Gorgeous pawn amateur riding cock in pov

Gorgeous pawn amateur riding cock in pov
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Still tired from the Thanksgiving weekend and returning to school for her final year in college that Sunday; Khatereh, a twenty-two year old beautiful Iraqi Goddess woke at seven in the morning on a dreary Monday morning. Her roommate, still asleep, Khatereh makes her way too the bathroom to change and get ready for another day of classes.

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Stepping out of her sweat pants and light blue boy shorts, her five foot six toned body, complete with 34 B cup breasts, closely shaved pussy and long silky flowing black hair, she gets in the shower, letting the hot water flow over her flawless body.

Meanwhile, across campus Jake, a eighteen year old freshman at college woke to see that again, his roommate was still out, he changes from his sleeping boxers, letting his six-inch thick cock flop out.

After five months, he still did not have a girlfriend. He changes into a pair of jeans and a hoodie, representing his school. He has been in a foul mood for the past couple of days. He has not had sex since his senior prom, and his only time months ago.

Due to this, he has tons of sexual energy pent up. After drying off her sexy body, Khatereh decides to dress in tight blue jeans, with pink boy shorts that she bought a few days before. Along with knee high brown leather boots, matching pink bra, a white tee shirt and an Old Navy hoodie.

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She heads off to her math class at nine in the morning. Though the professor never assigned the class seats, each person has their own.

Jake has always had a thing for the Iraqi Goddess that sits next to him. They would make small talk, but he thought, "She's a beautiful senior, she would never have anything to do with me." They were both on the opposite ends on the grading chart; Khatereh had an average of a ninety percent, whereas Jake was failing the course. Jake got in after Khatereh did as usual they exchanged pleasantries.

They got back their final grades form weeks before. Jake saw that he failed the test, Khatereh managed to get a B on it. At the end of the class, while getting up from his seat and walking out of the classroom to what was the worst start to a Monday he could think of, Khatereh grabbed his arm, waiting for him. "Do you 30 her aunty xxxx story talk about it?" Sensing that he failed the exam and most likely the class.

Surprised she actually spoke to him outside of the classroom, he agrees, "I-I guess so." Walking next to her while they head over to the campus coffee shop in the library, "I'm failing the class and have to take it again next semester." He blurts out randomly as he brings the drinks to the table that she is already seated at. Feeling legit sympathy for him, she places her soft hand on his. (Though usually she hangs out with the athletes and jocks, she is a caring woman, in school to be a teacher) Sipping on her coffee, "I know it may be too late for this semester, but maybe I can help you out.

I mean it may be easier to work with a classmate." He ponders the offer, knowing that he would be distracted by her muslim girl sucks cock first time afgan whorehouses exist, but surprised that she offers. "That might work, thanks." Winter break goes by normal for the two.

The day before Jake leaves for college, he gets a message on Facebook from Khatereh, "Hi, I hope you enjoyed your break and had a great holiday. Here's my phone number so when you wanna meet to help go over your work or if you just need to talk about class." After his parents dropped him off at school and left, seeing that there are not many people on campus, he decides to go see the women's hockey team play.

Being one of the twenty some people watching the game, he senses that someone takes the seat on his right. He turns and sees Khatereh sitting next to him in sweat pants, sneakers and a hoodie, wondering to himself what the gorgeous woman have on underneath. "Hey Khatereh, how was your break?" He asks. "Good. It was a great break." He moves in, testing the waters with an awkward hug attempt, which she happily accepts.

After breaking the hug, they stay there, watching the game. She slides her hand down, taking his hand in hers. She begins to find the freshman attractive.

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Knowing that his roommate is away until late Sunday and it is only Friday, he bluntly asks, "My roommate is not coming back until late Sunday, if y-you know wanna crash with blonde cutie has fun with a pecker over the weekend." Khatereh thinks to herself, "This shy eighteen year old is asking me to sleep with him." Giving him a nod with a soft peck on his cheek, they stand, walking back to his room.

Being a gentleman, he allows Khatereh to enter his room first, carrying her bag. As she walks in, she sees that it is a typical male dorm room (being in many, she knows) actresses and pornstars cover the walls. Trying to sound polite, "Nice room" she comments. Attempting to stay on the woman of his dream's good side, he unpacks her bag into a drawer, feeling her soft silky underwear.

Khatereh now laying on his bed on her side, her little bare feet showing.

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Sensing that something is bothering Jake, she sits and pats a spot next to her. When he moves next to her, she mom and daughter lesbian big boobs and asks, "Jake, is everything alright, you seem out of it?" "Yeah" He responds, but not fooling her.

"Listen…" She says as she puts her arm around his shoulder in a caring way, "I know that I'm older than you, but if anything is bothering you, I am always willing to talk." Knowing that she will not let up, he starts to tear up and tell her the truth, "Khatereh, I only dated one girl and it was my senior prom date. We only did it once and I came and she never had an orgasm and told all the other girls." Feeling bad for him, she pulls him tighter, kissing his head, "I'm glad you were honest with me.

I know that your invite was a way to get me to sleep in the same bed with you, but it is okay." Pushing him off the bed, "Go clean up and then we can relax, ok?" She winks at him.

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While Jake goes to the bathroom to clean up, Khatereh strips to her matching silk pink bra and panty set, puts on some music and sits on the edge of the bed…