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The Exchange - Part 1 I'd always wanted to go to the U.S. Just anywhere over the pond, really. I'd only been abroad when I was too young to remember it. So when the opportunity to move to Atlanta, Georgia, for the remainder of new english sexy story hot studies, I bloody well took it. The campus wanted students with qualifications as good as mine, so they invited me, and even offered to pay for the plane ticket.

Honestly, when I received that letter, I was flabbergasted. I called up to agree to move over there from dreary, bleak England, relieved I didn't have many people I was connected to.

Of course, there were a few tears from my family when I left for the airport, but they knew I would have a good time.

However, I had no idea just how much of a good time I was in for. After a long flight, I stretched my legs and yawned. Being 6'5" and on a 10-hour flight isn't really a good combination. I visited the bathroom before going for a cab, and I inspected myself in the mirror.

I didn't look too shabby, if I say so myself; shaggy brown hair down to my jawline, stubble across my chin, and thin rectangular glasses.

"Eh, it's just me," I said to myself, "Just plain ol' me." I made a beeline for the taxi drop-off/pick-up zone and caught one quicker than I'd imagined.

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After giving the name of the campus to the driver, we set off onto the highway, and after 10 minutes, we'd arrived. I handed the driver the fare and thanked him before wandering onto campus, finding my way to the registration booth. I filled out the application pretty smoothly, "Name? Jordan Evestone. D.O.B.?

October 25th, 1998. Majors? Creative Writing, Drama Studies and History Studies." Everything else was just filler. I handed in the form and the guide gave me a key and showed me to my dorm, explaining about it.

"The dorms are basically small apartments, y'see," he began, "They're built busty hot gf rides and swallows hd two to three people. Hot desi babe toys her tight cunt is a two-bedroom, and your roommate's already unpacking." We stopped outside a door that read '36D', as did my key.

The guide simply patted my back and left, as I knocked on the door and slowly entered to find my roommate, wearing nothing but a tight vest, booty shorts and slippers, holding a Cookie Dough Ben & Jerry's. "Oh, hi there, you must be the roomie!" She exclaimed with a mouthful of ice cream, placing down the tub and holding out a hand for me to shake, which I did firmly.

"Yes, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I'm Jordan. And you are?" She winked at me, picking up her ice cream again, "You can call me KJ, everyone does!" She approached the lounge area and flopped down onto the couch, "You don't like you're from around here, you a foreign exchange student?" I chuckled as I wheeled my suitcases to the side as I sat on the armchair opposite her, "Well, yes, technically.

I'm from England." I should've eased her into that info, because she gasped loudly and her eyes lit up, "Oh my God, really?! My roommate's British?!" I simply smiled it off, scratching the back of my head in slight embarrassment. "Would you mind giving me a quick tour of the apartment? I'll need to know where everything is." She perked up, leaving her ice cream on the coffee table, "Oh, of course! I'm so sorry I didn't offer to already. Here, this way!" She led me to the left of the lounge area, into a small room lined with cupboards, a cooker, a fridge-freezer and a microwave.

"This is the kitchen. but we eat in the lounge. We'll have assigned shelves, but necessities like milk, butter and eggs are communal." She led me back out in the opposite direction, down a hallway with only two doors. "These are the bedrooms, yours is the left door. Both rooms have en suite bathrooms, with showers, but the one in my room is a little faulty, so I might have to use yours from time to time, is that alright?" "Yeah, that's fine.

Thank you for letting me have the room with the good shower, that's really sweet of you." She smiled warmly, but looked away, possibly trying to hide her reddening face.

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As we walked back out to the lounge area, I decided to ask her, "So, do you know when classes will start?" She picked up her Ben & Jerry's as she replied, "Uhhh, October. I know, I know, it's still early September, but they give us the rest of the month to settle in, socialize, etc." What a lucky break, I thought. I grabbed my luggage and wheeled it to my door, "Well, Hot young couple enjoying a wild swinger party, I'll be in my room if you need me." She simply waved to me with her spoon in her mouth, as I entered my new room.

The layout was sweet as hell! One would think it's a 4-star hotel room. Anyway, I started unpacking my suitcases, organizing some drawers, setting up my computer system and filling my wardrobe, before finally flopping down on my bed, exhausted from both the move-in and the flight. Something kept me from falling asleep there and then, though.

Some strange sounds, I couldn't quite make it out at first, but I knew it was coming from outside my room. I slowly moved out the bedroom, and I could make it out a little clearer. It sounded like. moaning? I moved silently, tiptoeing past KJ's room, which seemed to be the source of the sound. Her door was open just a tad, allowing me to peer inside, and I saw her laying on her bed, naked, masturbating crazily, one hand rubbing her clit and the other fingering herself like a well-oiled piston.

It looked hot as hell. Her ass-length purple hair splayed out on her pillows, her large-titted chest rising and falling with her deep breaths, the lustful look on her face.

I couldn't look away. My eyes were glued to her, and a familiar feeling began to wake in my jeans. It looked like she picked up the pace, her breaths getting sharper, her hands almost blurring. And she moaned one word, one single word that stood out. ".Jordan.~" I couldn't believe it. She was masturbating. thinking of me?! My dick was straining against the denim of my pants as I watched her build up to her explosive orgasm, after when she starts to choke he slaps her again then bends her over the desk doggystyle and deepthroat she quickly passed out.

This got me thinking. So I returned to my room and quickly jerked off to dispense of my boner, and remained in my room until I heard KJ leave hers. It was around 8pm, and I was hungry as hell, so I opened my door and hollered, "Hey KJ, wanna order pizza for dinner?" All I got as a reply was, "Get Pepperoni, you babe!" I chuckled at that as I googled the address of the closest takeout place that sold pizza, and within half an hour, a knock came to the door.

I quickly answered, paying the delivery guy and taking the pizzas, bringing them through to the lounge. "KJ! Dinner!" I called, and almost got tackled by my hungry roommate, yelling, "PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!" I handed her one of the pizza boxes, taking the other myself, and went to work on the food.

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With a mouthful of cheese, crust and meat, she spoke out, "We'll do official introductions and backstories tomorrow, we kinda sorta wasted today, didn't we?" I simply chuckled at her, taking a bite myself. "Sure thing, I have no problem with that." She nodded and smiled, happy with our agreement. She finished her pizza before I did mine, so she excused herself and retreated to her room again. This time, I waited about 15 minutes, and crept up to her room again, and just as I suspected, she was going at it again.

I let her work through it a little more before I slowly opened the door and said, "Well, well, well. Frisky, aren't we?" She squeaked in surprise, covering up slightly with her bed sheets, "J-Jordan! It's not what it." but she quickly dismissed that excuse, trying honesty instead.

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"I need you to fuck me, Jordan." I wasn't one that needed to be told twice. I simply smiled seductively, pulled off my shirt, and unbuckled my belt. She then pounced on me like a jaguar, yanking off my pants, causing my 10" cock to spring free. "Oh my god, yes." She muttered to herself, before taking one long stroke of the tongue up my shaft, and then starting to suck on it skillfully.

It felt like pure heaven, as I rested my hands on her bobbing head. She tried to deepthroat me, taking just over half my innocentlooking asian girl kotomi asakura fingered like a dirty bitch down her throat before she retracted, coughing slightly, "Don't worry. I'll get better with practice." She then quickly crawled up my body, positioned herself over my dick, and sat down hard, impaling herself completely on me.

We both cried out in pleasure, her more than me. "F-Fuck. You're so fucking big." She whimpered before start to raise and lower herself on my rod. God, it felt amazing. Her tight walls gripping me like they wanted to rip off my member, her hip movements making me plunge in deep, hitting her cervix.

I held her hips and thrust upwards, fucking her hard, causing her to cry out in pleasure, "Oh, fuck! Jordan! Fuck me!" So I gave her exactly what she asked for. I slammed her down on my cock faster, beating her cervix, adoring the sound of our pelvises colliding. Before I knew it, I felt the tingle in my balls, and I warned her, "KJ. I'm gonna." But she quickly leaned down, kept her hips moving and kissed me deeply before answering, "Me too.

Cum in me. Cum with me." And at that, I pumped into her furiously, before finally the floodgates opened, and I emptied out inside her. That tipped her over the edge, as she convulsed and spasmed on my dick, squirting out.

The feeling was just too much, and we passed out on her bedroom floor, my dick softening inside her. Something told me that it was going to be a very fun couple of years with my new roommate.