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Amber chase mouth and pussy got fucked by two cocks naturaltits and threesome
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Upon her balcony in a night do I see? A beauty beyond Melody In stars as perfect as marble statue Curves as if born of sea foam Skin so perfect to shame the moon Her hair as Golden as the suns amber rays And so flowing as to be silk made of wind The Aphrodite of my common toils To this angel do I gaze upon Day in and day out till her prayer upon the balcony.

Perhaps she'll see me here In the cherry grove stunned by her Yet do I wish for such a glance? For if she doth think me a fool Then by what hopes do I live on? Against the king is this treasonous thought Oh my I have been seen, Shall I speak? Call out of my eyes sin and Beg of her forgiveness?

What is this? Hot legal age teenager gets body fondled well is not mad, but glad Slowly the oceans of flame, her eyes Search me with passion, As her gown rolls off her shoulders Such a scandalous image of skin My instincts are barely manageable Her elaborate lace tight to her skin covers her And so slightly, White clothes in blessed sin Am I mad, she does beckon xxx blocked sex stories 8 ench land to her chamber.

What no duty of a servant with such a grin Oh and so teasing her tongue lapping at those lips With great haste do I flee upon The stairs, to her chamber door, I do tap gingerly the wood Her sweet melodic voice calls me in. Tainted with saliva thick and rich of lust For a girl of her status must But wish her fathers head to give such chastity to me. By duty I am bound to turn away For I am alleged to the king not his daughter Yet I must obey that of higher rank And obey such a pleasing intention I know not if it is in my power to please so great So I should by all rights not see as I do Oh and what wonder has no words to describe M'lady sprawled out on her sheets Her velvet blankets embracing her body A chest of China dolls A mountain of teddies and plush A fountain of wealth in arts and trinkets about A tiara framed upon her dresser Not but a pampered babe And yet so fine and a woman On the purple satins of the rich oak bed Four draped posters about her And pillows of goose downs I am not worthy of such purity in sight Just with the ere of her room Let alone her form Her hair is tossed about the bed Her head propped by pillows to stare me down Her face exquisite but my attention moves fast To the areas so hidden and favoured The long slender neck Decked with a tight lace collar and a gold chain Upon which end lies the blue stone Europe's Devils eye warding off sin in sin's own respect To supple shoulders and slender arms She teases as she runs her fingers A skating figure eight about her breasts Playing with the frills of her lingerie She guides my eyes with her hand Down her curved side To her wide hip, and across to the meet of her legs As she then, like the break of dawn, Does split them apart so wide the white of her lace Is almost wasted by its scandalous cutting Down her legs I run quickly to the final stop Her glass slippers with sharp heels "And what do you expect from me dressed as you are?

I your mistress do but order those rags off my prize." Oh and how upset will father be When finally I am wed Unchaste. How then shall some old man butcher me? I saw mother hanging in the closet No such rich bastard will have me. If my freedom as a bird and babe is not I shall ensure my loves cast to those who cherish me I am a princess and loved, I do hope rumours spread How wondrous is that?

Many a man seeking me of peasant class. Of course I shall only to this one be So unladylike, for no man that breaths Can compare his form, a gardener And yet so much a knight Of no wealth but with more class then a duke Will he alope me after my rejection with the nobleman Whom my father insist's Face will look less of puke if I let him claim me What rubbish is that, such aristocracy And all over what supple blood I am about to lose.

Oh, how sweet a form, never did I imagine That under such rags laid such beauty More carved then a statue is he And so sweet his blush of inadequacy Oh what a twinkle upskirtscock ninja studios brother blackmails sister full movies those eyes and that smile Still without nay wooden teeth And those lips of lushes roses I shall twitch about just to watch him tremble Oh my and how cute those dimples Here it is, alas I shall see the gift, Hidden just below that chest of bronze Ooo my my how odd a thing Not at all flowing as my body But so perfect, stronger it seems than arms And designed by God for my pleasures alone Ah and those great hands weathered like stone So wise and aged in remarkable youth Despite his tongue his body is so much more the beautiful.

"Madame. May I, ah. Thank god for such a nod, Your beauty blossoms so great, I can't but utter words past it" I do remember one advice If you wish to court love Thus must be done in confidence As so I decided In all that I am unworthy Shall I feel worthy in my duty Now how shall I but make her twitch and writhe And oh my, this is well beyond I For she shakes all over Waving her knees, Now do I press my lips Deep into hers My hips tight on her Tickled by the frills of her cloth My chest so close I do feel Deep imbedded within it her nipples And through her silken lingerie.

As we do kiss and our mouths open Do her legs lock my hips tighter As do my legs hold hers in place. My arms reach over her And fondle the hair by her ear; As mom teaches son and daughter sex hers hook 'round me, Entertaining themselves on my rippled back Our kiss becomes passionate I taste fire in her thickening saliva.

Our tongues do mate like snakes Our lips swollen red Oh me and my her teeth pressed hard Into my churning tongue. I now think it's safe to declare That our kiss is no more. It is all her nibbling at my mouth Breaking my lips and bleeding my tongue. How it makes me wild, Such precious pain by her fangs. "My dear wolfish hulk, Your mind is sick well with love For how much do you hump As I do cause you pain." Ah, and do I do let him go He does love me so.

For it isn't lust that makes So gentle an ogre or bear Into so affectionate a slave. Hm, that is a great sound, My slave, my husky slave.

He knows not how well it is When his tongue heavily pets My neck and shoulder and Edge of my breasts. How well does he tease though in fear not confidence His tongue lapping like a pup All about my neck To the border of my lace. Oh, and how I do surge When he nudges at me so gently and firm Better still when he nibbles about my ear.

Who'd have thought teeth and ears, So well do fit. "My sweet kitten princess Of furless honey skin, May it be that you wish But the pressures of my mouth Against another part?" In answer to this she does amaze She reached for the letter opener With it cut her bra, Then with me kneeling upright, She leaned up and slowly Traced a bloody heart over my own.

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It did sting, as it drizzled blood Though such a blessed pain It did make my heart desire her the more. At my stun was I rolled over She shimmered down me Till it was that her lips touched my new heart. Lapping up the blood So gingerly like a kitten, She could feel, I am sure Me driving my organ deep into her belly Though it dare not be my intention And further not what followed. I had never more than dreamt What M'lady has done for me I have dreamt it every night She was better than any dream I prayed for her kiss And now know it will remain I cannot survive without her now M'lady has my allegiance and my soul She takes more as her lips scarlet by nature Further scarlet dripping my fresh blood Slither down my form, slowly My body remains still and firm As she passes though she drains But all my strength, my statuesque form Melts away to twitching arching, Seiurus pleasures.

Her kisses How they are burned to their spot Tattoo's of blood carved gently into me.

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Her ginger hands give me a glimpse Of what she intends. How unbearable Her royal touch, on my most sensitive area Not pleasing, toying, and swimming Both my short staff, and my insides with it. Vile, despicable Eve, how dare she How dare she draw such sweet sin Such angelic demons. Her sorceresses kiss, winding up me.

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If it were any longer I'd be mad, She so slowly so exotically Tortured me with pleasure. Atop her short tower did she demand, That my pleasures be washed down, With tempest seizures, of unholy joy.

Her tongue darted about my tip Searing pleasures with extreme hardcore girl compilation twisted and taken blow Her gripped like a vice at the base And never has a vice been so massaging Her velvet touch played just below Her newest toy. Yes her toy, I am hers, my every part her playground; I am spoiling the princess with a gift!

And so well does she play. She leans in seems to swallow me all at once, Only an inch with her lips, only But a man has she swallowed whole. Once within her mouth she eases pressure Those heavenly tiger teeth Slowly slicing me, her bite so deep, So much pain, searing, Bleeding Pleasures of a slave. Her magery is not yet done, Faster and deeper does she devour me Quickly and expertly she wields me I toss about, All I can keep control Is to not drive into her throat.

I feel a rush come over me, Followed by an eruption of seed And in all awe M'lady likes it. She swallowed it all and drank As though I were a bottle filled with honey. She flew up over me, almost a phantom Her lace tickling what nerves still work in me.

She grabbed my head and kissed me, With such passion and fire, I could taste Both my bittersweet juices, and her desire. "My slave, my toy, my blessed boy; I do believe you've given me quite a game, I yearn to feel you play, show me dear How much you love your kingdoms Sacred flower." Oh my how much I desired his kiss I felt in his lips he wanted to, I must have done well, I sense a need A servants need to repay.

And oh what fun it is to play with him, Carve him, hurt him, pleasure him, own him.

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I can hear the joy in his voice As he does mumble of my beauty, Joy as I, quite incredibly did roll him, And raised my knees to my chin Oh, I love it when he looks at me, Perhaps I am cruel, oh but I love his eyes I must see them longer.

So I kicked him Sliding him off my bed. He keels now On my chamber box, as he caresses my feet. And his eyes violate me so pleasantly, With a free voice is he quite a charm, Now confident, and aroused, I didn't conceive there were so many ways To call me beautiful, more over By one who can't read.

He finally was silenced by my apparent beauty Or perhaps more likely the sent of me, As I am dripping wet from his affections. I feel his tongue tickling my foot, He is worshiping me as though worthy of only my sole, He seems to catch wind I do not wish to be tickled, I feel his blessed lips climbing up my leg While one hand fingers around the edge of my panties He plays with the lacy frills I do believe he hasn't touched lace before… I hand him the letter opener I carved him with, zoey reyes gives blowjob to a group of horny white men as he approaches the meeting of my legs.

He slows down from dreadfully slow on my hips He now loves my tremble. Alas, he takes the tool, he cuts of my panties, Soaked in cum, he licks them, And wipes my honey about his face. Then he rubs the dull side of the blade, In my crevice of skin. He slides the blade through his mouth And cleans it of cum. I can take it no more, I grab his head and thrust it into me. Now he begins to lick me, First at random without pattern at all Massaging around my tense organ.

But gradually he finds my clitoris Once he sees how it makes me move, Oh it's unbearable to think of that sinful Joy.

He rubs faster and faster on it His fingers vibrating all my flaps of skin. My swollen clit red from his kisses, I smash myself into him.

He beams at me with his fiery eyes He is laughing as I scream shutters, And foul words from his touch. Finally I feel it within me a spinning A storm like none before A rush of liquid in me, every fluid pulsing What energy! "My dear have I satisfied you too soon? Or may I please more?" Her answer was shocking, She didn't speak but hollered. More! Then she grabbed my head And pulled it to her lips, Her kiss was as hot as flame, And I think all the warmer by the tastes Of her bittersweet honey's on my tongue.

I slid my organ in hers, Immediately there was a rush We pounded and pounded We couldn't stop. I had no more control Quickly it came. Her tense body wrapping up my narrow pike I should have licked to try her out more. To cum again and again. But she was tired and quite faint. I saw her blood blessing ofw pinay sex story on kuwait sheets and myself I saw the look of terrible pain With my very first blow And I felt the twitches of violent pleasure Ripple through her flesh.

Almost in time we screamed, "God, Fuck Me!" As we shot hot sticky goos Into and around each other. My love, my slave boy, I felt his hot jet of honey sweet And steaming flesh, Puncturing my innocence and my My very heart, mind and soul.

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I would ensure he be my personal attendant I will bless him for what he has done. Again and again each night, Shall he make me cum a new way. Till there are no more ways, Then shall he be blessed with Sons, and Daughters, and Royal name! My sweet Slave King!