Sister and brother selpingsex sex stories

Sister and brother selpingsex sex stories
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I lay there next to her, while she slept, she looked so sweet and innocent like butter wouldn't melt, her beautiful dark hair spread across the pillow and the sheets lifted softly with her breath.

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I slipped my hand under the sheets and reached out in the darkness. I knew it was wrong, she was my best friend, we were both straight, never thought about each other in that way, well not openly.

I had suggested it in jest a few times, and she had made it very clear to me that she liked men!

Tonight I was crossing the line and I knew it! I found her shoulder, it was so soft unlike any man I had ever touched, I slipped my hand across her shoulder blade, feeling nervous the thought of getting caught scared me, but the excitement out weighed the fear and I could not stop. I slipped my hand slowly over her breast, so lightly barely touching; she arched her back and moaned softly, I hesitated. I felt her nipple harden as my hand brushed over her, I felt excited and below I felt my pussy clench, I knew what I was doing was naughty, but I didn't stop.

I moved closer, pressing my body close to hers, I felt her breath on my neck, slipped my hand round her back so slowly, not to wake her, not yet! I wanted her to need me, not be able to say no I knew if she was anything like me, once horny she wouldn't be able to say no, if I could just get her to the point of no return before she woke up!

I kissed her shoulder, running one finger down her back over her soft cheeks, I paused her breathing was fast, she moved onto her back and wriggled her hips, moving her legs up and down softly in a slightly frustrated way, I knew this reaction well. She moaned softly again, my hand slipped round her waist, resting till her breathing slowed.

I moved my hand downwards towards her baldness, slipping over her freshly waxed pussy, finding her now rather swollen clit, I pressed firmly against it, holding tight so as not to wake her, again I waited for her body to except me in her sleep and not wake her, she stirred slightly breathing more rapidly, I took my finger away and slipped it into my mouth, returning it directly to her clit, I felt it hardened at my touch, she gasped, as she opened her eyes, I forced it in fast, she looked shocked as we got eye contact, she arched her back, she was couple fucks for cam my girlfriend porn girlfriend porn orgasm, she reached out grabbing me, pulling me closer, into her body, pressing her groin into my hand "stop" she breathed, I was petrified!

"Please don't stop" relief flooded over me. I pulled her close, pressing harder with my hand; she reached out for me, moving her hand down my body scratching as she went, growling under her breath, my turn to feel out of control.

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She reached my clit, moving my lips apart, her fingers found my entrance, slipping in she pulled up hard making me squirt instantly over her hand, we both screamed out! From the spare room, he heard us, walking slowly across the landing, he pushed the door open, looking in he was both shocked and aroused, he found himself holding his now very hard cock as he watched us moaning, in the moon light he could see us holding each other tight and French kissing.

He could see we were just getting more and more frustrated as we busty boxing chick roxii blair gets fucked into each others eyes, knowing that neither of us had what we needed! We were pulling each other closer and closer almost getting angry that neither of us had what we so wanted! I looked up and saw you at the door, you looked strong and in control, the look of lust in your eyes as you held your hard cock, there it was, what I needed and so did she, I smiled and dipped into her lips, kissing her passionately, I smiled, a twinkle in my eye, she caught my look and knew everything was ok.

I looked to wards you at the door and she followed my gaze, I looked at her, a knowing but dirty look that said "I'm so hungry, how about you" her look told me she understood and defiantly agreed! We separated and both smiled at you, you looked a little scared at first, but you came in, lay yourself between us, stretched out your arms and said " take me girls, I'm all yours" as you closed your eyes and smiled.

We reached in at the same moment, covering you in warm soft kisses. Slipping our hands all over your body, you moved between our fingers, her lips found yours as my hand drifted lightly over your balls and hard cock, I gripped it as she slipped her tongue into your mouth, her hips rubbing frustratingly against your right leg as I slipped my mouth down your left side, biting as I went, getting close to your hardening cock, moaning as I imagine you slipping into my mouth.

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Your hands gripping at us both, finding her back and my arse, you tightened both hands as my mouth reached your wet cock and slipped it sally dangelo getting fucked by horny boy, sucking it deep and tasting it before slipping it slowly out, only to suck it forcefully down the back of my throat till it went deep enough for me to swallow on it, tightening my throat around it and then letting it slip back out softly scrapping your head with my teeth, making u lay back and moan, so relaxed, opening your legs, willing us to do what ever we wished, just allowing us to take you in and do anything we want to your now very receptive body.

She moaned loudly, as she rolled across you, taking your cock from my mouth she whispered "sorry" to me as she slipped u inside her, I moaned, so did you, I held your balls tight around the base of your cock, I could feel you buzzing, but I wasn't gong to allow you to cum yet!, she could use you, and I knew it wouldn't take her long, but I was not going to let you cum yet, because I still needed you, I gripped tighter, reaching a hand round to her clit, she lifted up letting my hand in and screamed out, I licked and kissed her back as she trembled in my arms, I felt her shaking as she reached her orgasm, she juddered and silently breathed out, she slid off into my arms, all smiles and looked at me with such emotions as she whispered thank you to me and slid next to me completely relaxed and peaceful.

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"My turn" I whispered oiled beautiful cutie rides hard boner hardcore and massage I looked deep into your eyes, with the filthiest of smiles, you smiled back "be my guest you horny little minx" I slipped you inside me and started to rock my hips back and forth, u lifted up into me, your hands reached round me and pulled my hips back and forth, like you needed me, I felt special, for a moment the horn started to fade, then you started to talk to me, quiet at first, "come on girl, you can do it, don't stop now" I gasped, I thought I'd been in control, and I'd lost it, but you took over, making me realise you wanted it, you wanted me to enjoy it, "fuck me Wendy, don't stop, go on girl".

You were shouting it at me now, my hips seemed to take over, fucking you harder and harder till sweat was pouring down my body and cum was squirting out of me continuously, wave after wave of emotion, and you pulled me close and whispered, "you're my Wend, and I love you" I screamed out with emotion and satisfaction as I drowned you in my juices, I relaxed into your arms, you kissed me softly, laying me next to my friend, you left the room quietly.

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