Serving and deepthroating my master blindfolded and submissive

Serving and deepthroating my master blindfolded and submissive
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Chapter 1: Amber had picked out her shortest skirt that day—she'd known it would draw a lot of attention, and though she had a large collection of slutty outfits, she'd really wanted to make an impression at the party. Of course, the skirt wasn't drawing nearly as much attention as the three cocks she was alternately sucking, or her EE breasts (which had been bared as soon as she'd arrived at the party) or even the presence of Cathy, the young mousey-looking freshman who was kneeling between her legs, licking her out as she fellated the three strangers.

But just in case someone didn't notice any of that, the short skirt was sure to impress them. The cock in Amber's mouth suddenly exploded, causing her to cough and splutter on its offering. A line of cum dripped down the side of her face, and she tapped Cathy, gesturing for her to lick it off. The lick quickly turned into a passionate kiss, which in turn quickly became a session of snowballing, and the sight of the two college girls passing cum back and forth between their mouths caused the second cock to erupt, dousing both the girls in a fresh load.

"Well," Amber said, smiling, to the owner of cock number three. "I guess that makes you the winner." Amber quickly rearranged herself, and it was only a minute before Cathy was eagerly guiding the cock into Amber's well-lubricated pussy, then sitting on on Amber's face as the man fucked her.

I knew this skirt was the right choice, Amber mused, as her tongue reached out and made contact with Cathy's virgin pussy. * * * One month earlier… Rob stormed up to his room. His bitch of a sister was leaving in two days, and he couldn't wait. Until she'd left for college two years ago, he'd never really understood what an unpleasant human she raven babe with damn sexy tits fucking.

As soon as she'd moved out, it was like his whole family had breathed a sigh of relief. Her presence was practically toxic—it wasn't even that she tried to be horrible (most of the time)—she was just so used to getting what she wanted that she couldn't handle anything less.

If anything went even slightly wrong, her smiling face would suddenly turn stormy, and the rest of the house would suffer her temper.

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The main cause of the problem was her looks—Amber was drop-dead gorgeous. She had an athletic build that she didn't even have to work for—long, dirty-blonde hair, a perfectly proportioned face, freckles lightly dusted across her nose, and huge, blue eyes.

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It was these eyes that had led to Rob's parents spoiling her non-stop for the first sixteen years of her life. Everything she'd wanted, she'd been given immediately.

Often before she even had to ask, they'd provide her with whatever her heart desired. Not that they were the only ones, of course.

Anyone, upon looking at the gorgeous child (who had grown into an even more gorgeous teen) would fulfil her request, often tripping over themselves in their hurry to do so. When she's turned sixteen, she'd asked her parents for a car. Rob's family could easily have afforded it, but they'd noticed how often the young girl was getting her own way, and so they'd refused. What had followed had been the temper tantrum of a lifetime. She'd refused to leave her room, refused to eat, told her entire family how much she hated them, threatened to leave home, threatened to kill went on and sexy brunette brenna sparks in bunk bed bang cheating blowjob, until finally, Rob's father had given in, and taken her to the dealership.

They'd returned with the exact model and make that she'd wanted—it had cost almost twice the family's main car, but not even Rob's mother had said a word. After that, although aware that they'd created a monster, there was nothing that her parents could do.

They managed to avoid any more major incidents, made sure to raise their other two children well, and when Amber had graduated high-school and was accepted into a college halfway across the country, they'd paid the fees without hesitation, and waved goodbye a few months later.

The second she left, the whole house had noticeably relaxed…but every summer, she returned for a visit. It was, without fail, the worst part of Rob's year. Each and every year, Amber would return, take over the house, invite all of her equally-bitchy friends over, and relentlessly torture her younger brother.

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For some reason, their younger sister Annie was never the target—perhaps because they were both females, perhaps because Annie was equally gorgeous (but completely unspoiled) or perhaps simply because she knew exactly which of Rob's buttons to press.

Rob wasn't born with his sisters' looks—he wasn't unattractive, but he certainly wasn't a head-turner like she was. At one point, he'd entered a local competition to see who could get the most Twitter subscribers—she'd heard about it, and entered as well, just to mess with him. She'd never updated it, just changed the profile picture to a full-body shot, and emailed a few high-school friends.

Word had spread that Amber had a Twitter account, and before long, she'd had over 500 followers, and won the competition without updating her feed even once.

Rob was fairly sure that she didn't even know how to access her Twitter any more—except for when she'd signed up, she'd never even visited the site. And a year later, she still regularly got new followers—every notification email she received would be read out to the room, just to watch Rob's face burn with fury.

She had a cruel streak, and it came out when she got bored. That afternoon had been the worst. He didn't know how she'd managed to find so many girls as bitchy as herself, but whenever she came back into town, they all assembled in the house, and seemingly dedicated their time to making his life a living hell. He'd been alone in the lounge-room, playing a video game. One of his sister's hottest friends had wandered in, seemingly by mistake—he didn't even know her name, but she'd sat next daddy eric romping elsa dreams tight pussy him on the couch, and asked if she could join in.

A few minutes later, she'd put her arm around him, and started whispering in his ear. He should have seen what was coming—of course he should have seen what was coming—but she was hot, and he was horny, and soon, at her instruction, he'd taken his pants off. That australia ki blue film dikhaiye the moment when his sister and all her friends had come through the door to point and laugh at him.

There had been a strange pause for a few seconds, but it was soon broken, and they'd all simultaneously burst into peals of laughter. Rob, beet-red, had gone upstairs to masturbate and plot his revenge. * * * It was obvious, once he'd thought about it for a while. More than anything, more than even her car, his sister valued her reputation. And while he didn't have the sway to affect her reputation at her new college, he knew a way that he could slowly and systematically destroy it back at home.

There were a few steps he had to take first. He'd managed to steal his sister's phone while she was napping on the couch—a simple gmail filter was enough to ensure that if someone decided to email her and tell her what was happening, she wouldn't receive it.

Amber had been first in videos sexe francaise elisa realise son fantasme to get the new google phone, but a quick glance at it confirmed what he'd suspected—she didn't have a single app installed. Then, he needed access to her unused Twitter account.

She'd bought a new phone since last logging into Twitter, so he couldn't rely on the cookies to get him in.

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Blonde is fucked by her personal trainer amateur couple ravensix returned the phone without her even noticing, and quickly put his google-fu to work. Half an hour later, he had the program he was after—"Master Hacker"—a quick virus-scan didn't show any malware, so he installed it, and followed the attached instructions.

He entered his sister's Twitter username, her date of birth, the name of their first dog, and all the other personal information he could find. It was soon done, and he sat there, the empty field in front of him brimming with possibility.

The program would remotely update Amber's Twitter feed, and (he hoped) she'd be none the wiser. Rob decided to wait until she was out of town—he didn't want to risk anyone mentioning her feed's sudden life—and then let the games begin. --- Chapter 2 August 18th: gr8 to be back at school—can't stop checkin out all the hot guys, lol August 20th: oh god, homework is so hard.

wish i could find a big smart man to do it for me! August 20th: tuesday night—time to get waaaaasted August 21st: ugh class on a hangover. not my idea of a good time! i'm too cute to think, right? August 21st: okay i have no idea what we're meant to be learning today. checking out my classmates instead—even the girls look pretty sexy. August 21st: gonna try to convince one of the nerdy guys to run me through what we learned today.and maybe just run me through, lol. wish me luck! ;) * * * Steve's eyes boggled, almost falling out of his head.

The sight of Amber's blonde hair as she bobbed up and down on his cock was almost more than he could cope with. He wasn't the kind of guy who got head at all, let alone from a hottie like her. When the blonde girl had walked up to him after class, Steve had looked around, confused.

He'd never so much as spoken to Amber in his life—he knew her name, of course, everyone did. She considered herself the queen of the school, and.well, she wasn't too far off. She ruled at every party, had her pick of men to date, and normally wouldn't even deign to glance at a nerd like him.but there she was, making eye contact and walking straight toward him.

Like he was…like he was a person or something. "H-h-h.hi?" he stammered, but she just smiled in response, like she found his nervousness cute. "Hey!" A few minutes later, they were tumbling into an empty classroom.

She'd asked if he could "drill her" on what they'd been learning that day, and though Steve was far from experienced, even he couldn't misinterpret that. Within a minute she had his pants off, and within five he was cumming into her mouth. "Wow." he said, and Amber winked at him, opening her mouth to show him her cum before she swallowed it down. "Don't tell anyone about this," she said, a cheeky smile on her face, "and we might be able to do it again." Steve just nodded as she left.

She was halfway to her next class when she realized that she'd completely forgotten to ask him for notes from class. With a shrug, she decided not to worry about it. Worrying was for other people, and if she'd started there, she would have had to reflect on her uncharacteristic decision to drink the previous night (something she normally saved for weekends), or the hangover that had hit her so hard that morning (normally she was a girl who held her liquor extremely well.) Instead, Amber just ran to her next class, hoping she hadn't missed too much.if she had, she might have to find another boy to "fill her in".

Or maybe even a girl. * * * Reading the replies that Amber was getting, Rob couldn't help but chuckle. On some level, of course, he knew that his sister was hot, but he'd never been attracted to her. He'd seen guys drooling over her in the past, but he hadn't realized how far-reaching the attraction was until the replies had started pouring in. "@AmberPeach92 hey girl—I'd love to help out out with busty delights with playgirl hardcore and blowjob homework.

Let me know when and where!" "@AmberPeach92 havin a crazy nite? me too! hey maybe we shoud get together some tuesday yeah?" "@AmberPeach92 really ur into girls? lol i never knew! me too lol" "@AmberPeach92 yeah babe u shudnt have to think if u dont want to." Even some of her girl friends were replying.

"@AmberPeach92 u go gurl!!" "@AmberPeach92 good luck!" "@AmberPeach92 oh my god I can't believe it I wish I ha dyour guts!!!" And best of all, no one thought that it was anyone but Amber writing the tweets.Rob smiled. He could easily turn it up a notch or two without anyone getting suspicious. By the time he was done, everyone was going to think his sister was nothing but a slut.when she next set foot in town, all of her girlfriends would have completely lost respect for her, and she'd be met by nothing but horny guys wanting to take advantage of her.

* * * August 23rd: things ive learned today: guys really like it when you dirty talk to them! take note, ladies. August 24th: best thing about living on campus is that if you stay the night after a hookup, its super easy to head home b4 class August 25th: oh my god its been hot lately.

still, i guess it's a good excuse to show some skin, hey? ;—) August 25th: mmmm, all those guys checking me out today got me so worked up. time for a glass of wine and a little "alone time". August 26th: gawd panties can be a bitch. u no wat? im taking a stand—2morrow, no bra, no panties. who's with me?

* * * Professor Moore was halfway through a sentence when Amber flashed him. A stalwart professional, he managed to finish the thought without hesitation, but his mind began racing immediately.

He'd been lecturing for twenty years, and though he'd had his fair share of come-ons, none had been quite so brazen. It was surely deliberate—why else would she have sat in the second row, worn a short skirt and no panties, and spread her legs so far apart? Joi mean denial humiliation instruction task made eye contact with her, but she just looked at him as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

He continued lecturing, but his eyes were constantly drawn to his star student's exposed pussy. Moore had noticed that Amber had been acting differently recently. He normally wouldn't have cared one way or another, but Amber was.well, she was the kind of girl that you couldn't help but notice. And in the last week, she'd started coming to class later and later, wearing fewer and fewer clothes, and spending most of her time staring at the other students.

He'd even overheard her chatting up another of the students after class. Again, not something that would normally have stuck in his mind—two decades of teaching causes one to be exceedingly uninterested in the personal lives of students.but she'd been blatantly hitting on a boy who could only be described as a "nerd".

And now this. Tempting though it was, Professor Moore knew that he couldn't respond in any way. Intimacy with a student was off-limits, and he certainly wasn't interested in putting his job at risk.

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Still, if he was ever going to do it, Amber would be the one to do it with. He shook his head of the thoughts, and tried to avoid staring at Amber's exposed pussy for the rest of the class. * * * The second she got back to her dorm, Amber's fingers thrust into her soaked cunt. Her teacher was so dreamy, and she was certain that her escapades in class that morning had turned him on. God, she had no idea that showing off could be so hot. The japanese schoolgirl classroom lesbians japanese schoolgirl classroom lesbians pussylicking of all those eyes on her, the knowledge that every guy in school wanted to fuck her.

As she came around her hand, Amber grinned widely, a slightly manic look in her eyes. She had no idea she had this latent exhibitionist side, but it was definitely something she was interested in exploring. * * * August 27th: oh god, theres nothing like waking up next to a man and having long, slow morning sex.

until afternoon ;) August 28th: ok i'm looking at my wardrobe and i have no idea what i was thinking. god what boring clothes. shopping time!! August 29th: got some great new stuff! i swear, anyone who sees me in this will want to fuck me for sure. August 30th: what do u think of my new piercing? maybe i'm exploring my dyke side LOL.

As Rob uploaded the picture, he couldn't help but be proud of his efforts. He'd had a pirated copy of photoshop for years, and finally found a compelling reason to learn how to use it.

The piercing that he'd digitally added actually suited Amber—it was a simple septum piercing, with one end in the shape of a love-heart, and the other in the shape of a star. He was planning on adding a few more piercings over the coming weeks, and maybe even a tattoo or three. Rob had been careful not to use any family photos. When she inevitably found out about the Twitter account, he wanted to make sure that there was no possible way it could be linked back to him.

Master Hacker claimed to be untraceable, so he knew that if he got caught, it would be due to human error. To his surprise, the replies to his last few days of tweeting had continued to be positive, even from some of Amber's more conservative friends. "@AmberPeach92 haha, u kno wat?

im going to join u! no more panties!" "@AmberPeach92 holy shit amber id luv to see ur skin. pics plz!" "@AmberPeach92 Dirty talk? I'll try it on my husband! I'll mention it was your idea—I'm sure he'll love that. ;)" Perhaps popularity was a self-fulfilling loop, Rob mused. He'd have to really start pushing the boundaries if he wanted the reaction he was looking for. --- Support my writing and get more stories at