Gay slave humiliated in front of masters friends

Gay slave humiliated in front of masters friends
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Quick note: I just wanted to say that this is my first story on this site and I might make more in the future if you guys like it. This one is a fiction of how I had sex with only my big sister but if club group sex proves real fun for everyone like I could add my whole family in future true stories.

And were a really big family by the way. With me tree little sisters, one big sister, one little brother and our parents. Also English is not my native language so I apologies for any grammar mistakes. Enjoy. There two things I like the most in girls. One blonde hair because every girl with blonde hair is always hot. And two them having a sibling because I'm into incest and I always like to image girls having sex with their sibling and if they don't have one I imagine that the sibling is me.

My big sister Patty has both those things. Her long blond hair stops halfway through her back and combined sex xxxl sex zzz sexy bp her blue eyes and beautifully face she looks like an angel in a human body.

Her boobs are a well-rounded 34C cup and her tummy is flat as a board. Her but a little rounded but perfect in every way possible. And her legs so long and beautiful and put her into a height of 72 inches, just a little above me. All in all she's the perfect 19 year old girl for every guy to have. The strange thing is though that she actually hasn't gone out on date like ever. And believe me she's had many requests. Like for example on the last Valentine's Day all the guys in my class took their chances and asked her out.

Oh by the way once she was held back a year due to health problems so we ended up in the same class together. Any way she turned down all of them in a hart beat but was gentle in doing so.

From that most of the guys tough she was a lesbian and when a rumor spread that, the lesbians and bisexuals in our school started asking her out but they ended up in with the same result as anyone else. After school then I asked her why she turned down so many invites but all she told me was „Because my heart already belongs to someone, little bro!" And when I asked her who she just kept quiet. I've always wondered to whom her heart belongs to but never even came close to figuring it out.

Still that didn't stop me the slightest to have her in my fantasies. Where I would make love to her, cherish her, and always make her happy. She was my favorite girl to fantasies about and I had plenty of hot pictures of her to fantasies about but never did I have a nude picture of her nor have I ever seen her naked, even when we were kids.

But that was about to change. Patty always takes a shower in the afternoon in the hot summer and right before she went in fast as lightning I went past her saying that I got a really bad shit to lose. In our bathroom behind the bath tub theirs enough space for a basin to be put and it's always field with our dirty clause. I recently bought a new phone with an HD camera and took my time to adjust the phone with all the clause around it. When I was done and hit play I let out the weather in the toilet so that I wouldn't be suspected of anything and just casually when outside and let her in to have her shower.

I went to my computer and played a few games for about 20 min or so and thinking that Patty was done with her shower I went there to retrieve my phone. But as soon as I came out of my room I heard the water in the shower still running and wondered what was it taking her so long.

I went to the bathroom door and put my ear to it. I couldn't believe it my big sister was actually masturbating in the shower. I could tell trough the echo in the bathroom.

Wow not only will I have a naked video of my sister but I'll also have her masturbating on it. That tough made my heart go wild like a race car driver and my cock to instantly got hard as a rock. I was so surprised by this that I just couldn't think strait and just pulled out my cock and started to masturbate on her moans.

I was so turned on that was cumming in just five min and it usually takes me a good 15-20 min to cum even when I'm thinking of my sister. My orgasm was so intense that it took me a while to cache my breath and realize that she had actually stopped the water and that I'd better get out of there before she sees me there standing with my cock in hand and cum all over me. I managed to put mu cock back in my pants and was on my way to my room but then Patty came out of the bathroom and stopped.

I was with my back against her so I could wipe the cum on my close and make it sink in before turning to here. "Whats up?" I asked her. She just came to me slowly step by step with hands behind her back hiding something and when she was inches away from me she reviled what she was hiding. It was my phone she was holding. I stood there shocked and not able to say anything or even move. I tough she was going to get mad at me and beat me to a punching bag and maybe even brake my phone out of rage.

But she just stood there handing me the phone and said "I think this elena koshkas foreign pussy fuck from behind interracial pornstars yours right!

Next time try to be more careful so that it doesn't end up in the washing machine ok?" Realizing she doesn't know I put it there on purpose calmed me down and I just took the phone.

The she shock me even more when suddenly out of nowhere she jumped at me, locking my head in her arms and kissed me right on the lips. Gently and passionately was her kiss and she even let her tong in my moth exploring it all around and then just dancing with my tong. After about a minute or so she broke the kiss and stared into my eyes letting out a sigh of relief. "Wow that was my first kiss!

I kind of liked it! Did you, little bro? " I was still so socked that I could barely say anything. She laugh on that and said "I'm gonna take that as a "Yes"!" She then game me another quick kiss and went for her room. On the way she said "I know you took a video of me naked in the shower. Next time if you want my nudes just ask, ok? Oh and be sure to watch the whole video I left you a message on it which I can't wait for you to find out." When she closed the door to her room I still couldn't believe what happened.

My big sister, the girl of my dreams just gave me my first kiss and what's more it was her first kiss too. Not only that but she knew I was taking a video of her in the shower and didn't seem to mind at all. "What the fuck…?" I tough to busty hot gf rides and swallows hd. Trying to process what just happened I went to my room put on my headphones on hit the play button on the video.

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As it played the first few minutes were of my sister getting in slut gets ass fucked gapped and creampied bathtub and washing her body with water.

Right then when I saw her naked for the first time my heart went wild, even wilder then before. She was so dam hot with her pink nipples and shaved pussy. I got so hard that instantly I just let out my cock and started to masturbate on this. I kept this for a good five minutes when she said on the video " wha…What's this doing here?" she said as she picked up my phone and brought it closer to her giving me a nice view of her erect nipple.

"Paul's new phone? Did he put it here by accident or did he…?" then she turned the phone and I could tell she knew I was filming her. "Well, well, well… seems your quite the pervert for wanting nudes of your bid sister, little bro.

well since that's the case ok!

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I'll let you enjoy the show." She put my phone back in the basin in an even better angle which gave me a full view of her whole naked body. Then she started washing her hair and turned around when shampooing it to give me a view of her naked ass crack. And she even bent over a little to get the net bottle she needed for her body later. After she washed her hair she started to wash her body shampooing it with her hands.

With her back against the camera she washed one of her feet then the other and moved on to her ass sliding her middle finger up and down her ass crack and even put it in her ass whole to clean it up from the inside a little. She let out a few moan enjoying that and after a few strokes moved on to her back. She struggled a little to shampoo it and then moved on to her tummy. From there shampooed her hands and then she started working on her boobs. She pinched and twisted her nipples ever so slightly just enough to make her moan and when she was done she moved on to her pussy.

For a while she massaged her clit enjoying the feeling of shampoo on it and then instantly started to masturbate. She took the phone in her hand and gave me a view of her body from every angle possible. "Oh little bro! Do you like what you see? Oggghhh… Do you like seeing your big sis masturbating for you?

Ohhh…ggoodd…I wish you could see me in person doing this for you. Ohhh…I wish you were her little bro. Oh god how I wish it… Ohhh&hellip.I'm cumming. Ohhh…I'm cumming, little bro! I'm cumming just for you! Aghhh…" and with that she let out a strong orgasm putting me over the edge and making me cum as well. I continued to watch the video letting myself get hard again which for my sister didn't take long at all. Then still holding the phone began washing her body carefully not to get the phone wet.

One she was done she left the water running and sat on the toilet with the seat down. She began masturbating again giving herself thee more orgasms and then when she finished she said to the camera. "Well now you know my dark little secret little bro and I know yours.

I want to tell you something that I just can't keep hidden anymore. But to do that I want you to come to my bed room as soon as you finish watching this. Ok bye!" When it was over I still couldn't believe it.

My big sister actually made a porn video for me and wanted me to come into her room so that she could tell me something. Before I went to her room tough I was so messy with my cum all over me that I didn't want to go to her room all dirty and smelly. So I got naked put on my bathrobe and took a shower myself. When I was naked in the bathroom I stood there to examine my body a little. At 18 years old I was quiet well build, not really muscular but not even fat either.

Under the water thinking of the stuff my sister did made my cock go hard again and examining it I tough it was quiet as the girls might say huge. Huge being 6.5 inches long and 5.1 around. After my shower I put on my bathrobe drying myself off and I went outside my sister was poking her head out of her room and said "Hey did you watch the video?" "I did!" I said this time casually and very excited.

"I can tell you liked it!" she said with a laugh seeing the tent in my bath robe. "I did!" I repeated myself and casually walked towards her room and asked her "So what did you want to tell me?" She replied with a whisper in her voice "Not in here c'mo just come in." She teen riley reid cant get enough of jocks cock the door for me letting me in and locked it after that.

"Sit on the bed, please!" We sat together in her bed facing each other and then she took a deep breath and said "Ok! You asked me to whom my heart belonged to last Valentine's Day? Well I think now you have your answer." When I heard her say that my latterly mouth dropped. I tough she wanted to just have sex with me and become fuck buddies or something.

But to have a love confession from her was the last thing that I expected. Sure I hoped that I would but I never tough she had any interest in me the same way I did. So shocked I said "What?

Really? You…Your not just puling my leg here are you?" "No I'm not! It's true I love you little bro always have, always will. And I've kept this secret for so long that I just have to let it all out.

I love you. I love you. I love you, little bro. I know that it's wrong, but I don't care. I love you. And that's that. And I want more than anything to be your girl…your girlfriend. But if you don't feel the same way I'll understa…" and before she could finish I just kissed her as fast as I could bring my lips to hers.

For a few moments she let me kiss her but then pushed me back and said "No, not like this, little bro. First I want to hear you say it. I want to hear you say that you love and really mean it or I can't do this." With her saying that I just put my hands around her and hugged her like I was truly hugging her for the first time and said "I love you, big sis.

I really, I really love you. You're my dream girl. I think about you all the time. When I go to sleep your always in my best dreams. If I fail an exam that because I was distracted of toughs of you. Even in my dirty fantasies your always there.

I love you, big sis. I love you so much." With me saying that I she hugged me and squeezed more and more with every word. And when I went in to kiss her I could see she was shedding tears of joy as was I. We kissed, we kissed and we kissed each other so much that I lost track of time and reality. For me the whole world right then just disappeared and in front of me was only me sister to make love to.

As we kissed I started to push her gently on the bed until she laid under me completely. I broke the kiss and moved down to her neck. Kiss by kiss I explored her whole neck and inhaled he bodies sent. As I did that I slowly moved my hands to her boobs and started to massage them which made her moan in pleasure. After I had enough of her neck I moved my hands down to her hips and started to take off her t-shirt. Seeing her breasts cover in a sexy black bra made her look so hot it was unreal.

I started to massage her boobs again this time giving them a tighter squeeze and she responded with louder and more pleasurable moans. "Ohh…yeah…Ohhh little bro don't stop!" I started kissing her above her breasts and slowly emo dude sweet girl webcam show watch part on hotgirlsweetfuckcom to her tummy.

I kissed all around her belly button and then just started liking it. That made her giggle and moan I pleasure saying "Oh yeah, little bro!

Just like that. Love your big sis like you've wanted all this time. Ohhh god yeah." After she said that I told her I wanted to see her boob in person and she helped me remove her bra.

Her pink nipples were so erect that they could just pop right then and there. Instantly I started to suck on her right boob all around while holding and squeezing it with my hand and massaging the other one with my other hand. It didn't take me long to switch them up. I was going back and forth on her breast squeezing them, thirsting her nipples and batting them, and in doing so my sister let out the sexiest moans ever. When she had enough of me playing with her boobs she took my head in her arm and kissed me.

She went down my neck undid my bathrobe and kissed me down brazzers 20sex stories 20full 20length 20free 20dp 20storys first time the way through my nipples biting each one a bit, through my belly button she did the same thing to me as I did to her and stopped at my cock.


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so this is what I cock looks like up close ehh…I've got to say not bad." "Have you ever seen a cock before?" "No, not in person. But I have seen in the pornos I watched. And yours may not be as big as most that I've seen but I love It." hottie amber ivy gets her bumhole destroyed said while stroking my cock and giving it a kiss on the head. Before she could give me another kiss I took her head in my hands, gave her a kiss and said ""Want to do it in the 69 position?" "Isn't that for lesbians?" "Mainly twistys alice romain starring at rubbing on but if you sit on my face and give me a blowjob we could do it as well." "Ok let's do it." I laid on the bed fully naked and as my sister was removing her pants I told her to keep the underwear because I wanted to remove it later.

She then sat on my face, lowered herself on my body and I cloud feel her boob pressing against me. She took my cock in her hand stroking it up and down letting out soft moans as I liked her pussy trough her sexy black panties my sister put the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking it nice and slow putting her tong in my peed hole.

As I sucked her pussy I put my hand around her hips and started to finger her asshole trough her panties. With that she started to give me a full length blowjob while massaging my balls. A few moments later my sister cummed so hard that she fully soaked her panties and not long after I followed by cumming in her mouth and on her face. "Oh god. That was amazing little bro." she said calming down from her orgasm. pretty amateur brunette babe railed by pervert pawn man blowjob bigcock betcha.

God dam sis your sooooo hot." "Ohh thank you little bro! You really sexy as well." "Were not done yet by the way!" I said as I flipped her over on her back next to me and when straight to her face to give her a French kiss. As I explored all around her mouth my cock was getting hard again rubbing itself against her clit trough her panties. When it was fully hard again I removed her panties and asked her "Sis can I give you my virginity?" "Of course little bro just please be gentle. I'm still a virgin as well and haven't even broken my hymen yet." Hearing that made my heart go wild with excitement.

I rubbed the head of my cock a little more on the full length of her pussy and slowly started to push in. Little by little I inserted my cock in her and when I reached her hymen I stopped and asked her if she was ready.

She nodded and bit her lower lip afraid of the pain but then I kissed her opening her lips for my tong. Gently and slowly I slid my cock I her breaking her hymen and when it I was all the way inside I stooped to let her a just to the felling.

Her pussy was so tight and wet but also so welcoming for me that it was like made just for me and nobody else. It fit me like a glove and that helped Patty to get used to my cock quickly. Slowly I started to move my cock in and out of her increasing the length and speed with every few stock's.

With every stoke we both were moaning so lovingly out of pleasure and lust. "Ohh…yeah little bro. Fuck me! Fuck your big sister! Just like that. Take me! Make me yours. Make me yours now and forever." "Ohh.sis your pussy is so wet and tight. It like it was made just for me. Oh sis I love. I love you." "Ohh.little bro. Yes! my pussy was made just for you. Take it! Take it all!

Along with my whole body. I'm yours little bro. I'm yours now and forever." "Ohh.sis. I'm gonna cumm. I'm gonna cumm deep inside your pussy. I'm cumming." "Oh.yes fill me up! Fill me up with your hot semen little bro.

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Ohh.I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I'm cummmmming" As we screamed out we both came together and I filled her up load after load of my semen. "Awww.sshit your semen feels soooo good in me little bro. I love it." Hearing say that made me so happy and gave her a big hug with a kiss.

Breaking the kiss she said "Want to take my ass virginity as well?" "You bet your ass I do!" and I instantly got hard again just thinking of taking her ass virginity.

Rolling over on her hands and knees my sister gave me full permission to fuck her asshole. But first I wanted to play a little with it so I just poked it a little with my left index finger and with my other hand I massaged breast. "Ohh…fuck, little bro. That feel soo fucking good! Oh…yes fuck my asshole just like that. Yeah…Oh god.don't stop. Ohhh…" she screamed out in pleasure as I inserted my index and middle finger into her asshole and began finger fucking her."Ohh god… Ohh… god… Yes don't stop… Oh…I'm cumming…I'm cumming.I'mm cummmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiing, little bro.

I'm cumming…Ohhhh…ohhhh…" and she let out another orgasm putting her shoulder on the bed and leaving her ass in the air for me. As I watched her mom dad bati brother huose faimly night room there and practically invite me feck her ass I grabbed both her ass checks spreading them as wide as possible and began inserting my cock inside her asshole.

Her asshole was so much tighter then her pussy it was unreal.

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"Oh my god…Oh my god…Yessss…Little bro…fuck my asshole…yessss…don't stop…harder…harder…hardeeerrr!"she screamed out at the top of her lugs as fucked her asshole like an animal.

"Ohhhh…sshit…sis your ass is azeming…Oh god… I'm gonna cumm…I'm gonna cumm sis…I'm gonna fill your ass with my semen! I'm cumming." "Oh god little bro… yes… yes. cumm in me… cumm in my asshole…yes… I'm cummmmmming!" Ass I let out load after load of semen inside her and a little on her ass I fell back on the bed exhausted.

My cock was still a little hard tough and still wanted to fuck my sister as hell and when she saw that she came up to me and gave me a blowjob. I was still so exited from my last orgasm that I quickly came in her mouth and a little on her face.

After that I was completely dried out of semen and my cock went numb. My sister came up to me and gave me a nice French kiss. When we broke it we just natasha nice n lisa ann there together in each other's arms caching out breath.

"Wow! That was amazing, little bro!" "You got that right, big sis! Or should I say my darling seat girlfriend." "I like sis or big sis better but I might get used to my darling." "Ok got it!" After a moment of slants I asked her „Want to tell mom and dad?" "What are you serious? If they find out there's no telling what they might do." "I don't care. I want them to know. I want them to know that your my girlfriend whether they like it or not." "Yeah but…" "No buts… got it!" "Fine… but try not to go overboard, ok?" "Ok!" "So come on lets go tell them." After that we got dressed and went down stairs to tell our parents.