Sexy cuties ride the biggest strapon dildos and spray jizz everywhere

Sexy cuties ride the biggest strapon dildos and spray jizz everywhere
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Ellie returned from classes, I barely acknowledged her as I sat on the futon with a textbook laying on the coffee table, deeply engrossed. She bent over to take her shoes off, right in front of me so her ass, packed tightly into a pair of jeans, hovered right in front of my face.

I was, apparently less engrossed than she thought because my swat of her ass came as such a surprise that it caused her to stumble forward and nearly knocked her over. I put the book back on my shelves, and stood, she came forward to kiss me, but I grabbed a handful of hair and, tilting her head back, began to run my tongue lightly over the erogenous zones on her neck.

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Finally I teased no more and kissed her neck, passionately, soaking her with my tongue. Ellie moaned, and her body sagged a little. She knew when I wanted to play rough, and she liked it as much as I did. I let her go, "strip," I commanded. Ellie's hands flew to her jeans, undid them, and started frantically pulling them down. The tightness made for slow work, and I swatted her ass. She yelped, and I smacked her again, and again until she had rid herself of the jeans.

Her black thong and tank top soon followed, and she knelt before me nude. "Go clamp yourself," I ordered her. She went and pulled the box of equipment out. Grabbing capri cock milking a cock to a happy ending pair of chain-linked clamps, she attached them to her nipples, and knelt before me once more.

"What do you want?" I asked mockingly. "To suck your cock," she replied hungrily. "What was that?" "I want to suck your cock," she answered once more. I reached down and gave a harsh tug on the clamps. She yelped out sharply.

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"Try again." "Please master, may I suck your cock?" "That's a little better, slave," I said, stroking her cheek. "What are you willing to do for it?" "Anything," she breathed. "Anything?" "Yes master, I want to pleasure you all night, to taste your hard cock and sweet cum over and over again." "Go restrain yourself slave," I said, purposefully being vague, wondering what she would do.

She grabbed a spreader bar and split her legs as wide as they would go before attaching the device. The she grabbed a pair of handcuffs and bound her wrists to the frame of my former roommate's lofted bed. They were about shoulder height when she stood, but she awkwardly dropped to her knees, pulling them taut above her head.

With the spreader bar she'd have a very difficult time getting up. I grabbed a single tail whip and began painting red lines across her tanned stomach. With each new stripe, she let out a surprised yelp. I grabbed a blindfold and put it on her. She whimpered slightly as I did so. I set down the whip, quietly so she didn't know what I was doing, and grabbed a riding crop. I walked up to her, she was trembling, tensing for the next hit.

I gave it to her, on her breasts, and she yelled out loud. I pulled the clamps slowly off her breasts with the crop, causing her to bite down her on her lip. I stroked her cheek with it before giving her a sharp whack on her pussy. She jumped and yelled this time. "You getting horny," I asked noticing her wet pussy.

She nodded, but said nothing. "You want to suck my dick?" I asked. "Yes please." I removed my own clothes, and her blindfold, and stood naked just out of reach of her lips. That didn't stop her from struggling against her bonds for a taste of my cock, but she could do nothing. I stroked it slowly in front of her, torturing her.

She started to moan as my hand moved up and down. busty blonde wife helps her man celebrate steak and a blowjob day let me give you a blowjob, master," she said. I did not answer, still slowly jerking myself in front of her. "I want to suck your cock so bad, I love the taste of your cum dribbling down my tongue." Finally I grabbed her hair, and shoved my six inch cock down her throat.

She moaned happily as I did so, and began thrusting slowly all the way out and back in again. Every time I brought my balls to her chin, I paused, allowing her to enjoy my cock impaling her head. Eventually, I worked myself shallower in her mouth, letting her tongue work my head and tip.

She worked my sensitive spot well with that tongue, while the tight seal of her lips wetly stroked my shaft. Ellie knew I was getting close to cumming, so she slowed her blowjob down to a crawl, tightening her grip, and working her tongue harder.

I would come more, and longer this way, and she knew it. She continued on for several minutes. Ellie's patience for sucking me off knew no bounds. She'd lick and suck for hours if she had to. It definitely wasn't going to take that long now. I could feel my dick start to harden, the harbinger of a powerful orgasm.

Finally it came, so swiftly that I hadn't even had time to prepare, and I shot stream after stream into her mouth. She moaned happily as they grew weaker and weaker until finally cum only dribbled onto her tongue. She moved up and down once more, making sure to squeeze out every last drop.

Looking up at me she smile and let some dribbled down her chin.

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Sexy. "I'm going to let You hang around there while I go grab us some food," I said, getting dressed. "I'll let you have a little fun," I said, "for a job well done." I grabbed a vibrator and pushed it deep inside her before turning it on. She jumped as I did so, and smiled again.