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Small girl and boy play
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really escort mother doesnt want anal with son I met Tammy when I was twenty. I picked her up in a bar and she took me home to her place and fucked me. I couldn't believe my luck with this girl. She was a hardbodied blonde with a shaved pussy and (I soon found out) a very dirty mind. This was during the late 70's - shaved girls were so rare. The next night we were making out on a park bench.

It was dark. She pulled my cock out and started to play with japanese slut claire hasumi dominating black dicks. As we were kissing she told me she wanted to tie my hands.

Jesus. There were other people in the park but nobody really close. I remember thinking that this was absolutely reckless as I pulled a lace out of one of my shoes and gave it to her. She tied my hands behind me, then had me lie down on the grass next to the bench. She unbuttoned my shirt and opened it wide. She pulled my pants off completely and started giving me the best blow job ever. People were looking over at us - they had to know what was happening, but nobody came over.

I was getting so turned on knowing that I was naked and tied up in a public park that I was losing it. I asked her to stop for a second, then I asked her what would happen if someone came over.

She said we could get up and run away. That's when I told her I didn't want to be able to get away. She gave me a funny look and then kissed me hard. She was as turned on by the situation as I was. She pulled the lace out of my other shoe but it took her a while because her hands were shaking. I knew exactly how I wanted her to tie me. Once, Mike and I had gone to see "Downhill Racer" - we were both skiers and really wanted to see brutal anal fuck tube porn. What we didn't expect was that we would both get so turned on by the love scenes between Redford and the hot actress that he starred with.

That may seem a little goofy now, but remember we were both 13 or 14 year old boys with surging hormones. After the movie we went outside in the alley behind the theater. We found a stairwell down into a basement entrance of a neighboring building. We walked down into it and looked around.

It seemed to give us enough cover; anyway we couldn't see the alley from down inside if we got down low, only if we stood up. Mike had me pull off my shoes, then told me to hurry up and get naked. Neither one of us had brought any rope (we had only gone to see a movie after all), so as I stripped he pulled the laces out of my shoes. Mike was an expert at tying me up. He tied my wrists behind my back, then using the other lace he tied a loop around my balls.

He had me sit on the floor of the stairwell and pull my feet up next to my balls. Then he used the other end of the lace to tie my big toes so they were both hooked to my balls.

I was completely stuck, there was no way I could have moved. He unzipped his pants, and I sat there and watched him work his stiff little cock and balls out of his underwear and thru his zipper. He stepped up, slid his cock right into my open mouth, and pushed me backwards so I was lying back against the steps.

He ended up straddling my face and kind of kneeling on the steps. He humped my mouth furiously. Unlike in the woods where he would take his time playing with his cock in my mouth, he was in a big hurry to cum. In about a minute he was shooting his load. As soon as he came he calmed down. He slowly worked his cock around in my mouth, knowing as usual that he was forcing me to swallow a bit of his cum even though I didn't want to.

He finally pulled out after he realized that some cum was getting on his pants. He had me spit the cum and drool into his hand, then rubbed it in my hair. Mike stood up and looked around for a bit, then knelt back down.

He had me sit up and started working on the lace on my wrists. I asked him what he was up to and he told me to shut up. He worked one end loose and pulled up hard.

My wrists were forced up my back so they were close to my neck. My arms were contorted painfully with my elbows thrust out.

Quickly, he took the end of the lace and looped it around my neck. He tied it off. I could barely breathe with the loop around my neck. He pushed me back down and mounted my face again. This time he wasn't in any hurry. He had me suck his balls for a few minutes while he slowly rubbed his cock around on my face, getting it rock hard again.

I could tell that he was really turned again. He pushed his cock past my lips. Milf stunner takes huge cock inside her mouth and juicy ass sucked him as well as I could, but the way I was tied up and lying against the steps there wasn't much I could do.

I tried to bob my head, but the noose around my neck made me feel like I was choking. However, I could suck, move my tongue, and move my head from side to side. All the time I was gasping because I could hardly breathe. At first he knelt there motionless, just watching me work on his cock. In just a few minutes though he was moaning and moving his hips. Suddenly we heard a door bang, and then voices. We both froze in place. I was way too scared to make any noise. There were at least a couple of guys out there.

I don't know how far down the alley they were, but I could hear them clearly even with Mike still on top of me. It sounded like they were passing a joint around. Mike still had his cock in my mouth. It was so hard it felt like a broom stick covered with skin he was really aroused.

After a bit he started moving his hips again. I couldn't believe it! I had been hoping he'd pull out and untie me, but apparently it wasn't going to happen until he came. As quietly as I could, and as hard as I could I sucked his cock.

I was hyper alert to the feel of his cock in my mouth, I wanted him to cum so bad. I could hear the guys talking, and I started to get a whiff of the joint they were passing, they were that close. Finally I felt Mike's cock start to throb in my mouth. His cum pulsed out onto my tongue I was so aware I could count the pulses. Four times his cum jetted out. For a few seconds he basically collapsed onto my face. I could hear and feel him breathing hard. After a little while he levered himself up far enough that we could look at each other.

His cock popped out of my mouth. Grasping the base of his cock, he milked the last of his cum out. I could see it well out of his hole.

Then he wiped it off on my upper lip and nose, tucked it back in his pants and zipped up. He scooted down so he was sitting beside me. He motioned me to be quiet (like I needed that advice) and put his hand under my mouth. I spit the cum out. With his slimy hand he started to jerk me. As scared as I still was, I couldn't believe I would be able to cum.

I didn't even realize my cock was hard until he grabbed it. But, in just a few moments I was shooting gobs of cum all over my chest and stomach. Between the intensity of the orgasm and the shoelace around my neck my vision grayed out. I might have even passed out for a few seconds.

When I regained awareness, I saw Mike smiling at me. He was still gently moving his hand on my cock. I smiled back. We were both in the middle of such an intense experience I can't describe the feelings I was having for him. Even when he started to rub his cum covered hand on my face it didn't spoil the moment. We sat there until we could hear things quiet down in the alley. After we heard the door swing shut Mike stood up and looked around.

Then he was up the steps and gone. I yelled at him to come back, but he had vanished. In just a second I realized I better keep my mouth shut and sit quietly.

I struggled a little, but it just made it so I couldn't breathe. I tried to pull my feet away, but it just yanked on my balls so hard I knew that wouldn't work either. Finally I just relaxed, sat there and felt the cum dry on my face and body. Mike was my buddy after all; I knew he'd be back. At last I heard steps. It was Mike. He'd bought a bottle of soda pop (this was back when they still sold glass bottles). He let me milf sucking long bigdick watch more of her here ulacamcom some, then finished the rest.

We talked about the movie, skiing, school, and girls for several minutes. In the end he untied me so I could get dressed and we walked home. Back to me, the park and Tammy I described to her how she should tie my big toes to my ball sack. After she tied the knots she laid down, and started kissing me furiously while she stroked my cock.

Her crotch was against my thigh, and she was moving against me. Somebody yelled at us to get a room. When that happened she pulled her mouth away from mine. We both looked over and saw a little group (about 5 or 6, a couple of girls and the rest guys) sitting at a picnic table about 10 feet away. She told them if they were quiet they could stay and enjoy the show.

They actually shushed the guy that was making the catcall. Then she sat up so she could watch them and me at the same time. I don't think any of us could believe this was actually happening. I was moving my hips and groaning as Tammy stroked me. I actually yelled out as my cum shot all over the place. You could see the jets of white cum arc thru the air and land on my face, chest and stomach. I could hear the crowd talking about what they had seen. Tammy invited them over for a busty blonde wife helps her man celebrate steak and a blowjob day. I was immediately so embarrassed I wished I could disappear but no way was that going to happen.

When they came over I realized they were high school kids. They sat down around us, the girls sat down closer than the guys. They had some beer, which they shared with Tammy.

Tammy scooped some of my cum up into her left hand and rubbed it around her fingers. She put her hand down between my legs. I felt her probing my asshole. I tried to squirm away, but she put a knee on my chest and told me to just relax and enjoy. She worked two fingers up my ass. A couple of them wanted to see, so Tammy had one of the guys pull my feet up so my ass was exposed. She pushed her fingers in and out while everyone watched. I was so humiliated that my cock started to go soft.

They sat there for a while, talking and drinking beer. At one point she dared the guys to pull their cocks out, but they were all chicken. In the meantime my cock had gotten rock hard again. Tammy started stroking it.

She made me cum twice more before she finally stopped. Both times she made me tell the group how it felt and when I was about to cum. When we finished I was covered in cum, just like the old days. She pulled her fingers out of my asshole. She untied my toes and helped me up. She grabbed my clothes and we walked to my truck with her tugging me along.

When we got in the truck she turned the light on and looked at me. She had me look in the mirror. I could see some cum on my face. She drove the truck to her apartment and finally untied me. She told me she didn't want to kiss me because of all the cum on my face but to please call her tomorrow. Eventually we moved in together.

We were poor college students living in an old house that had been turned into apartments. Our apartment included the old house's kitchen, with a separate door to the backyard. Tammy loved sex in public, and she loved to tie me up. She loved to be in control. She loved looking at my cum on our bodies. Whenever we fucked I had to pull out when I came.

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She preferred to fuck outside, but if we were indoors she would open the drapes before we started. I sensed that one thing she wanted was for me to eat my cum. She hadn't asked but I knew she would. I remembered how bad Mike's cum had tasted, but this chick was so hot I knew I'd do it when she asked.

One night we were lying out in the backyard. I was naked with my hands tied, as usual. She had her clothes on, but she opened up her shirt. She had me kneel over her chest and then she gave me a handjob. I came all over her 34Bs.

She got up and walked us over to the porch. She turned the porch light on. We could both see the cum dripping down her breasts and belly. She asked me to lick it up. I started to lick. It was bitter.

I felt humiliated, but as I looked up I could see that she was more turned on than I'd ever seen. She rubbed my face in it. I finished on my knees licking up the stuff that had dribbled down to her belly. She took me back out to the back lawn. I was on my back, she was fucking me. The light was still on, so I could see her above me. She was staring at the cum on my face. Sensual chick spreads narrow muff and loses virginity shagging and hardcore came hard with her head against my chest.

Then she climbed off me and jerked me off again. She caught my cum in her hand and fed it to me. From that point forward she never swallowed my cum, it was now my job. She actually made it a rule that I couldn't cum in her mouth. Like a dope I respected it. One day I was tied to the bed. I was hot and wanted to cum, but she just wanted to goof around. She slapped my cock around a little and talked baby talk to it, but she wouldn't get me off. She went into the bathroom and got her makeup kit and made up my face.

She thought it was so hilarious she took my picture before she untied me. I was furious. I grabbed her and tied her hands behind her back. She immediately got that look she gets when she's really turned on. She was still dressed. I pulled her shirt up over her head and pulled her pants clear off. I rubbed my cock on her face while I fingered her. She was getting ready to cum when I realized she should get punished instead of rewarded.

I went outside and got a bunch of clothespins off the line. I came back in and showed them to her. Her eyes got real wide. I put one on each of her nipples. She went nuts and started to try to roll away. I got on top of her, and eventually got her legs spread. I put several pins on her pussy lips. She realized she better lay still. She was breathing so hard I thought she would hyperventilate. When I got done with her pussy I still had several pins left, so I put them on the areole around her nipples.

I also put a nice row of 3 on the little line of skin between her pussy and asshole. For a little while I played with the pins, tugging them and slapping them around a little. I was amazed how much it must be hurting her. She was rolling around trying to get away from my hands.

I stopped and let her calm down. Then I got over her in the 69 position. I told her to open her mouth, but she shook her head no. I started to play with the pins on her pussy. She opened her mouth and I pushed in my cock. I pushed it in about 4 inches and just left it there. I let her get used to breathing with my cock in her mouth, and then I started to lick her pussy. I wanted to see if she could cum, so I was careful not to disturb any of the pins.

In just a few minutes she delicious teen sluts sara luvv and valentina paradis having fun fingering pornstar a continuous series of shaking orgasms. She was screaming around my cock.

I pushed my cock deeper in her mouth to shut her up. Finally she rolled her pussy away from my mouth. I got off her and gently stroked her body while she calmed down. I told her I was going to make her deepthroat me, which was one thing she had never done. But, I said, I would respect her rule and not cum in her mouth. She shakily said okay. I put some pillows under her shoulders so I could tip her head back.

I tied her legs to the foot of the bed, spread wide. Then I entered her mouth and gradually pushed my cock in; she was squirming around to open her throat. I slowly fucked her mouth. On the downstroke I could feel my balls on her nose. I didn't take more than 20 strokes before I was incredibly excited. I grabbed her pussy hard, shoved my cock in as far down as I could and came. Here's another girl who should have bitten my cock but didn't. She was gagging on my cock I think cum got in her nose.

I rolled off her and took off the 1st pin. She screamed and bucked up and down. It took forever to get the pins off it was so painful to her. I had to let her recover for a minute or so after almost every pin. She really wanted kissing and snuggling during this time.

However, as soon as she recovered from that last pin she let me know I was a son-of-a-bitch and I would suffer for what I did. Of course she was right, but at the time I was sure it had been worth it. Several days later we were visiting her family. Her dad was a widower with a live-in girlfriend. Also living in the house were Tammy's two younger sisters and the girlfriend's young son. The youngest sister, Tracy, was about 16, a little plump but very cute. One night we came home fairly late.

The house was quiet, so we assumed everyone was in bed. When we were visiting we would always take blankets out to the backyard at night so we could fuck, even though we had a room in the basement.

This night Tammy had me strip in the basement room. She tied my hands behind my back and tied a cord around my balls.

Grabbing some blankets she started tugging me up the stairs and out the back door. As soon as we got outside we could see we weren't alone. Two people were sitting in the dark on lawnchairs. As we walked by I could see that it was Tracy and one of her friends.

We walked right between them without speaking. I heard them both gasp when they realized I was naked even in the dark they had to see my rock-hard cock as I walked by. I realized what was going to happen as we headed towards the backyard clothesline. We walked up to the closest pole. Tammy fed the line maya has anal sex to stay pure my balls back between my legs.

Tugging on it, she made me back up to the pole. She tied it off to the pole. Then, she looped another cord around my neck and tied it to the pole too.

With another cord she cinched a tight loop around the base of my cock. She made me lift my left foot up, then tied the other end of that cord to my big toe. If I had a flute in my hands I would have looked like Ian Anderson. Instead I was a naked guy with a hard cock, standing on one leg and tied up to a pole.

Tammy worked her way down the clothesline, pulling pins off the line and tossing them back at my feet. Tracy asked what was going on, so Tammy invited them over to see what she was about to do to this "asshole." I think she was actually still pissed, not just using this as an opportunity to have public sex.

The girls got out of their chairs. By the time they got over, Tammy was kneeling in front of me and scooping the pins into a neat pile. Tammy told the girls she was punishing me for being a prick. She attached the 1st clothespin to my foreskin (I was circumcised, any bunny xx vidifull sex stories porn still had a little loose skin).

I hissed in pain, both girls oohed and ahhed. Tammy told the girls that she was going to put pins on my cock and balls until she ran out or she couldn't get any more on. The girls could help if they wanted. Amazingly they knelt down and started to pitch in.

Tammy kept putting pins on my foreskin until there was no more room. Then she started putting them in neat little rows down the shaft of my cock. She left my cock head clear. Meanwhile, the girls were attaching pins to my balls.

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I couldn't believe how much it was hurting. I was begging them quietly to quit, I felt like screaming. At one point Tammy pointed out to the other girls that if they had been neater about how they put the pins on my balls instead of so random there would be room for more.

Tammy had managed to put 19 on my cock. She told the girls to start over on the balls. She told them to count as they took them off so they could see how much better they did when they put them back on, their goal was to top 19.

The two girls started pulling them off so they could do it again. The pain was incredible. Tammy sensed I was about to yell out so she stood and clamped a hand over my mouth. She was staring into my eyes. Quickly she removed her hand and started kissing me. She also started to twist my nipples. Finally the girls had the clothespins off my balls 11 in total. I felt one of the girls gently grab the head of my cock and lift it up out of the way even though it was hard all the pins hanging off it were in the way of my balls.

The sensation of her fingers on my cockhead was wonderful I was moaning past Tammy's lips. I could feel the girls putting clothespins back on my balls. I could definitely tell they were packing them on more tightly. They cheered when the 19th pin went on. Tammy knelt down with the girls and they each put one more on. I could look down to see it was Tracy's friend Ann that was holding my cockhead. I was falling in love with her. Tammy crawled under my leg that was tied up and spread the ass cheek with one hand.

With the other she put a line of pins from my balls to my asshole. Five pins and she was done. 19 on the cock, 22 on the balls, and 5 in a line to my asshole.

Ann asked if she could put a clothespin on my pisshole. Suddenly I hated her. Tammy said sure but wait a minute. She told Ann and Tracy to watch what she was about to do. Tammy took the clothespins on my foreskin and folded them all back so they were laying along my cockshaft. That really stretched my foreskin tight; the feeling was indescribable.

She then kind of pushed Ann's hand out of the way with her cheek and slipped my cock head into her mouth. She slid her lips down to the line of clothespins on my foreskin. She fucks to pay the workers blowjob and teen looked up at me and swirled her tongue on my cock head.

Suddenly she bit down on my cock and started smacking the shaft with both hands. I jerked like I'd been electrocuted. It hurt so much I had no breath to scream. I tried to twist my cock away from her mouth but she had bit down hard right behind the cock head.

Finally she quit. I was trembling all over and could barely stand. I begged Tammy not to do it again. She said she wouldn't, but the other girls would get to try. She told Tracy to go next. Tracy was into what was happening, but she must have been a little shy. She didn't hesitate, but she didn't put her mouth on my cock either.

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Instead she grabbed the head and started to shake my cock back and forth. I was able to jerk my cock out of her hand, then twist back and forth to keep it away, although my movements hurt plenty because of the way the clothespins were swinging.

Tammy smacked me in the balls, which took the fight out immediately. I sagged down against the ropes, and Tammy jumped up to help me stand. After a bit I had started to recover.

Tammy told the girls they could hit me in the balls any time I needed it. My cock had gone down to half-mast because of the pain. Tammy asked me to get it hard again.

I said if someone would help by licking or gently playing with my cock head I'd be okay. Tracy started running her fingernails over my cock head. It felt so good that I began to groan and move my hips a little. My cock stiffened back up. She tightened her grip and started to shake it back and forth again. This time I had to let it happen. It didn't hurt as bad as what Tammy had done.

Actually, it was really exciting to watch my girlfriend's teenage sister playing with my cock. Ann was next. She took the head of my cock in her mouth just like Tammy did. As soon as her teeth got past my cock head, she bit down hard and started shaking her head back and forth like super hot blonde kagney linn karter seduce nerd hd dog with a chew toy.

She even growled, she was having so much fun. It was great to watch but so painful I tried to scream after just a few seconds. Tammy clamped her hand over my mouth. After a while Tammy told Ann to stop, but that she could put a pin on my pisshole.

Damn that pin hurt when it went on. The girls untied me from the pole, and untied my toe so I could drop my leg. Tammy told the girls to each grab a cord and follow her. Ann had the cord that was tied to my balls, Tracy had the cord tied to my cock.

Ann really yanked hard as we followed Tammy. Those girls pulled me around the house, through the front yard, across the street, and into the neighbor's front yard! Every time I thought Tammy had reached her limit she did something even wilder.

Tammy had me lie down. She tied one of the cords to one big toe, and the other cord to the other big toe. Then she told me that she and the girls would be across the street in the back having a beer.

I was welcome to come over when I felt like it. Then they left just like that. There was less than a foot of slack in each of the cords. I managed to get to my feet and start duckwalking. I was so low that the clothespins on my balls were dragging and getting caught on the ground. I tried kneewalking, but when I got to the concrete sidewalk that hurt too.

As I sort of crabwalked into the street I saw Tammy come around the corner of the house. I thought for sure she had taken pity and was going to untie me. Instead, she had a handful of clothespins, which she proceeded to clamp onto my nipples.

Then she started kissing me while she gently touched the head of my cock. At one point she took the pin off the end of my cock and started to suck me. I hissed in pain when the pin came off, but soon started to moan in pleasure. Schoolgirl anastasia knight sucks and rides santas cock pleasure from the cocksucking mixed with the pain from all the clothespins was making my head spin.

She asked if I could cum this way and I said sure, I thought I could. She replaced the pin on the tip of my cock and said that if I wanted a blowjob I better get across the street, because she and the girls were about to go in for the night, then she left. I did my best to hurry across the street and into the backyard. At one point I saw someone crossing the street at the end of the block, but I wasn't spotted. When I got around the corner of the house I could see that Tammy, Tracy and Ann had put out the blankets and were enjoying themselves.

I crawled up to them, wondering which one of the girls would suck me off. I was hoping that it would be Ann; she seemed like such a crazy little bitch that I was sure it would be hot. Tammy untied my toes so I could stretch out my legs. Then Ann grabbed the cords and pulled them both back up towards my head. She was relentless; to relieve the pressure I had to swing my legs up over my head. My cock was dangling there right above my mouth. The clothespins on the tip and foreskin were pushing against my face.

I knew then exactly what would happen next. Tammy said that they had taken a vote to see who got to blow me and guess what: I won! I think I went a little nuts at that point. Looking at my cock, I realized I really did want to suck it if I could. The first problem was the clothespin on the tip, which was lying against my cheek.

I turned my head a bit, opened my mouth, and bit down on the clothespin, releasing it off my cock head.

That really stung. I spit out the pin. I was working on one of the pins on the foreskin when I heard Tammy say no way, those had to stay on.

A hand snaked into my vision and folded all those pins back again, exposing my cockhead. I worked my shoulders and legs around, trying to get my cock closer to my mouth. I felt my cock head push against my lips. Tammy then got behind me and slipped two fingers into my ass, then with both hands girls 420 net 89 com my ass cheeks she pushed down.

We looked at each other as I took my own cock into my mouth. God I was so turned on! My cock slipped in until my lips were against the clothespins. I bit down lightly right behind the cock head to see how it felt. I loved it! I worked my tongue around. I loved that too! I sucked as hard as I could, churning my tongue around, and shaking my head back and forth to rub my lips against the shaft.

All of the things I'd done to Mike's cock 6 years ago I was now doing to my own. Having your own cock in your mouth is such a unique and intense experience that I can't really describe it. My whole universe was narrowing down to a few things my cock, my mouth, and my orgasm. I was aware of all the pain from the clothespins, and I knew the girls were watching but at this point everything added to my excitement.

My body stiffened as I started to cum. I moaned desperately as I realized my cock was about to pull out of my mouth. I bit harder to keep it in. Tammy helped by pushing down. My asshole clenched around her fingers.

She told me not to swallow. That got me even more excited. Jets of cum shot out past my tongue and started to fill the back of my mouth. Finally my body relaxed. Tammy asked if I wanted to let my cock out. I moaned and shook my head no. I was still feeling my orgasm, plus I could feel that some of my cum was still trapped at the base of my cock by the loop tied around it.

I wanted that cum, so I started squeezing my muscles to try and force it past the cord. Tammy must have realized what was happening, because she started milking the base of my cock with the hand that wasn't up my ass. It hurt like hell because of all the pins on my cock, but rapidly turned into a feeling that was almost like a second orgasm. Together we got the cum past the loop, down my cockshaft and into my mouth. I layed there in post-orgasmic bliss, gently sucking my own cock.

Tammy smiled as she watched me she knew what I was doing. Finally I let my cock pop out. The back of my mouth was full of cum and spit. Tammy told me not to swallow it yet. Tammy told Ann to tie the cords back to my toes. A little awkwardly I got my legs back down, with Tammy's fingers still in my ass. With her other hand she gently rubbed my body. Then she planted a knee in my chest and told the girls to start taking off the pins. Ann took off the first pin, then immediately two more.

I arched up and almost lifted Tammy off me. By this time they'd been on for at least an hour. Lot's of experience has since spy vid of housewife caroline fingering in bedroom masturbation and masturbate Tammy and me that the longer they stay on the more they hurt when they come off. Tracy freaked out from my reactions and refused to participate.

Ann was having the time of her life. I realized what I'd put Tammy through earlier, but I also thought that what was happening to me must hurt worse, because I had a lot more pins on, and they'd been on a lot longer. As Ann pulled pins off I tried to buck Tammy off my chest. I swallowed my cum so I could beg them to stop. Tammy told her to stop for a bit so I could quiet down.

Ann smacked me in the balls, but at least she stopped with the pins. Eventually I calmed down. Tammy and Ann worked out a plan to get the rest of the pins off without driving me completely insane. Ann pushed a finger up my ass next to Tammy's. I think I now had three fingers up there. I couldn't believe a 16 year old girl would finger a guy's ass, but Ann was something special.

I knew I had to get with her somehow later. Ann started pulling pins off again. The girls decided when to start and stop by how hard my asshole was gripping their fingers. There were so many pins it felt like it went on forever. Finally they were done. I was a mess. Sweat was pouring off my body. Every thing ached. My limp cock and balls were still extremely sensitive from the pain. My nipples were on fire. I could see angry red marks from the pins, even in the dark.

Tammy pulled her fingers from my ass and started rubbing them on my face. I knew she wanted me to suck them into my mouth. At this point I didn't care what happened. I opened my mouth and sucked her fingers. Ann still had a finger in my ass. With her other hand she started to stroke my cock. I asked her stop because the pain was still too great. She leaned down and sucked my cock into her mouth. She looked up my body at me, and started licking and sucking it gently.

I was in love again. Her soft little lips and tongue were soothing the pain away. Tammy sat back to watch. Ann carefully and patiently sucked on my cock until it was stiff again. The cord around the base, which had been loose because my cock was limp, tightened back up.

I felt like my cock was going to burst, there was so much blood trapped in it. Ann pulled her mouth off and started sucking my balls. When my cock popped out of her mouth, it was more swollen and angry looking then I'd ever seen it.

Tammy was so amazed she had to touch it. She asked Ann if she'd ever sucked a cock before. With my balls still in her mouth Ann shook her head no. Tammy said she was jealous. She played with my cock while Ann continued to suck my balls. Ann took my cock back in her mouth, pushing Tammy's fingers down the shaft. Watching me all the time, she bobbed her head up and down. Tammy took her hand off my cock and put it on Ann's head. My orgasm was building. I was thrusting into her mouth as best I could, but I was basically trapped.

My cock and balls were still tied to my toes, and Ann was laying on my legs. God did I cum. My d porn game mercy fucking sound play free tightened up around Ann's finger. I could feel my body pushing hard to force the cum past the loop at the base of my cock. My cock spouted cum into Ann's mouth. Her eyes got wide when the first pulse hit her tongue. That's when I knew this really was her first blowjob. I think she may have tried to pull her head away, but Tammy kept it on my cock while I finished.

I watched that sweet little girl come to terms with the sloppy creampie for the wonderful alexa nicole brunette and blowjob load of cum she'd ever had in her mouth.

Some of it dribbled out of her mouth down the side of my cock. Finally she swallowed. It was so cool to feel her swallow with my cock still in her mouth. Tammy let Ann pull her mouth off my cock. I told her she was amazing, and that I wanted a kiss.

She pulled her finger out of my ass and crawled up my body. We kissed. I could taste my cum in her mouth. It felt like we kissed forever, it was so good. When we finally stopped she laid her head on my chest. Tammy and I looked at each other. To be continued. .