Oiled beautiful cutie rides hard boner hardcore and massage

Oiled beautiful cutie rides hard boner hardcore and massage
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Many things have happened since my initial stories were posted.

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I just had my 16th birthday at the beginning of April and my dad and I have relocated nearly 200 miles away from where we previously resided. The unfortunate thing is I had had to start all over with making new lustful teens share jocks big cock and jizz as well as dealing with a new school.

My dad and I are still very much into our relationship as it became to exist a little over a year ago through a few friends. Although I still remain in contact with Nicole and Samantha, the friendship has eroded due to the distance between us. I currently have only a few friends to who I've become acquainted with, and it's difficult to have them over as company because of the open relationship between my father and me.

My closest friend is Catie Ann, which is short for Catherine Ann. This story is about how my dad and I essentially seduced her into what is now referred to as "The Club." Catie is 5'5" tall, blond, slender measuring in at 34 26 31. She is 15, but will be 16 next month. Here are most of the the details of our little tryst. Catie and I met in school and became friends rather quickly since we ended up with an almost identical class schedule. After a few months had passed, we began discussing the normal girl subjects like dating, clothes, movies, etc.

Catie became rather interested in wanting to talk about sex many times when we were alone. She said that she was still a virgin but it was only because she never felt comfortable enough with dating any of the boys at our school; however Catie has told me that she frequently masturbates while she is home in her bedroom most nights.

I have mentioned to her on more than one occasion that I had a "considerable amount of experience" assisting with the exploration of having certain events occur to allow for the purpose of allowing discreet sexual encounters in a controlled environment. Catie would not know for a period of time that my dad and I were romantically involved. I was afraid that if that were exposed too soon, many of the obvious problems would fine ass teeny gets pussy and tits wet. Catie had also said in conversation she would like to see what a "nude boy" looked like.

I thought to myself "To hell with a boy, why not see a grown man nude!" Because my dad and I lived by ourselves, there weren't any rules governing dress code. This would make it easy for an ice breaker to be arranged as step one, which was to allow Catie to see my dad naked in an uncompromising position. My dad, as always, was quite interested in being a part of any setup that involved sex, as he had been in previous situations.

After drinking a considerable amount of vodka, he would pretend to pass out on his bed. Catie would have no clue that the events that were to unfold were being staged, but it was the best way to make her think that she was getting what she wanted while getting my dad and me off at the same time. When we entered my house, I called out for my dad who of course wasn't going to answer. I walked room to room calling out his knowing exactly where he'd be.

This again, would occur without giving away that I knew he'd be butt naked when I found him "passed out." When I came back downstairs, I was grinning ear to ear. Catie at first thought we were there by ourselves, so I instructed her to have a seat. I told her that my dad was home, that he was upstairs in his bed, totally nude and passed out from drinking.

I also told her to be quiet and to go upstairs with me and see what she thought of my dad. She became uneasy and said she wasn't sure if she was still into doing this. I mentioned that this might not happen again anytime soon so she should take advantage of foxy brooke rides on a big shaft situation.

She thought about it and finally agreed that she really did in fact want to get a peek or two in. Dad's penis was probably half erect as it was positioned appropriately when we tip-toed up to the entrance of his bedroom getting a sigh of amazement from Catie as she gazed at her first nude man. We whispered back and forth as my father lay there totally exposed on his back in front of us.

We would only stand there for just a few minutes before we went to my bedroom. Once we were in my bedroom and my door was closed, Catie proceeded to thank me many times for the experience she had just been through.

We then made arrangements for Catie to sleep over at my house. I thought at this point it wouldn't be such a bad idea to start loosely filling in the blanks. I told Catie that my dad frequently is naked while he is home, and then I dropped the first of many tidbits of material that would ultimately allow the plot to unfold.

Her entire attention was mine when I told her that I also am nude at home even when my dad was home, when we ate our meals together, and even when we swim in the pool out in the back yard together. Then there was a knock on my bedroom door. "Erin, do we have company?" It was my dad. I quickly answered "Yes dad, my best friend from school is visiting and she chubby ebony ex stretching shaved cunt on couch amateur pussy be staying the night with me." I looked at Catie with a grin and quietly asked her if it were ok that my dad came in my bedroom.

She clenched her teeth together and gave me the raised eyebrow look. With the new tension in the air, I felt somewhat obligated to push things a little bit and told my dad to enter my bedroom and that our guest was already aware of the fact he would be naked. Catie was drawn back as my dad came into my room. I then began undressing by slowly removing my clothes one article at a time. My dad assisted me with the removal of my bra which left me standing beside him wearing nothing but my panties.

He kissed me on the nape of my neck. Catie was visually shaken as I told her it was up to her if she still wanted to watch whatever was going to happen continue. My dad at this time said he was going downstairs to make something to eat and if we wanted to help we were welcome but not required to do so.

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Upon his departure, Catie said that she wasn't that uncomfortable with seeing my dad naked, it was more that he was naked in his only daughter's bedroom. I said "Catie, there's a lot more to what you have and haven't seen, and as a matter of fact I rarely sleep in my own bed.

The fact that my dad wanted to come into my bedroom is rare." She looked extremely interested to listen to what I was about to say next.

I continued with "My dad and I are involved sexually and have been for a while so if you want to stay knowing that, it's entirely up to you." As Catie began digesting everything I was telling her, something came over her.

Catie started undressing and said she wouldn't mind hanging out with me in my room nude but said she would have to think about it if my dad was planning about coming smokin hot curvy legal age teenager gives grandpa a hot blowjob and rides in. Catie had a very nice figure and once she removed her tee shirt and bra, I could easily tell that she was sexually turned on by noticing the perspiration on her nipples, which were buoying around fluidly with her natural motion.

She then slid her jeans off and like me decided to leave her panties on. She had one of the tiniest single string thongs on that I have ever seen and it that just barely covered her shaven pussy.

Catie walked over and then asked me point blank "Erin, how about we start all over and you and your dad pretend I'm your little sister?" I smirked back at her and asked if it were time for her "daddy" to come up for a visit. Catie smilingly nodded yes. "I'll be right back" was my response. My dad and I ascended the stairs and found Catie in my bed with the covers over her. "I'm sort of turned on that Erin and you are sexually active" Catie said to my dad. He questioned back "Is this something you'd like to see or be involved with?

After all, if you're Erin's younger sister you should have the same benefits that she has." Catie nodded to accept. I knelt down in front of my redhead pornstar gagging hard amp nasty double penetration and began oral on him almost immediately.

He became instantly erect! I could see Catie was very interested in what I was doing. I motioned her to come across the room and sit beside me. She sprang out of my bed and within a few seconds was nestled beside me on the floor. My dad put his hand on her shoulder, then with his other hand grasped his erect and very hard penis and placed it in front of Catie's mouth. She rolled her eyes towards me. "Start off by just kissing the end of it" was my first instruction.

As she kissed the end of my dad's cock, precum was already forming. I leaned over and licked it off. Catie said in a low volume "I don't like doing this. Can we do something else?" My dad backed away, but also motioned for us both to come over and lay on my bed.

As we both followed through with my dad's simple request, he began caressing Catie's knees and thighs. After a minute or so of doing this, he worked her legs apart exposing her almost non existent pair of panties. Dad reached down and snapped the elastic strap. Catie quivered as dad repeated this a few more times.

Catie began to pant and breathe irregularly as dad began fingering her through her thong. Catie arched her back and began to moan "Oh my god that feels good!" As my dad instinctively got down on his knees and began oral on Catie, I began to massage her breasts.

Her nipples were so hard! As my dad and I began to increase our speed and intensity, Catie was nearing her first orgasm. I thought to myself about pushing her envelope and attempted to kiss her on the lips.

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As I did, her tongue darted very quickly into my mouth and I must say that I was now quite turned on! As Catie and I passionately kissed, my dad was getting ready for his grand entrance.

I heard him ask her if she were on any kind of birth control. She whispered in my ear "No!" My dad had already made arrangements and had a condom ready which was stored nearby in my dresser. In a matter of seconds he was ready to penetrate another virgin! As he placed the head of his penis at Catie's pussy, she seemed quite relaxed. My dad asked "Are you ready for this?" All Catie could do was to nod her head to notate yes.

Dad spanked her thigh and in one quick motion broke the elastic band of what was the only piece of material standing in his way of sexing my teenage girlfriend. He tossed what was left of her dainty thong to the other end of my bed and promised to replace it.

He had more important things on his mind. After several short strokes of his shaft, each gaining slightly more than the previous, dad mentioned he was already half way in. Catie at this point didn't seem to care that what my dad was referring to was the absence of her hymen. If Catie were really a virgin, it didn't really matter at this point. She probably broke it unintentionally while masturbating at some point.

Regardless, dad masterfully worked in the rest of his somewhat large penis before saying "Catie, you are now the proud recipient of a 7 and a half inch cock!" Catie was mesmerized by the fact that she was about to get her brains fucked out her head. She grabbed my dad hawt swap beauteous student hardcore and massage putting her hands behind his ass cheeks and started fucking him in a rhythm that was somewhat slow.

Blond eats cream enema off gingerbread house know the last thing my dad wanted to do was hurt her, so he allowed her to keep the pace that they she set. She ramped up to another orgasm! My god, if I had sex that slow, I think I would have probably fallen asleep!

My dad started picking up the pace and within a few minutes was starting to really hammer Catie's petite body. I was beginning to get turned on by events unfolding in front of my eyes and wanted some of the action. Catie was starting to tear up a little as my dad railed her. After about 15 minutes of hardcore sex, Catie pushed on my dad's chest to stop. He did so, and after realizing she was mostly just out of breath, looked at me and asked "You ready to finish me off?" "Fuck yeah!" I responded.

I rose up on my hands and knees with my bum pointed in the direction of my dad. Trying to be smart, he asked "Should I leave the rubber on?" I said "Yes, you'd better&hellip.

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don't want to get your daughter pregnant!" He knew I was on the pill, but his seductive role playing game was fun to play into. As he removed my panties, I positioned myself over Catie who still was laying on her back. I didn't make physical contact with her other than to lock our hands together, which gave my dad a perfect angle for what was a very common occurrence in our house! He had absolutely no problem penetrating my pussy as it was quite wet and very receptive from watching all of Catie's performance.

As Catie and I began kissing, dad worked his magic shaft into zin li fike part 34 once more. As many times as I'd had sex with him before, it was always an awesome experience!

Dad performed doggie style on me for at least another ten to twelve minutes before he finished blowing his load. I was exhausted! Catie and I are currently working on seducing yet another candidate to into "The Club."