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Milf and her daughter sucks a huge dick
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. A MILITARY ROMANCE:: NOTE: I was in the military for four years, but am unacquainted with any of the protocols that I offer in this story. It is just a fantasy, so please take it that way. And it involves a future for Frank, Jimmy and Charlotte that is contrary to what happened in all of the flawless sex kitten is showing off her stretched yummy twat in closeup pleasuring and close up accounts derived from the first telling of the story arc.

Newly promoted to Captain Benson USAF approaches the utilitarian door of an off the main corridor office in the Pentagon and knocks. On the name plate is the name Colonel Frank Muster, someone that he had only met once before on one of the worst days of his life. The day he lost Charlotte, forever. However, at least it was to a better man, he rummaged through his memories to remember.

Jimmy had been very impressed by the Marine Sgt. Suddenly the door to the office opened and startled him, but then a young female Marine Corporal ushered him into the office's lobby and asked him to take a seat until the Colonel was ready for him. So, he took his place and noticed the latest issue of the ARMED FORCES NEWS, and the headline article, U.S. Forces withdrawing from Viet Nam. 'About time,' he reasoned. He had a number of friends that went over there, and he hoped that they would make it back home.

As his eyes moved back to the inside door, the Corporal indicated to him that he should now approach the door and single knock on it and then immediately move in to take the seat in front of the Colonel's desk.

He moved to do so, each of the senior officers having their own protocols in these situations. When he moved up to the chair, the Colonel looked up and nodded to him while evidently finishing up a conversation over the phone, and sure enough the phone quickly went down.

And then the Colonel looked him over for a few minutes and addressed him, "Nice to see you again Captain Benson. I have been following your career for years." At that Jimmy's eyes raised in perplexity, wondering why he would waste his time on something like that. "Well, Captain, you are probably wondering why. There were several reasons, one being that I felt really bad about you losing out to me over Charlotte.

No, I didn't feel bad about winning that skirmish, I just felt bad that an obviously fine military member was so hurt in the process. And there was the total dignity that you took in the terrible loss then. You turned absolutely white with shock, but you held your emotions in for the moment and actually listened to what I said on that occasion. And after we had danced her feet off for the two hour boat party, how you with her into your arms behind my back, accepted her single kiss and with exceptional good graces, sent her on to me, to never see her again.

I have rarely in my military experience seen such bravery and dignity in the line of fire, as it might be said. And with her tears that night, both for us being together and her losing you, I made a promise to myself that if I was ever in the position to do you a very big favor, I would do it. Because in both her eyes and mine, you were such a fine fellow." "Colonel, I am humbled by such an assessment by you, and it is true; I was devastated to lose Charlotte.

But, not because it was you. I was impressed by you from the first handshake when you didn't try to bust my knuckles with your superior strength. And when you turned away for me to get the final kiss from Charlotte. I will never forget those honors that you did to me. And after a couple of weeks of musing over my loss of loving attentions from Charlotte, I came to the conclusion that if I was to lose her, at least I lost her to a superior man.

And I never forgot her, but tried to put things in perspective and used that as a life lesson that has lasted down to this day." Colonel Muster added, "As I kept informed of you over the years, I sort of read that into your actions.

And I enjoyed your pursuing your future so avidly, the correspondence courses while you were in Alaska, the night courses while you were in California and you're finishing of your degrees up to a Master of Business Degree with a side in Accounting.

Also, how the military used you right back up in Petite katie st ives gets fucked by bbcy bbc at Elmendorf and Fort Richardson as a military accountant and auditor for all of the military installations of Alaska.

Very impressive." "Yes, Sir, I have been very busy over the last few years." "Changing the subject, do you have a special lady in your life, now?" "No, I have a number of lady friends, but no one singly special.

I just haven't had the time for that. But, at twenty-six, I am now beginning to feel the draw to that. I am now stable in my assignments and stuck stateside, so would be able to give a family the attentions that it would deserve." "Good to know! I now have another possibility to present to you. It addresses your future in the military and some issues from the past, too. First, you should know that Charlotte and I have had a wonderful eight years since our last meeting, and we have helped to seal our love with two children.

We are living in a giant mansion that belonged to a long retired general who rents it to us for one dollar a year. He is a distant uncle and is in this showing his respect for the only male member of the family of this generation to serve any time in the military, just as you have in your family. He was a flying officer in Europe during WW11 and is intensely proud of his record, but never talks about it in public. In discussions with him, not long ago, I brought up a matter of concern to me and he shared with me some things not generally known about the military.

That is mate sharing. Since, so many men and sometimes women, are required to be away from their mates, an underground system has arisen to take care of the men (or women) at the fronts while those at home are cared for, too. Some reliable sources say that it is not good for a man to be away from his wife's bed for more than two weeks at a time, but the needs of the military and especially during a war, makes that impossible to honor.

So, to take care of the needs of each and help prevent unwanted divorces, a system of taking care of each is often entered on. We know that Eisenhower, for example, while loving Mamie, still had ladies to care for him overseas.

Mamie didn't like it, but knew that when he finally came home that that would stop and it did. There is no record of her needing the same treatment stateside, though. So, I am about to propose an arrangement that might very much be to your liking.

I want you to become my Major Domo, Strong Right Arm and Stateside Executive Assistant all rolled up into one. Along with being a comfort to Charlotte while I am gone about two thirds of the year.

It will also involve you having a wife, who happens to be my personal aide while overseas. She is very capable and sweet, too. I think that you will have no trouble with that, once you meet her and she is on board with this even before meeting you because of the several enthusiastic recommendations of ladies who have known you. How she got those is a mystery to me, but she is very capable in underground data acquisitions.

So, the first stage is for you to meet her and see if you are impressed and drawn to each other. I have a very strong impression that it will definitely work out. And if it does, there will be a lot more sharing of the plan moving forward. So, please Captain, show up at my residence tonight at seven and we will see what happens. Any taxi or military transport will know where it is. And Charlotte is keen to see you again, too." With that Captain Benson rose and the Colonel did too and shook his hand graciously and excused the Captain to other matters for the rest of the day for each of them.

THAT EVENING: With the military jeep dropping him off at the front door of the mansion that evening at seven, from his trip from the military officer's temporary quarters, he reviewed his looks as he was about to enter. He was wearing his USAF dress uniform, which was only incrementally more elegant than the regular duty uniform. But, it was cleaned, ironed and tailored to fit him elegantly and so in the front door window his reflected looks passed even his muster.

As he was just about to actually move to the door, the Marine Corporal, same one from the office, approached and took his arm with, "Captain, let's not see you stand out here until it starts to rain. You are being eagerly anticipated in the social hall by several persons. You will see." So, Captain James Benson, entered the fine home to the crowd there to meet his destiny, ignorant of how important these next several days would be to big black dick for sexy black diamond. The first one to catch his eyes was the Colonel and he waved for him to come over to him.

Once in front of the Colonel, he greeted the Captain with a firm hand shake and greeting of welcome to his home. Then he pointed out the Major of interest and after that to Charlotte who was carrying on a spirited discussion with one of the other ladies.

As James looked around, he noticed that most of the men were in uniform, the others probably civilians closely associated with the military affairs of the nation. He also noticed that the women were uniformly gorgeous and animated. There were no noticeable older women here. And as he politely ignored the advances of a number of ladies interested in curing their curiosities, Charlotte finally noticed him and motored herself over to attend to their star guest.

She reached out her hand to him and he, as gently as possible, took it and raised it up to his lips for a genuine and fervent kiss. Then with her in a dither, asked how she was. With her heart thumping and her eyes dancing, she replied, "I am fine Captain.

It is so good to see you again James. The Colonel has passed on to me so many encouraging things about your life since our association in New Orleans. And when he informed me that you would be here tonight, I was really excited for that to happen. I so want to try to recapture some of the fun that we had over those short weeks. Would you like to dance with me for a bit, before you meet Major June Jorgenson?" "I surely would." And with that they moved off to the music hand in hand and started to dance together very warmly in each other's arms.

"I see that you have advanced considerably in your dancing prowess!" "Yes, a product of some insisted upon suggestions by a couple of my lady friends some time ago. It turned out to not be such a bother, and I was graduated with honors, too." She just smiled with that and found her way into his arms to totally enjoy their dances together. After four dances, the Colonel came up to them and very politely asked to break in and dance with his wife.

The Captain smiled and nodded to his superior and moved off to find some kind of light drink to xstory stepson blackmaiel rape stepmom in kitchen the sweat he was rapidly losing due to the very high temperature in the social room. He found a couple of bottles of root beer by the giant mixed drink tureen, evidently a known requirement for his own refreshment. As James drank very little alcohol at all. But, he didn't hold back from the pastries on the same table and it was with one of them in his mouth that the Major found him and introduced herself, with a humorous expression on her face as James struggled to dispose of the pastry remains in his mouth.

And with that completed, he reached out to the Major and expressed his pleasure at meeting her. She smiled and quietly nodded back to him. Then they took each other's hands and moved off to a side room to the social lounge to confer on some things of mutual interest.

As amazing teen with admirable figure sucks cock hardcore and blowjob settled in on a couch with her at hand's distance from him, he noticed that she was not the typical blonde or brunette little pretty 'thing.' She was about five feet and nine inches of solid Nordic womanhood.

Very attractive, lively in the eyes and evidently totally into him for the moment. "I have heard about you from the Colonel. He has high hopes for us to fill in for part of his grand plan of emotional and intimate life. You seem much more humorous to me than his deion of a very saddened young airman who had just lost the woman of his life to an older Sgt." "Well Major, that was a number of years ago and I had to adapt to the following eventualities, as we all do.

Of course, there will always be a hot spot in my heart for her, but she is the Colonel's now. I have moved on." "Yeah, I could see how much you two have moved on by your manner of dancing with each other, just a bit ago. You two looked like the perfect couple together, probably why Frank moved in to 'rescue' his wife from your arms." "I am sorry if that is true, because I mean no harm to their relationship, it was just the recapturing of a long dormant set of feelings, nothing more." "I know that, and so does the Colonel.

He feels that you are among the most honorable and disciplined men that he has ever met. And that is why he is thinking of inviting you into our little intimacy club. After meeting you, I feel that I would very much like things to work out for us. And we have the next three days to see if that could be so. So, tonight when we leave, it will be to my apartment and to my bed to see how things work out." "That should be interesting, I will connect up with you at the proper time then, and if I delay just come and get me to leave with you." "Will do." With that, James wandered among the crowd, playing verbal pitty-patty with a number of ladies, who were measuring him for future interests for themselves or their daughters.

Among them was a reintiation of conversation with Charlotte, who cattily noted his connection with Major Jorgenson. James acknowledge it and offered that she was very interesting and left it at that. Charlotte just smiled and continued on her breezy interactions with him and the milf teen threesome hardcore and cum inside comrade playfellows daughter big titty guests to her home.

When the party began to break up at ten o'clock, both Charlotte and Frank gathered to him at the door and thanked him for coming, both seemingly very honest in their feelings about that. And then the Major gathered him dad fucks duddy playfellows daughter while mom is asleep next to them and milf aunt and they left in her car, to her condo apartment.

When they arrived, they entered the ante room and she considered the reading on her security system and then gathered him into her arms to move to the bedroom.

She apologized that they wouldn't be able to take more social time before bed, but she noted that she had one appointment in the early morning to free up the weekend violet starr in big dick to her sister friend them, and James softened the blow with a very understanding attitude.

So, they gathered together in her bed and as she looked into his eyes to see what would be, he just nodded to her and gathered her into his arms and sponsored them falling asleep for the night. Other fun could come later.

She was very impressed that he didn't press the issue for that night. Over the next couple days, they did a lot of lightly romantic things and its a family affair anime english sub that with a lot of informative discussions.

They got to learn a lot about each other, with no intimacies beyond comfy kisses and hugs until late Sunday night. They were again staying over in her condo for this last night of the initiation of a possible relationship and following marriage. It was after a particularly lovely day together and both were feeling very close to the other.

As they gathered in bed for the last time for the weekend, the prospect of intimacies arose and James noted that he was looking forward to that, australia ki blue film dikhaiye it was not necessary for then. She looked him in the eyes and forwarded, "Yes it is, just because of your generous spirit towards them.

So, put your best foot forward, Captain, this is an order from your Major." And so he moved up to her and began a spirited kissing and hugging of her, and she caught up to his energy and enthusiasm very quickly.

He now got to see her body in a totally different light and found that she was solid and sexy as hell. So, he moved down to her breasts and with him licking, kissing and sucking on them, she was moaning loudly into his ears.

And so to escape that, he moved down to her belly and then on to her private space to enjoy the vista, smell and taste of that, too. By this time, she was gushing with her personal made lube and his two fingers entered that zone to her total approval. Then with her encouragement, he entered her pussy vault and proceeded to energize her belly reactions.

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He had her move her legs together and she discovered that this gave her clit a lot more attentions from his dick moving past it. Soon, she was on the verge of her climax and so he moved his mouth back to her tit as he was deeply plowing her love nest and with his strong sucking on her nipple, she came profusely onto the both of them and then laid back to catch her breath.

She sensed that he hadn't come yet, though. So, with him recumbent to catch his breath also, she moved to his cock and sucked it up into her mouth to give him his release also, and soon it came amu kosaka japanese teen fondles her pussy with a big dildo his semen filling her mouth to overflowing and she then swallowed what was in her mouth and sucked up the rest for the same. Then they reached out to each other and fell asleep into each other's arms.

In the morning as they moved to part for the day, she noted, "You are a very much different type of lover than the Colonel………&hellip.and I like that!" James nodded and moved on to being at the bachelor officer's quarters awaiting the Colonel's call. The Colonel called and invited him to his home for a further discussion on a possible joining of resources for the Colonel's future.

"I hear that things went very well with you and the Major, as she has reported to me. I am wondering if you are on for the affair and marriage as I hinted at?" "Colonel, I am wondering if I am fit for this purpose of yours.

I am just an USAF Captain, beginning a new career in the military, and unused to subterfuge in my actions. I am usually very open about what I am doing, and I am very fearful of being deeply hurt over Charlotte again.

I don't think that I could stand that. I survived the first time, but a second would be just too awful to contemplate.

By the way the Major is a very fine lady and officer. I could fall in love with her, but am unwilling to marry her, unless that is a key part of it. Also the question about me having any children comes to my mind. If I am comforting Charlotte and you are enjoying the Major, where does that then leave me?

I big cock invading dakota skyes asshole hardcore sorry if any of this is disrespectful to you, but we are talking about my future as well as yours, sir." "Well James, if I might address you at that, you are fit, because I am a warrior. I am called to battle and am very good at it. You are a man of peace, best utilized stateside in holding down the fort for me, so that things don't become unraveled here while I am fighting out there.

This is one of the key reasons for me choosing you to head my stateside interests with me overseas. And I mean no insult to you being a man of peace, we each are wired differently and you are totally honorable in your personas to your heart attitudes.

As to Charlotte and you, it will all be secret, but will be in the open in my home. And as for her, she is wildly enthusiastic over this. We love each other very deeply, but each need regular attentions of the intimate kind.

And with me overseas at least two thirds of the time, she is left alone much too often for her needs, too. So, assuming you marry the Major, she will take care of me out there and you will take care of madam here.

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You will learn that there is a secret passage built into this old house, evidently by the original builder, to allow you to access her in privacy. Though the household staff will be instructed to ignore any affections between you two that might spill out into the house proper. As to children, I already have two by Charlotte and you will be expected to provide her with two more.

And each of us will have two with the Major to round out things. I have thought long and hard on this and see it as the only really practical way to take care of things for both of us and to heal the long time wound in you over Charlotte in the process. And in the regard of the Major, if you take on this task, you will be raised to Lt. Colonel to have the authority to carry off the responsibilities that I envision for you.

The Major is going to be risen to the same rank. And I am moving up to be a general soon. So, then our powerbase will be established and strong. When, I am out of town, it will be made firmly known that you speak with my voice and not just your own. You will anchor the small office that I have at the Pentagon, and the little Corporal that you met at my party will be your receptionist, secretary and place keeping person to prevent any untoward actions to my space there.

And she will be very disappointed if you don't make a move on her, but that is up to you. If you agree, we will initiate an official, with military awareness, courtship for you and the Major, and an engagement as soon as it is feasible. Then on her next journey back to the states, you two will marry and hole in one a casa do prazer a two week honeymoon, while I get some quality time with Charlotte. As soon as I leave, you will be established in your little suite in the mansion and then you will be obligated to care for Charlotte.

Tonight, I will be staying with June, and you will be with Charlotte to comfort you that it will all work out. She is keenly awaiting you coming to the house as soon as you can today. So, that should cover it, if that will work out." When James got to the Colonel's house, he was greeted at the door by one of the maids and then escorted to his suite for the night. When he closed the door, Charlotte came through the back passage door and joined him as he was seated on the bed.

"Jimmy, I love this chance to make up for that night long ago, whatever the future might bring for us. I knew that you were planning for me to be with you mallu aunty fun with her step son mms night at the hotel.

But, Frank showed up that morning and things just got muddled up and I because I loved both of you and he was older and more ready for me, I chose him. I have never second guessed that decision, but I have held a spot for you in my heart also, all of these years. And I want to give you now what I would have then, if things had worked out." And so they fell back on the bed in each other's arms, with all of the years of hurt ready to drain off.

He reached over to her and began to remove her garments, one at a time with a very deliberate manner. She was reaching out to him, too.

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She leaned up for her blouse to come off and with it off, he reached down to fondle her breasts and cup them under her bra. Then he reached down to remove her skirt. And with this, he reached inside of her panties to caress her dear pussy. Something that he had dreamed about wife waching husbend fucking another women years.

Concurrent with that, she was reaching into his pants and caressing his member, too. They then backed up and completed the undressing of each other. Done with a lot of care and affections. They then rolled into each other's arms with their bodies feeling a full length hug each. At this their emotions began to whirl out of control with each feeling the sting of so many years apart. The tears began to fall from each one's eyes and their arms were desperately holding on to each other.

Then as their bodies became even more attuned to each other, their mutually lustful feelings took over and accelerated their responses and sensual actions. He spent some time with his face in her pussy, and then mounted up to plunge his dick into her pussy, a melding of their privates long desired and frustrated with their long missing. Her eyes got very big with his presence within her and when he emptied up into her she rendered her climax as a reflecting of his service to her reproductive center.

At that moment, she deeply hoped that another person had been produced to lighten up the world, one of her and James's creation. And it was so. After they broke apart, they gathered up from each one's rooms to enjoy a fine dinner at her table. And after that they retired to their rooms and James moved through the back passage to her room. They spent the whole night together and made total love twice with a gentle blow job added in the middle of the night.

When he voluptuous playgirl is very horny pornstar hardcore I the morning after fucking her like he wanted to in the past, he moved to his quarters on base to ponder what was to be done or his future. After three days, the Colonel called him for a consultation and when James was questioned about his decision, he answered in the positive to everyone's relief.

And so it was. They shared in this marvelous subterfuge and six more children were produced between the two families over the next ten years. Then in the fifteenth year of the agreement, the General and his Colonel Aide, June were killed in a roadside encounter in Afghanistan. Both Charlotte and James were stunned with this news.

The General and his faithful Aide were buried side by side at the national cemetery. His headstone said his rank, name and years of life. Under that it said, A TRUE WARRIOR. Hers said her rank, name and years of life. Under that it said A WARRIOR'S FAITHFULL AIDE.

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There were set aside two more plots for Charlotte in front of Frank and James in front of June, with James and Charlotte side booby stepmom and slim teen nasty some side.

All four set up to be intertwined off in the forever future for whatever that held for them. After the hurt wore off of this, to some degree, Colonel James Benson and Charlotte Muster married to spend the rest of their lives together, raising eight children to be fine adults in the fine mansion set aside for them until Charlotte died.

Every night they paid honor to the General and June, then gathered themselves up to enjoy the joy of being together like originally intended. Sometimes, things work out despite it all. A couple of decades later, James wrote a very full reconstruction of Frank's life along with the involvement of himself, Charlotte and June. It was called, A NATION'S WARRIOR, and was a best seller. It happened to come out when the military was in a serious retraction with a period of peace and was getting a lot of backlash in the public consciousness, so a hero was needed to galvanize The patriotic feelings of the masses.

General Frank Muster, fit the bill completely. After a lot of publicity and honors showered on him posthumously, a big budget movie was made of his life and career. It was three hours long, but no one was complaining because it was all totally true.

No fluffing up of the story was needed, as Frank's story was overpoweringly stunning in its reality. It won movie of the year and gathered a whole lot of Oscars. It was interesting that the story of Frank, Charlotte and James was a centerpiece of the story, the later arrangement between them was left untold, because it wasn't in the book, either.

So, along with Frank and June; James and Charlotte became celebrities, too. And they made the rounds of the media interviewers to their delight. James and Charlotte only doing them together and with their hands holding each other, it totally charmed the nation. A fitting memorial to the love of all four at one time.