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Saya karim kurdish pornostar tube porn
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I woke up to find I had a massive hard on and it didn't take long for me to remember my adventures from the night before, I rolled over and there he was, I knew what the duvet was hiding and wanted it badly but I decided to have a little fun with him. I began stroking my aching cock still sticky with cum from the night before. He awoke to find me gentle licking his semi, teasing his balls with my tongue but that's as far as I went, I gave him a quick kiss, jumped out of bed and announced that I was going to have a shower.

A few minutes two stunning blondes and one big rod cumshot and boobs the hot water was streaming over me washing away the mixture of sweat and cum that still covered me from the night before.

Before long the en suite door opened and my fuckbuddy walked in completely naked, I still couldn't believe just how sexy he was; each time I looked he seemed to get even better.

"Just in time to do my back" I said as he stepped into the spacious shower beside me. Soon he had me well soaped up and was just moving down to play with my balls again when he announced "I think someone could do with a trim". I wasn't about to argue so I quickly grabbed the shaving foam and a razor and he began to massage the foam into my crotch, it felt amazing and my cock began to grow. He began to shave my pubes. It felt so good that I began to moan every time he went near my aching member when he'd finished with my pubic stubble he stretched my ball sack slightly and shaved them with extra care; he then lathered up my aching hole massaging my arse cheeks and shaved them clean.

Finally when I was completely clean shaven he pulled me back under the water to rinse off. "Thats Better" he said and suddenly kissed me passionately from behind sucking and biting at my neck slowly making his way down my back with the water cascading over both of our hot sweaty bodies, he worked his down until he was biting my butt when suddenly without warning he pulled apart my cheeks and plunged his tongue into my freshly shaved hole probing my anus and nearly making me come there and then.

He fucked me with his tongue for what seemed like forever as I stood there moaning in ecstasy. He stopped and I thought it was all over until in one fluid motion he shoved two of his fingers deep inside me making me scream with pleasure, "Oh shit" I Screamed "That's so fucking good".

He began to lick gorgeous babe please this stud hardcore and blowjob my hole whilst still pounding me with his fingers.

I reached behind me and pushed his face into my arse cheeks moaning for more, but I wasn't ready to come yet so I pulled away. I wanted to fuck that amazing arse of his.

But before that I pulled him up and kissed him like I had never kissed anyone before with such passion and lust. He pulled away and shoved his two fingers into my mouth and I licked and sucked on them tasting my arse on them. He shoved them deeper into my mouth almost making me gag as I moaned with pleasure. Finally he pulled the out and kissed me again. "I'm gunna fuck ur arse till its sore" I said "But first ur gunna douche for me" I quickly hopped out the shower and grabbed my anal douche from the cupboard, filling it in the sink on my way back.

I grabbed rachel love has her big naturals creamed bottle of shower gel and rubbed some onto the nozzle before putting some on my finger and massaging it round his tight hole. I roughly pushed him against the wall and slowly began pushing the thick nozzle up into his arse hole. He moaned in pleasure as I slowly pulled it out and then forced it right up inside him emptying the douche into his bowels.

I left the douche in there for a while moving it around slowly to tease him then pulled it out. His gorgeous bubble butt clenched as the water cascaded from his little pink hole. I shot another load of water inside him and watched as that joined the rest as it flowed down the plug hole.

"Thats better" I said "All nice and clean". I pushed my body close to his sandwiching him between me and the cold of the tiled wall; he turned his head round and kissed me passionately our tongues dancing together with lust. I reached down and popped a finger inside of that nice clean hole of his and gently began pushing it further inside him. "mmmmmm" he moaned "Put another finger in me" I slowly pushed a second finger into that tight little butt hole feeling him clench his sunny leone xxx bf 89 around them as I began to fuck him gently with my fingers.

"That feels soooo good" he exclaimed. I started to lick and suck round his neck feeling that gorgeous stubble on my lips and tongue, slowly working my way down his back, until I was licking that amazing hole of his around my fingers which were still fucking him slowly.

"I wanna feel your cock inside me" he murmured. Well now I wasn't about to say no so I gently pulled my fingers out and stood up again pressing our bodies together rubbing my member through his crack hearing him moan in ecstasy.

Not wanting to wait any longer I pushed my head into his puckered hole, feeling his muscles clench around it.

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I pushed my cock further inside him and began to fuck him but not like before there was no raw fucking this time, this time it was slow and lustful, this time it really meant something. As I was slowly pushing my cock in and out of him I realised that this wasn't just any guy, this guy was special. After a while my arse began to ache for something inside it but not wanting to pull out of my new lovers arse I pushed two fingers inside myself.

It felt so good as my fingers slowly rubbed against my prostate in time with my gentle thrusting into his slippery hole.

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I knew I was close to cuming and wanted to bury my load deep inside him, I started wiggling my fingers inside my own arse until I found my g-spot making me moans with pleasure "I'm gunna cum" I said "I'm gunna shoot my love juices into your arse".

"Oh god Yes" he moaned in pleasure as I felt myself begin to climax, without increasing my speed I started to moan and curse until I shot load after load of my cream into his bowels. "Oh Yes Baby, Fill me with your seed" He screamed, as I continued to unload my balls inside him. Totally exhausted I pulled out of him and fell against the opposite wall watching my cum trickle out of his hole and run down the inside of his leg. He turned to face me, once again giving me a view of that body; he looked like a god standing there with the water cascading over him.

"Oh baby" he whispered "you're not finished yet are you", as he said this he gave his wonderfully smooth cock a flick. "Not until I've made you happy" I replied and knelt down in the shower and took his balls into my mouth sucking and licking them before starting on his amazing shaft working my way up to his knob taking his whole cock into my mouth slowly sucking and licking it tasting his wonderful pre cum.

He reached down and ran his fingers through my wet hair grasping the back of my head and holding it their he pulled his cock almost completely out of my mouth before slowly pushing it back in right to the back of my throat, "Your mouth feels so good around my cock" he exclaimed as he face shower porn videos search watch and download shower free sex me for what seemed like an eternity.

"You want me to come inside you?" he asked after what seemed like hours.

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I pulled his cock from my mouth and replied "No, I want your juices all over my face" He took his cock in his hand and began to jerk off right in front of me. I could sense he was getting ready to cum as I knelt there watching his foreskin slide over his head. The suddenly without warning he shot rope after rope of cum onto my face drenching me I his sweet sticky seed. I gave his cock another quick suck to make sure I had it all then blonde cutie has fun with a pecker up, his cum dripping from me.

He looked deep into my eyes and we embraced smearing his cum across both our faces before licking it off each other and lustfully kissing once more tasting him on each other.

"Looks like you're not quite finished" he announced. Glancing down I was surprised to see that my rod was once again fully erect.

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"Why don't you shoot it all over me?" He knelt down as I took my veiny shaft into my hand and was soon moaning in ecstasy once again. I didn't last long before I was shooting another load of my hot sauce this time all over that gorgeous body of his. I'd never cum so much in my life as I emptied my balls onto him. He licked my cock clean then stood up and mashed our bodies togetherI could feel my ofw pinay sex story on kuwait sticking us together as we massaged it into each other's bodies.

He looked deep into my eyes once more and whispered "I Love You" and I knew that he meant it, those eyes assured me.

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