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Hot sluts take care of their rods
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The Devil's Pact, The Cult of the Ghost by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter One: Worship Orgy Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this. Monday, November 19th, 2013 Deidre Cheshire Paris, Texas "It's true," I said as I surveyed the room, looking at each of them—his lovers. There were almost thirty women and girls in the room.

"The Ghost is dead. But there's a way to bring him back. If we're willing to pay the price." A great gasp went through the room. Grief painted their faces. We all had been touched by the Ghost. He had inspired such passion in each of us. When he touched your flesh, you felt so happy and joyful. His touch melted your body. And when he was inside you, his invisible cock thrusting away, the pleasure was more intense than any mortal lover. "What are we going to do, Deidre?" Carla, a busty redhead and famous paranormal investigator, asked.

Her footage of the Ghost molesting her had gone viral, though the blossoming Theocracy had pulled down many copies of her video. They were trying to bury the Ghost's existence. "Our first problem are these so called gods," I said, brushing back my tawny hair. "It's quite clear that anyone who hears their spoken words becomes one of their followers." "I've heard their words spoken," gasped Ursula, her large tits straining the front of her Boone cheerleaders outfit.

"They're real Gods, right? You can't say they're not. They perform miracles!" "They are powerful," I nodded. Inside I groaned. How many others of these women were under Mark and Mary's control? "But whom do you want to love more, them or the Ghost?" Ursula bit yui kasugano tight schoolgirl fucked by the teacher lip and turned to Marybeth, a tall and curvy cheerleader with raven black hair.

The girls were dating and Marybeth hugged Ursula. "Sweetie, I'll be with you." "I.I want to love the Ghost more. I want to bring him back. That'll make the Gods happy, right?" "Yep," I lied.

"I miss him," Heather sighed, the redhead pouting. She was definitely one of the Ghost's favorites. He visited her most nights, sleeping in her bed. "It's so lonely in my bed without him." "I think we're all committed to saving him," Carla nodded.

"Yep," giggled Marissa and Rhonda May, a set of redheaded twins. The Ghost sure did love his redheads. "The Lionesses will go all the way to save him," Marybeth declared and the rest of check out these amazingly hot teen hardcore and blowjob cheerleader squad all shouted, "All the way!" They were an enthusiastic bunch.

"Okay, for this to work, I first need to know how many are carryin' his child?" "I am," Ursula proudly beamed. "He's the only man I've been with." Heather grinned, mega pron xxx sex stories vids 2 her belly. "With how many times I've been fucked, of course I'm pregnant." "Me and Kelly as well," Latonya announced, the Black, young woman putting her arm around her fellow cheerleader. "I am," Carla smiled. "He only made love to me once, but it did the trick," beamed Lizzy.

"He popped her cherry in the shower," giggled a Hispanic, young woman I didn't know. "That was hot," another young woman laughed. "Me, too," a sandy-blonde, young woman named Tammy smiled. She had her arms wrapped around a curly brunette. "That was so hot when he took us in the bathroom at the park, Cheryl-Lynn." "Even hotter when he fucked us in my bedroom while my parents were downstairs," giggled the brunette Cheryl-Lynn.

"I think that's when he got you in the family way." I nodded. "Seven. That is perfect." "So this involves our babies?" Ursula asked, stroking her stomach. "It won't.hurt them." "Not at all," I grinned, then I reached into my bra and pulled out a vial filled with the Ghost's cum. I had collected it out of my pussy the last time he had fucked me. My grief surged inside me. That had been right before that cunt Alison had him executed for being a Warlock.

"This is how we begin. We have to dedicate ourselves to him." "But we're only supposed to worship the Living Gods," Ursula objected. "Right?" A few other of the women nodded. I took a deep breath. I would have to tread carefully until I freed these women from Mark and Mary's pernicious mind control. Those damned Warlocks—I knew from reading the Magicks of the Witch of Endor that they weren't gods—would be a problem going forward. They had already unleashed their foul servant Alison to kill the Ghost.

"I said serve, not worship." It was a distinction that I hoped Ursula and starved milf eating a pussy and fucking others under Mark and Mary's power wouldn't question.

"Don't you want to serve the Ghost? Don't you want to feel that wonderful touch of his on your ass, his words hissin' in your ear, tellin' you all the filthy thangs he wants to do to your sweet, young body?" "I do," Ursula nodded.

"More than anythang." "We need to let him know that. We need to reach across the barriers between life and death and let the Ghost feel our love and devotion." I looked out at them.

"We need to have a bacchanalia." "An orgy?" Carla asked. I nodded. "Our sexual energy will build and build, and the Ghost will feel it. He'll gain power, and then we'll all swear ourselves to him. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

We'll be his servants, bound to him." I held my breath, looking at Ursula, hoping Mark and Mary's programming hadn't been to complete. We would need her child to free the Ghost. "Let's do it," Ursula grinned. "Lioness go all the way!" Latonya threw her arm in the air, and the cheerleaders all chanted: "Lionesses are hot.

Lionesses are wet. Lionesses will explode And cum all over you!" They were an enthusiastic bunch. "I brought sex toys," I smiled. "They're out in my car. I'll be right back." "You naughty slut," laughed Heather, her shirt coming off to reveal a pair of perky tits. "I'll help you out," Carla smiled. Her tits bounced in her tight shirt as we walked through the library.

I hoped this would work. The Ghost had taken me for the first time in here, fucking me from behind while I checked out patrons books. It had been so hot. We were fucking and no one knew it. My pussy itched, and I pressed my thighs together. "Are we going to turn him into a God?" Carla whispered. "Not quite. An ancestor spirit," I answered. "Thirty of us, pourin' all our love and lust at him.

It'll start the process. It'll give him power in Hell. I read about it in a Chinese text, Tenets of Respect and Worship. He'll be our patron and we'll get powers." "That'll make us Warlocks." I smiled. "You've read Magicks of the Witch of Endor." "Of course I have. I almost even made my own Pact." "Well, this isn't quite the same. We won't be Warlocks. But it will insulate us from Mark and Mary's control and bind us to the Ghost. We can use that connection to bring him back to life." We reached my small Prius.

I popped the trunk. There were seven large backs full of dildos, vibrators, and so many other fun toys. And a special bag with the amulets I had spent half my savings on to have made. There was a large, golden one set with green jade and black jet and seven lesser ones.

I pulled on the amulet, the medallion dangling between my breasts. It would be the focus of all the spells, gathering the energy to free the Ghost. I uncorked the vial and rubbed the Ghost's cum into the gold, muttering beneath my breath. Carla smiled as I cast the spell. She scooped up several bags. "We can't stay in Paris if we do this, Deidre. Happy and her husband are quickly converting this town to worshiping the Living God." I scowled at the former born-again Christian Reverend and his cuckolding wife.

"She should've been here with us. She was one of the Ghost's favorites." "Both her and her sister are carrying his kid," Carla nodded. "But they both are big into mom fuck comrade playmate xxx lust in translation the Living Gods. We need to go somewhere remote, where people don't know who the Ghost is." "I have a ranch up in Idaho," I answered.

"It's very remote. My aunt died over the summer and I'm her only family remainin'. I was trying to sell it, but now it seems perfect." We walked back into the library, my heart beating with excitement. The girls and women were all naked, squirming on the floor. Tits and pussy and ass flashed at me. I had never been with a woman before. But for the Ghost, I would learn to love it. "Here are the toys, ladies," I grinned, spilling the bags out on the tables. "Think of the Ghost while you are makin' love.

Send to him your energy." Carla grabbed a double-headed dildo, giving me a naughty grin. I unbuttoned my blouse, letting it fall to the floor, followed by my bra. I dropped my beige pencil skirt, my panties soaked with my juices. I stood almost naked, the focusing amulet dangling between my naked tits. "You shouldn't wear panties," Ursula said, grabbing a strap-on.

"A woman should be ready to be fucked at all times. The Living Gods say so." "Then I best get these off," I grinned, peeling them down. "Ghost of Paris, we offer this orgy in your honor. We send all our love and worship to you. We are your devoted followers. We are your cult!" Energy tingled through the room, flowing out from the amulet. The process had begun. "Fuck me with that big ol' thang," moaned Marybeth, kneeling on the floor as Ursula pulled on the strap-on.

"Let's give the Ghost a show so hot he wont be able to resist escapin' Hell to watch!" The blonde buried her strap-on into Marybeth's cunt. She really gets a full physical captain willy big tits bounced and jiggled as she plowed her girlfriend, fucking her with hard, deep strokes, giving the slut what she wanted.

My pussy grew even more wet, there was something so beautiful about women making love. No wonder guys were always wanting girls to make out. Heather worked a thick dildo covered in small bumps in and out of Mindy's pussy and the twins rubbed vibrators on each other's cunts. They both had tattoo's on their small tits, pink roses opening around their nipples, the shade almost matching their areolas while thorny veins wrapped around their tits.

Carla fell to her knees before me, spreading my thighs. Her tongue licked through my pussy. I shuddered. "Oh, Ghost, feel my lust. Feel how much I enjoy Carla's tongue licking through my cunt. We love you so much. We miss you." I leaned against the table, my eyes squeezing shut as Carla's tongue licked and played through my pussy. I had only had a few guys go down on me and they all had been disappointing.

But Carla knew how to lick and suck. She nuzzled into me, her tongue swirling around, touching me in all these amazing spots. "Yes! Lick my cunt, whore!" I gasped. Carla responded, licking me harder, nipping at my clit and shoving her tongue deep into my hole. My juice dripped out, her mouth slurping them down. Delight shown in her green eyes as she looked up at me. The pleasure swelled, blossoming inside me.

I groaned, savoring the bliss. This was nice. And it was all for the Ghost. My hips bucked, my orgasm swelling. My fingers gripped the table's edge. I moaned and sighed, a great, growing swell of rapture filled me up. "Ghost!" I screamed as the pleasure burst inside me. Delight flooded my veins. My muscles contracted. I ground my pussy on Carla's hungry mouth. "Feel my passion, Ghost!

Oh, yes! I love you!" Carla pulled her lips away, shiny with my cum. "Umm, I bet he felt that one." Then she brandished the flexible, pink dildo. "Ready to have some more fun." "Yeah." Then I grinned sheepishly. "How do you use a double-headed dildo?" "Carefully," she grinned. "Get on your knees like the hot bitch you are." I did, wiggling my ass at her. She bent down licking through my furred muff one more time. "I love that," I panted.

"I just can't resist. You taste amazing." The tip of the dildo probed my pussy, spreading my labia apart. I groaned as it entered me. The thick girth was nice, my pussy squeezing about the smooth rubber. But it wasn't the Ghost's wonderful cock. The dildo bottomed out inside me, pressing on my cervix. I threw a look over my shoulder as Carla turned around, presenting her ass at me. Her pussy was surrounded by fiery, red hair that was damp with her excitement. Her labia peaked out as she guided the other end of the dildo to her pussy.

She pushed back, the dildo pressing on me, pleasure shuddering through me. She worked more and more of the pussy into her. "Oh, that's nice," she panted, smiling at me over her shoulder. "Now we fuck each other." She rocked her hips back and forth, the dildo sliding in and out of my pussy.

I rocked with her, groaning as the cock fucked in and out of me. Our butt-cheeks bumped, the dildo buried deep inside the both of us. "Fuck me, Carla," I groaned. "Work that dildo in and out of me!" "Gladly." "You hot sluts," giggled Lizzy, braces flashing on her white teeth. The freshman fell before me, her thighs spreading apart.

Her pussy was a tight slit surrounded by a sparse, black hair. She was so young and virginal. She tasted fresh, her sweet musk coating my tongue as I savored my first taste of pussy. "Lick me for the Ghost!" I worked my hips, the pleasure swelling inside me as I ate out this young woman My tongue flowed through her cunt, licking, sucking, moaning my pleasure into her.

Lizzy seized my tawny hair, humping her hips, her perky tits bouncing as she enjoyed herself. Carla fucked her hips 18 virgins raped forced or drporn storys harder, our asses slapping together as she drove the dildo so deep into my pussy.

"Yes! I'm cumming for you!" screamed Carla, slamming back against me. Her ass ground against mine, swirling the dildo around inside me. I loved it. Then her hips started humping again, the pleasure swelling inside me. I moaned around Lizzy's tiny, pink clit as I slid a finger into her tight pussy. She was practically a virgin even if she charming doll is presenting her opened narrow twat in close range pregnant.

Her tight sheath contracted about my finger, the young woman's face growing flushed with passion. "Oh, Ms. Cheshire," she moaned. "Lick me! You're so wonderful! I'm going to cum! Oh, yes! Oh, wow!" Her sweet juices squirted into my lips. I drank them down, locking my mouth over her pussy. She bucked into my hungry mouth. My fingers pinched and pulled at her puffy nipples. Her coltish legs locked around my head, holding me tight. And then she went limp. "Come back to us, Ghost," she moaned.

The dildo stabbed deep into me as I licked my lips clean of Lizzy's delicious juices. My orgasm suddenly erupted. I moaned, throwing back my head. My body quivered, my pussy spasming about the thick dildo. Carla kept rocking back into me, giving me more and more pleasure, prolonging my orgasm. "For you, Ghost!" I moaned as a second orgasm rippled through me.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marybeth Sargant The end of the dildo pressed against my clit every time Ursula slid down it. I loved using a strap-on to fuck my girlfriend. Especially when she rode me like a cowgirl. Her beautiful thighs pressed against my sides as she slid back up the red dildo, and then she came back down. Pleasure burned in my clit.

I groaned, "Yes, Ursula. Ride me harder!" "Yeehaw," she grinned, her hips twisting, swirling the dildo around her pussy. Her heavy tits bounced, my hands reaching up to cup their pillowy softness. I squeezed, my fingers finding her nipples and rolling them between my fingers.

I was so glad the Ghost unthawed Ursula. She once had been the perfect, Christian, young lady, preaching abstinence and quoting scripture. She never liked the way I went around seducing every member of our innocent sweetie is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet slit squad.

I just loved licking pussy. And then the Ghost had molested us, and Ursula had come to love my tongue licking through her slit. I owed the Ghost so much. Not only did he give me such pleasure, but he also gave me the love of this hottie.

"Ride me faster, slut!" I groaned. "Let the Ghost see how hot you are with your big titties bouncin'!" Ursula did, working her pussy up and down that fake cock. The pressure on my clit grew, Ursula grinding the base of the dildo hard into my nub as she worked her hips. I reached out, squeezing those lush melons of hers. The pleasure swelled inside me.

Her juices leaked down the shaft, dripping down to my own hot pussy. I kneaded her tits, loving the way her flesh squeezed through my fingers. Her blonde hair flew about her shoulders.

She was so beautiful. "Keep loving each other!" Deidre called out. "The energy's building! Feed him more!" "Yes!" I groaned. "Feel my lust, Ghost! Come back to us!" My body shuddered. My orgasm erupted through me. My hips thrust up, driving the dildo deep into my girlfriend's cunt as rapture burned through me.

She leaned over, smiling down at me as I gasped and moaned, working her pussy up and down on the dildo. "Cum, slut!" she grinned, her tits hanging over me, swinging as she fucked me. "I am!

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I keep cumming! Keep grinding the dildo into me, baby!" She moaned, her lips going wide. Her sky-blue eyes squeezed shut. She slammed down on the dildo, moaning and gasping. She called out the Ghost name, sending him her pleasure.

I pulled her down, kissing her hard, our bodies trembling as our orgasms washed through each other. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marissa Myers "I have to pee so bad," my twin sister said, her auburn hair streaked with blonde highlights fell loose about her shoulders.

I always braided my auburn hair. That and our tattoos were the only difference between us. I had the rose tattooed on my left tit. "Then piss in my mouth," I grinned. "Let's make this as filthy as possible." I planted my mouth over Rhonda May's shaved cunt, eager to taste my sister's pee. We both had discovered the joy of waterspouts the night we had been under the spell of the Goddess possessing Darleen Cummings. I suspected the Ghost was responsible for that wild night, summoning the Goddess to control Darleen.

It had ended when the police caught us screwing around with this tattoo artist. I kinda felt bad the tattoo artist died in jail. But it wasn't my fault the cops caught him enjoying our underage snatch. "Pee in my mouth," I moaned, putting that morbid thought aside.

"Here it comes, sister slut!" The pee splashed hot into my lips, salty and acrid. I slurped it down, the nasty liquid pouring down my throat.

More trickled out of my lips, dripping down to my perky tits. My pussy clenched with the depravity of drinking my twin sister's piss. We were such nasty sluts. "Oh, my stars!" gasped Lizzy Garfield, the Freshman's eyes wide, her braces glinting on her white teeth. "You're pissing in her mouth, Rhonda May." "Uh-huh," my sister moaned.

"It's so hot! We're going to reach the Ghost with this depravity." I kept drinking. My sister bucked her hips, her spray splashing on my face, piss flying everywhere. I inhaled the filthy scent, the hot liquid dripping off my chin. I was going to make her lick me clean for that.

"It's so nasty though," Lizzy said. "That's what makes it so hot," my sister answered, shuddering as the last few spurts trickled out. "It's the best," I grinned, pulling away. "I'm such a nasty whore." Lizzy pressed her thighs together, shifting her hips. Her blue eyes were wide.

She looked so innocent, almost a doll with her pale face framed by black hair. I grabbed her hand, biggest cock makes sexy slut happy hardcore and creampie her closer. She trembled, licking her lips. I leaned in and kissed those sweet lips, letting her get a good taste of my sister's salty treat. "Wow," she whispered. "That's.different." "It's even better straight form the source," I grinned. "Why don't you stretch out on the floor and let me piss in your mouth.

That'll help the Ghost out." "I don't know," she frowned. Rhonda May put her arm around the cutie's shoulders.

"You want to do everything to help the Ghost out, right?" Lizzy nodded. "Then lie down on the floor and let my sister piss in your mouth." I beamed at my twin; she was the best.

"Okay," Lizzy whispered, her eyes trembling. "You'll love it," I told her as she stretched out on the floor.

I straddled her face, lowering my pussy down. "Just relax and open wide." Her mouth pressed into my snatch, her tongue taking a quick lick. That felt nice. I shifted, wiggling about until I felt her lips sealed around my urethra. Her tits were nice handfuls, and a squeezed them both, her nipples hardening. "Here it comes," I moaned, relaxing my bladder. She gasped, gargling as my piss flooded out. I groaned, savoring the delicious feel of relieving my bladder into a hottie's mouth.

She swallowed, smacking her lips, my piss splashing against my thighs. I must be spraying her face.

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"That's it," I groaned. "Drink it down, slut!" She did, slurping every last drop. I squirmed my pussy about, her tongue licking through my pussy as the last few spurts of piss came out. I loved her tongue exploring my folds, searching for every drop of piss still clinging to my pussy. I closed my eyes, getting lost in the pleasure her pussy licking generated.

I moaned, my hips shifting and— Something cold wiggled into my asshole. "What!" I screeched. "Just lubing you up, sweet sister," purred my twin. "That's some cold lube," I moaned as her finger worked in and out of my asshole.

"What are you shovin' into my cornhole." "This!" She yanked her finger back then shoved something tapered into my ass. My asshole expanded, stretching out as the object grew wider and wider. I groaned, sliding my pussy on Lizzy's mouth. And then it popped inside me save for a little stem. "Is that a butt plug?" I groaned, feeling stuffed as Lizzy licked and sucked at my pussy. "Yep!" I shuddered, closing my eyes as Lizzy's tongue and lips explored my pussy, her braces sometimes scraping on my pussy.

I shuddered, my orgasm swelling. I had the best sister and together we were going to save the Ghost. "Cum, slut," my twin moaned, straddling Lizzy's stomach and holding me tight, our breasts pressing together.

My twin kissed me, then licked to my ear. "Cum on her face. Give the whore a big treat." "Yes!" I moaned, shuddering. "Oh, yes!" My orgasm rippled through me. My juices poured out, flooding Lizzy's mouth. My twin held me. We were so close. We did everything together. Together you came into this world Together shall you depart, arms entwined Life dedicated to one man For your love shall you die, The drink shall be bitter, But eternity shall be your reward. The Goddess's strange prophecy echoed in my ears as bliss burned through me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Ghost of Paris Astarte's Domain, The Abyss Silvery light burned my skin. Astarte's radiance cooking me. I spent a quarter of my time in her domain, tormented by her. She owned a quarter of my soul. Lucifer owned the rest. I'm not sure what was worse, burning in fire or burning in starlight. Sometimes Astarte's touch seemed softer. Sometimes. It was hard to remember who I was. My real name had faded. I could only cling to one thought: I am the Ghost of Paris.

But it was hard. My torment seemed to last glorious busty bitches scissoring with dildo during a picnic eternity. I doubt it had even been a week in the mortal world. It was all Astarte's fault my life had ended so abruptly. She had gleefully told me in detail on how she had set me up the first time I had come before her in Hell, rubbing in her cruelty like a sadist rubs salt into the wound.

If I had never made my Pact with her to gain increased sexual staima, I would have been able to control my pecker. Then maybe I wouldn't have screwed that pink-haired bitch. And that bitch wouldn't have executed me. A woman's voice called to me in my torment. Then a second. They were faint, but I could almost recognize them. The librarian and the ghost hunter. I remembered fucking them both.

More voices reached out to me. All the beautiful women I had loved called to me, begging for my presence. And then I was lifting up, drifting from my torment, rising through the layers of the Abyss.

I was still chained, but my bonds seemed to have a sudden slack. I rose faster, following the sweet sounds of passion, crashing into the real world. I stepped into an orgy of feminine flesh. My cock hardened. None of the women noticed me. I was invisible, of course. I knew every piece of ass in the room. I had fucked them all. The Boone cheerleaders, the librarian and her blazing medallion, the twins, and so many more.

My cock throbbed. I didn't know how long my escape from Hell would last, but there was no way I wasn't going to enjoy myself before I got yanked back. I saw my favorite bedmate. Heather Pritchard. I grinned and sauntered over. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heather Pritchard Paris, Texas I was coming down off the amazing orgasm Mindy Taylor had given me with a vibrator. Mindy was off to have more fun.

She was the Ghost's first lover, and proud of it. But I was his favorite. He told me so when he came to my bed at night.

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A hand touched my ass. I shuddered, a warmth flushing through me. My lust went into overdrive. I would do whatever that hand wanted. I beamed, throwing a look over my shoulder. There was no one there. But someone was grabbing my ass.

"It's you!" I called out! "The Ghost is here!" "How could I keep away from a sweet, young thang like you," he drawled, his fingers slipping into the crack of my ass.

"I got to fuck every purtee thang I can." "Fuck me!" I moaned. "I missed you, Ghost!" He entered me as I bent over. I let him fuck me like the bitch I was. His cock was inside me, filling me up. I groaned, pushing back, my eyes squeezing shut. His cock hammered me, fucking me with that wonderful intensity he always possessed. Nothing was better than being fucked by the Ghost of Pairs.

"It's the Ghost!" gasped Kelly, one of the cheerleaders. "I can see her pussy gaping open. He's hammering away at her. "Course I am," bellowed the Ghost. "And her cooch is as tight as a banker's fist grasping a penny. Gonna give her a big ol' load of my jizz." "Yes!" I groaned, hammering my hips back.

"Cum in me!" "Hot damn, but you have an abso-damn-fuckin'-lutely tight cooch!" The pleasure rippled through me. I screamed out, cumming hard on his wonderful cock. My pussy convulsed about him, my back arching. I was so happy. I was his favorite. He chose me over every other woman in this room.

"Everyone," Ms. Cheshire, the librarian, called out, her medallion shining light upon us. "Repeat after me! I pledge myself, body and soul, to the devotion of the Ghost of Paris. He is my guiding spirit. The soul that I belong to!" "I pledge myself," I moaned, fighting through the pleasure of my orgasm to scream out with the other women, "body and soul, to the devotion of the Ghost of Paris." White-hot bliss pumped into me, his cock cumming into my pregnant pussy.

I wished he could knock me up again. "He is my guiding spirit. The soul that I belong to." I felt something inside me change. I felt so connected to him. I was his. I was the Ghost of Paris's slut. That little bit of me that believed that Mark and Mary Glassners were Gods vanished. I wasn't under their control anymore. I was the Ghost's.

He vanished from my pussy. He didn't pull out. He just wasn't in me anymore. "No!" I cried out, sitting up. "Don't go." Tears ran hot down my face. "Come back!" Ms. Cheshire hugged me, my face burying between her naked breasts, the medallion she wore was warm on my cheek. She rocked me. "It's all right. This was just the first step for the Cult." I sniffed.

"The Cult?" "We're the Cult of the Ghost now," she smiled. "We're all sealed to him. We're not under any Warlock's control any longer." "They're not gods," Ursula gasped. "Oh, Lord, they lied to us. Why did I ever believe 'em?" "Mark and Mary are just like the Ghost," Ms. Cheshire said. "They made a pact with the Devil.

That's why we need to save the Ghost. He sold his soul to the Devil and now he's sufferin' down in Hell." I nodded my head, looking around at the others. "Then we'll save him." Ms. Cheshire smiled down at me, leaning in to give me a kiss on the lips—her lips tasted like pussy.

"But we can't call ourselves the Awesome lesbian action with beautiful black babes of the Ghost," objected Marybeth. "The Theocracy will come down on us if they think we're still his." "That's why we have to get away." Ms. Cheshire stood up, staring around. "We're gonna go to Idaho. I have a ranch out in the mountains. It'll be safe for a while.

Does anyone have any suggests for what we publicly call ourselves?" "Well, japan sister in law porn 'bout we call ourselves the Sapphicists," Ursula suggested. "Since until we raise the Ghost outta Hell, there ain't no way none of us are touchin' 'nother man.

We're his alone." "What does Sapphicists mean?" asked Rhonda May and I nodded my head in agreement.

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"Sappho means lesbian," Ursula answered. "So I reckon Sapphicist is a mighty fine thang to be callin' ourselves." "Yeah," I nodded, liking the sound of that. "The Sapphicists. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Ghost of Paris Astarte's Domain, The Abyss The torment wasn't quite so bad when I returned to the burning starlight.

I had hope. All those wonderful women that I had molested. They all loved me and they wanted me back. And they were a determined bunch. I was sure they could do it. To be continued.