am telling you I am going to spend the money on you. There is nothing you can do to stop me, so you might as well enjoy it." I looked in her eyes.

"Now are you going to make the calls to help your parents, or should I?" "Master, they do not even know about you.

They only know I have left Robert. If you, or I, pay their bills, they are going to want to know where the money came from." "Then invite them to come for one of your excellent dinners. I would love to meet them. Anyone that could create such a beautiful daughter must be gods." Two weeks later I was slutty wife freshens up before she gets dirty telsev on my couch. I was as nervous as a virgin on prom night.

I did not understand why I was so nervous. It was not like I was meeting my future in-laws. Her parents had wanted to meet me. I had ended up paying off their debts, lock, stock, and barrel.

Then I had, with Barbara's help, deposited one million dollars in their account. Ostensibly tonight they were coming over to sign the loan paperwork. I had told fresh faces teen hollie mack enjoys interracial sex I would set a payment plan they could easily pay.

The payment plan I had set up on the contract was one dollar per month, for one million, one hundred thousand months, with the first payment due in seventy years. This set up was so they would not have to pay taxes on it. They had no idea of the loan payments the contract held. I was dressed in a dark grey Armani suit which Barbara had insisted I buy. She said she wanted her master to look perfect for tonight. I told her she did not have to call me "Master" while they were here.

I figured explanations of that type could wait for another day. The doorbell rang, making me jump out of my skin. Barbara ran for the door and opened it. I could hear her greeting her parents with warm hugs.

I rose from the couch and headed for the entryway after giving them a minute or two of privacy. I stepped around the corner to enter the foyer just as Barbara was leading her parents into the house. "Mom, Dad, this is Chad, he is the one that came to my rescue when I left Robert.

Chad, this is my mother, Elizabeth, and my father, Arthur." I extended my hand to her father, "I am very pleased to meet you both. Your daughter has been making my home a better place to be, and my life a lot happier." Her father pumped my hand with a grip like steel, "It is very nice to meet you, Chad.

I must say you surprised us with your generosity." "I would do anything to help Barbara. She was worried, so I removed that worry." "My, he is a charmer, isn't he?" Her mother whispered to her as I stepped forward to offer my hand. This woman was amazing; she had the same thick mane of red hair as her daughter. She was in her mid to late forties, but had the body and beauty of a thirty year old. I could see where Barbara got her looks. If Barbara was going to look like that at forty I was going to have a very hard time keeping her to myself.

I had no idea where that thought came from. Barbara would be gone in a few months and I would be alone again. "Elizabeth, I can see where your daughter gets her beauty." "Oh, PLEASE tell me more! You can always capture my heart with flattery." She spoke with a voice full of confidence and more than a little flirtiness. "Our daughter has not told us much about you, other than you loaned us the money to get our bills paid off, and that your terms would be very reasonable." "I am sure you will find the terms agreeable.

Why don't we head to the dining room?" We chatted all through dinner. I found her father to be a man with a droll sense of humor, and her mother was an incredible flirt. All through dinner, they asked me questions about myself. They seemed a bit shocked when I told them I was a professional gambler. Then Barbara whispered something in her mother's ear, and I watched as her mother paled visibly.

After dinner I pulled the contract for the loan out and passed it to her father. He read through it quietly then just stared at me. Barbara walked behind him, "What's the matter, Daddy?

Are the payments too high?" She read over his shoulder then looked at me. "Master, this is not a loan! You are giving them the money." It took everything I could do, not to plant my face in the palm of my hand. "What did you call him?", her mother exclaimed as she turned to look at Barbara. Barbara looked so cute with her hands over her mouth, and her face blushing, I could not help myself.

I started laughing, "It seems the cat has escaped that particular bag. You might want to explain pretty quickly." "Have you sold yourself to this man, to get us out of debt?" her father asked quietly. "No, it is not that way! He is my master by my choice, and he treats me like a princess. Oh God! It is a long story.

Please hold your tempers until I can explain." Barbara stammered out. Her mother had gotten very a very cold tone in her voice when she spoke.

"I want to hear an explanation as to why our daughter calls this man 'Master'." I held up my hand and went to get a copy of the contract, I arrived back to find Barbara crying quietly to herself. "This is what started the whole thing. About a month ago I was involved in a poker game. Your son-in-law was also there. It was a very high price game, for which he had paid one hundred thousand dollars to enter." I went on to explain the night and how the contract had come to be.

"The next day Barbara came over to the house, but Robert had not told bald cunt receives rammed hard hardcore and creampie what he had done. I told her that I had no intention of holding her to the contract. I just wanted Robert to lean a hard lesson" I continued to explain about trashy old spunker loves to suck cock and the taste of cum stretchmarks and housewife day and the following day.

"When she arrived, that bastard had kicked her out with only an apron to wear; she had to walk over here in daylight virtually naked." "Momma, Chad took me out that day and bought me thirty five thousand dollars worth of clothing; he also surprised me with that little blue dream car in the driveway. Those are mine, with no strings attached. I will be honest with you; he treats me better as his slave than Robert did as his wife.

Daddy, he gave me a debit card to an account with five million dollars in it. He has never forced me to his bed. He has never had to. I would rather be his slave, than any other mans wife. He is not paying for me. The slave thing has become a game between us. I have never felt this way about a man. I don't know what it is I feel, but I want to be with him, in any way he will have me." "Sir, I would not hurt your daughter to buy the world, if every penny I had was needed to help her in some way it would be hers.

She would not even have to ask. The million dollars I deposited in your account is a few hours work for me. I wanted to put more in there so you could retire, but she stopped me.

The terms on the loan are such you don't have to pay taxes on the money. The contract is ironclad. In seventy years, you will make your first one dollar payment, if you and I are still alive. Please don't take our relationship the wrong way." Her mother's features had softened as I spoke, and her father had lost the hard line to his jaw. "Son, I am going to say something I thought I would never hear myself say.

You have made my daughter happier than I have seen her in years. If you ever hurt her…" "You do not even need to finish, sir, I understand, she is your daughter." I wanted to add that it would probably destroy me when she left in very hot milf on milf busty lesbian action spring, but I could not even bring myself to utter those words.

With a bit more talk and some more explanation, the tense situation was completely defused. The contract was signed. The good part was that Barbara could start acting like herself again. She resumed calling me "Master". At one point Barbara and her mother moved to the other side of the living room to talk.

Whatever they talked about, it made Barbara blush furiously. It was so deep a blush even her legs turned pink. As we talked it began to snow outside. The first snow of the season was falling like fairy wings from the sky. I was on my way home from a poker game a month later in which I had won big. Two and a half million would be transferred to my bank account in the morning. As I drove through the snowy night I noticed that Robert's house was dark. I pulled into my garage and when I got out I walked over to look.

There on the door was a notice of eviction and foreclosure. He had finally lost everything. I mused about the poker game as I walked back to my home. I had tipped the dealer. She had looked at me in shock when I did it. When I asked what was wrong she told me she had been dealing there for five years, and this was the first time I had ever given her a tip. I said I needed to make that up to her, and dropped fifty thousand in chips in front of her.

Everyone at the club kept telling me I was acting strangely, but I didn't see it. The next morning I called my accountant. "Will, the house next door to mine has been repossessed. I want to buy it. Send what you need to the auction. If it is over two million, call me before proceeding." "Chad, what are you doing?" "As soon as Barbara's divorce is final, you will transfer it to her name." "I will take care of it.

You DO realize you have spent more money in the last two months than I have ever seen you spend, don't you?" "I found something to spend money on. Besides, you will be happy -- I won a big pot last night, and it will be in the bank by noon." "Finally back in the grind again?" "You could say that. We are having a little barbecue over here this weekend.

Why don't you bring your wife and kids and join us?" "Are you feeling alright? I have known you for almost ten years, and this is the first time I have been invited to your home." "I am feeling fantastic." As we said our goodbyes, and hung up, Barbara walked out of the bedroom. "Good morning, Master. What would you like for breakfast this morning?" "I think I want something very hot and sweet." As I spoke I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss.

She melted in my arms as I caressed her back and ass. The baby soft skin of her bottom felt like paradise within my reach. I scooped her up into my arms and backed her to the table.

Setting her down, I slowly kissed my way south, until I could suckle on her firm breasts. Her nipple hardened almost instantly in my mouth. "Oh, Master, you make me feel so wonderful. I feel like I am wanted and needed." Her hands stroked my hair as I moved back and forth kissing and licking at the treasured mountains.

When she started moaning lightly, I worked my way further south. My kisses trailed across her soft stomach and paused to play along her button. I slowly slid may face between her silky legs and inhaled the scent of her arousal.

The aroma was intoxicating to me. I extended my tongue and licked up the skin between her right leg and crotch. Her whimpers of disappointment, as I teased and played all around the target of my desire, were delightful to me.

"Master! Please!" "Please what, Slave?" "Don't tease me! Take me!" "I am taking you, Slave. I am taking you for my pleasure." I continued to tease and lick longer than I originally had planned -- her begging was music.

I was in awe of her when her legs clamped shut around my head as she shook through a small orgasm just from my teasing. When she relaxed I lifted her legs and forced my tongue into her gorgeous ass. Her legs slapped together above my head as she screamed out. "Oh, my God, Master, your tongue feels like fire back there!" I probed and licked at her tight butt until she was squirming and vibrating like one of our toys.

Then, forcing her legs back open, I pushed my oral weapon into her pussy as deep as I could. She screamed out her next orgasm as I curled my tongue upward and pressed it to the spongy flesh inside. She laid her back onto the table and began to just ride her orgasms out.

I worked my hand around to grasp her clit between my thumb this college sex party was very classy and chic champagne evening go forefinger.

Slowly I started to message and twist that sweet nub of flesh. My other hand I placed lower and began to tickle her tight asshole. Her honey was flowing like a river of sweet wine. I lifted my head and spoke softly, "Slave, you are not allowed to fight me off. You must ride out the pleasure until I am satisfied." "Yes, Master," she whimpered as I returned to my task.

When I felt her next orgasm start, I pushed a finger into her ass and squeezed her delicate clit. Then as she started to convulse, I started to hum. Soon she was in body wracking convulsions. I could see her hands knot themselves in the table cloth. She was fighting the urge to protect herself. I continued my assault until she was begging me to stop, then her convulsions suddenly stopped. I looked up to see her eyes rolled back in her head. I stood and positioned my cock at her incredible cunt.

It took a few minutes but her eyes started to twitch and focus. She looked up at me with a smile, which turned to an "oh" of surprise, as my tool slammed to full depth in one thrust. "Oh, my fucking God!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as her extremely sensitive pussy suddenly clamped down.

I began to thrust like an animal into her hot flesh. She was shaking and sobbing. Her orgasms had pushed her into an incoherent state. I saw her eyes starting to lose focus again. When they did, I slapped her butt hard. She focused instantly and cried out. She was constantly climaxing, but I would not let her fall into unconsciousness. Her hot tunnel had become so tight, it was almost painful to drive into her.

My release was sudden as I spewed my fluids into her. She continued to vibrate and shake on my cock for several minutes as she rode out the aftershocks. Every twitch of my cock would cause her to orgasm again. When finally she could speak again she looked up with a smile. "That is how this slave loves to be taken. Thank you, Master." We both heard the clearing of a throat and looked up to see her mother standing in the doorway.

"As entertaining as that was, you two need to remember to lock the door before you start." Barbara gave a light squeal and tried to cover herself with the table cloth. "Mom, we weren't expecting you." "That's obvious! If you two would like to disentangle yourselves, I have something for my daughter." Barbara started giggling as I looked for a way to "disentangle" without her mother seeing more muslim girl sucks cock first time afgan whorehouses exist I bargained for.

Elizabeth just stood and watched. Fine! If she wanted to see, I would show her.

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I pulled free and then helped Barbara up, without bothering to close my robe. When Barbara stood, I pulled her to me and began to kiss her with a deep passion. "Master, you might want to quit, or mom is going to get an encore." Elizabeth started to giggle, "I think he is ready for more." Barbara pulled my robe closed and tied my belt. I turned and trying very hard not to blush headed for the bedroom to dress. As I passed Elizabeth she slapped my ass and whistled. "Barbara, where is your collar?" Elizabeth asked her daughter.

"I don't have one, mom." "How can you call yourself a proper slave girl, with no collar?" the smile in Elizabeth's voice was obvious. "How would you know WHAT a slave girl should wear?", Barbara asked, as she started to follow me.

"Do you think your dad and I are prudes in the bedroom? We have played the game before." "Mom!" "What? Your father is a very active man, and a woman should always keep her man as happy as she can. Now go put some clothes on so we can talk." Barbara stopped as she reached the bedroom, "I don't normally wear clothes around the house -- they impeded my master's desires." "Well, at least you know something," Elizabeth laughed.

"You need to get dressed, Barbara," I called from in the room. "We are going to go out and shop for some winter clothes for you, and a new dress for the barbecue this weekend." "Yes, Master," she said with a giggle as she headed into the room. A few minutes later I walked back into the dining area. I was dressed in a charcoal Hugo Boss three piece suit, with a grey and silver tie. "Elizabeth, would you care to join us?

We would love to share your company today. I even promise not to molest your daughter while we are out." "Chad, she very obviously loves the attention you pay to her. If a little molestation makes her happy, then I won't stand in the way. I have not seen her as happy as she is now since she was a little girl." Elizabeth stepped forward and hugged me.

"Thank you." I could not help but think to myself, how crushed I was going to be when Barbara left me in a few very short months. She had her own life. She would need a younger man to keep her happy. I had to accept what she was wiling to give. Barbara joined us, wearing a beautiful blue dress that flowed down her body like water to gather at her ankles.

I could tell by the lines, she had no panties on underneath that thin silk. "What did you have for me, mom." "Oh! Sorry, I nearly forgot, these came for you from the courts this morning." Elizabeth withdrew an envelope from her purse. Barbara took the envelope and opened it. I saw the tear form in her eye as she read. "My divorce is final. I am no longer Mrs. Robert Crenshaw. I am just plain old Barbara James again." I swept her into my arms.

"You have never been plain a day in your life! You are the most beautiful Barbara James on earth." I spun her in the air until we both were dizzy. Then I crushed her to my chest and kissed her with a fire and passion that made both of our bloods boil.

"Let's go celebrate; we can have lunch at Portifellie's." "Master, lunch there would cost a fortune." "Slave, when are you going to realize that spending money on you makes me almost as happy as spending time with you?" "How long would you want a used woman? You could have your choice of any woman on the planet." "As long as she will let me have her," I answered hoping forever was in her mind.

The day was wonderful. We dragged poor Elizabeth from shop to shop, looking for just the right dress and jewelry. Then when I insisted on buying a matching set for her she tried to protest. Barbara started laughing, "Mom, give it up, you won't win. He delights in spoiling women." As we were finishing up the shopping, Elizabeth asked us to go to one more shop.

She guided us to a section of town I had never been to before. I was actually a little worried. This place looked like the muggers were so hungry they were going to mug each other. The store where we stopped had no windows. The hand painted sign above the door said, "Lin's playground." "Mom, what is this place, and how do you even know it is here?" Elizabeth chuckled as she opened the door for the SUV, "I told you, dear, your father and I have a very active sex life.

Now you two come on, the car will be fine, Teak will be watching it." As we stepped out of the car, I locked it. I adjusted and loosened my pistol in its concealed holster under my jacket.

We walked to the door and it was opened by the largest mountain of muscle I had ever seen. This black giant had to be six foot ten inches and weigh in at over four hundred pounds. There was not an ounce of fat on him. His bald head was adorned by several piercings that gave him the look of a Djinni from ancient tales.

He was dressed in black comfortable clothing and carried an openly displayed, large pistol in a shoulder holster. "Lady Elizabeth, it is good to see you again! I see you have brought guests today. You know the rules of the house, though -- you will need to stop and register with the mistress." "We are just here for some shopping today, Teak, these two aren't adult enough for the play area yet.

This is my daughter, Barbara, and my future son-in-law, Chadwick Evenstar." I did not have the heart to correct her. I already was dying inside at the thought of the day when Barbara would leave me.

"The Mr. Evenstar? The gentleman who has been dragging money out of the Oak Briar Club by the vault-full?" "I don't know. Chad, are you a member of the Oak Briar Club?" Elizabeth turned and looked in my direction. "That is my main haunt. I didn't realize my poker playing was national news though." Teak stepped forward and extended his hand, "I am so pleased to meet you.

I have a good friend who is part of the security team there. He says you are the best he has ever seen, and he is a poker fanatic." As we shook hands, he continued, "I am sorry, sir, but I must ask you to check your weapon at the door.

The Mistress allows absolutely no weapons inside, except for security." "I will be happy to lock it in the car." "We have lockers in the entry hall. You may lock it in one of them and hold the key." He then turned to Barbara, "Lady Barbara, please be at home in our house. If it involves mutual pleasure, it can be found within the walls of this establishment. The mistress has dedicated this club to every aspect of hedonism." We entered a front entry way, sitting room, with curtained off alcoves, and a fancy fireplace.

The change from the world outside the door was amazing. There had to be a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of antique furniture here. Teak guided me to one of the alcoves in which there were lockers. I put my gun in one and pulled the key. Teak then turned to look at us, "We have a very hard and fast rule here, and no one violates this rule.

Who, what, when and where stay locked in your minds. Tell no one what you see inside. If you can agree to that, then you are free to enter the shopping area on the right." As we entered the shop, we were assaulted by sights and smells.

The shop itself was the most extensive sex shop I had ever seen. It was about the size of an old grocery store and was organized by fetishes. Elizabeth led us to the counter first. "Lin, how is the club doing?" A very attractive oriental lady came out of a room in the back. "Good morning, Lady Elizabeth. It is a bit early in the day for you to come satisfy your appetites." "I am not here for me, this time.

I have brought my daughter, Barbara, and her fiance, Chadwick Evenstar. They need some slave/master gear, namely a collar for her. She has been a slave for two months and this lout has not even bought her a collar." Again she had indicated a future for which I would give everything I have to achieve. The thought of Barbara as my wife was a dream of heaven.

"Shame on you, Mister Evenstar, a proper slave should be able to tell the world she is owned." "Their relationship is a little strange. He never abuses her, and I don't think he could possibly punish her. He monica belorussian teen takes it in her petite ass also massive labia lips a bit soft hearted, as far as being a master goes." "Momma, he is perfect.

He is kind and spoils me." Barbara spoke up to defend me. "We are not disrespecting him, dear. There are many slave girls in this club who would give their right arm to be his slave.

Some masters can get down right abusive towards their slaves. Now, I have a feeling he is going to want to see the high end collars. So, Lin, bring out the special sets." Lin stepped into the back room and came out with a tray.

On the velvet lined display were several collars; leather, chain, velvet, and cloth. The price tags on them ran from around two hundred to a thousand dollars.

I looked them over and not one of them matched the sparkle in my lover's eyes. "I don't like any of these; I think I could have a better one made from a custom jeweler." As Elizabeth started to speak, Barbara cut her off, "Master, I know you are going to want to spoil me with this, so I will make it easier. How much would the collar you want for me cost?" "If I found one that matched the sparkle in your eyes, and the fire in your hair, I could go as high as fifty thousand. If two busty blondes and two long poles straight samantha were perfect, a hundred thousand would be a fair price.

As I spoke, Lin and Sensational fat bbw masturbation video tube porn both paled. Lin looked at the tray in front of her, "Sir, I only have a couple of items even near that price range. Let me open the safe." She walked back into the office and came back about five minutes later with three boxes.

"These are custom made pieces. The craftsman made them about twenty years ago, and asked me to sell them on consignment. Unfortunately, no one has bought them." She opened all three of the jewelry boxes to reveal fine chain collars mounted with soft leather backs. Each was an exquisite work of art, using fine filigree wire with gemstones. They each came with a black satin wrap which could be placed over the collar to hide the stones when worn in a less desirable area.

The first one was rubies and white hot teen blonde masturbates with glass dildo on cam -- it was a perfect match for the first set of jewelry I had bought for her.

The second was similar in design but had black sapphires instead of rubies. The third was fine filigree covered with gold roses. Each rose was centered with a pale yellow diamond and the leaves were each cut from emeralds. There were no price tags. I watched Barbara's body language as she looked at them. She loved them all. I could see it in her eyes and the way her hands moved. I also could see that she could not decide which one she loved the most. I threw my card on the counter "She will take all three." Barbara lit up like a candle in the dark, Elizabeth almost fainted and Lin spoke, "Sir, we have not discussed cute girls have fun at the party prices." "OK, how much are they?" "These are thirty thousand dollars apiece.

The metalwork is top notch…" she started to go into 'sales-pitch' mode. "Write them up! They are almost as beautiful as Barbara." The barbecue was a big hit. We had been blessed with an unseasonably warm day. The sky was crystal blue, without even the thought of a cloud.

We had several of the members from the Oak Briar Club present, including the mayor and governor. There were also many friends of Barbara's. All of them brought their families. I watched Barbara's eyes, as she watched the children running around playing.

I knew she wanted children. It showed in her eyes, the way she held her mouth, and the kindness she showed the children as they spoke with her.

I could not bring myself to tell her I had always wanted children, because it would give me hope that she would stay with me voluntarily when this was over. As I watched, a young girl, of about seven years old, came running over to me. She was the daughter of my accountant. "Mister Evenstar, could I have some more juice, please?" the blond moppet of a child asked me.

I bent down to scoop her up in my arms. "Melissa, you can have all the juice you want. Would you like me to pour it for you?" "Please. I might spill it and Momma told me not to make any messes at your house." I carried her to the drink table and got one of the plastic cups. I added a little ice then I reached for the juices. I paid extra attention to the little girl's body language until my hand was over the right juice.

Then I held it up and asked her to take the top off. After all, she was using one of my arms. As I poured her glass full I purposely spilled juice all over the table. "Now look at me, I have gone and made a mess. Now, I guess it is okay for you to make a mess, since I already made one." I said as I handed her the glass.

She was giggling as I carried her back over to where the children were playing. I sat her down and watched her run off to her friends to play.

When I turned Barbara was watching me, I could see the moisture in her eyes. She seemed to be upset, and that worried me. "Did I do something wrong?" "No, Master, everything you do is perfect." She whispered in my ear as she wrapped her arms around me.

When we began to kiss the children started chanting, "Chad and Barbara sitting in tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Barbara with a baby carriage." Then all of the children dissolved into laughter. As we separated, Barbara gave me a look I had come to know well.

She wanted to be taken. It took everything I had not to scoop her up and carry her into the house. We walked back to the picnic tables holding hands. The simple touch of her hand in mine made my heart swell. The smile on my face was the look of a man struck dumb by love.

It was then that I realized how far I had gone into depression, and how much light this woman had brought into my dark world. I did not have the right to keep her. I could not force myself on her, but I wanted to feel the joy now in my heart if she stayed on a daily basis. I would be in heaven forever, if she would become my wife, and the mother of our children. Life became a wonderful blur for me. From day to day she delighted in surprising me. Some days she would wake me up in ways I had only dreamed of.

Other times I would find her dancing naked around the house as she cleaned and hummed to herself. She seemed to delight in tempting me to take her in any way, at any time, in any place. Her first opera was an amazing experience. I watched her emotions play along her body like a fine orchestra. Each scene on the stage would pluck different strings in her soul.

Then she took me to a rock concert, which I would not have thought would be fun. The crowd was infectious. I was screaming and yelling with all the rest before the show was half over. A holiday in Florida found us riding on horseback along the beach. Hawaii found us diving along coral reefs. The bikini she wore had my rudder guiding me the entire swim. She always called me 'Master', no matter where we were.

She seemed to love the reactions. I came home one afternoon, after a meeting with my banker and accountant, to find her in the living room floor. She was crying and had a towel wrapped around her arm. Scattered around her 2 minite best sex storys the remains of the large photograph that had been framed and hung over the fireplace.

It was the last photo of my wife ever taken. The glass, that had been covering the photo, lay in scattered pieces all over the floor. She looked up as I entered the room and her tears started flowing like a river. "I am so sorry, Master! I was dusting and it fell. I didn't know what to do." I ran to her with fear in my eyes.

I took her arm and slowly unwrapped the towel to look under it. The blood was already soaking the towel. She was bleeding badly from a six inch cut on her arm.

I wrapped the towel back tighter and scooped her into my arms. She managed to shut the door to the house as I carried her past it. I drove like a madman to the hospital. I did not bother to park -- I just pulled up in front of the emergency room doors. I ran to her side of my SUV and scooped her out to carry her into the hospital. "Get the best doctor in the fakeagentuk british girls demonstrate amazing blowjob skills here now," I shouted as I threw the card to my rainy day fund on the counter.

Ten minutes later found me standing in a curtained off alcove. The nurses were getting her ready for the doctor to start stitching her cut. "Master, I am so sorry!

I know what that picture means to you." "A picture is just a thing. You are much more important." One of the nurses gave us a funny look, then slipped out of the alcove. The doctor started his work. "Do your best work, please, doctor. I don't want any scarring if it can be helped." I told him as he worked.

"Don't worry, your wife will be fine." Two officers stepped into the alcove, "Sir, we need you to come with us." "Not until I know she is fine." "We need to ask you a few questions. Please come with us." "Let me make a phone call and get my lawyer down here.

He can answer your questions." "That shouldn't be needed, sir. We just want to ask a few questions." "Are you refusing to allow me to have a lawyer present ten girl fuking firse time questioning?" "No, sir. It just shouldn't be needed." "I am going to pull my cell phone out of my pocket, and then I am going to call my lawyer. When he gets here you may ask all the questions you want." I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet and cell phone.

While I was on the phone with my lawyer, I showed them my licenses; drivers, and concealed carry. "Randalll, this is Chad.

I am at the hospital and I have a couple of officers here that want to ask me questions… Yes I can let you speak to them… No, not yet." I turned to the officer, "My lawyer, Randall Wade wishes to speak with you." I handed them the phone.

"Yes sir… No sir… Yes sir… Absolutely sir… I have to… No sir, that won't be needed… We will be glad to sir." As the officer returned my phone he said with a note of fear in his voice.

"We are sorry to have bothered you, sir. The governor asks that we stick around, make sure that the lady is well, and call him with news as soon as we have any." "The lady will be fine as frog hair," the doctor said as he was just putting the last stitch in place.

"Now the pain medication we gave her is going to make her very sleepy and she will need to stay for a couple of hours to make sure there are no reactions." "I want her to have a private room until she recovers sufficiently from the pain medication." "It is just a cut; she could just wait it out here." "No." "Very well, I will start clearing your bill through your insurance." "That won't be necessary. I will be paying cash." It was later that night that I carried my angel through the door to our home.

I laid her softly on the couch to sleep off the rest of the medicine. Then I started moving around the house. There was a picture of my wife in every room. With deliberate care I took each one down and packed them away. The only one I left up was the one in the den.

"My wife," I spoke to the picture, "I love you still, like I did the day I met you. I am now learning to live without you. Please don't hate me for this. I will always miss you. I have let the pain dominate my life for too long. Tell me what you want me to do." "Master, who are you talking to?" Barbara asked as she staggered into the den. "The past," was all I could answer.

She watched me as I cleaned up the pieces of broken glass and put the picture away with the rest. "Master, why are you putting them away?" "They need to be put away along with the past. You should not have to compete with a memory." "I never needed to compete with her, Master.

She is not with you anymore. I would do anything to see her back with you. I know I can never replace her." "You never even needed to try." Six months had gone by since this angel had walked into my life. We had been on walks in the woods when the weather would permit. We had attended plays and concerts. I had even learned to ebony minx maya bijou enjoys robbers big cock her tastes in music.

She was now a regular feature on my arm anywhere I went. The only time I spent alone was at the club when I played poker. She loved to watch me play, but no significant others were allowed at the club. It was a man's haven. Tonight we were alone in our home, lying naked in front of a fire in the fireplace.

I had bought a bear skin rug, because she loved the feel of the fur on her skin when we made love. Tonight we lay in the afterglow of our love. I knew in the morning she would be gone, our time together was over. I could feel my heart shutting down and the ice forming over it. My emotions struggled to fight their way free. I wanted to beg her to stay. I had even gone so far as to buy a ring.

I had it in the pocket of my robe, now lying on the couch. I felt her quake in my arms as a drop of water fell to splatter on my arm under her head. "What is wrong?" "Master, I am just sad about the end of our contract." "You have a home that is yours free and clear; you have a life to get on with.

I know there is a man out there that would worship the ground you walk on." I thought to myself, "I am one of them." "Master?" "Yes, Slave." "Are you saddened by our parting?" "More than you know." I wanted to scream, "Please stay!" I wanted to beg for her love. Slowly we drifted off to our own thoughts as we fell asleep lying there.

When I awoke the next morning, she was gone. My heart sank as the tears started to flow. I dragged myself through the routine of getting cleaned up to face one of the blackest days of my life.

When I was dressed, I poured myself a whiskey on the rocks. My old enemy gleefully giggled as it gushed forth over the ice. It had known I would return. Days went by. I lost count of how many. I was lost in the hell of my life. I woke up each morning, lonely and wishing. The warmth of my angel was as lost to me, as my long dead wife. By bedtime each day I would be so drunk I could not remember climbing amateur teen young riding the old wood the bed.

On the morning of the fifth day I looked at a calendar for the first time. I knew this day would be just as bad as any other. My tears had stopped falling. Only the pain remained. I showered and shaved again, I did not know why.

As I poured my breakfast into a glass there came a knock at our door. Like a zombie I walked to the door. I opened the gates of heaven to see an angel standing in the morning light. She wore nothing but an apron and a collar and tears were streaming down her face. "Master, may I please come home? I feel I have been punished long enough." I fell to my knees, I could not form words. My heart was screaming for me to beg her to come home.

All I could do was reach into my pocket. My hands closed around the little box in my robe. Like a child offering a flower to his mommy, I held out the little box and opened it. As we hugged and kissed she told foxy brooke rides on a big shaft, "Master, yes, yes, yes, yes, Oh God asian pretty teen cunt to hot to be seen schoolgirl and japanese words to one of the songs we liked played through my head.

"On my way to L.A. looking into the rear view as the roads fade away I've sworn off my past, first to last bad call that I ever made Tell me how to make right every wrong turn that I've learned?

So this can all end tonight Tennessee line just changed my mind, well it's my heart I'll follow this time" I looked over the shoulder of this goddess to see the first buds of spring on the trees in OUR yard.

In the light wind I could hear the soft sigh of my long dead wife. "Be happy, my love."