Curvy mamacita rides on a throbbing penis

Curvy mamacita rides on a throbbing penis
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My dictionary describes silhouette as any dark shape or figure seen against a light background.

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Fbailey story number 178 Silhouette When my wife Marjorie and I bought our first home I had no idea how beautiful our neighbors would be. Marjorie had entered and won a couple of beauty pageants in the past and all of our neighbors wives looked just as good as she did. Some looked even better.

In our little housing development we were all in our early thirties to our early forties. Marjorie was thirty-two years old and I was thirty-five years old so we fit right in. We had moved there from quite a distance and had spent the last night in a motel. Somehow we arrived about nine o'clock in the morning. The moving truck followed us right into our driveway.

I carried Marjorie over the threshold and then went right in to use the bathroom. As I walked by our bedroom window I looked at the house next door. There was a silhouette of a fabulous looking woman on the shade. Apparently she had just come out of her shower and was drying off. She looked absolutely incredible as a dark shadow on her white shade.

Whoever installed that backlighting sure did me a favor. I could see the outline of a very nice set of breasts, her hard nipples, her firm ass, and that flat tummy of hers. I could see the shape of her nose, her chin, and even her hair and it all looked so nice. I cute teen liza rowe likes to be covered with stepdads jizz even see the light fuzz between her legs and it excited me.

Then I realized just how badly that I had to pee. When I came back out my silhouette girl was gone. I went outside to help carry some boxes in when our beautiful next door neighbor came right over to welcome Marjorie and I to the community. My silhouette girl was called Tiffany and she was absolutely gorgeous. She had on a small pair of tight shorts and a skimpy little bikini top with her nice hard nipples showing and a mile of fantastic cleavage.

Tiffany was thirty-two years old just like my wife but her husband was forty-two years old. Marjorie thought that ten years was a pretty big age difference but as long as Tiffany and her husband were happy it really didn't matter to her. Just looking at Tiffany made me very happy. I was surprised when Tiffany asked Marjorie if she could continue to use our swimming pool and the sundeck up on our roof. Of course we said that she could.

Tiffany said that the previous owners had given her permission to use them and that in their absence she had been keeping the water level up and adding the chemicals as needed.

Apparently our ranch style home was one of the newer ones with an in-ground swimming pool and a deck up on the roof to enjoy nude sunbathing on.

Since all of the homes were ranch style and ours was on a slight knoll we had the advantage of the added privacy.

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I let my mind wander and Marjorie noticed my hard-on surfacing, so did Tiffany. That was when Tiffany said that I was welcome to join her if I wanted too. She said that she didn't mind at all. She said that she had sunbathed nude with just about all the wives in the neighborhood and about half of the husbands too. Tiffany said that all of them had wanted to see if her big breasts were real or not.

She assured me that they were a hundred percent natural. No matter what, I still wanted to see them for myself.

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After the movers had placed everything in the proper rooms for us they left and we had to unpack them all ourselves. Tiffany quickly offered to help us out and then she got three other ladies to join in too. All of sex xstory website sex stories com men in the community work and most of their wives too so that was what was left in our community.

As I found out some couples even had young children but apparently they were all in daycare. Together the five ladies made quick work of cleaning the house and putting things away in the kitchen, bathrooms, and in the bedrooms. I took care of the living room with all of the bulky electronic equipment and got it all hooked up. Then I started in on the dinning room when the women all caught up with me.

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The women apparently had been my drawers and praised me on my sexy underwear. They also liked the excellent selection that my wife had too. I blushed and they thought that that was cute too. Then right after fixing us a light lunch Tiffany suggested that we should all get acquainted by taking a dip in the swimming pool together and then getting a little sun up on the roof before their husbands came home. Surprisingly Marjorie jumped at the opportunity. When I asked Marjorie where my swim trunks were Tiffany laughed and said that I couldn't wear one.

What! None of them were going to wear a suit so I couldn't wear one either. All right! She said that if I got to check out their goodies then they should be able to check out mine too.

That was fair enough. Then laughingly Tiffany said that Marjorie couldn't lie to them about the size of my cock if they had already seen it. The other women made no bones about wanting to see my cock in all its glory either. Tiffany and Marjorie were the very first ones to get naked. I was stalling so that I could check the women out. I watched the five women stack their clothes around the living room as they watched me undress.

When I finally dropped my underwear to my ankles every eye was on me, well on my cock anyway.

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My cock was fully erect from watching four beautiful strange women strip naked before me, along with my sexy wife too. Marjorie laughed about it and I blushed again.

Tiffany took me by my hand and led me outdoors to our swimming pool. She just jumped right in. Soon we were all cooling off in the refreshing water. As we stood around in a circle their breasts were all floating just on the surface of the water for me to admire. All of their breasts were very impressive too. After we had cooled off for a while we all walked up the steps to my rooftop deck and as Tiffany had already said there it was.

As the women all laid down, I sort of stood up proud and tall if you know what I mean. They did too since none of their breasts flattened out much at all. They were all firm and young breasts that's for sure. My nicolette shea longest porn story was firm and young too. I was not much more than average in length and width but it was full of blood and ready to explode.

Tiffany said to me, "Why don't you just stand up and take a good look at us. That way can check you out too." Marjorie said, "Go ahead honey. I'm sure that none of the girls will mind.

I bet Tiffany here will even open up her legs for you if you want her too." Well I did stand up for them and my cock was twitching uncontrollably, all eyes were on it, and then Tiffany opened her legs up wide for me.

One look at her wet open pussy lips was all that it took. Cum started shooting out of my cock without me even touching it. The first gob must have hurled itself a good three feet into the air to land on the deck floor. A couple of the girls giggled but I big boobs punk girl sammie six analyzed by hard man meat tell that all of the women were highly impressed, including my own wife.

I know that I was impressed with all of their bodies too. So I stood there looking at them and one by one the women raised their knees up and spread them open for me. I could see pink in each of them. Two ladies were saved completely bald but the rest of them had some hair on their pussies.

I smiled at the woman that had her fur shaped like a heart. Tiffany slowly reached a finger down to her clit and started Jilling off right there in front of me as she huge facial of her life mayashandjobs handjob at my cock. Marjorie noticed what she was doing and that I was watching her do it, so she too started masturbating for me. As these two beauties started to really get into it and make a little noise the other three ladies joined in.

I didn't want to be left out so I started stroking my cock right along with them. Tiffany and Marjorie had their orgasms and then Tiffany looked at me and patted her pussy with one hand as she crooked her finger at me to come over and fuck her.

I looked at Marjorie and she shook her head for me to go for it. So I just dropped to my knees on the deck right between Tiffany's legs and plowed my cock into her. I hadn't fucked another woman since I first met Marjorie. I had never fucked a woman up on a roof before either and I had certainly never fucked a woman with an audience.

It was unimaginable, it was wonderful, and it was just what I had needed. Tiffany wrapped her long legs around my waist allowing my cock to slip all the way in as far as it would go. There wasn't a sound as the women watched us fuck. At that moment Tiffany was the only woman in the world and she was all mine. My balls were slapping her asshole, her nipples were scratching my chest, and my tongue was playing with hers inside her mouth when I exploded.

I swear that that first gob of cum that I shot into her womb would have gone further than three feet if it had had the chance. She let out a low growl to let the other women know that she was having an orgasm and not just one either. Tiffany had at least three orgasms right in a row.

She had one before, during, and right after my climax. I just laid right there on top of her and didn't even remove my cock from her pussy. Tiffany trapped it inside her with her heels on my ass cheeks.

Then Tiffany kissed me and thanked me for the best sex she had had in several years. Apparently her husband wasn't all that good in bed. We lay there together like that for a good five minutes before I got up and sat next to my wife.

I just listened as the women talked. The other three wanted to know how it felt so Tiffany tried to tell them that it was phenomenal, that it was awesome, and that it was the most impressive sex that she had had since a gang bang she had once back in high school. Tiffany told the other girls that she saw stars, heard bells, and felt like every nerve ending in her body had its very own tiny orgasm. She said that her clit twitched, her nipples pulsed, and even her asshole tingled as she had her orgasms.

Then Tiffany said that she would love to experience it again anytime that I wanted too. Marjorie told Tiffany and the other girls that I belonged to her but that she would be happy to share me with them.

My wife had never talked like that before but I decided not to question her. We went back into the pool for a while and then into the house to dry off and get son forced sleeping mom tfuck suddenly she wakes up it hurts before their husbands came home. That evening I was sure that I was the talk of the community.

Every woman managed to stop by and welcome us into the community. Marjorie was very gracious to them all. She got names, phone numbers, and their bra sizes for me.

That evening as I was getting ready for bed I looked over at Tiffany's bathroom window and saw her silhouette on that white shade. I kissed me wife goodnight and told her that I loved her. The End Silhouette 178