Slutty fat fucks first time doing hardcore porn full movie fuckfatties and threesome

Slutty fat fucks first time doing hardcore porn full movie fuckfatties and threesome
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It was a four day weekend where I was going to get gangbanged in a mmmf that was arranged by a friend, but he failed to realize that the guys he found were actually in a gang. When i got there, i found out that i had walked into to this gang house, but they were cool, very relaxed etc., so I went along with it and did three guys.

Afterwards, we talked and I agreed to stay and party for the weekend, to play some more. I was shown around the place a bit and then to a room, where I took a shower and I laid down for some rest.

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It was already like one am, but I was tired so I went to sleep. just after I went to sleep, maybe two am or so, I got woken up to three guys, they wanted me to fuck them too, which was cool, but I was tired so I told them "maybe later." without even a hesitation the three of them dragged me out of the bed and gave me a beating me, then tossed me on the floor pulled my legs apart took turns raping me, when they were done the locked me in the room.

In the late morning the next day, I was taken in to the front room and they tied me, bent over a foot stool. I was fucked up my ass ten times.

The ten guys just took turns and each filled my ass with cock and my mouth with cum, demanding each time that I swallow. It was all ass to mouth and I choked down load after load, gagging a little here and there, mostly on the thought of what I was doing.

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After I was locked in the room again, where for the next few days I was used and tortured over and over. Everything from just waking up being dragged by my hair or getting belted in the mouth, even being pulled right off the toilet and raped. Even if I didn't try to fight, even I just tried to go willingly. But there I was locked in a room and every hour or so, guy after guy, or sometimes in groups of two, three or four came in. Almost every time they were intent in raping me.

Some abused my mouth or took my ass, some just took pussy and others were DPs or all three holes. A few beer bottles and a dildo were used on me, but mostly I was just held down and brutalized. Over the rest of the weekend I took some nasty and hard poundings, guy after guy. I got forced to swallow, slapped, gagged, choked or beaten and fisted at one point. I don't really know, but I guessed about 50 or more guys over the weekend.

They still had a few humiliating surprises for me… At one point I was tied to the stool taking it three cocks, as I got filled by them I heard them talking about what to do with me in the next room… Next thing I knew four more guys came in and I was untied and laid on a table where I was tied again, spread arms and legs and given a terrible choice to make for my freedom.

There was a tattoo gun set up, laid on the table next to my head and they told me I had to choose either getting a gang mark tattooed to me. their sign on my face or be publicly humiliated by taking on a pitbull on the front porch in plain view broad daylight.

They left me there tied for a half an hour to think. the tattoo gun still laid out on the table next to me. I couldn't let them brand me as a gang whore, and they made me say it loudly, "I want to fuck a pit!" They then gave me the choice to be tied or not, I said I would just do it (and I did), but one kept a gun out told me it was for if I tried to run.

There in front of everyone, I was fucked by the dog and took its knot, stuck in my pussy for like half an hour. After I was told that they had been selling me to guys. (predictable I knew that was the case from what I had overheard, and I guess I just knew going to happen). i was told that i made them a lot of money that weekend, as a whore for them.

they sold me for a $200 each, and told them all i was new to being a whore, so if I was not putting out it was okay to tear me up. others came to do me just so they could rip me apart. whichever reason or motive, it was clear that i was being beaten and tortured because they wanted to turn me out as their whore.

When it was nearly over I was driven to another house where they took me in and 5 of them raped me brutalized some more. But this time they really hurt me as I just laid there and cried, while they took me in and beat me first, then pulled my legs apart, I was dry, and already pandam 7 wirabuana yg baru from all the other poundings I took, so it tore me up to be penetrated.

It hurt just to be touched. I winced at each trust, as they told me I was their bitch, a cunt, whore sexy sex and massage get mixed hardcore blowjob white trash slut.

They took turns gagging me, fucking my throat, ass and pussy. I just wanted it to be over, to go home and shower. This last rape was different, more vicious and really hard, they were just relentless and tore my pussy open a little, but enough that it made me bleed. They put me in a van and I was taken to a park near my house and I was left there, basically dumped out. Still naked, dripping cum and bleeding. Just about half a mile to get home, but I sat there hiding in the bushes till dark barely able to walk, just waiting for it to get dark.