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My fiancée, Nancy, is the loveliest and most desirable lady I have ever known. I truly love her and every inch of her. She has a pretty smile and a refreshing, innocent look, but has a deliciously naughty side. At about five-foot-two and 108, she's got a cute little shape from hours of exercising and running. She's a perfect size 4, sometimes wears a 2. Her perky 34B tits defy gravity and drive me crazy, as does her 23-inch waist and tight little ass.

She's a blonde and wears her hair in a modern short cut, just above her beautiful neck. I am so proud to be seen with her.

She says that because of her short stature, she looks better in short skirts. Hey, who am I to argue? Except for one or two, all of her skirts and dresses come to above her knees, and she has a few that are about mid-thigh.

Although she'll deny it, I know that other men notice her wherever she goes. I really don't mind when she tells me about a guy coming onto her, because I am so confident in our love, and that we belong together. Besides, it turns me on. The thing is, you wouldn't believe that she's 50, and I'm 55. I'm always telling her that she looks like, and has the libido of, a thirty-five year old.

She insists that I can't be 55, especially after I bring her to orgasm by either orally or manually ravaging her, or by fucking her silly. We're always up for it. On a normal day, we're always kissing, and I don't mean just pecks on the cheek. I'm always grabbing her ass. I can't keep my hands off this beautiful and sexy woman, and I love making her feel sex selingkuh menantu vs mertua japanese sexy and desirable as I think she is.

While walking hand in hand on the way into a restaurant, I'll pull her into an only slightly secluded doorway, press her up against a wall, and go to it. Sometimes people see us, and I bet they're jealous. Once, after eating out, we got hot and heavy in the car in the parking lot. I was driving home, and I guess we weren't finished.

I reached over and finger fucked her. The car was going about 40, and she was coming at about 80. We are both very "oral," and love to go down on each other. Moans of enjoyment come from her throat when she sucks on me, and she sometimes stops briefly to tell me how much she likes making me grow inside her mouth. Pretty early on, she sucked my off, making me come down her throat without missing a drop. I'd been in relationships where that was an occasional treat, but that's Nancy, almost every time.

I love to be down between her wonderfully toned thighs, initially lightly kissing and licking her, then making out with her sweet pussy, and drinking her come. Sometimes I gently uncover the skin from her clit and tease it with the tip of my tongue.

It makes her crazy when I get my fingers up inside her and message her G-spot. I like to make her come two or three times before she gets me hard and we fuck like twenty year-olds. Sometimes it seems like she could just keep coming and coming, and I enjoy keeping her happy and satisfied.

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Sometimes she gets down between my legs and sucks on me while I read sexy magazine letters to her. She makes me hard with her incredible talent and skill and somehow swallows all six inches of me until her lips are around the base of my dick.

Makes it difficult to read. Sometimes she'll finish me off, or we'll fuck each other's brains out with me coming deep inside her. I love being on top and looking into her eyes and telling her I love her. Or on my back while she takes control on top so I can watch her work my dick in and out while I play with her tits and hold her ass as she goes up and down. Or fucking her doggy, especially when she's still wearing a short skirt, so I can play with it, and her ass.

Nancy is many things, but the one word that describes her best is fuckable, and she loves me to tell her so. We get even looser and wilder when we're away from home. On one weekend trip to a nearby city, we went out to a classy strip club. She admitted that she must be pretty secure, to go out with me watching beautiful ladies half her age dance and strip.

But I'll tell you, she was so hot in her short, red, form fitting dress that she had no reason to be insecure. There were guys half her age watching the girls on the stage, and watching her.

We were being our usual affectionate selves, kissing and touching and laughing. Even when we were just watching the show, I would have my hand on her thigh. Her short dress had risen to well above her knee, showing plenty of leg and giving me plenty of thigh to play with. She didn't know it, but we caught the attention of two guys in particular who watched us as much as they did the show.

They had to be twenty years younger than Nancy, and I bet they were mom and son fuck baby sitter and cums in her that they were sexy honey enjoys hot fucking smalltits and homemade. It was raining when we left. We started making out in the car with the rain coming down all around us.

She crawled on top of me. She wasn't wearing panties. Her wet pussy was open and available under her skirt. I fingered her as we made out like horny teenagers. I don't get spontaneous erections, but if I did, we would have fucked right there in the car in the rain. I think that was the night, when back in our room, she stripped and danced for me by candlelight to soft jazz on the radio.

She looked so sexy and desirable as the light flickered on her lovely naked body. I told her so as I played with my hard dick, then squirted while watching her. A few weeks ago we went to a popular dance club with a live band.

Nancy wore a 16-inch denim miniskirt with knee-high black boots and thigh highs, those stockings with elastic that stay up without garters. They were black also. The sheerness of her sexy top prevented her from wearing a bra, and she wasn't wearing panties. The outfit accentuated her trim torso and perky tits, and her magnificent thighs.

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She used just the right amount of makeup, and her blonde hair stood out beautifully. The ages at the club ranged from about the mid-twenties to maybe into sexy sex and massage get mixed hardcore blowjob sixties.

In my eyes, she was the loveliest and sexiest lady there. Early in the evening, Nancy started to pretend like we had just met, and she was flirting. We had talked about doing this, just for fun. We had also talked about going into a place like this separately, and I'd watch as she really did meet and flirt with a stranger. I found myself fantasizing about this a few times during the evening and how sexy it would make her feel. Other men appreciated her too, especially when we danced.

And boy! Did we dance! The dance floor became so crowded that we could do just about anything we wanted to. When we danced close, we danced really close.

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We had our hands all over each other. Mine were on her ass, and even on her tits, and we kissed blatantly. When we blond guy cruelly fucked adorable girls striptease and hardcore fast, Nancy really showed her stuff. Other couples were putting on similar displays, but I think we took the prize. At one point, we were sitting at the bar, talking and enjoying each other, touching, kissing. She knew that I wasn't wearing anything under my slacks and reached to gently caress my dick.

She said, "I like this; it's right there! It feels great!" It sure did! I may never wear under shorts again. We left the dance club holding hands.

While crossing the street, she said that the breeze felt really sexy blowing up her skirt and onto her pantyless pussy. I told her that the breeze would feel even better if her pussy was wetter. A few moments later, we were alone on the other side of the street in a darker area between street lights.

I stopped and pulled her close, kissing her passionately on her lips and then on her cheeks and around to her neck, telling her I loved her and how sexy she was.

I held her with one arm while I caressed her tit with my other hand and found my way down to the hem of her skirt. I felt her stocking and then went under her skirt and touched her bare thigh above the stocking. I went higher and gently stroked her pussy lips and worked my middle finger inside her.

She responded with moans and juices around my finger. I stopped before she came and we walked the rest of the way to our car. She said I was right about the breeze feeling better blowing on her wet pussy. I pushed her against the car and started in on her again, this time immediately going under her blouse and milking her tits and playing with her nipples, as I tried to keep an eye out for anyone who might see what we were doing.

I felt pretty safe, so I lifted her blouse up and started to nibble and suck on a tit while my hand went straight for her pussy again. This time, I made her come. Damn, she was wet and going crazy! Back home, we had an incredible fuck with her on top, naked except for her stockings and boots.

She was really flying high, yelling "fuck me, fuck me!" as she worked her tight pussy around my dick, pulling slut teen ariel grace having sex in the pool into her as deeply as she could, while I pushed up into her as deeply as I could. She was so damn sexy and got me so worked up, I felt like I pumped two gallons of come up into her.

I can watch her when she's on top. There's nothing more exciting and erotic for me than to watch her in her ecstasy while fucking and coming. This is the main reason I sometimes fantasize about watching her with another man or two.

When I'm the one giving her pleasure, it's difficult to watch her receive it. I know I'd enjoy sitting back and getting myself off while watching her get off with someone else.

And two guys would be able to give her more than I can, and I know she would enjoy two hard cocks to play with and to fuck her. I also know I'd probably be jealous, but maybe the pleasure that I would see her receive would win out. But then, I'm not sure how she really feels about it, even though we have fantasized and talked a little about it. She has said that she would try dressing up and going into a club separately, and have me watch from a short distance as she flirts and dances. Maybe we'll try that I see how we like it.

And you know, even if I never see her with anyone else, that would still be just fine, because I can't imagine being happier than I am right now, with the sexiest and most loving lady I have ever been with.