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Old tharki baba rubbing his maid m behind n seduced n fuccked
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At the age of 26, I found myself looking for new adventures. After a few good investments and my fair share of aggressive business acquisitions, I had found myself financially secure for the rest of my days. I decided that I wanted to experience some things that few other people ever would. After fighting through the rat race of modern society, I wanted to be around a closer knit social group. I like to think of myself as a people person, and decided to get to know a different culture.

If you are good at something, you never do it for free.

Through one of my previous business ventures, I had a tie to an international magazine. They specialize in cultural studies, and I presented them with what I was looking to do. My contact there told me they didn't normally accept studies or articles from independent journalists.

However, there was one extremely remote jungle tribe that they have never been able to study. They gave me a flat rate contract to study the Manoan people weather or not I could gather any useful information. I packed for a long trip, and ensured I had all of the gear I would need to live off the land for an extended period of time.

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I was dropped off at a remote airstrip in South America. The tribe occupies a small area of the jungle towards the center of the continent, and has been there for hundreds of years, by what anybody can tell. They speak a very basic language, not known by any of the surrounding people, and they do not like to have contact with outside people.

Previous journalists have all been driven away by the Manoans, and none of them could tell me anything useful of their ways. All I had was a general area to look for these people.

It took me two days to find evidence of their land use. Once I decided that I was in gf shaves pussy in bath before riding cock right area, I found a distinct landmark, and decided to stow my gear there. I dropped all of my electronics, my synthetic fabrics, and my backpack.

I continued on in neutral colored clothes and a leather satchel. I started my walk through the jungle in an expanding spiral. After four hours of walking I smelled a small hint of smoke, and something being cooked. I proceeded slowly until I crossed over a ridgeline, looking down into a good sized village of huts.

I didn't want to sneak up and surprise the people, so I followed the ridgeline until I came across what looked to be a main trail for entering the village.

I made my way down the trail, and as I came close, I walked slowly with my hands open to show no aggression. I was spotted by a group of females who quickly dispersed into the huts. I was immediately confronted by a group of males that did not seem very receptive. I stopped my approach and stood still with my palms facing them. A man emerged from the group and started to walk toward me. He had his forehead tattooed, in a formation of lines.

There were a few other men with lines on their face, but non of them had a tattoo as large as this man. He put his hands up in a motion to stop me, and then pointed for me to leave. I brought a gift crazy hot asian babe knows how to suck that dong redhead blowjob them to trade, in an effort to get my foot in the door. I removed my satchel, and pulled out a bag of oranges.

I did not want to bring something extravagant, showing I am an obvious outsider, but I wanted to give something they did not have, since I was a stranger after all. I held the bag out to give to the man, but he did not make any motion to take it.

I took an orange out and peeled it, eating a slice. Once I had played guinea pig, the man that I assumed to be the leader took the bag from my hand. He took out an orange and passed the bag on. All the men who were tattooed took a piece of fruit first, and then there were a few left over. We stood there for a little while and ate the fruit. I didn't try to talk to them, since it would be a futile attempt anyway. Once we had finished, the group parted, and the leader let me through the middle.

We walked to the center of the village and he sat me on one of the logs circling a fire ring. I put my bag down and took in the experience as all of the villagers came out to see me. The tribesmen showed me a handshake and a spoken greeting. The chief started lining the men up in a line, showing the hierarchy of the males. The men with more lines on their face were higher up. There seemed to be four levels of males, including the leader.

All of the men wore some form or another of legged pants, and either a vest or sleeved shirt. All of the clothes were made of furs and skins, or what seemed to be a coarse cloth resembling burlap. I later found out the fibers were made of a hammered out vine bark. The leader introduced himself as "Reemah" and went down the line, giving the names of the two higher ranks of men. There was a total of fourteen men in the higher ranks, and there looked to be about thirty other men.

Reemah then brought forward three females. There didn't seem to be any leadership roles among the women, they were just divided into three groups of age.

Reemah had selected one of each group to show to me. A young girl that looked to be ten. Reemah motioned to her neck which was bare. Reemah turned to the next woman, who was pregnant, and pointed to the single woven ring around her neck. Reemah then moved to a third, older woman, who had two rings around sexy teen pussy lexi diamond2 94 tube porn neck.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that these people distinguished the women that were of child bearing age, from the others. All of the women wore long skirts.

The young girls wore nothing else, while some of the other women wore clothes that hung from their neck, crossed the chest, and tied off in the back. I was a little confused, trying to figure out a pattern for why some women wore it and others did not. It finally struck me that the cloths where not a symbol of status, ornamentation, or any other visual cue.

The only women that wore the cloth were the ones that required support of their breasts. The women that were not endowed had no need for the purely functional brassier. Once they were done introducing themselves, I introduced myself, and opened my bag and showed them the few things that I had brought with me. Some fire starting gear, my mess kit, hygiene kit, knife, and my prescription glasses and sunglasses. I did not wear them earlier as to not further separate myself from them.

I put them on and then handed them to Reemah to look through. He seemed a little confused, and then gave them back. The leader gave me a woven belt that all the men were wearing, along with a tool that they kept on the hip. It was a leather bound stick, about two feet long, with a thin stone blade lashed into the last third of the stick. The Manoans used this tool for everything; skinning animals, clearing brush, cutting food, and protection.

I spent the rest of the day trying to communicate with the leaders. Other members of the tribe came and left as the day passed. I made good progress, learning many basic nouns and verbs of the basic language they used. The leaders took me to an empty hut as night fell.

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The huts were made of lashed wood, and heavy foliage for the roof. There was an actual bed of wood, with a net laced across the beams, and a mattress of mixed straw covered with that burlap cloth. The technology these people possessed was very advanced for people so secluded. I seemed to be able to join easily, so maybe they had gained knowledge from prior visitors. I had heard that nobody had ever reported being able to get in with these people. I was integrated in quite well, and spent the next few weeks hunting, buildingand learning from these people.

I did everything that the lower level males did, and seemed to be completely integrated into the tribe. There was one ceremony that they did not let me witness though. Once a week, the pregnant women and the young children were segregated and came over to a large hut. I was directed to remain with them during the evening ceremony. They were vigilant to ensure that I was not able to see the practices of the rest of the tribe in the center of the village. Over the weeks I learned as much as I could.

During the times that I was locked up with the pregnant women and the children, I learned more busty redhead lauren phillips amp kendra cole share cock amp cum about the women's classes.

The young girls are considered children until they reach puberty, and then they go through a ceremony where they get their neck ring after the first menstrual cycle.

Once they reach child bearing age, they get pregnant on nearly a yearly basis. Then once they are no longer able to bear children, they go through another ceremony to get the second ring. I counted about thirty pregnant women in the hut with me, and that raised more questions.

There were about the same number of boys as girls, but there were almost four women to every man. And along with that, the total population was very small for having so many pregnant women.

I later got the answers to those questions. I found out that only one in three women have a successful pregnancy and birth. As for the ratio of men to women, I found that the tribe had no punishment system to speak of. The males were just expected to commit ritual suicide upon disgracing the tribe. Since the tribe is so secluded, and the women were protected, they didn't have much chance to disgrace themselves. After two months living with this tribe, I had learned a lot about these people.

It was very interesting being able to experience what nobody else outside this group had, and yet I didn't find much to write about that was extraordinary compared to other small cultures around the world. It was at this point that I was finally able to observe the practices of the weekly ceremony. Reemah walked me around to show me all of the aspects of the experience. We were able to communicate quite well at this point and he told me what all of the tribe members were doing.

Around the perimeter of the village, several of the lower ranking men were keeping watch. In the middle of the village there was a roaring fire. Of the women who were of child bearing age, there were about twenty who were not pregnant. They were positioned in several small groups around the fire. All of them were wearing masks, and nothing else. The women were all laying on their backs, with legs spread.

Two men were positioned by each woman, and there was an older woman with each man. Reemah explained to me that the tribe is considered one big family. None of the women are considered to be mates to a single man. This ceremony was designed to impregnate the women in a manner where no one man could claim a child. The women participate in the ceremony each week until they are pregnant, and receive no less than three men during the ceremony.

On top of that, the women do not speak, and the mask is worn to keep the men from knowing which woman is receiving him. The ceremony began, and the older women began removing their skirts, and started stimulating the men they were with.

They laid back, next to the younger women, and the men started having sex with the older women. Reemah pointed out that even though the "Two" ring women could not have children, they still played an important role. The Two's would allow the men to nearly reach climax, and then the man would swiftly get up and move over to the younger woman, depositing his seed into her.

Reemah told me that by doing this, the three men could all go into the young woman in a short amount of time. Because of this, it was believed that the different men's bloodlines would combine to make a stronger child.

They also used the older women to spare the young women as much pain as possible. Once the men were done with the one woman, they would move to the next and start the whole process over. They had a whole order as to which men were entitled to go first, which women were allowed to receive first, and they rotated every week.

Reemah sexy amateur zuzinka plays with horny couple told me that it was acceptable for the men to sleep with the Twos on a nightly basis for their pleasure.

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The women were not committed to a single man, so the men would just pick a woman each night. Reemah got first pick, and so on down the line. There were more Twos than men, so they were able to change out a little.

There were a few elderly women, and they porn casting sex bangbros movie lc not participate in the ceremony, but apparently they could still be chosen for the regular nights. I worked hard to gain trust and learn more about these intimate aspects of the culture. After about six months with the people I was totally immersed in the Manoan culture. Reemah approached me one day and told me that they would have a ceremony to include me into the tribe.

It was a very important event for many reasons. It meant that I would be further into this culture than I could have ever thought I could mistress rhiannon fucks her boyfriend in the kitchen. It also meant that I would come to a turning point.

I would have to decide when I would be done and able to leave the tribe. We had the ceremony the next day. It was a very big event, but just a little unorganized since it had never happened before. Now that I was in, Reemah told me that I would be able to take a Two each night. I was hesitant, teen gals get twats destroyed hardcore and blowjob as these people had never heard of protected sex. I spent a long time trying to find ways to explain the concept of protection for recreational sex.

I told them that casual sex had surely spread any diseases around the entire tribe. I knew that the only ones who were most likely safe were the virgins. I told him that I was clean, but I did not want to risk catching anything,&hellip.and taking it with me when I would have to leave.

I let him know that I planned to leave, and told him that I would stay for a few more weeks. Reemah let me know that it was a big part of the tribe traditions that no member should be excluded. For this reason, he insisted that I take a Two, as every man did. I told him again of the reasons I could not, and then he lit up with an idea.

We walked out to the center of the village, and Reemah pointed across the open area to one of the shorter women, a Two. He started to explain that this woman, Mahrin, was nearly sixty years old. She didn't appear to be that old from what I could tell. When Mahrin was young, she didn't become fertile with the other girls. The tribe waited a few years, but she was never recognized as being able to bear a child.

She was not able to get her single ring. Since the tribe does not like to exclude members, she was given two rings. Since the tribesmen didn't know what was going on, they did not treat her like a normal Two. They wanted to give her time to become fertile, and did not want a single man to be able to claim the child, in case she became pregnant.

The men continued to leave her alone, and the tribe eventually forgot about her until today. Mahrin was a sixty year old virgin. Surely she could no longer get pregnant anyway, and she had a good chance of being clean. Reemah insisted that I should take her, and he said that I would be the only one. I feared that I could not reject this custom, unless I wanted to leave the tribe on poor terms, so I accepted. I asked Reemah to confirm that Mahrin was a virgin, and he agreed.

Night was falling, and I retired to my hut. Shortly after, Mahrin entered as well. I was not expecting that Reemah would have sent her that same night, but he told her that bus big bob sex brazzers was to spend every night with me until I left. Mahrin did not seem upset that she was being ordered to serve me, but she did appear nervous. I didn't want to get this involved with the Manoan people, especially since I was not going to be staying.

Still, I knew that it would be terribly insulting not to participate in this important event. I didn't really see any point to try and speak with her, so I just motioned for her to sit on the bed. Although she had never participated in the fertilization ceremonies, she had witnessed them many times.

She definitely knew the mechanics of sex, but had no experience with foreplay. I didn't want to treat her like a sex slave, but I figured she wouldn't be able to do anything except what she had seen in the ceremonies.

I would have to do everything in this situation. I reached behind her, and untied the knot on her brassier. I let the cloth fall away, and pulled it from around her neck exposing her breasts.

Mahrin was short even by the standards for her people. I estimated that she was just over four and a half feet, and probably a little over a hundred pounds. Even though she had never had a child, her breasts were at least a C cup. Since these women used bras, and she never had to nurse a child, they were surprisingly firm and showed very little signs of sagging. I took her hands and had her stand up, I started removing my pants and she untied the waist of her skirt.

Mahrin let her skirt fall to the dirt floor of the hut, and I had her lay back onto the bed. Even though I knew she wasn't going to participate, I didn't want to just use her without giving her pleasure as well.

I laid down next to her and began sucking on her nipple. It was firm and erect, raising goose bumps immediately upon my contact. Her breathing got shallow and she seemed to be tense. I moved my hand down to her clitoris and started to rub it.

I pinched it and rolled it as I continued to stimulate her nipples with my mouth. I repositioned my hand and flatly rubbed her button with my palm, and slipped my middle finger into her canal. Mahrin jerked a little, arching her back. I started a slow rhythm, and her body started to rise and fall with my movements. I looked up to her face and saw that her eyes were shut tight. I pulled my finger out and put my fingertips to her button once again. I pressed it flat and started to swirl it around.

Mahrin would jerk every time I pressed her nerve bundle over her pubic bone. She started to moan as I moved my hand faster around her clitoris. I changed the motion, starting to flip up on her button. Mahrin started to tense up and began breathing quickly. I continued to work her with my hand as she arched her back enough to raise herself off of the bed. She stopped her quick breathing, pressing her lips together.

She held her breath for a moment, before letting out a piercing scream. She collapsed back down to the bed, giving out little cries with each exhale. I stopped my barrage on her sensitive areas and allowed her to calm down.

I moved to the end of the bed and started to work myself to full strength. I crawled in between her legs, getting into position. I placed the pretty hot chick scarlett fever wants to fuck of my penis at her entrance, only to find that she was dripping wet from her earlier experience. I pushed forward and was granted entrance with little resistance. I leaned forward over her as I slipped in the rest of the way.

She definitely had enough lubrication, but had a tight grip on my shaft. Mahrin had her head turned to the side, refusing to look at me as I started to slowly thrust into her. I didn't feel bad though, because I could see a smile on her face.

I slid my arms under her, curling my hands up to pull down on her shoulders. I pushed myself deep inside of her, keeping a slow pace, and drawing all of the way out before sliding back in. She started to moan again, now that she was fully recovered and ready to climb the mountain again.

I started to speed up, trying to bring her off again. Mahrin's breathing sped up again, and she started to squeeze down tightly on my shaft. Her grip was extremely tight, and was uncomfortable enough to hold off my climax.

Mahrin, however, started to tense up again. After a few more minutes she stopped and held her breath again. She thrust her pelvis up towards me hard and let out another piercing scream. This time I continued my assault on her, causing her to keep her scream going for what seemed to be days. Finally I was ready to climax, and I plunged my shaft all of the way inside of her and released my load, shooting my seed deep inside of her. I just held myself inside of her for a few minutes as I started to go limp and her breathing returned to normal.

I started to get up and back away from Mahrin. I looked down at my penis that was coated in both of our juices, and a good amount of blood. I guess that she had never used anything to stimulate herself internally, confirming that she was definitely a virgin.

I grabbed a cloth and cleaned up the mess. I climbed back into the bed uk taxi babe sucking off drivers cock reality and british curled up behind her. Mahrin continued to join me each night for the next few weeks. I gradually started to teach her new things that the tribe's people had never known about.

Another month had come and gone, and I decided to let the chief know that it was time for me to go. When I told Reemah of my plans to leave, he was quite upset. He was grateful for all of the technology and knowledge that I had given them. From what I had learned of their belief system, I shouldn't have been surprised when he asked me to leave them with a child. Considering that they believed that by having multiple men have sex with the women that the men's strengths would be combined, it was only natural for him to believe that my child would share my milf came home from work to eat cock. I had to have another talk with him about how I did not wish to participate in what was basically an orgy, and I did not want to expose myself to possible diseases.

He seemed to have an answer for everything though. He said that he would allow me to have a woman to myself until she became pregnant.

He had discussed it with some of the elders, and they decided it would be acceptable for the tribe to know exactly who the father of the child was, since I would not be around to claim it, which would create a further upset in the tribe's traditions. I was still a little worried about catching something, but I had not seen anything in my time here to think that the tribe were the carriers of anything serious. But after some more conversation, Reemah said that if I was willing to stay for a while longer, I could "take" the next virgin girl who came into puberty.

I had tried to give any excuse I could come up with to avoid having this serious of an impact on the tribe. It seemed that I was all out of excuses.

I decided to accept the request of Reemah, and I would stay long enough to ensure that I had impregnated one of the tribe's women. I continued with my normal duties, working with the men on establishing technologies that the tribe had not had before. It seemed like I had been waiting forever, and I was running out of things to show the Manoans how to build.

Luckily, it was only a few weeks before a young girl, Sinea, had her very first menstrual cycle.

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After that we timed out her next cycle, and for a solid week, Sinea would be joining me three times a day. Reemah and I had agreed that I would not have to "perform" in front of the tribe.

We did decide that Mahrin would accompany me though, and keep true to that technique of the tribe so she would be used for my stimulation, and Sinea would simply receive my seed. And so I began my week as a sperm donor. This tribe uses the lunar cycle for their calendar, and after doing the math I figured out that Sinea was thirteen years old. Thinking about that fact constantly was very awkward, but I had been doing so many weird things during my time there that it did not really give me too much reason to refuse.

We started our ceremony on the morning of the first day and repeated it morning, noon, and evening for the next seven days. Each time I would place Sinea on the bed, nude with her legs spread and ready to receive me. I had shown Mahrin some things that I enjoyed, and since I was doing the tribe a favor, I had no guilt about getting her to service me with no reciprocity.

I had her get naked and kneel down in front of me. I would remove my clothes and have her start to suck me. After she had practiced many times, she had gotten very good at it. She had good suction and was very gentle, while stimulating my to a very hard state.

I have to admit that it was a little awkward being with women so young and old. I had Mahrin turn around and I took her from behind. I took hold of her wide hips and pounded her faster and faster. She was nice and wet, and got my dick well lubricated.

Each night I would pump myself into Mahrin overwatch black cat porn fucking big dick cartoon play free I was to the point of cumming. Then I would pull out and get down on the bed, between Sinea's legs. I placed my slippery shaft at her virgin hole and gently pressed forward. She closed her eyes and turned her head to the side. I pushed a little harder and was granted entry to her tight canal.

She was very small and made it difficult for me to climax. I started to pump, and eventually she loosened up a little and started to get wet. I picked up the pace and tried to finish as quickly as possible. I started to pull all of the way out and plunge back in. She started to moan and twist as I sped up.

After a few more strokes I was ready to climax, and I thrust myself in as far as I could go, and released my load. Sinea started to scream as I shot my semen into her again and again.

Once I had finished, I pulled myself out of her and got up. I put my clothes on and left the hut, so that the two of them could clean up. I repeated this sequence every day for the following week, so we would be sure to get her pregnant.

Once I was done, I said my goodbyes to the tribe, and I made my three day trek to the nearest city to get a flight back to the states. I went back two years later, to make sure that I had not given away too many secrets of the Manoan people in my article, fearing that some locals would try to exploit them for the land they possessed.

And on my return trip, I was able to see my son for the first time…