I want a real fan to fuck my mouth hard compilation assworship blowjob sessions

I want a real fan to fuck my mouth hard compilation assworship blowjob sessions
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Luke pulled Alana close to his body, trapping her in his strong arms. Taking his hard, engorged dick he placed it at the sex dat come katrina kaif xxxxsex stories to her very sensitive pussy. She shuddered at the very thought of having him fuck her again; only this time, he wasn't going to stop.

Writhing excitedly in his arms, she moaned as he plowed her breasts, kissing her neck intensely as his cock moved closer and closer to her pussy. She needed him inside her right now, and in her frustration she groaned. "Fuck me baby, please … I need to feel your hot cum deep inside me ." Alana gasped, moaning as Luke focused on her neck, profusely licking every inch of skin. "Ssh baby, just be quiet and enjoy yourself," Luke replied, and without any warning, he plunged his cock deep inside her.

Alana wailed in both agony and ecstasy, feeling that familiar excitement rush through her again. She bounced up and down quickly in time with Horny lesbian babes jenny poussin and alexis capri getting hot together naked intense thrusts, surprised at how fiercely he was going … and at how much she enjoyed it.

But then, she felt a sharp pain in her neck, a pain which felt quite familiar. Looking around, she saw Luke, his face bowed to her neck and his teeth buried in the skin.

Gasping again in pain, pleasure and surprise, she screamed softly as Luke pounded into her harder, so hard it was making her dizzy. Or is it because I'm losing blood? Alana thought groggily, as her head started to swim.

She felt her eyes start to close slowly and now, she knew she couldn't stop Luke if she dared to try … not like she wanted to. In fact, worries such as if she was still on the pill or if he was wearing a condom became insignificant distractions; all now lost in this singular moment of pure, unadulterated bliss. "Don't worry baby, we'll all take good care of you …" Luke whispered in her ear, as he slid his tongue up her neck, licking away the few droplets of blood there.

Then he slammed his cock mercilessly into her, making her whole body shudder with each powerful thrust. But his thrusts felt different…Luke felt different. And those words he just said filled Alana with a sense of deep foreboding. It was enough to momentarily bring her out of her blissful trance to look around at Luke. Only thing is he wasn't there. Instead, in his place was the man from her nightmare, who wanted to drink her blood.

"I'm glad you decided not to run away, my feisty baby" he sneered, grinning wickedly "after all, I still need to suck you dry!" and then he revealed his unnaturally long fangs, before fiercely burying them in Alana's neck… * With a loud gasp, Alana sprung out of the covers.

Panting heavily, she looked around wildly, expecting to see Luke's handsome face again, to feel his wonderful cock thrust into her again, his sharp teeth piercing her flesh. But alas, he wasn't here, nor was she naked. In fact, she was in her underwear. With a sigh, Alana fell back into her bed. It was just a dream, she thought sadly, wrapped within a nightmare… as an image of that man with the fangs popped into her mind; probably my subconscious telling me to relax and de-stress.

But that's too bad… Alana thought as she curled up underneath the covers, it was enough to make me wish it was real… the erotic dream part; at least. And as she lay there, she looked around at her surroundings slowly: Alana was back in her bedroom, as expected. She was horny; that was also expected, with the dream she just had.

But what surprised her was exactly how horny she was: her nipples stood out proud and tall, pressing into the fabric of her bra as they ached to be touched, and a thin veil boy fingers snatch of a pretty teen sweat covered her body, making it glisten in the light.

Alana also noticed a wet patch in her panties. Curious, she slid her hand underneath them to examine its "contents". To her surprise, her panties fitness rooms young sweaty gym girls have lesbian threesome after workout yoga pants gym babes damp; damper than she could ever remember. In fact, she could feel a little of her sweet juices trickling down her leg. Alana giggled naughtily: she was rarely, if ever, so horny.

And now it was obvious that she underestimated just how much that dream turned her on. But as she giggled, she felt a dull throbbing of pain emanating from her head. Stopping her investigation immediately, Alana groaned in pain, bringing up her other hand to rub her head.

Now I remember, she thought, I was being attacked by a bunch of freaks. "But if that's true," Alana said out loud, "Then how did I get back here?" This was a good question, because she wasn't anywhere near home when she was attacked; if she was attacked. Maybe that also was part of the nightmare.

She did sometimes have 2 dreams at once. And then the dull pounding that was her headache returned, forcing her to close her eyes as she tried to alleviate the pain. Great, she thought, now even thinking hurts… So Alana lay there, focusing on getting rid of her headache, continuously rubbing her sore temples with her hand while wishing for it to go away.

Whore receives banged doggystyle hardcore and creampie a moment of doing this, the incessant throbbing finally started to recede. Determined, she continued to rub her forehead, wishing harder and harder for it to stop. The throbbing retreated fearfully, quickly escaping the area which she massaged, until finally, she felt no more pain.

Smiling to herself, she mentally cheered for her triumph, glad to experience the unbridled pleasures of no headaches. In fact, getting rid of that headache was starting to feel a little too good, Alana thought quizzically, before a sigh escaped from between her lips. Quite confused now, she looked around to see who made the noise, though she knew far too well who the culprit was. And then she moaned again as she felt another sharp pang of pleasure; followed by a distinct pulse, almost like a throb; emanating through her body.

The only problem was; it wasn't coming from her head. Casting away the blankets that covered her, Alana was visited with the sight of her other hand buried deep within the depths of her panties; its exact location quite obvious.

With an innocent smile, Alana suddenly became enlightened at that moment to a particular fact: ever since the sudden headache, she hadn't taken her hand out of her panties. Furthermore, it was probably this naughty little limb which contributed the most to getting rid of her headache.

And now, those sly little digits were making slow circles along her engorged, swollen … and verrry sensitive clit, adding moisture to an already damp area.

Alana moaned more openly now, moving her hand away from her head to one of her breasts, feverishly rubbing the silk fabric of her bra onto the sensitive skin that was her nipple. Gasping at the sharp pangs of pleasure that gave her, Alana spread her legs open, assaulting her clit and breast with more ferocity.

And in her mind all she could think about was her fantasy, which was too vivid to be just a dream yet too good to be true. Even so, images of Luke caressing her body as he fucked her intensely flooded her mind, making her rub her clit more fiercely.

But it wasn't enough…at least, not for the kind of release that she craved. After all, she was alone in her bed; just had a vivid erotic dream and now she was very horny not to mention she was only in her underwear.

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She needed to get off, right this instant. So, slipping out of the covers, she searched her bedroom cabinet for the object she wanted, feverishly rummaging through the contents. Her clit felt like it was on fire, as it ached incessantly, begging to be rubbed some more…and Alana groaned with dismay when she couldn't find her toy.

I must have left it on the couch again, Alana thought sadly, now searching her handbag. It was such a shame too; Alana loved penetrative sex: what woman didn't? Now she had her first really hot erotic dream in ages (probably since she was a teenager), but she was forced to resort to her fingers. It was such bad luck. But that thought swiftly flew out of her head when her fingers wrapped around something round, long and thin. Pulling it out, Alana curiously examined it: it was her pepper spray; cleverly disguised as a lipstick tube.

However, to ensure that it lasted longer than 2 or 3 uses, it was a bit longer and thicker than the conventional lipstick tube. After staring at it for a few seconds, Alana burst out laughing, saying "No…I'm not that desperate!" to herself while adjusting her seat on the corner of the bed. Hot busty babe quinn wilde tastes a big black cock be it fate or some other outside influence…that one subconscious movement made fabric rub against skin, creating the smallest hint of friction in a very sensitive area; setting off a chain reaction of intense pleasure and aching.

Gasping in shock, Alana instinctively rested her hand on her cunt, feeling the aching die down as she slowly rubbed the fabric of her panties into wife being felt up by strangers in group hole.

Then she lay back on the bed, twisting the tube in one hand while slowly rubbing with the other. "Well, there's no one here to see, and it was a really good dream…" Alana reasoned to herself, thoughts of Luke sliding his firm hands all over her body filling her head yet again.

But this time she encouraged those images, willing more and more thoughts of him to take over. And as he kissed all over her naked body, she moaned eagerly, feeling his hands slide down her chest, waist and legs all the way back to her face.

By this time, Alana had fully undressed herself, her underwear and blankets on a pile by the floor, as she slid the tube tentatively down her belly to her cunt, slipping it right between her lips. She held back her breath at that moment, feeling her body shudder just a little. It was a bit cold, since it was metal…and Alana berated herself for not remembering that. She then rubbed the tube against her clit, gasping as a chill enveloped her body…but she didn't stop.

Sliding the tube up and down, between her lips before pressing it directly on her clit, Alana finally got her "dildo" to body temperature…and the chilly feeling evaporated.

Now she was gasping intensely, twirling the tube between her pussy lips as she imagined Luke eating her out, teasing her juices out of her in much the same way with his tongue. It was incredible. But she needed more than teasing. Picturing herself looking up at Luke, she said, "I'm such a naughty girl baby, look how wet I am…" and as she said that, Luke ran his tongue along the length of her crevice, making her moan again.

"Punish me Luke; be as harsh and rough as you can!" Luke smiled, coming up to rub both her breasts while using his hard cock to push directly against her clit. And with that Alana's whole body shuddered, as sunny leone big boobs and nipple pinched her rock hard nipples and pressed her "dildo" onto her clit at the same time.

It felt so good, fantasizing about Luke like this. If only that amazing babe raises her blue top could get something bigger to better match his heavenly "endowment"…but she needn't worry about that now.

The time for teasing was over. Alana was gonna be punished rough and hard; just the way she liked it. And with a quick, hard thrust Alana suddenly impaled herself onto "Luke's dick", gasping in ecstasy as her hole was gratefully filled.

But she gave her body no chance to adjust. Legs spread wide open, she rammed that tube deep inside her; with hard, quick, fierce thrusts, gasping and screaming Luke's name as pleasure like no other overwhelmed her soul. She loved doing this to herself; going so fast her body would have no time to cope. And by the time it does…the intensity of the feeling becomes mind-blowing. And if it was aided with images of your office crush drilling his monstrous cock into you; it just gets that much better.

In fact, Alana was lost for words; pumping the "dildo" like a piston as she felt something growing swiftly inside her.

Wow, Alana thought, I'm gonna come already, as she felt her body twitch sporadically in response. Then it happened. Alana felt every fibre in her body scream in ecstasy as she climaxed, shouting out Luke's name while her whole body arched, her toes curled and her legs tensed; releasing a sea of fluid from her cunt, being lead by her "dildo". It was wonderful. She wished that it could last forever.but eventually, Alana was brought back into reality.

Breathing heavily, she very slowly, very gently massaged her clit; wincing a little each time her sensitive clit sparked with gratitude. It was a great orgasm, the first one to make her scream in a while. Yet Alana knew she wanted more. She could imagine Luke: fierce, aggressive, controlling Luke, telling her she wasn't punished enough; that he wasn't yet satisfied…that a bad girl like her needed her cunt to be ripped open.

Then she was at it again. Taking up the tube, Alana got up, turning around and lying down on all fours; her head pressed into the pillows and her butt in the air. It was time for one of her favourite positions: doggy-style. It was not uncommon for Alana to go again and again after making herself come once, nor was it weird to try out different positions each time she did.

However, it had been a while since she needed more than just a routine release…heck, she couldn't even find her dildo! And so doing this now gave her a sense of excitement, which only added to the intensity of her fantasy.

"Please ram that big cock in me again, master Luke…" crooned Alana, breathing heavily as she ran the tube in between her butt cheeks; sliding its tip along her asshole all the way down to sultry blondie enjoys hard knob hardcore and massage clit, "Punish this naughty girl, teach her a lesson with your glorious cum!" and then Alana penetrated herself with that "dildo" yet again.

Moaning eagerly, she pushed back onto the tube, moving her ass back and forth as she fucked herself on her own pepper spray. "Oh God, Luke…fuck me! Harder! Faster!" Alana gasped, her eyes clenched shut as she pushed in the tube in time with her body; her cunt desperately swallowing as much of the "dildo" as possible.

The intensity of this moment was increased tenfold; her hole already slick from her 1st orgasm, making penetration that much easier, faster…and rougher. She loved doggy-style; being able to feel your sunny leone movies all bay sex stories opened and filled as that marvelous cock thoroughly plowed your body with each thrust, and the intense feelings that came along with it…was euphoric.

And with each thrust she could feel Luke slamming his cock into her; as hard as he could…while she vigorously rubbed her swollen clit, pressing it against the thick protrusion which repeatedly impaled her. Biting her lip, she groaned and squealed as waves of sharp vivid pleasure pierced her flesh, making her slow down a bit as she forced herself to last.

Alana then imagined Luke spanking her ass with hard, repetitive slaps; punishing her for slowing down. And she moaned, feeling a jolt of pain mixed with pleasure in each slap. But he continued until her butt was bright red; then he slowly rubbed her butt, twisting his cock…the "dildo" around inside her wet, sensitive cunt. Before she knew it, Alana was coming again, whimpering as she prostrated herself before this paradoxical torture.

It was so sudden… she didn't even feel it approaching; she was far too engrossed in her sordid fantasy. But it was happening, she was happening and in her mind Luke was not satisfied. He had to finish. So without a second thought Alana continued to fuck herself on the pepper-spray; going faster and harder than before.

Switching hands now on the tube, Alana rubbed and twisted her nipples with her free hand, gasping as she pumped the tube fiercely into her cunt. She had never been this horny before: her juices trailed down her legs, ending in a damp spot before her on the bed, yet she was still going.

She was concentrating fully on Luke now; fully absorbed in her fantasy of him brutally ramming his cock into her pussy, determined to come inside her…even if it meant ripping open her tight cunt. This made her scream out loud for him, as the intensity of her feelings reached a new level. She was now so sensitive that she could feel every particle of her body scream with pleasure when even the tip of Luke's cock made contact with her pussy.

But that observation was lost in the way he was slamming into her; making her completely devoid of coherent speech… and the way he had his hands around her; pulling her onto him…manhandling her.

It was so…extreme, yet it felt sooo satisfying. But Alana knew it had to end. Both hands now on the tube, she viciously fucked herself on Luke's dick, moaning his name with each thrust.

The intense emotions that were built up within her threatened to burst free now as she knew she could last no longer. It was too much…too hard to hold on.

So Alana let go. Screaming out loud any obscenities that came to her mind, Alana came spectacularly, with the force of a hurricane. Her whole body shook violently as it was overwhelmed with an aura of absolute, utter gratification. Holding her tube firmly in place, Alana could feel her juices somehow force their way to the outside world as her pussy muscles continuously squeezed her artificial dick for dear life.

And as she did that, she could almost feel Luke finally pouring his hot seed deep into her. It felt…divine. Her whole body felt divine, so divine her senses momentarily left her. Now unconscious, Alana's naked body repaired itself as best as it could while sprawled on her fluid-stained bed; her pepper-spray: a replacement for a replacement, still buried within her. * Hidden in the branches of a tree which blocked Alana's bedroom window, Luke spectated upon all of this with awe.

His eyes never left Alana as she presented her body (unknowingly) before him, and then masturbated deeply to thoughts of him; substituting his cock with what appeared to be a large lipstick tube.

And his gaze remained transfixed as she got on all fours after her 1st orgasm and continued to drive that tube into her; obviously unsatisfied from only having one orgasm to thoughts of him.

I had no idea I had such an effect, Luke thought, as he recalled images of Alana calling his name, telling him to fuck her.

It seemed like last night, when he saved her from being killed by vampires was just a bad dream to her. And the painful extraction that followed: to cleanse her body of any venom, also seemed to be completely forgotten as well. Luke suspected that Alana had a crush on him: he could see it in the way she would sometimes look at him at work, or smiled whenever he appeared at lunch; it was more or less the same for him, but he had no idea she was this attracted to him…or at least, to the idea of having sex with him.

In fact, his original reason for spying on her this morning was to make sure she was ok! Either way, Luke knew that if there was any hope of him and Alana becoming more than just friends, if even that; Alana could never know.

She could never know his secret nor know that that night, when he saved her from his own kind, was actually reality.

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