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Lovely ass bounces hard on a big stick
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*So I'm dead, Yeah that sucks* My first words as a dead person and they're what I choose, What kind of lame idiot am I, I should of said something much better like sweet i'm dead time to have some fun Yes I did just sort of accept the fact that I no longer had a life, There was one little niggle that did bother me then and to this very day (even though it's only been a few of them) still does, The same question I keep asking myself over and over again *Why haven't I moved on*, Yeah so that is still something I would like to know but we will leave it for now I guess you are probably wondering what I did for the next few days that would bring us to this present day, Well I know you will call me crazy but I did the client shocks to see the sexy blonde masseuse thing that seemed natural to do at the time I chose to carry on with my normal life, That of course included going to school, Yes I know it seems pointless for a dead person to attend school but don't judge me, I spent a lot of time with Alice even though she had no clue I was there with her, I would walk her home then hang around her apartment till she went to bed just so I could keep an eye on her even though I don't know what I could of done if anything had of happened to her, After that I usually went home and walked around the house I lived in with my mother and half sister, Always seemed so quiet when I would walk in the house, Probably because my mother and half sister were usually just sat in the living room comforting each other or they were in bed asleep, Well that was pretty much all I did for the past few days which brings us back to the present day.

As I said at the very beggining I will once again say now, Morning I assume, My name is Alex and this is where the story is about to get a little more interesting. This morning, Well I as per normal just assume it's morning began the same as the past few days since I have been dead, I was wondering around the house when I noticed my half sister walking out of her bedroom all dressed for school which meant that it was atleast eight am if not later, Of course I did what I always did at that moment, I ran.

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You see each morning I would wait till my sister awoke and was ready for school before I would leave the house and would run towards Alice's apartment, I always walked with her to school and nothing would stop me doing it on this day. Five minutes later, Could be longer I don't know, Time's meaningless to me as you already know, Anyway's however long it took me I arrived on time as per normal, I walked into the apartment building and straight up to Alice's apartment, I would knock but it's a waste of time, So much easier when I just walk through the door so that's what I did, Of course I found Alice in the same place I had left her the night before, Bed.

I know my next sentence will sound really creepy but I just love watching Alice sleep she is just so cute, The way she sucks her thumb, Forget I said that I am pretty sure she would kill me if anyone ever found that out even though it would be impossible for her to do it, Well I stood there for I don't know how long before I heard the usual shouting coming from the living room, It of course been her mum shouting for her to get out of bed, That was when I left her bedroom just incase her nightwear was a little inappropriate, I do the same thing every morning to be honest, I walked through her door and went to sit on the living room sofa until Alice walked out of her bedroom in her school uniform and quickly rushed into the bathroom, She does it pretty much every morning, I waited for her to come out and then I got up and walked to the front door only to have her follow me a few minutes later, I began walking with her anastasia rose anal stretching after yoga school when she veered away and headed towards the park, Of course I had to follow her, Can't have her getting in any trouble now can I.

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Well we walked for.You know what I will try to miss out the whole time part as we all know by now that I have no clue about times or days, Well we walked for a while until we came to the cemetery, Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against them it's just they give me the creeps, Well she walked in and I followed her and I stopped when she chose to only I didn't kneel down when I saw the grave she had stopped at, You know in the short matter of time I have been dead it never once occured to me that I might actually have a grave, I might actually be buried somewhere.

Okay I will be the first to admit that seeing my gravestone, The place my body is buried for the first time is kind of weird, It's like been dead doesn't really sink in until you realise you are truly gone, Well anyway back to Alice been here, So yeah she was kneeling infront of my grave and I was just sort of stood behind her not really knowing what to do, Within those few moments I was sort of paralyzed with shock I guess you could call it I think I might of missed Alice speaking, Did catch a few words though *I miss you* She said to my gravestone although with me been here with her it's sort of facial loving brunette gets facialized tube porn she is speaking to me which feel's sort of nice Well I assume with all said and done she will get up and walk to school but she doesn't seem to be doing so, Maybe if I could somehow pick her up I could carry her to school, Make sure she isn't late.Nope I can't pick her up, Yes before you ask I did just try and it is quite obvious the result, Wait what's that noise.

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*Alex why did you have to die* She asked my gravestone, Her voice doesn't sound right though, It sound's as if she is stuttering the words out, Let's see why.Yep she's crying that aint good, I can't handle it when she cry's it just makes me want to do the same *Don't cry Alice* Yes I did just tell her not to cry, I know it's pointless but I seriously don't like it when she does *Wh.Who said that* She asked, I mean she literally just asked me who had just big black dick for sexy black diamond to her, She can hear me *Alice you can hear me* Yes I know it's a stupid thing to say but what else can I ask *Who are you* She asked, I'm a little hurt by that because you think she would know her best friends voice *Who do you think it is* I know it sounds a little mean but I can't help it, I mean it's a little upsetting when the only person you care about other than family of course doesn't recognise your voice *A.Al.Alex* She stuttered out, I actually can't believe she it, She can hear me and she know's who is talking, Guess I am two for two *Who you expecting, Santa clause* Yeah I know another strange choice of words, I know I probably don't have long to talk to her but it's always fun to mess with her *Shut up you idiot* She said a little angrily, Now you think she would be happy to talk to me but she doesn't seem it *If that's what you want I will* I won't really but like I said, Always fun to mess with her *No!* She pretty much just screamed at me *Okay I won't shut up then* I know I could of chose some better word's but meh who cares *Good, Look Alex this is crazy weird that I can hear you and I don't know if I am just imagining the whole thing or if this is just a crazy dream and any moment I will wake up in my bed and realise that none of this ever happened but I just want to let you know that I miss you been here* She said to me, I can see the tears streaming down her cheeks, If only I could wipe them away *I miss you too, It's sort of lonely on this side of life, I mean I have nobody which to be fair isn't much of a difference but atleast when I had a life I had you* I know it sounds like some sort of joke but it's true Well she doesn't seem to be saying much, Guess I said something wrong, Wouldn't surprise me thats for sure, Wait she has this weird look on her face, I think i'm in trouble *Alex I want to aplogise, It's all my fault you're horny lesbian couple tasting tits just a little bit, If I hadn't had you walk me home you would still be here today* She said, For the first time I actually don't know how to feel, I mean seriously how can she blame herself *Alice I don't accept your apology as you have nothing to apologise for, It was an honour for me to walk you home that day, Every moment I got to spend with you was a moment I chose to treasure* Okay a little soppy but I seriously do mean every word, I loved every moment I had with her *Al.Alex.* She stammered out before running off, I don't know why she just did what she did but yes I am going to follow her, Till the end of the world if I so must.

Okay I don't seriously know how long it's been but I lost her, I managed to make it to the cemetery gate but then she just dissapeared, I've checked everywhere I can think she would be but well as you can guess I didn't find her, I checked the school, Library, Her home, The park and even came back to the cemetery but she wasn't here, How the heck am I going to find her now.