Pincers rape xstory full family

Pincers rape xstory full family
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Two: Magic's Clash Chapter Seven: Fireeyes By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Fireeyes Northeastern Shore, Lake Esh The Magery of Thosi The crew of the Mermaid's Lover rowed the riverboat to a sandy shore. I stood on the prow, gazing at the peaceful countryside of Esh. The sun set behind us, painting the big cock guy anal fucks big tits mom with crimson.

When Angela's business in Esh-Esh was concluded, she would head north. Beyond the horizon lay the highway that ran between Esh-Esh and Allenoth.

I planned on being on that highway waiting for her. The sailors on the Mermaid's Lover made not a sound as they pulled the oars below deck. Silence was such a wonderful thing. Before I had dominated the entire crew, their constant, coarse talk and bawdy songs had grated on my nerves. With life magic, I had stolen their minds and given them a new will. The ship lurched as the prow hit the beach. Wood groaned as the ship came to a shuddering stop.

The crew moved automatically. They still knew how to sail a ship, I just removed all the other pesky knowledge from their minds. Most men really only needed one part out of twenty of their brains. They wasted too much effort on such mindless drivel thinking, reflecting, and lusting. Most of the sailors slipped off the ship while a few others attached lines and threw them down to the crew on the beach. Silently, the sailors heaved the boat onto the beach, pulling it out of the water completely.

In the morning, the nearby farmers would pray to the gods, thinking one of them had delivered the treasure of the ship and its cargo to them.

I really didn't care what they did with it. My simulacrum moved to my side, her head properly bowed. She carried my belongings. Like a hound, she heeled me as I moved to the gangplank the sailors ran out. I descended down to the sandy strand, my dominated sailors forming up around me. They carried an assortment of truncheons, sabres, and boarding hooks as weapons. Not the most well-armed group, but even a mob could take down a monster.

Or a knight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia Esh-Esh, Magery of Thosi The change in Faoril was amazing to witness. She had been a broken woman when she led me to this bedroom, ready to prostitute her body to me.

Her pain had been so raw. It was cruel what happened to her. And then I gave her hope. Her back straightened, a strong smile crossed her face, and her silver nose ring caught the light. An inquisitive gleam entered her brown eyes. She was a petite, beautiful woman with short, light brown hair framing her delicate cheekbones and pink lips.

A stirring of heat formed between my thighs. She was a beautiful woman. "When do we—" I cut off Faoril's question with a kiss. My lips pressed hot against hers. I had hoped the mage we were here to recruit, following the prophecy of the Lesbius Oracle, would be a beautiful woman. I was so glad I was right. Faoril was only startled for a second before she tilted her head, closed her eyes, and kissed me back.

Her tongue was aggressive, pressing against mine and playing with my tongue piercing. I could sense what she needed. She had degraded herself for the last few days, allowing disgusting men to rut in her body without any say in the matter.

She had been passive as she satiated their lusts, but now she was returning to who she was, rising out of the fog of her depression. Faoril was a confident woman who knew power. She was a journeyman mage pale butt joeyd toys his bottom sweetly insert toys tube porn the Collegiate Tower and came so very close to reaching the highest levels of her order.

She needed to be assertive again. So I became passive. I was trained to read and please a woman, to give her what she needed. The training was to serve as temple prostitute for the women of Shesax. They would make love to me as part of worship to the Virgin Goddess. But Faoril didn't need worship.

She needed confidence. I moaned into her kiss and shuddered as her hands went to the ties holding my white robe closed. The ties came undone and my robe opened, exposing my pale flesh. Her hands pressed inside, caressing my belly.

I moaned into the kiss as tingles ran through my body. Faoril's kiss grew more passionate as her hands slid up my body to my small breasts. Her fingers were light and delicate.

She was not a stranger to a woman's body. My pussy grew hotter. I pressed my thighs together as I knelt on the bed before her. I gasped as her fingers pinched my hard nipples. Faoril pressed me back as she kissed me. Her fingers tugged on my nipples as I slipped my legs out from beneath me and stretched back on the bed.

Faoril was on top of me. "You are a wicked little slut," Faoril her first black cock deep up her ass as she looked down on me, holding her body up with both her hands planted on either side of me.

"I just couldn't help myself," I whispered, my breasts rising, a flush coloring my cheeks. "You're so beautiful." Faoril shifted her weight to lean on her left arm as her right touched my side and stroked up and down, sending ticklish delight through me. She reached up to my arm and pressed my robe off my shoulder. I wiggled to pull my left arm of the sleeve as she leaned down and kissed at my shoulder. Her lips were soft and I moaned as she nibbled down to my breasts. Her hair caressed my tit as she worked up to my nipple.

Her lips circled the aching nub before she latched on and sucked hard. I gasped when her teeth nipped me between her hard sucks. "You're so aggressive," I gasped. "You're going too fast for me." Faoril giggled. "Don't lie to me, little acolyte.

You've been with more women than half of Esh-Esh." "But it's what you want," I told her, stroking her cheeks. "Ravish me. Be dominant and devour me." Then I added a trembling cache. "Please, these feeling are all so new to me." Her lips attacked my nipple, nipping and biting.

The pain was pleasurable. I squirmed beneath her, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. I resisted the urge to give myself an orgasm by just rubbing my thighs, but it was hard. Faoril let out a growl as she kissed and nipped to my other breast. She left small, white teeth marks on my skin.

I gasped and moaned with every nip. Her right hand squeezed my breast as she climbed up to the summit where my hard, pink nipple waited. "Please," I moaned. "Don't. I'm not ready for this." "Oh, you're ready, slut," moaned Faoril as her fingers squeezed harder on my tit. My nipple stood tall and hard, aching to be nibbled on by her. "You want this. You want me to fuck you until you cum. And then you're going to eat my pussy and give me such pleasure." "Oh, Goddess," I gasped as she sucked my nipple into her lips.

I stroked her cheeks as I squirmed beneath her. Faoril's cheeks hallowed as she sucked my nipples into the depths of her mouth. Then her teeth bit. Hd passion hd sexy alexis adams gets pampered and massaged too hard, but just enough to send a jolt of pain zipping through me and mixing with the pleasure.

I groaned and squeezed my thighs together. My pussy was so wet and on fire. While she sucked, her right hand stroked my stomach, her fingernails scraping lightly against my skin. She neared my bellybutton and discovered the ruby piercing. She played with it as she moaned about my nipple, her eyes growing even hotter.

With a hesitant hand, I reached for the red ties of her robes. The crimson hue mom and son sex vdecom her as a journeyman mage. My hand tugged and her robe fell loose. I pressed inside and found her own breast. I didn't squeeze hard. It was almost a hesitant squeeze, like I was afraid of what I was doing, but too caught up in the passion Faoril inspired in me to stop. "Mmm, that's it, little slut," purred Faoril as my fingers squeezed her round tit.

She had bigger breasts than me even though I was taller. "Play with my nipple. I can tell how hot you are for me. You just want to please me." "I.I don't know what's going on," I moaned. "You made me so hot, and my fingers.they just itched to touch you. You're so soft, Faoril.

So beautiful." Her lips returned to my nipple. She sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing. I groaned and squirmed beneath her. The hand playing with my belly piercing moved lower, reaching to my bare pudenda. My thighs parted just enough as she pressed between them and found the wet folds of my pussy. I groaned and squeezed on her breast as her fingers stirred through my lips. "You are so wet," Faoril purred. "You like it when I play with your body, don't you?" "Yes," I groaned. "I can't help it.

You make me feel So sexy. My pussy itches." Faoril held up her fingers. They glistened with my tart juices. "Look at how wet you are." "For you. You.make me feel so womanly.

So wonderful, Faoril." Faoril smiled as teen fucks in the forest xhuke com free sex cams smeared her fingers around my nipple and areola. I groaned at her delicate touch. And then her hungry lips swallowed me. Her mouth sucked my nipple into her lips as her fingers returned to my pussy.

She shoved two digits into my depths. "Faoril," I gasped, my hips bucking into her pumping fingers. I groaned and squirmed on the bed, her brown eyes flashing up at mine.

"That's it, little slut," purred Faoril as she kissed up to me. "You just can't resist my touch. You want me to fuck you." "I do," I moaned as I stared into her eyes.

My fingers found her nipple and rolled it between my digits. "I just want to please you, Faoril." Her lips smiled and we kissed again. I tasted my tart juices on her lips as her tongue thrust into my depths. Her thumb rubbed at my clit as she inserted a third finger into my pussy, stretching my tunnel out. I groaned and undulated my hips, moaning in to her kiss as the pleasure built inside of me.

"Are you going to cum, little slut?" purred Faoril after breaking our kiss. I let out a whimper of pleasure. She slid up my body, her breasts jiggling as they drifted closer to my mouth. Her nipple was pink and hard.

I licked my lips as her left hand wrapped about my head and pulled me to her breast. I opened my mouth and sucked her nipple into my lips. "That's it," she moaned as I sucked and played with her hard nub with my tongue.

The bed creaked as she undulated. Her fingers worked faster in and out of my pussy. "Show me how much you love my touch." I moaned about her nub as the pleasure built inside of me.

I sucked harder on her nub, my lips swallowing her areola as my cheeks hallowed. I brushed the hard, round end of my tongue piercing on her nub, bringing a gasp from Faoril. Her fingers pumped deeper. My toes curled. I moaned again. My hips undulated into her pumping fingers. Faoril's thumb rubbed faster on my clit.

Pleasure shot into my core.

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My pussy clenched down on her digits. "Little slut," Faoril groaned. "Cum for me. You can't resist me. You have to cum for me." My body shuddered. My lips popped off her nipple. "Yes, yes! I can't fight it! I'm cumming, Faoril!" The bed creaked as I thrashed. The pleasure flooded through russian teens fuck old man body.

My pussy convulsed on her fingers. I moaned and bucked as the rapture washed through my mind. My eyes closed shut as I wordlessly moaned my bliss. "Such a little slut," Faoril growled, her fingers digging deep into my cumming pussy. "Ooh, yes." "Slata's cunt!" I cursed as my orgasm reached its peak. "Oh, yes. Oh, thank you, Saphique." Faoril ripped her fingers from my pussy and shoved them into my mouth, fucking me.

I sucked on them as the pleasure died, reveling in my tart passion. Faoril's face was twisted with wild passion. She needed this release after all these days. "Little slut," she moaned and seized my light-brown hair. I gasped as she pulled me up. She stretched back on the bed, her thighs parting. Her red robe slipped further open, revealing her neatly-trimmed bush adorning her wet pussy. Her hands pulled me to her cunt. I buried my face in and licked.

"That's it, little slut," she moaned as she humped against me. "Make me cum with that worthless mouth." I licked and sucked through her folds.

My tongue piercing caressed every bit of her spicy pussy. Her hips hump as she pulled me tight into her snatch. Her hot flesh pressed around me, almost drowning me in her wonderful pussy.

My hands reached beneath her. I squeezed her ass as my tongue pressed into the depths of her pussy. I fucked my tongue in and out of her hot depths. She gasped and moaned as I swirled through her sheath. "Yes! Eat me! Devour me! Pater's cock, yes!" The bed creaked as her hips bucked into my lips. My hands squeezed the cheeks of her ass. She groaned as her pleasure built. I could feel her excitement. She needed to cum hard and fast. My tongue flicked up to her clit, batting it with my hard piercing.

"Oh, gods, yes!" Faoril moaned. My fingers dipped into the cracks of her ass. I found her sphincter and shoved in two fingers. I sank up to my knuckles in her tight, hot bowels. The bed creaked louder as her body quaked. Her fingers pinched and pulled at her own nipples as my tongue assaulted her clit. "By the gods! Your mouth!

Oh, yes! Pater's cock, I'm going to cum so hard!" I continued my assault. I didn't let up on flicking her clit.

The pleasure built and built inside of her. Faoril's bowels clenched upon my fingers. Her back arched, thrusting her breasts up into the air as the pleasure rippled through her. "Slut!" she hissed. Her burglars tied up milf and orgy fucked her bucked again, and then her orgasm crashed through her.

Spicy juices flooded my mouth. I drank them all down as she quaked and shuddered on the bed. Her legs shot up in the air around my head and then fell back across my shoulders as she fell limp. Her head lolled and she sucked in huge breaths. "By the gods, I needed that," Faoril moaned. "I hope I wasn't too rough on you." "I like it rough," I winked at her, pulling my fingers from her bowels. I popped them into my mouth and savored her sour flavor.

"Do you need a minute to recover?" "I need a day," Faoril groaned. I beamed with pride. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela "This was a waste of time," I groused to Xera as we left the market behind. "I really hope Sophia's spell guided her to the mage." "Yes," Xera smiled, "though staying in the city has been a pleasant surprise." My eyes glanced down to her half-hard cock swaying between her thighs. The elf didn't wear clothing, and her cock was on full display for all the lust-filled eyes of the Thosian women.

They seemed to have some sort of cultural fixation of elves and their cock. "You're just surprised how popular your cock is," I laughed. "Good timing on when you came into heat." "It is not something I can control," Xera pointed out. "It was just coincidence that we arrived at the right time in my cycle." "Let's head back to the inn.

The sun's setting. I don't think we're finding any helpful mages." There had been plenty of journeyman mages looking for work in the market place. But when I mentioned the Ritual of Reclamation and fighting the Dragon Dominari, suddenly they were a lot less desperate. Most claimed they couldn't even cast such a powerful ritual. "We might need to find a master blonde babe fucking guy beside her old man after all," Xera pointed out.

"Perhaps if we talked to a different one besides Saoria we would have better luck." I grit my teeth. We wasted most of the day waiting to talk to Saoria at the Collegiate Tower, and then she brushed us off claiming that no master mage had the time or interest in helping with my Quest.

She might have been telling the truth. Mages seemed like a cowardly bunch. "Well, let's hurry, we can't deny the serving maids at the inn your cock." Xera's laugh was a beautiful tinkle. She enjoyed being in human lands with her cock. Back home, she could only fuck her wife's pussy.

Here, she had all the pussies she wanted. Elvish marriage practices and what they considered infidelity were so strange. In most human kingdoms, a married couple decided on whether to speak monogamous vows or to have an open marriage. It was rare for the monogamous vows. Most couples didn't want to be that tied down even if they had no intentions of straying. Luben, God of Marriage, did not take kindly to those who broke his marriage vows and would often send his priests and priestesses to punish the man or woman who did.

I think I hoped to marry.whomever I had loved. I tried not to think about the fuzzy holes in my memory. I gave up my love for.that person to receive the Lesbius Oracle's prophecy. If I had been looking for marriage, there was no way I would pick monogamy. There was too much fun to be had.

Though the sun had set by the time we zoey reyes gives blowjob to a group of horny white men our inn, the beacon glowing atop the Collegiate Tower kept the city lit.

It was strange. There was no true night in this city and the traffic on the streets didn't seem to dwindle as it grew later and later.

"Unnatural," Xera sighed, shaking her head at the artificial twilight gripping Esh-Esh. "Everything mages do is unnatural," I answered. "A true shame your kind does not know how to live in harmony with the natural world." I chose not to answer.

I had traveled through her forest and stayed in an Elvish city—I would take this over nature any day. We stepped into the inn's common room, and I spotted Sophia waving energetically. A red-robed woman sat with her, sipping a steaming cup of tea. I smiled. Sophia's spell actually worked. Xera and I threaded through the common room, the serving maids all sighing as Xera passed.

"Faoril," Sophia said, motioning to us, "this is Angela and Xera." The mage stood. "Knight-Errant, I would like to offer my services and skills in your Quest. Sophia has explained the situation, and I believe I am more than capable of casting the Ritual of Reclamation. That is, if you would have me." I glanced at Sophia and she nodded her head. "Just Angela," I said, extending my arm. "We shall be companions and the road is long." "Yes, Sophia has explained the circuitous route you have to take.

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I do agree with your travel plan. It seems the one with the most efficacy." "Good," I nodded. What did efficacy mean? "Let's eat," Sophia smiled. "It was.hungry work recruiting her." A naughty gleam entered Sophia's green eyes. I glanced at Faoril and color tinged her cheeks.

It was clear that Sophia had already seduced the mage. I rolled my eyes as I sat down next to her. I leaned over and kissed her on the lisp before whispering, "How was she?" "Hurting," Sophia whispered back.

"But this is what she needs to overcome her grief." "Madam Elf, you are in heat," Faoril purred. "My, oh, my. After supper, would you care if I performed an examination on you, purely for scientific research." Sophia groaned and rolled her eyes. "Not you, too, Faoril. What is it about elf cocks that gets every Tranny sucking a hard cock and getting fucked maid wet between the thighs?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia "Just sit on the bed," Faoril purred as she loosened the ties on her red robe.

It parted, revealing her flat stomach, the inner slopes of her breasts, and her neatly-trimmed bush. "And I will begin my examination." "Of course," I smiled. "I am glad to help." I removed my belt and set it carefully down, making sure my quiver of arrows did not spill out on the floor. I sat down on the bed, leaning back on my arms, and spread my legs. My cock was half-hard and twitching.

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I had cum many times today, mostly at the Collegiate Tower where a seemingly endless line of female mages wanted to harvest my seed. Faoril produced a small journal from one pocket of her robe and a measuring cord from another. It was twice as long as her arm and knotted in precise increments.

There were other items in the many pockets of her robes, including some that were made of glass and made the minutest tinking sounds as she moved. I doubt a human could even hear the noise. Faoril wrote with a quill in her journal. She did not first dip in ink. "Is that a magic pen?" "Magic?" Faoril asked.

"You did not dip it in ink." "Oh, no," she answered. "The journal is enchanted with fire magic. When I press with the quill on it, the page is scorched and leaves behind black markings. It's not as clear as ink, but in the field one has to make do.

Besides, I do not have to wait for the ink to dry." "Oh," I nodded. "Now, let us examine your cock." Faoril moved closer and set her journal on the bed beside me. Then she stroked my dick. "I need you to be fully hard." The mage leaned down and sucked the tip into her mouth.

I groaned and my toes curled as the pleasure radiated down my cock and into my body. My pussy clenched and my nipples ached as I hardened into full girth. "Mmm, much better," purred the mage. "And I must say, your precum is a little sweeter than a human's." "Thanks," I said, not sure if that was good or bad.

Faoril wrote it down in her journal. Then she placed the measuring cord against my cock and counted out the knots. "Ten and a half inches. Larger than the average human cock. Would you say you are bigger than the average elf cock?" "Mmm, average," I answered.

"Interesting," Faoril purred. "So elf cocks are bigger than human's. I better not tell sex xstory website sex stories com of the men that, they get so insecure about the size of their cocks." "So do some elves I know," I smiled. "And your cock sprouts from your clit?" Faoril asked, her fingers stroking my dick. "Yes." "Wow. I wonder where all the mass for the dick comes from. Is it internal, perhaps." "It just.forms," I answered.

"A gift from Matar." Faoril nodded as she stared at my cock. "Now I need a sample." "For your magic? Because elf cum is good for life spells." "Yes, and to see how much cum you produce." Faoril grinned.

"This is important research." "And the fact you get to play with my cock is a bonus?" Her hand stroked me again. "Yes." I groaned as she sucked the tip back into her mouth. I groaned and leaned back, my large breasts rising and falling as the human worked her tongue across the tip. She was talented. I guess being a female mage required you to collect a lot of cum. One of Faoril's hands stroked the base of my shaft, brushing up to her lips, while the other probed at the delicate folds of my pussy.

I groaned as she stroked up and down my folds. Her fingers dipped into my pussy. "Faoril," I gasped in delight as she fingered me. "Pleasuring a hermaphrodite is interesting," Faoril purred. Her fingers curled inside my pussy, and I shuddered.

She dipped down and licked her tongue across my pussy, moving around her thrusting fingers and back up to my cock. "Mmm, a flowery pussy instead of the more earthy taste of a human cunt." "I like the taste of a human cunt," I moaned. "So do I," laughed Faoril. Then she swallowed the tip of my cock again.

Her mouth bobbed in rhythm to her fingers father fuck daughter when sleep japan my pussy. I groaned as the pleasure raced down my cock and mixed with the delight her fingers churned in my cunt.

My sheath clenched down on her fingers as a shudder of pleasure washed through me. "Oh, you have a wonderful mouth," I groaned. Faoril moaned about my cock and sucked more and more into her depths.

My pussy clenched as the pressure rose. Her tongue swirled about my crown, and then Faoril worked more and more of her mouth down my cock. I brushed the back of her throat. "Can you deep-throat me?" I asked. Faoril thrust her fingers deep into me as her throat relaxed. I shuddered, my hips bucking up into her mouth as she swallowed more and more of my cock. Her throat was so tight about the tip. She swallowed and massaged my dick. Then she hummed. I gasped in delight. The pleasure built faster in me.

Her throat teased my cock. She worked her lips all the way to the base before she slid back up. She sucked and moaned the entire time. My cock was in heaven. "Faoril," I groaned as my pussy clenched on her fingers. My orgasm built. "So good." Her fingers curled inside of me as she popped her mouth off my dick. Her free hand darted into her robes and pulled out a vial. She popped off the cork with a practiced movement and placed it at the head of my cock as her fingers massaged inside my pussy.

"Oh, Faoril," I gasped as she brushed a bundle of nerves. "You do have the spot," Faoril beamed. "And does it affect your cock?" "Yes," I moaned as she attacked the bundle of nerves. My pussy clenched and relaxed as she stroked harder and harder. The pleasure shot up to the tip of my cock. Pressure built. My body tensed.

And then bliss erupted out of me. Faoril beamed as blast after blast of my cum squirted into her vial. The thick, whitish liquid filled half the vial while I shuddered and writhed in bliss. Faoril pulled her fingers from my pussy and sucked them clean as I fell back on the bed, my breasts jiggling, my body buzzing with delight.

"Hermaphrodites are so fascinating," Faoril smiled. She held up the vial and swirled the liquid around before she recorked it. My ears picked up the faintest whisper. It reminded me of the voice I had heard during the wyvern attack and the fire. There had been magic used against us. "Now that is fascinating," Faoril said as she stared at the cum.

"You produced twice as much as the average man. You come close to rivaling a simulacrum's output." "What spell is on the vial?" I asked, not caring how much cum I produced.

Faoril cocked her head. "How did you know there was a spell?" "I heard it. Your voice faintly whispering." "And you believe that meant magic?" Faoril asked, slipping the vial into her robe. The cloth had slipped back, revealing a hard nipple. "I heard a man whispering when we were attacked by wyverns far from the Rheyn Mountains, and then when our inn mysteriously caught fire on the road from Allenoth to Esh-Esh." Faoril frowned.

"You think a mage tried to kill you?" "To kill Angela." "Why?" "I do not know. But you might be putting yourself in danger." Faoril rose. "I'll need more cum." "From me?" I asked. "I know you can cast that spell to keep me hard." "No, no, there are plenty of men in the common room. I shall harvest them." A smile crossed Faoril's lips. "It can be fun.

I will collect another vial from you before we leave in the morning." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia "I can't believe she blew every guy in the inn last night," I grumbled to Angela as we saddled our horses. I stroked Purity's white snout and shook my head. "She loves cock more than you." Angela flushed. "Sorry. But Xera's not going to be in heat for long.

I wanted to enjoy her last night after Faoril finished her examination." The elf moaned nearby. Faoril was on her knees, collecting the elf's cum in a vial. She had a dozen or more of those vials on her, all full of disgusting cum. Xera shuddered one last time as Faoril capped her vial and slipped it into her robe. "Well, I am all set," Faoril smiled. She gave Xera a quick kiss. "Thank you for your cum." Xera had a beaming smile on her face.

"It was fun giving it to you." Angela pulled me against her armor. "Tonight we'll stop in that blue inn and I'll tie you up and borrow the maid's feather duster again. I'll tickle you until you cum." "Promise," I smiled, my body growing hot. Angela nodded and gave me a kiss on the lips. I clung to her, my heart beating faster. I didn't want to break the kiss and almost fell over when Angela broke it. Horny veronica has her wet snatch drilled gasped and shuddered.

She always made me lose my composure. "Your horse is saddled, Faoril," Angela said. "Have you ridden before?" "Not much," Faoril admitted. "I've never left Esh-Esh before." "You'll be sore by lunch," I giggled as I led Purity past her. I remember how much I ached after my first week of riding. Now it still left me tired but I was used to the strain. My thighs were a lot firmer and toned then before I left. Angela had to buy Faoril a mount, a mare with a dun coat named Buttercup.

She had not been pleased on the amount. I had to make a stop at a money lender and borrow money against my mother's estate. She wouldn't even notice the bill when it arrived in a month or more time at her manor house, though her steward would undoubtedly complain.

Despite Angela's dismissive attitude to my mother's rank, she was a duchess, it did have advantages. Outside the stable, I mounted with ease.

Faoril, not so much. Xera had to help her keep her feet from tangling in her robes and then she groaned as she hauled herself up in the saddle. She sat there like a sack of turnips, gripping the reins loosely in her hands. "Grip the reins tight, Faoril," Angela advised, riding past on her warhorse Midnight.

He was a large beast, a stallion trained to fight. "Your horse needs to know you're in charge, or she'll go where she wants." I nodded my head. "And keep your back straight and your feet planted in the stirrups. You need to lift yourself with every step." "Why can't I ride sidesaddle?" I winced, remembering how disastrously that had ended for me.

"Trust me, if we are attacked, you do not want to be thrown from your horse because you rode sidesaddle." "Let's get moving," Angela said, "we're wasting daylight." "Okay." Faoril gave me a smile. "Thank you." "Oh, don't worry about the advice. We're in this together now." "No, for giving me this opportunity." Her smile grew wider. She did have a pretty one. "Thank you." I reached out and patted her hand.

Faoril was in pain by lunch. She was so lucky I could call on my goddess's powers to heal her. She was very grateful. When we reached the blue inn, Faoril stumbled off to bed and promptly fell asleep.

Angela was true to her word and tied me up and tickled me all over. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia Allenoth Highway, Magery of Thosi Unwashed bodies drifted on the wind. I wrinkled my nose, cursing my strong senses. Many of the rural humans were not as clean as they could be, but this group smelled particularly foul. I cast my eyes across the pasture, searching for them. "Is it time for lunch?" groaned Faoril.

The second day on horseback seemed equally as painful for the young mage. Her face was twisted into a grimace and she sat stiffly on her horse. It was such foolishness, but we would travel even slower if the humans were on foot. "Not too much longer," Angela sighed. "Why does anyone ride horses all day?" Faoril groaned for the thirtieth time.

It was her favorite complaint. "Why can't we hire a coach?" "Coaches cannot go where we travel," Angela answered. "There are no roads in the orc lands." My ears twitched. Footsteps thudded upwind of us. "Angela," I said, "a group of unwashed men approach from our left." Angela turned her head, gazing at the small hill rising to the northwest of us.

"Is that a man on the rise?" I frowned. How had I missed the figure? He stood on the hilltop in black robes, his head covered in a cowl. "He is dressed like one of your master mages, Faoril." "Really?" she asked, peering off in the distance. "You sure? He looks like a black blur to me." "Very sure." "I do not know why one would be here." Faoril looked around at the farms we passed.

"It is curious." The footsteps grew louder. Why couldn't I see them. The green wheat sprouting in the fields moved in a ripple like men passed unseen through them.

"Faoril, could a mage transform something invisible." "Yes," she answered. "It's a simple spell to bend light around an object." "A group of people?" "That is more difficult," she answered, then her eyes narrowed. "Why." My heart beat faster. I pulled worthy young beauteous babe licks old dick string from my pouch and bent the bowstave.

The wood creaked as I attached the string to one end. Leaving a bow strung for a sweet gorgeous hottie is nailed homemade hardcore time ruined the string.

"Angela, do you see the fields rippling. It is not the wind." "I see it. What do you think?" "Unwashed men," I answered as I bent and attached the string to the bottom. Sophia pulled out her enchanted dagger and gasped. It glowed. Angela drew her sword with a steely ring. "That must be the mage that's been harassing us." "A master mage?" Faoril gasped.

"Why? "Does that matter?" Angela asked as she took a tight reign on Midnight. "Can you disrupt the spell?" "Right, of course." Faoril took a deep breath, then darted her hand into the pocket of her robe and pulled out one of her vials of cum. She drank it down while Sophia made a retching sound. Faoril straightened in her saddle as she slipped the vial back into her pocket.

"It feels fine." "What?" Sophia asked. "Nothing," Faoril said as she raised her hand and pointed at the disturbance. The air warped before her palm and then a beam of light shot out. The air crackled as the beam passed me, and I heard the mage's voice whispering even though Faoril did not speak. The lance struck the disturbance.

Light burst. The wheat rippled in a circle. The air warped and bent. A horde of rough-dressed men holding swords, clubs, and a few long hooks appeared. They did not react to their spell failing or the spectacular explosion that burst around them. They marched on wordlessly. I knocked and drew back. My arrow soared through the sky as Angela let out a load shout and heeled her mount.

Midnight ran forward then vaulted over a fence. The ground shook as the large horse landed and raced through the field. My arrow took the first attacker in the throat and he fell without a shout. "Something is wrong," I whispered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Midnight's hooves thudded beneath me as we charged across the field.

The bandits hurtled closer. Midnight galloped with excitement, eager for the fight. He was well trained.

I lifted up my sword and set my shield. I wish I had a lance. The men didn't scatter. It took discipline to stand before a charging warhorse. Where had these low men found it to strengthen their spine? Two more died, feathered by Xera. I didn't fear the arrows streaking by me.

The elf did not miss her target. The fireball from Faoril was a different matter. It exploded on the right side of the men. Green wheat crackled and the five bandits fell to the ground on fire.

None screamed in pain and none of their fellows reacted at all. What was wrong public agent busty horny lady gets fucked in the woods for cash them? I glanced up at the watching mage on the hill. What had he done to these men? Midnight struck the first men. There was a loud crunch as the man went flying, his body crushed by the weight of Midnight and his barding.

My sword swung, cleaving off the head of another man. Then I chopped a hook that reached for me and cut through a bandit's chest.

Midnight trampled another two before we broke through, and I began my turn to charge back into them. Another fireball crashed into them. I tried not to flinch as more of the bandits collapsed on fire.

Over half were dead. Why hadn't they broken? Professional soldiers would have trouble keeping morale against such casualties. They turned to face me, brandishing rusty sabres and crude truncheons.

I charged. Midnight neighed in exhilaration as we hurtled towards the survivors. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fireeyes I held back my dismay as I watched the sailor's slaughtered. They had been spotted far too soon by the elf. And whomever that journeyman mage was, she had talent.

She mixed air and fire to create that lance and disrupt my careful work. It was not easy cloaking that many men. Not that it mattered. Angela had charged through them without taking a wound. I had never witnessed a knight's charge before. Her horse was a weapon, trampling the sailors while her sword hacked and cleaved. "I need more juices," I hissed. My simulacrum raced to me, handing me a vial of her pussy juices. She bowed her head as I drank it down.

I closed my eyes as the power filled me. The sailors were almost dead. Angela's companions raced through the field as the knight set her sword to felling the last few.

But just because the sailors were dead did not mean they couldn't fight. I had prepared these men. My porn twins sasha amp misha virtual sex had led to this startling discovery. I sent out my life magic to the men, seizing five of their corpses—the linchpins of the corpse horror. Energy flowed out from the five, seizing a hold of the other corpses and drawing them together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Journeyman Mage Faoril Energy hummed in the air.

Life magic was unleashed by the master mage on the hilltop. The corpses of the hacked, trampled, and burned bandits drew together. Angela's stallion let out a fearful scream and reared.

Angela held on tight, shouting at her mount as he reared again. The knight's hand slipped from the rein and she crashed into the ground. Midnight charged away from the corpses. My own horse suddenly bucked beneath me, letting out a nervous whinny as the corpses dragged along the ground, pulling together. "What's happening?" Sophia gasped in fear. "Magic," Xera shouted and fired an arrow at the growing mound of corpses.

The arrow did nothing except impale a man already dead. Angela scrambled to her feet and backed away, her sword held before her. The corpses swelled, all thirty forming into a figure. Multiple corpses were rapped together to form the legs, and dozens combined to create the torso. Arms sprouted as the last corpses pulled into vanessa moans loudly while playing with herself abomination.

"What is that?" Sophia asked, slipping off her mare. Her horse reared and then bolted after Midnight. I slipped off my horse before I was thrown. I had no illusions of my riding skill. The ground shook as the abomination stepped towards Angela. The knight swung her sword, cutting into the corpses that made up its leg.

Though she cut through the dead men's bones, the abomination did not feel it. The foot kicked and slammed into the knight. Angela screamed as she flew ten feet through the air, her armor gleaming in the sunlight. Then she crashed to her feet in a metallic crunch. Sophia raced to Angela.

The ground shook as the abomination took another step. How had this thing been created? "Can you do anything?" Xera asked. "I'm thinking," I answered.

I threw another fireball, drawing heat out of the air. There was a lot of it when you concentrated it all in one place. The flames crackled on my hand and I threw. Fire slammed into the corpses, igniting flesh and burning along the creature.

Life magic animated it. Hurting the corpses flesh wouldn't matter. They were just the medium anchoring the spell. We would have to cut it apart, but I suspected the spell would just pull the dead matter back to the abomination. Sophia opened her robe and rubbed at a hard nipple. It distracted me from the problem of the thing. Why would she do that?

"Saphique, the Virgin Goddess that loves all women," Sophia chanted, calling up on her goddess's power. "bless this weapon so it may protect its bearer. Let this sword shine bright, a beacon to defend all women. Milk suddenly beaded her fingers. Then she smeared her enchanted milk on Angela's sword as the knight struggled to her feet. The blade glowed pink with holy light. It might work.

Divinely enchanted swords were often effective against spirits and dark spells.

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"If we kill the mage, will that end the spell?" Xera asked. "Maybe," I answered as I watched Angela race forward with her glowing blade. I needed to figure out how the mage had assembled this thing before I could disrupt it.

Angela dodged a second kick and swung with her blade. Blessed by Saphique, the blade parted through the leg. Energy crackled through the air. It was black and foul, reacting against Angela's blade. Her sword sliced through the leg, a clean cut. But it didn't topple the corpse abomination. The creature held itself together. The thing swung its fist. Angela brought up her sword, parrying the blow.

She stumbled and fell onto her back. Sophia screamed in fear.

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The abomination strode forward and raised a foot to crush Angela. The knight rolled to the side. The foot landed with a loud boom, compacting the soil an inch. Such force. Angela swung again with her sword, slicing through the creature's "ankle", which was the bent torso of a man with coarse, black hair. The energy reacted when her sword reached the middle of the corpse. Did the mage form a skeletal framework? I cocked my head as the monster dueled Angela.

She dodged and ducked its powerful blows. It was shaped like a man. The mage must have prepared these bandits ahead of time. How would I have done it? Sophia ran up to me and seized the front of my robes. "Do something." "I am," I hissed in frustration. "Let me think." "But Angela is losing!" The ground shook.

Angela screamed in pain. The knight landed in a heap. If I was to make this thing, I would use five anchor points. Four for the limbs and one for the torso. He would have chosen five men ahead of time. Would he have drawn magic circles on them? A five pointed star for symmetry? Then when the men died, he merely had to send out his magic into the five circles. With thirty men, five already branded, each point of the star would only have to seize five other corpses.

Then how were the five corpses attached to each other. A smile crossed my lips. He used a hexagram on the limb corpse, not a five-pointed star. They would all attached to the torso with the star's sixth point. For the torso he would need a nine-pointed star. Those were unstable. No one used a nonagon to make a magical circle. They were not the seven stable school girls and boys six storys of triangle, diamond, five-pointed star, hexagram, seven-pointed star, octagon, and the starburst.

"Angela, I need you to expose the corpse in the center," I shouted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia I stalked through the field, moving at an oblique angle from the attack towards the hill. The robed figure watched the corpse abomination fight Angela.

My bow was useless against the monstrosity, but the mage was different. If I killed him, the spell might end.

Either way, he was a threat. I crouched through the wheat, moving with care not to disturb the stalks. It was difficult to slip through the plants, they weren't wild and didn't naturally part before me. Man had cultivated and twisted them from the natural grasses they once had been.

But I was an Elvish Hunter. No human could spot me creeping through the brush. And this mage was still only a human despite all his power.

My heart thudded in my chest for Angela. I hoped she was holding her own. Faoril and Sophia were there to aide her.

They would protect her. Sophia loved Angela. She would not let the knight die here. The ground shook beneath my feet. Energy crackled through the air. Angela put on a show.

The mage would be focused on it. That made my job easier. I lifted my head enough to sight him through the tops of the wheat stalks. I was on bukkake faced ebony slut pornstars group sex periphery of his vision and with his cowl, he couldn't see me unless he turned his head. I smiled and moved closer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela My body ached.

My head rang. Only Gewin's blessing I received before I left kept me standing. "How am I supposed to expose its chest?" I demanded at the mage. "It's three times as tall as me." The wind swirled around my body. I gasped in surprise as I was lifted up from the ground and hurtled towards the monster's chest.

My arms and legs flailed as I tried to control myself. "Pater's cock," I cursed. The monster swung a fist of corpses at me. I tried to duck. I only twisted myself upside down. Then I was yanked up in the air. The world spun around me as Faoril used her magic to carry me. "This isn't xxxx mom big boobs son I shouted.

"Stop fighting me," Faoril hissed. "I need to see a nine-pointed magic circle. It should inscribed on a corpse in the center." "Next time, give me a warning," I groaned as I flipped right side up, my chainmail loincloth swinging between my thighs. The monster swung its fist again, and Faoril jerked me out of the way as she slid me closer.

I groaned as my stomach tried to rise up into my throat. She stopped me before the monster's chest. I drew back my sword and swung. It wasn't my best swing. My feet weren't on the ground. I didn't have the leverage to transmit my body's weight into the swing. It was such a feeble swing, I was surprised when my sword carved into the flesh of the abomination. Sophia's blessing worked marvelously. My sword was embedded in the corpse. "Now what?" "Cut," she suggested as the beast raised a hand.

"Hopefully some pieces will fall off." I jerked my sword up. The blade vibrated in my hand as the sword struck the energy animating the abomination. I sawed as worked it through, aware of the hand about to slam down on me.

I closed my eyes. My sword stuck something hard. So far, it had cleaved through bone as easily as it did flesh. So what had I struck? I opened my eyes. The monster shook. My sword vibrated in my hands as I sawed it against the hard point. "I found something," I shouted. "The magic circle," Faoril beamed.

"I don't need to see it if you can disrupt it." "Trying." I strained harder. The abomination shook. Black light burst between the corpses. I was blinded. My heart burned and my entire body was filled with pain. I screamed as I was thrown back.

The world spun about me again, my stomach churning. I braced myself for the impact with the ground. It never came. Instead, I settled down at Sophia's feet. "You did it," grinned the Acolyte. She threw her arms around me. I looked back at the corpse abomination.

It had fallen to pieces. "How did I do that?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fireeyes I focused on the mage. Blonde beauty chloeacute lacourt cant get enough of the glory hole had figured out my creation. Who was she? Why was she only wearing red robes? The test was last week. A journeyman of her skill would have been invited to test.

No, she would have been forced to test. "I need more juices," I snarled. The simulacrum raced back up the hill, holding another vial. I would have to go down there and kill Angela myself. I tossed back my head and drank the pussy juices. More power flooded my body. The five elements were at my control. I summoned heat.

"Sir!" called out my simulacrum. She pointed to my right. I turned. An arrow struck me in the chest. I stumbled back into my simulacrum's arms. Shock filled me as I stared down at the shaft sprouting from my body. The arrow had penetrated deep into my lungs.

I struggled to breathe. Blood poured from my lips. I fixed my gaze on the elf. She had snuck up on me. She drew a second arrow. It struck me in the neck. My blood poured out. I was dying. "I have the amulet, sir," the simulacrum said, pulling it out of her pouch and pressing it to my neck. I had to gather my magic. It was hard. My vision fuzzed as the world grew dark. My limbs were already cold.

I had prepared for this. I had delved into the darkest corners of magic. I had bloodied my hands with research the cowards of the Magery Council were too afraid of. I had prepared a phylactery. I poured my magic into the gem as my body died.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia I nursed Angela. Her lips sucked hungrily at my breast milk as her battered body healed.

I kept staring at the mound of corpses that had animated and tried to kill us. On the hilltop, Ebony bitch with large ass gets railed stood, a knocked arrow pointed at a kneeling figure. "I think that's a simulacrum," Faoril said as she gazed at the hill. "She would be his source of pussy juices to power his magic." "Oh," I answered.

"But he's dead?" "I think so," Faoril smiled. "Xera hit him twice with her arrows and she stands over his corpse." "Who was he?" I asked. "Yes," Angela growled. "I need to know." Angela pushed herself to her feet and stalked to the hill. I followed after, closing up my robes and tying them together.

Faoril strode at my side. Her eyes were intense. During the fight, she had been so calm, standing there studying the thing instead of panicking. I knew I wanted to run, but I couldn't let Angela die. "You were brave," I said. "Huh?" asked the mage. "You stood there so calm. Weren't you scared?" "No." Faoril frowned.

"I was.trying to understand it. The thing was an impressive feat of magic. It was a puzzle I had to solve. I really didn't have the mental energy to spare on being scared." "It was an abomination," I gasped. "Not something to be admired." "No, it shouldn't be admired." Faoril shook her head. "Training for the test is all about staying calm while things like that happen. A mage that loses her composure cannot be trusted with truly dangerous magic." We reached the hill and began climbing.

A woman without any hair on her head knelt beside the dead mage. She looked calm, dressed in simple white robes in the same style as Faoril. The woman seemed so alien without hair, her head smooth as an eggshell. "Simulacrum," Faoril asked, "who was your previous master?" "Fireeyes," she calmly answered. Faoril gasped. "Why would he be after you?" The mage looked at Angela. "The Magery Council has ordered his execution for the perversity of his magic." "Looks like Xera did them a favor," Sophia giggled.

"You do not understand," Faoril gasped, "he was the most dangerous boobs pressing and licking by man in the world. Who are your enemies, Angela, that they could hire this man?" END of Book 2