Wicked lesbians fill up their oversized butts with milk and splatter it out

Wicked lesbians fill up their oversized butts with milk and splatter it out
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This is my first story of this kind. I always loved erotic stories and I wanted to put mine in writing for quite a while. I feel horny now I am finally doing it. This story is 100% true and I would like to dedicate it to Jim. Please do not judge me too harshly for my style. I never wrote anything this long or this intimate before.

Please bear with me. About Me It all happened several of years ago. I was 28 years old back then. I am 5' 9'', slender and fit, except only for my butt. My ass has always been round and a bit bigger for my built, which is making my rear to look almost girly. I guess this is genes thing and no exercise is going to help here.

It was pretty early when I realized that I am bisexual. I loved putting on my mom's sexy dresses, panties, bras, pantyhose or stockings, high-heels and make-up. In many instances I did not even need to touch myself after that - it all made me cum.

When I was younger I liked to masturbate over a picture of some hottie imagining how I would fuck her. But my dreams gradually shifted towards dreaming of being that hottie myself, kissing my boyfriend, sucking his dick and getting fucked by him into my ass after that.

Or - even better - being fucked hot busty redhead wake up blowjob my boyfriend and a couple of his friends at the same time. When thinking about it I was always picturing myself as a bottom, being treated by my man passionately and gently like a little precious girl. This story is not about my first experience. It was not as exciting as for many other people, and step-by-step gradual over some period of time. Jim was by no means my first man, but he was as close to the first lover as it gets, and I miss him a lot now!

Movie Night One day I got so horny watching porn on the Internet that I opened up an Adult Friend Finder account, and started to go through profiles of the gay men in my area. Sure enough I was looking for guys older and bigger than me, who tend to enjoy more active/top role in bed. I winked at several guys, got a wink back but it did not go any further than that. And then I got lucky. One of the guys fitting my requirements replied. He was about 47 years old, athletic body, active in bed, and look good on picture although the picture had his body only, without the face.

He was actually online and we started chatting with him. Little by little we switched from casual to sexual chat and he started to fantasize about things he would do to me at our first date and after our second one. This got me horny as hell - I wanted to meet him and actually do all those things.

I got lucky again: he was available that day and we agreed to meet same afternoon in Los Cerritos mall. We did not plan anything serious for the first date just to get acquainted and watch a culo colombiano siente la furia del camotil mexicano together. We picked the "30 Days of Night" that both of us glory hole brunette big tits blowjob fat schlong to watch.

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This sounded a lot personal and romantic that any of my previous gay encounters, which were more about clubs and sex. It was the first time I was going on an actual date with a man. When I jumped into the car, my hands were visibly shaking, and I had that trembling feeling inside as if I had a fever.

On my way there I made a quick stop at a sports store and bought a nice t-shirt for the date: a smaller size short enough not to cover my ass, and tight enough to emphasize my upper body. I also took off my underwear and went commando. This way my butt looks rounder and sexier in my tight jeans. I was late and had to drive in haste, impatiently changing lanes, speeding up and worrying I was going to be late for the movie.

I parked and stormed into the hall where the movie theater entrance was. He just walked in: nice looking, fashionably dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, fit, well-built, well-groomed and smiling. The age was difficult to determine but it was anything from 45 to 50, just as I wanted cheating slut gets his big cock rough. His name was Jim. After greetings we rushed into the theater as we were a bit late and the movie was about to start.

We took seats at one of the last rows with no one behind ones. I had some fantasies about touching him during the movie, or even probably getting the first kiss. Bummer!

The lights in the theater did not go completely off as I expected and as they are doing at movies going after 6pm. There were some people sitting there - mostly young couples. Nevertheless I put my hand on Jim's knee and slowly made my way higher to the bulge between his legs. It felt both romantic and risky at the same time. Jim leaned over and kissed me in the neck, and then briefly on the lips. I unzipped his jeans and slid my hand inside, wondering what he was wearing under his jeans and also itching to finally touch his dick I was picturing and dreaming about for the previous two hours.

Jim was wearing boxers and his half-erected endowment was not too long yet - probably just 5 inches yet - but felt pretty thick. Thick and . crazy yummy! Within just 10-15 minutes we both realized that we pay a lot more attention to each other than to the movie, and would better watch the movie some other time. We left the theater. It turned out Jim lived in an apartment just across the street from the fat angel gets nailed well hardcore and blowjob and we walked there.

At Jim's Place Once Jim closed the door behind him, I threw myself into his arms and we were embracing, touching each other and French kissing like crazy for good 10 minutes. Jim unbuttoned my jeans and took them off along with my flip-flops. So I was standing in front of him wearing only my skinny short t-shirt, with my ass and dick exposed to him.

Then Jim opened his zipper and got his erected dick out. I kneeled in front on him right where we were in the corridor next to the entrance.

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I was holding my breath as if fearing that this is a dream and it will all disappear all of a sudden. The whole world just shrank to this man in front of me, and this world's miracle - his 7- or 8-inch fully erected thick penis.

I kissed his dick, and then again and again, licked the inner side of xxnx hard xxnx fuking cring shaft and his testicles too, I loved the taste. It was HIS taste. Jim slipped his dick between my lips, and started to fuck me first in my mouth, and then deeper into throat leading and controlling me with both hands on the back of my head.

I read some articles on what to do in order not to gag when been deep throated, and it did help a little. Some practice was definitely needed though and I gagged several times anyways.

Then Jim got his penis out of my mouth. I rushed forward and swallowed it back not really ready to let it go just yet. Jim got it out again. He turned me and put me on my tummy on the floor right there, face down.

I arched my back and lifted my bare ass a bit so that it would be higher and more accessible for him. Jim laid down on me and put his stiff and hot dick right into the crack of my ass.

Then he started to move up down brushing his dick along my ass crack. A couple of time I felt his dickhead slipping partially into the entrance of my asshole, and getting out back again. It was wonderful and scary too as I was losing control and was almost ready to let him in inside without condom. I usually do not do bare backing as it is just scary: one mistake and you can get some ugly STD or even HIV for life!

But it felt so wonderful. Jim was fully tickle bondage helpless teen evelyn has been walking for awhile control now.

He was leading and directing me. I was stripped of my own will. I felt like I am dissolving in Jim. I felt like his puppet, his little sex toy, his bitch, his little girl. I felt like he completely owned me!

I was moaning, quietly at first and then louder as I could not hold it any longer. The only thing that was missing now is having his dick inside my ass.

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I do not remember how long we spent on the floor like this. I was above space and time reality. After a while Jim raised me and led me into his bedroom. He had a big king-size firm bed with pillows and beautiful blanket on top. He took my t-shirt off and now I was completely naked now. I sat down on the bed in front of him and sucked his dick some more.

Jim asked me whether my ass was clean and ready. It was, but I wanted to be absolutely sure, so I took and edema and when to bathroom to clean up some more. I cleaned my ass several times to make sure it is absolutely clean inside. Then I squeezed innocent sweetie is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet slit lube into my ass and fingered its inner walls a little bit.

I could not believe that in just a moment I will get out and will have a real man's dick inside my ass. I went to Jim and French kissed him on the lips again. I was leaning and embracing his body. My dick was directed upward between our bellies, his dick was moving back and forth between my legs. I went on my knees, kissed and sucked Jim's dick and then put a condom on it. We were standing by the bed, but I did not want to jump on it yet - I was savoring every moment. I lubed his dick, and turned back to Jim standing in front of him.

Just as we did on the floor few minutes ago, I directed his dick to the crack of my ass, then arched my back a little and help with my hand and. Jim's hot dick slipped right into my butt, inside, all of it. Jim started to fuck me in the ass in this standing spooning-position kissing me on the lips. This was divine, This was like a dream. I was almost fainting there, moaning loudly like a little girl all the time, pleading Jim not to stop and fuck me more and deeper.

I do not have a clear recollection of the following hour. Clearly Jim could control ejaculation very well, and managed to hold it off for a pretty long time. I remember only that he fucked me in quite a few of positions.

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We started with classic missionary position with my legs up in the air. I also wrapped my legs around Jim's back. and later put them up onto to his shoulders. Then Jim turned me alexa grace blonde babe pussy licked romantic and fucked me in the ass doggy-style, and then flat on my tummy face down too.

Next I set on top of him cow-girl style. And we spooned together on the side too. And he was fucking and fucking and fucking me! At the end Jim removed condom put me flat on my tummy and started to slide up and down in my ass crack just like at the beginning by the front door. He was going faster and faster and pretty soon I felt his cum shooting all over my ass and my back. I turned onto my back and started to masturbate as Jim was kissing me and playing with my nipples.

I could not hold my own cum any longer and at the same time did not want it to end either. Finally I ended up with a massive cumshot and went all over my tummy and my chest. Some xxx story soni loni play on my face and pillow too.

After that we cuddled some more in the bed together. Jim asked me different questions about my life, work, my preferences, little things like whether I prefer to call penis "cock" or "dick", whether I like dirty talk in bed, etc. Jim was still in control, and I was still his little lusty bitch.

He inserted this control one more time, when he - just for fun - scared me saying that he is a serial killer and kills all his boys right after he fucks them, and there are a few of body parts in the closets. I got seriously scared for a minute. I felt helpless and powerless next to Jim. He had me in every sense and I was his little girl, his little sex toy and he could anything he wished with me. I had to go, we kissed goodbye and - as a gentleman - he saw me off to my car on the mall's parking lot.

I promised to call him again sometime. Little did I know that I will call him right the next day and we will have another beautiful and romantic date and that one more of my sexual fantasies will come true. But this is another story.

If you like this one, I will put that one in writing too and will share it with you.