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Hot milf ava addams blowjob keiran lees cock fingering and licking
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This is my first ever story so please comment.

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I have many more ideas and would like to know how I can make better stories- or if I even should. I'm not gay, and I'm not bi either but I would call myself curious. I'm curious about guys, and more specifically, their dicks. As a 15 year old guy, I worry about the size of my manhood. In cute babe in striped socks plays with herself, I have a rather average 6 and a half inch circumcised cock but at the time of this story, I didn't know if I should be ashamed or proud.

I had seen a few dicks before in the changing rooms, but never seen one properly, or one I actually want to see. My bestfreind is called Joe. He is the same age as me and I've known him for years. Neither of us are the best looking guys at school but there are many who are worse. We're your average guys, both about 5'6", I have light brown hair and fair skin whilst his hair is black and his skinned, lightly tanned. Now, I repeat again - I am not gay- but for the past couple of years, I have a desire to see Joe's dick.

I want to know how big it is, what it looks like, how it feels.but Joe is rather shy despite having a pretty good body. Both of us are slime, but his body is much more toned than me, with a six pack that I could only dream of having - yet, the closest I've come to seeing him nude, is seeing him standing in just a loose fitting black pair of boxers.

That image has helped me enjoy myself countless times. But I needed more, and I had come up with a plan that could get me what I wanted - and perhaps more. It was a Thursday morning during mid winter and Joe and I were walking to our P.E lesson 15 minutes late because we had both had a Spanish oral lesson.

This was our first this term so no one in the class knew what time we would turn up to class, and if I had my way, we may not turn up at all. As we walked through the cold to the outdoor changing rooms, Joe and I spoke about football as we normally do and before I knew it we were together in the horny dude having a taste of hairy japanese pussy rooms, starting to undress.

Just as I know about his shyness, Joe knows that with 30 other guys in the changing room, there is no way that I would wear a small pair of briefs, especially without anything else on. so it must of shocked him that when he looked up after removing his shirt, I was standing opposite him - facing away - in a tiny pair of white briefs which showed the clear shape of my lifeless dick, and shaped around my ass wonderfully.

Now I had worn these today because I knew we would be alone and I would try to use this unusual situation to get a proper look at my best friends cock, but I needed Joe to play his part in getting to the action. In what was probably out of surprise, Joe exclaimed "Alex, what are you wearing?!" This was just the sort of comment I needed, and turned to him and casually replied "What? They're just underwear. Why, what should I be wearing?" "Well you never, wear briefs, just normal boxers like what I'm wearing" he replied Making my first move, I said, "Show me what you're wearing and explain why I should be too" Thinking nothing of it, Joe pulled of his trousers to reveal some loose fitting grey boxers - the type we would both normally wear.

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As I began to process the situation, I realised that we were both standing there in just tiny pieces of fabric and that since I had turned around; Joe's eyes had not left my crotch.

Breaking the silence, Petite blonde slut giving an oily nuru massage and sucking cock to a guy kissing and blowjob gave the 'reason' for my different underwear choice, "You're wearing the wrong boxers.

We're playing football now, not doing fitness. We're gonna be running around, and when you do, your dick will be flapping all over the place, whilst mine, is gonna be nice and secure." As I finished, I groped my package momentarily, to emphasise my point.

Joe responded immediately by calling my theory "rubbish" and told me to prove it. My method would be for us each to jog on the spot for ten seconds, whilst the other watched the crotch area to see how much movement took place. Although, he was uneasy at first, Joe agreed, and I went first. I stood a metre away from him, and began jogging, feeling my dick, rubbing against the fabric of my tight briefs.

As I looked at my friend's eyes, I could see them looking directly at my dick. As I noticed this I could clulaly biker bitch fucking on a motorcycle my member staring to stir and so was relieved when the 10 seconds finished. We then swapped positions, to see how the 'normal' underwear faired. I sat and watched and admired my friends' body as he stood.

His golden, muscular body, his long, strong legs, and of course his crotch which was my holy grail - such a great gift, but so hard to get. Joe started to move up and down, and with his movements, his cock, like I predicted, began to move up and down and after seconds it was flapping all over the place. From where I was, could see his circumcised head moving against his underwear and could see the shape of what appeared to be around a 3 inch cock.

When he finished, I was still fixated with his cock and he needed to give me a small slap to get my attention back. I had a smug look on my face which I tend to have when I'm right, and it annoys the shit out of Joe. He began telling me rubbish excuses, like it was a stupid test and didn't prove anything.

But there were no comments that I was looking for which would lead the conversation to a more sexual aspect. Knowing this was the only way to keep moving forward, I said "Come on Joe, at least give a good excuse - something like 'I'ts because I have a bigger dick' or something like that". This provoked an immediate response claiming that of course - his was bigger. We moved into a small debate and then he said "how can we prove which is bigger?" Now of course, there is an obvious answer, which would be for us to just whip 'em out, but as I said earlier, Joe is rather shy.

His solution was for us to swap boxers and run the test again. This is a much less logical solution but as I thought about wearing the same boxers that he has had rubbing all over his cock, balls and ass, I quickly agreed with him. As his usual self, Joe went round the all of lockers we were next to and told me to just throw my boxers over, and he'll do the same. Although disappointed that things hadn't worked, I still thought that we were yards away, from each other, bollock naked, and that he would be wearing my boxers whilst I wore his, and this made me think that there was still hope.

Joe stepped back round the lockers, now in my tight white briefs, and this time, his was the clearly defined cock. I said I would go first again and as he turned to sit down, my eyes turned to his smooth ass which hardly fitted the tight underwear he was wearing. The fabric was stretched out right across his backside which made me even hornier. I could feel my dick rising and didn't want him to think that I'm gay (Which by the way - I am not against whatsoever, it's just not me), so I said "Joe, you go first, because I went first last time".

The reply was a strong "no", and I asked why but I didn't need to. When Joe turned around, I could see a massive bulge in his (or my) briefs and said "Oh, I see the problem." Noticing my growing dick, Joe replied, "It looks like you have a similar problem." "It looks like we might struggle with our 'test' now.but there is a different way." As I said this, Joe's eyes moved from my manhood to my face in a look of shock. "Do you really need to see my dick?!" he said. Trying to persuade him, I said, "Well, I don't need to, but is it really that big a deal?

It's not like you've never seen one before and I can already see most of yours what is there to lose?" Joe thought about this for a minute before telling me to "take mine off". Without hesitating, I pulled the grey boxers away from my waist, allowing my 6and a half inch cock to spring free, already rock hard. As Joe admired my pulsating cock, I quickly beckoned for him to do the same and slowly, he pulled off the briefs allowing me myy first proper look at another boys cock, and what a sight it was.

It wasn't too big, only about 6 inches, but was rather thick, and extremely hairy. Wherever you looked, there was dark curly hair around his dick, on his balls, and filling up his asshole. There was already a bit of precum forming round his cut head, and I quickly seized the opportunity to take our friendship slightly further.

"I don't know about you, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to run around playing football voluptuous juvenile hotty plays on web camera this sticking out." Nodding in agreement, Joe sat down on the bench behind him and was directly opposite me as I began stroking my hard on.

Trying not to look directly at Joe's cock, my eyes wandered round the room, seeing my briefs lying on the floor, stained with drops of my friends' precum, before moving onto Joe's athletic legs. I carefully let my eyes have a short look at Joe's muscular thighs and then his beautiful cock which he was now slowly stroking.

Not wanting to make the situation awkward, I looked away from his manhood, and admired his Herculean upper body, with his magnificent six pack, and large nipples which were rock hard. As I moved onto Joe's face, I noticed his eyes admiring me too and more specifically, my cock.

Feeling my gaze, he looked away pretending nothing had happened but I had notice that his pace had quickened. I looked away too, looking back 30 seconds later, and seeing my friend gazing at my manhood. As before, he looked away quickly, but this time, I spoke.

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"Are you staring at my cock?" Struggling for an answer, my pal replied, "" Seeing his distress, I sought to calm him by admitting, "Don't worry, I keep glancing at yours too.

I don't mind." Nodding his head, Joe quickly looked back to my cock, and resumed his wanking which was becoming extremely vigorous. I watched his cock and began to get even more excited, also quickening. Within seconds, Joe was moaning deeply and I could see him getting close, but even I wasn't prepared for what was about to happen.

Suddenly, Joe erupted, shooting shot after shot of his white liquid, right across the 1.5 metre gap between us, before splattering upon me. Had I not stopped wanking due to my shock, I would have surely came right there. I could feel the warm cum, dripping down my body and I had lost all feeling of my body. I had no idea what to do. "Oh god, I'm so sorry I couldn't help it." Joe said, trying to account for his actions.

Still speechless all I could do was stare at bbw amateur fucked in gangbang with skinny girl. Wanting to make up for his actions Joe told me he would get some tissue paper from the toilets to clean his semen off me.

As he turned to leave, I was given a wonderful sight of his perfectly shaped ass, which was moist with sweat. In his absence, I stuck a finger into some of the goo that covered me, and licked it off my finger, basking in the salty taste. Joe returned quickly, dropping some of the paper in his haste, forcing him to turn around and bend over, giving me an eagle eye view of his hairy asshole, and his balls drooping down.

This was turning out better than I had hoped. Joe handed me the paper and sat back down opposite me, watching as I used the paper to try and clean myself, but with the amount of cum, I was taking a while, and my boner had started weakening.

My friend noticed this and came to the rescue. "Alex, your cocks' softening you're taking too long. I'll clean you up, whilst you start wanking again." Not really comprehending what Joe had just said, I nodded, and instantly felt a hand take the paper out of my hand and begin moving it around my right thigh, cleaning up the cum.

I began to get harder and began to wank again. It wasn't long before I felt a pressure buiding up in my balls, and at this point, Joe was leaning over me, wiping just above my pubes with his head directly above my cock.

I began furiously milking my cock, and cum started to shoot up in the air and splattered my friend in the face. I don't think I had ever came so hard before. I looked at Joe who was looking straight back at me, with my cum, dripping down his face. Neither of us could comprehend what had just happened and it was Joe who spoke first. "I'm gonna make you pay for that". Upon saying that, Joe began to beat off his hard again cock, and stood up on the bench, pointing it in my face.

There was a look of anger and lust in Joe's eyes as he beat his glorious cock, inches from my face. I hadn't moved for at least a minute so we both knew that I was enjoying this. Without asking, I moved my right hand towards Joe's balls and began to fondle them. Ravishing latina has some kinky alone time masturbation and brunette looked up and saw no rejection in my friends face.

I continued and swapped to my left, freeing my right hand to play with the cock that stood before me. as I touched it, the cock grew harder and joe gave a deep groan of pleasure. We continued in this position for about a minute before Joe was bucking his hips, sending his cock ever closer to my face.

I opened my mouth to breath and then I felt flesh in my mouth as Joe moved his cock into my unsuspecting mouth. I must admit, I was starting to move out of my comfort zone.

I hadn't expected to do this much. But my instincts had kicked in and I began to suck my friends cock, moving my head back and forth, clearly doing a good job as I heard Joe's moaning grow louder. Taking a gamble, I removed his cock from my mouth, and quickly inserted a finger into my mouth giving it a good lick, before positioning it next to his asshole.

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Joe shoved his cock back in my mouth, not realising what I was doing. I prodded around, trying to find his hole amongst the numerous strands of hair, and once found, I shoved my finger up his tight hole, feeling my best friend go rigid.

He took a deep breath and looked down at me speechless. I responded by pulling my finger almost the whole way out, before sticking it all the way back into Joe's virgin hole. I began finger fucking him and he responded by face fucking me, forcing his full 6" as far down my throat as it would go.

I was gagging lots but at the same time feeling his asshole relax and widen for my finger. I chanced another finger, and this sent Joe over the edge. I felt his gallons of cum, shooting down my throat, and I wasn't able to hold it all, spewing it out all over my chin. It was amazing how much cum he had just released, considering he had done the same thing, not 10 minutes ago. Naturally, I had become hard again, and as Joe watched me swallow his juices, I could see him struggling to stand.

I quickly pulled him down, straight on top of my cock. A cry of pain came from Joe mouth which was directly opposite me. I moved my face towards his open mouth and we locked tongues, amateur girlfriend hardcore threesome in a camping car his cum from my mouth to his, then back again.

I slowly lifted Joe up off my cock, before lowering him down again at the same pace. I could see him wincing in discomfort as after all, he hadn't had so much as a finger in his ass until minutes ago and now he had a fully hard 7" cock up there. Soon, we had a rythm going, as Joe bounced up and down on my cock. Mom and son porn marhati fucking was making him hard again, so I quickly started jacking him off causing him to move his mouth to mine and pull me into a deep kiss.

We remained in this position for a minute or so, before Joe pulled away, and began bouncing harder. I could feel myself nearing climax and told Joe. He told me to keep going and cum inside him. Not wanting to disappoint, I let myself go, and felt myself start shooting my sperm deep into my best friends ass.

The pleasure was clearly mutual, as Joe began releasing his cum for the third time today, but there was not so much this time round. Joe collapsed on top of me, as I sat there panting. We stayed like this for what felt like an age before my limp dick popped out Joe's ass. We were naked, covered in sweat and cum, and sitting on top of one another. We both realised what may happen if someone walked in, so we decided to call it a day and go to shower off well, we almost called it a day, as we shared a shower cubicle, where we washed each other's bodies off, taking extra time on the mid section of our bodies.

We dried off and began to get changed back into our school clothes, just as the rest of the class began returning to the changing rooms. They started to ask where we had been, and why we had been getting changed. We told them that our lesson had finished late and we started to change for the lesson without seeing the time, so had changed back.

Brunette sucks her bfs cock on the bed answer was deemed acceptable and the conversation quickly turned to the football games that had taken place in the lesson. Having started first, Joe and I were finished changing first, so left the changing room earlier than everyone else. We didn't talk about what had happened, but as we parted company to go to our different lessons, Joe spanked my ass and gave me a wink before turning and walking away.

I had wanted to see my best friends' cock for years, and now I had not only seen it, but wanked it, sucked it, and felt its juices all over me. Today I thought to myself, had been good. With this thought, I felt a stir in my pants, and smiled at what we had just done and where our friendship had now gone to.