Peculiar czech nympho spreads her soft cunt to the extreme

Peculiar czech nympho spreads her soft cunt to the extreme
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My Life as a Slave 3 I spent the next morning and part of the afternoon doing chores, straightening up the house while Ross worked. He gave me a uniform to wear. It was a male thong with a leather sheath that housed my cock. There was a hole in the end so my head was always visible. When I got hard, which was often in the leather, the sheath expanded accordion style to accommodate me. After a while, five-o-clock rolled around and I waited by the door, kneeling on a pad for me.

A few minutes past five, I heard a mom and daughter lesbian big boobs in the lock, and the door opened. Ross entered and set his bag down, hanging his coat on a hook by the door.

"Welcome home Master," I said as I'd been instructed to do. "Good Boy," he told me. "Time to get you dressed, we're going out tonight." By dressed he meant that he would cuff my hands behind my back as I already was and throw a long black coat over my body to hide my nudity.

It hung down to my knees, and I wondered what people would think when they saw my bare legs, or if they'd even notice. He buttoned it up just enough so that it covered me well, but was just a little apparent that I wasn't wearing a shirt. Lastly, he clipped a leash to my collar and led me out the door. He led me out of his apartment and down onto the street.

Everyone stared at me as we walked by. It was extremely embarrassing at first, but slowly that began to subside, and arousal took over. My cock grew in the leather thong, and I was grateful I had the large coat to mask my erection. That all changed quickly as after a few blocks he led me through an unlabeled door off the street.

We walked down a vaguely redly lit hallway into a welcoming area of sorts. There was a desk with a greeter, and a neon sign, the source of the red light.

It read four simple letters. BDSM. There was a curtained doorway behind the desk, out of which I could hear a distinct techno beat. The greeter smiled, "Hey Ross," he said, then his eyes slid to me. "Nice, what have you got here?" "My new toy I want to show off," Ross said with a smile. "He 18?" brazzers com sex sex stories story porn star sexy full sex stories movies The greeter asked.

Ross produced a few bills and handed them to the greeter. "He is now," he said jovially. Ross led me over to the coat rack and hung up his jacket. He smiled devilishly at me. Behind him, I could see the greeter leering expectantly. He slid my coat off me, exposing me and hung it up as well. In spite of the cold walk down the street, my cock was standing fully upright. The greeter smiled appreciatively before turning back to something behind the desk.

Ross slid his fingers under the waistband of the underwear, and in one seemingly impossible motion, managed to slip them off my cock and down my legs. I stepped out of them and he tucked them into one of the jacket pockets.

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Nude aside from the cuffs and the collar, he led me through the curtain. A short hallway led into a large circular room. Ringing the walls were smaller alcoves, one with a bar and the others with different bondage implements in them, some already in use.

There was a ring of tables so that the patrons could view what was happening in the various cubbies. At the center of the room there were various other bondage devices. There were a number of people present, with about half the dozen or so alcoves filled.

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Ross led me in, and drew the stares of a number of people. My face was awash once more with red, being the center of attention. Ross led me to one of the tables near the bar alcove and grabbed drinks for the two of us. Something alcoholic for him, and water for me, placed evilly in a little dish so I had to bend forward and lap it up. There was a ring on the edge of the table that he tied my leash to, leaving me going nowhere in a hurry. After he finished his drink, he stood and untied my leash.

"Time to play," he told me, leading me over to an empty alcove. There was a grid of thin metal bars, a lattice providing ample tie points, and some equipment hanging on the wall. He uncuffed and unleashed me, grabbing a knife and approaching the large spool of rope in the corner.

I stood on two foot high blocks, facing the grid while he tied me to it at various points; my hands above my head, my ankles spread, my knees, my waist and my thighs. When he was finished, he kicked the blocks out from underneath me. I let out a gasp as the ropes bit into my skin and supported my weight. Hanging there, bound was a new form of helplessness that did much to keep my cock hard. He pulled something off the wall. I felt the sting of a whip across my backside, and turned my head, trying to get a look at when the next blow was coming.

It was futile as he started to paint stripes across me. The pain wasn't so bad xxx story xd com japan first, but gradually rose in intensity as my flesh became more tender. I could hear people milling in the background, no doubt a crowd had gathered to watch him work me young body.

"How many more?" he asked. People in the crowd began yelling suggestions. Ten, twenty, a hundred someone shouted. "Oh god no," I breathed, apparently just loud enough for him to hear. "How many then?" he asked me. "Ten?" I ventured hesitantly, not sure how much I could take. "How about twenty?" "Yes Master." "Count them, and thank me." Slash!

Even harder than before. I whimpered, "One. Thank You Master." Slash! Another hard one. "Two. Thank You Master." By ten, a few tears had rolled down my cheek.

I gritted my teeth and continued to count. When there were five more to go, the crowd was cheering him or me (I don't know) on. Finally, as I cried "Twenty, thank you Master." The crowd gave a loud cheer and he put the whip away. He came up behind me and caressed my red back, buttocks and legs. "Good boy," he whispered in my ear, "but I'm not done playing with you yet." He untied me and let me down, I collapsed onto my knees, being tired and sore from the whipping and the difficult position.

He bent me over and cuffed my wrists behind my back once more, reattaching my leash. I was led to the center of the room and forced to my knees. There was an assortment of stocks, horses and a few things just for tying points. He brought me over to a T-shaped bar sticking out from the ground. I knelt in front of it, draping my arms over it so the horizontal part of the T rested snuggly between my upper arms and back.

The chain of the cuffs was tied to a ring near the base of the T, immobilizing my arms. There were rings in the floor that my ankles were tied to, holding me spread.

There was a small control panel nearby. Ross hit a button on it, causing the T to raise in height, pulling me up a bit. "Ahh, perfect height," he said, grabbing my chin gorgeous blonde takes care of a dick pressing his crotch against my face. I could feel his hard cock beneath his jeans.

Part of me longed to suck him dry, and the other part was very aware of how public a place we were in. He left me helpless there, as he sauntered off to grab another drink.

I knelt there, very aware of the passers by, aware of the stares I was drawing. Several came closer to get a better look at me. Doms and subs alike enjoyed the sight of my youthful helpless nudity. "Nice, very nice," a masked man remarked, pausing as he walked past. He looked around before stepping to within a foot of me to get himself a nice long view.

His eyes strayed from my face, down my body to my still erect cock. He stared uninhibited for a few moments before his eyes found their way up again. Instinctively I looked at his own crotch. His eyes followed mine and he smiled. He was wearing tight leather pants. He stepped closer, bring himself inches away from my face.

"Like what you see?" I nodded hungrily. I could see the very apparent bulge kinky kimberly has her hairy twat slammed to grow underneath the tight leather. "Do you want to see it?" he asked me. I nodded hungrily, honestly. He did not disappoint as he unzipped and slid a cut, 8'' cock out of his pants. It hit me in the lips as it fell, pointing horizontally.

I opened my mouth to accommodate him, but he left it there, hanging just close enough to lick. Finally, after teasing me for a few seconds, he moved closer so that I was able to wrap my lips around it. He was gentle, slowly sliding himself in, gauging how much I could take.

After he made it a little more than halfway into me, he seemed satisfied, and let me start to bob my head. He was a bit longer and thicker than Ross, presenting more of a challenge to suck.

His cock didn't point upward the way Ross's did when hard, instead to pointed out straight. That made it easier to work into a good rhythm with my lips and tongue while bound. The stranger helped out with my restraints, thrusting into me so I didn't have to move as much.

I stared him in the eyes, watching his smile grow wider as I milked him with my mouth. "Mmm," he moaned. "You're good at that for being so young. Let's hope we see you here more often." I nodded with my mouth full of cock and kept on pleasuring him. He mature and girl sex ann my head for a moment and fucked me hard and fast, always coming just shy of thrusting the length of himself down my throat.

I loved the feeling of his hard shaft sliding in and out through my lips and over my tongue. All of a sudden he grabbed my hair and started to thrust in and out so that just the first few inches of his cock slid into my mouth.

I just moaned, looked at him, and let him use me, bracing for the orgasm that was to come. My moan was one of genuine pleasure as he oozed a thick steady stream of cum onto my tongue. His orgasm seemed to last forever as he filled my mouth. I couldn't help but drool some down my chin while he continued to slowly fuck my mouth.

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When he was finished giving me a massive load of cum, he slid himself out. More dribbled down my chin, splashing onto my chest. He smiled and let me swallow before pressing his cock to my lips and allowing me to clean it off. "Very nice," he said before zipping himself back up and walking away. Now I had the added embarrassment of cum running down the front of me to add to my nudity not to mention the fact that anyone in the club could have watched me suck him off.

I looked around to see who'd been watching. I'd looked around for only a few moments before another cock poked me in the face. I looked up to see a leather mask staring back at me impassively. Wordlessly, I opened my mouth and took him in. He was only about 5 inches so I was able to take all of him in my mouth. It was an exciting feeling to be able to completely envelop someone's cock.

I sucked him this way, pulling almost all the way off, then slamming myself all the way down for several minutes. The object of my desire stayed silent while I enjoyed servicing his cock.

Suddenly and without warning, he too came in my mouth, erupting violently and shooting down my throat. I had to struggle not to gag while he plastered the inside of my mouth with semen.

He finished, tucked himself away and left, real college sex on campus from college rules vid me covered in slightly more cum, and even more humiliated. It was obvious what the purpose of this particular tying post was, and several more people stopped by to fondle, or otherwise enjoy me.

After the sixth cock left my mouth, Ross came back over to clean me off. "Enjoying yourself slave?" "Yes Master," I said between breaths, still swallowing the last load. He led me to a table where a drink already sat, and allowed me to clean the taste out of my mouth. Even after a few large gulps the taste lingered, but I didn't mind. Just the opposite, in fact, I enjoyed having the reminder of recently pleasuring many men.

After lingering a little while longer, he led me out the door. The greeter smiled appreciatively, "bring him back soon," he called out. Ross smiled and grabbed our things. He threw the coat around me, but only buttoned the top button.

A small breeze would reveal my bound nudity. He led me out the door and into the street.

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A few times the wind picked up and showed my predicament, but there were relatively few people around. Those that noticed paid no attention. Finally, he led me up to his apartment, immediately removing the coat once we got inside. He led me over in front of the couch, stripped exceptional model shows off enormous ass and gets anal hole reamed sat down.

I was so turned on by the nights events, I practically dove for his cock. I was pushing myself down before he'd even finished sitting on the couch. I pushed myself to go as deep as I could, taking all of him in my mouth, slightly gagging in the processes, but sliding up and going down for more.

He just put his hands behind his head, and let me give him the most passionate, wet blowjob I could muster. I went as fast as I could, concentrating only on his pleasure. Within minutes he was moaning and spasming as I continued to work my lips and tongue. He grabbed my hair and held me just on his head so he could cum onto my tongue.

He shot a few ropes into my mouth before dribbling and giving me the taste I craved. I moaned and sucked him dry before swirling it around in my mouth and showing him. When he gave the command to swallow, I complied and showed him my empty mouth. "Good boy," he said, and unlocked me, allowing me to go wash up for the night.