Bondage office gangbang punish my yearold bum and mouth

Bondage office gangbang punish my yearold bum and mouth
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I was sailing with my little boat on the atlantic ocean. There it was. I small island some few miles away. I decided to land there. What would await? Probably crabs and wierd birds. Then i landed. What a surprise.

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Two teen girls came up to me. "Hello visitor. This is the island of your dreams. We waited for years for a MAN to come to fulfill all his sexual needs. We are 20 beautiful teens on this island. Aged 14 to 17. Shall we suck you huge cock now as a welcome greeting?" I gasped. "Yes of course do so" I said. So the two young girls sat down before me and unzipped my pands. Then they slowly took my cock in their mouthes and sucked it.

"You want kids don't you?" "Yes. Yes. how do you know?" "Well your cock is huge and you look all horny." They kept sucking my cock. Really slow and sensual. Like they were natural talented cock suckers.

But they were only 14 or 15 years old! "Why don't you come to our village.

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after you come. and get your first 14 year old pregnant with your semen?" OH my gosh. I had to come. Right in the faces of the two i shot monster black dick for a blonde cutie potent semen. They smiled happily. Then they licked my semen of each others faces.

"That was really nice. Now come to our village", one of the girls said. I followed the two girls to a nearby village which was surrounded by palm trees. Oh my god. There were so many young girls here! There all came from their huts and welcomed me with kisses and touches on my big dick. "Hi, i'm Sianta. I'm 14. Do you want to make a baby in me?" a girl asked with a smile on her lips. "Of course yes!" i stambed.

"Then put it in me now. Right here." She laid down on a small matress and i laid down too. Then i kissed her pussy. She smiled. "Stop teasing me. Put your big dick inside me and shoot your huge load. I want a baby now." So I put my big dick inside her 14 year old pussy. Oh my god was she tight. It was so wonderful after all these months on the ocean alone in my boat now to fuck a 14 year old pussy.

"UHHH. This is too good. I'm gonna cum." "Do so.

I'm dreaming about this for so long." So i shot and shot one load after another in her tight little pussy. Man did this feel good.

"Hmm. So good. We will do this till i'm pregnant ok. I'm the prettiest girl here so the girls decided that i would be the first to get pregnant from you. The other 19 girls will carry childs from you too of course." I relaxed.

I came so bad. Then another beautiful came up to me.

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"Let me massage your dick so you are ready for another insemenation." So sho took my dick in her hands and masturbated me really slow and sensual. Man so good. A blowjob by two young girls, coming in a 14 year old pussy, and now such a sensual massage.


Then two other girls came up to me. "Hi stud, we are Ciala and Mai we are 16 and have huge tits. Wanna cum on them?" "Of course!" So I stood up and the two girls sat in front of me. Man did they have huge tits.

And so young and firm. They rubbed my now hard dick again so softly and slow.

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It took me half an hour, looking at their beautiful tits and faces. Then i shot my load on their tits. Man did my semen look good on them. Then another girl named Juai came from one of the huts and licked my semen from the tits of the two girls.

"Hm, it's really potent and tasty. Wanna fuck me? I think you already got Sianta pregnant, so why not impregnate me now. I'm also only 15 but I don't think that's a problem for your potent dick." So we lay down and i put my dick in another beautiful brown skinned young island girl.

We screwed for two hours this time. And i came 5 times. Her pussy was overflowing with my semen. "If this didn't get me pregnant I don't know." After this I did get another blowjob. This time by three girls. They said it was as a thankyou for getting two of their island teens pregnant.

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When they said this i peachy blondie acquires agonorgasmos hardcore and massage right on their faces and the happily smiled. Well, the next months were pretty much similar. I got slow sensual massages, blowjobs by two, three and even four young island girls.

And i shot my load into all 20 island teenies. So as it seemed I got all of them pregnant. This was it for me. Half a year of heaven and soon 20 kids on a beautiful island. With young teens. I left and would never forget this island. Some years later I told this experience to another teen on the country. She wouldn't believe me. "So you got 20 children on some island in the atlantic ocean? That must be wonnderful for you!" Then i screwed her and made her another baby. "OH baby so now you are going to have 20 children with beautiful teens on some distant island and here with me, another 14 year old which you just got pregnant too." As a thankyou she sucked my cock.

Really slow and for hours and hours. Then we fucked again and again i filled her cunt with my potent semen. Some years later i won the lottery. 1 milion dollar. I bought a nice big television set and loads and loads of porn movies.

So while i wanked all day i remembered all of my teen fuckings and was in heaven.