Desi indian mumbai hot bhabhi exposing on webcam

Desi indian mumbai hot bhabhi exposing on webcam
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This is a fantasy/fictional story about a 21 year-old who came home from college for a summer job. Turns out, one of his part-time jobs happened to be with his next-door neighbor- a recently divorced, busty cougar nurse. He then gets an extra incentive he only used to fantasize about growing up.

And from then on, their relationship grew ever so strong. NOTE: Not too long of a story, nor is it brief. But it starts a little slow at first, but it picks up when Vance goes next door over to Marcy's house. Let me know what you think, then post below.

Thank you. June of 1993. As a kid growing up, I always had a crush for my next-door neighbor. I'm an athleticly built, 6' 2" tall fella who could nail any hot, young or older broad I'd ever wanted to.

My drop-dead gorgous, cougar halida sert sikis tazestorylar c om who at the time was seventeen years older than I was, happened to be a registered nurse at a regional medical center in our southwestern suburbanite hometown near Cincinnati Ohio.

Her name was Marcy. Marcy just went through a recent divorce after finding out her hubby who was not only cheating on her, but the mistress that he was banging also got pregnant by him as well.

Which begged the question: How do you cheat on a gorgous MILF of a wife anyway? Even after birthing two kids, Marcy kept her goddess-like figure after all those years. Marcy was a tall, slender but very athletic kind of gal who always had an hour-glass toned body.

She had nice, wavy auburn hair that was shoulder length.

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She was also nicely tanned and has a perfect round ass with a busty 36D-cup sized, firmed breasts. Having said all of that, this is where the story gets rather interesting.

About a week or so after I came home from college where I'd just finished up my junior year, Marcy comes over and offers me hot latina monica asis gets pussy rammed part-time summer job. "Hey Vance," she said. Then I answered her calling, "Oh hey Marcy, what's up?" "Not a whole lot," Marcy replied.

"I got a favor to ask you. Do you have a minute?" "Sure," I said. Then I asked her, "What is it you want to discuss with me?" "Well," she said, "whilemy two kids are away for the summer and my ex-husband is now out of the picture, I was wondering if you'll keep the lawn up every week.

Could you do that?" "Sure, I'll do that," I voluntary replied. "I could do it on days that I'm not working, weather permitting of course though." "Thanks, studly neighbor, " she said with a flirting wink.

"Why don't you come over later and we'll discuss it over a few drinks, alright?" "No problem," I said. "I'll walk over after dinner, sound good?" Then she replied, "Perfect!" So during supper early that early summer evening, me and my widowed mother had a brief duscussion. "Did Marcy offer you a part-time job keeping up her yard for the summer?" my mom asked me.

"Yes, she did mom," I answered. Then I continued, "She wants me to go over there later after supper so we can discuss payment and incentives for me." "Cool!" my mom said like she has no objection to the idea.

Then she added, "I'm going to see a movie tonight with your aunt Susie and your cousin Melinda, so you got the house to yourself. "That'll be cool," I said. "You ladies haven't done anything in a while.

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Have fun!!" "Thanks dear," my mom said. Then she added, "By the way, you better be on your best behavior while your over at Marcy's. I know you still have a huge crush on her, especially now that she's single again." "I'll do my best mom," I said. "But you never know, maybe she'll make a pass at me." "I'm not saying she won't give it to you, she likes you a lot," my mom said.

"All I'm saying is be yourself, and be a man about it." And with that, we both finished up dinner then cleaned up. It's clear that my mother knew I had a raging hard-on for our next-door blond teen slut pounded and cum showered by her stepbro Marcy. Later that evening as soon as my mother, Sara left to meet up with aunt Susie and cousin Melinda, I hurried up and walked over next door to Marcy's house.

No sooner did I'd rang the doorball, out came Marcy in her skimpy, neon-green bikini. If you thought I had a bulging hard-on before, my big, thick ten-inch cock was throbbing even harder now. Then Marcy said, "Please come in Vance." Marcy led me through the living room, through the kitchen, and out through the back sliding door onto the patio where she'd been for the last hour or so relaxing in her heated pool. She also had on the patio table adultmemberzone stacked slut gets the lassiter and amateur list and some keys to her garage and the shed where she kept the lawnmower.

Then I asked her, "So what should we dicuss?" "Well," Marcy said, "Here's a list and a layout on how I want the grass cut and the weeds whacked." "Okay," I said, "so which keys belong to what here?" "All four of these keys are colored for a reason," she said. "The red and the white ones are for both the shed and the garage, the green one is to start up the lawnmower and the orange key is for the house in case you need to go to the bathroom.

Any other questions?" "Where do you keep the weed-whacker snd the gas cans for the mower in case I happen to run low?" I asked her. "The weed-whacker is hanging up in the garage and the gas cans are in the shed along with the lawnmower." "Oh, okay. That's all I needed to know," I said to her. Then I asked her another question, "What about your pool?

Who's gonna take care of that?" Then she answered, "I have my older brother coming over every week to maintain it while I'm at work. So I'm all set on that. But I do appreciate you asking me though." And so she offered me a cold drink in which I greatly accepted, then we decided to chat a little more. Then after about a half an hour, she asks me a daring & personal question, "Have you ever thought about making a personal pass at me?" "Do you mean like giving you an open-mouthed kiss?" I asked her.

Then she replied, "For starters, yes. But I also want you to do more than that with me." "What is it that you want me to do?" I asked like I was dumb-founded.

Then Marcy got up, took me by the hand and said to me, "Why don't you come with me and I'll show you." And so we both got up and went back into the house.

Then she guided me back through the kitchen, down the hallway before finally coming to the entrance to her master bedroom. Before we went in, she puts her arms around me and gave the biggest, best open-mouth kiss. We kissed for a minute or so. Then finally, she said to me, "Vance, I want you to fuck me. It's been a while since I had a cock deep inside of me." "You really want to get it on with me, don't you?" I said. Then she replied, "I want you to stick that thick hunk of meat that's bulging through the fabric of your shorts deep inside of my wet, tight pussy.

Please!!!!" It was obviously clear that she was both hungry & desperate to get laid. So I opened the door, lifted her up and then I carried her through the threshold until I plopped her on the bed right on her back. Then once I did that, I got on top of her and we kissed some more.

She then put her hands behind her back and undid her skimpy bikini top exposing two natural wonders of the world- her all natural grapefruit 36D tits. "Damn sweetheart!

Those are some great nipples to go with those huge tanned jugs!" I reacted in astonishment. Then she unbuttoned my shorts, unzipped them until she was able to pull them down along with my boxers- exposing my humongous shaft.

Then she begged again, "I gotta have deep inside of me., NOW!!" So I lowered her bikini thong all the way down to her ankles, exposing her neatly trimmed but thick bush around her pussy.

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And she wasn't bullshittin', because I could already see that is was already" saturated as she really, really wants it. Then she asks me, "Well, you like what you see baby?" "Hell yes sweetheart!" I said. And so after I took her thong completely off, I got in between her legs right up to her ass. Then I positioned the head of my thick cock on her hairy slit.

I teased hrr clit a little first in order to get really aroused. She she let's out a gentle moan, "Don't tease me like that Vance honey, put it in my pussy very slowly." And so after I teased it a little, I positioned my cock at the entrance of her tight cunt.

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I made circular motions at first so I could easily slide it in slowly without having to split her wide open in two. So I began to push my cock deep in her a couple of inches at a time. She was right, her pussy WAS tight. So at first, I easily fucked her with nice, light, gentle & very slow strokes until I was able to stretch her pussy lips open a little.

After a few minutes of slow fucking and her light moaning, she cried out, "Fuck me harder. Go faster., go deeper. Please!!" And so she gave me the green light. After I went deeper inside of her tight pussy without having to puncture her cervix, I pumped even harder & a lot faster- thus picking up the pace.

Then she screams with pleasure in between her heavy breaths, "God Vance, you., feel., so., fucking., good., deep., inside., of., me!! Fuck., me., harder!!" And so then I kicked it sunny leone xxxcom xxxcom story story a notch. The faster & harder that I'm fucking her, it's clear that after a while her pussy will have somewhat of a gaping hole. But who knows? But what the fuck did Boor chatne wala se story care anyway?

I was having the time of my life pounding away on my cougar neighbor, and I never had it this good. As I continued to fuck Marcy, her pussy is now burning hot all around my cock. But then she yells out in between her breaths again, "Oh., oh., oh., I., I'm., gonna., cum!!" At first, I thought she was pulling my leg. But then as her inner walls of her cunt began to shudder & clampen all around my huge shaft, it was clear that she really meant business.

About a minute later, she let's out the loudest moan I've ever heard any woman yell out. "YES., YES., FUCK., YES., YYEESSS!!!!" Her orgasm sent her over the edge as it sent waves throughout her body as her love juices began to spew and lubricate around my cock, thus oozing out of her pussy like cylinders lubricating in an engine. As she continued her ultimate climax, I too was nearing mine as well.

My balls began to boil and churn as my cock begins to stiffen inside of her hot cunt. Then I said with a grunt, "I'm gonna cum!" "Cum in me Vance," she yells out in between breaths. "Cum., in., my. pussy!!" As I started to build up as my cock is now stiffened inside of her. Then with one last push & thrust, I erupted like a volcano.

I yelled out with a giant moaning grunt, "OHHHHHHH., SHHHHIIIITTTTTT!!!!

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FUUCCKK YEEAAHHHH!!!!" I spewed thick spurt after thick spurt of my precious baby protein, until my balls were completly milked and emptied inside of Marcy's womb. After I fired about maybe eight or nine thick streams of sperm, both of us fell back to earth.

Then not long after, I collapsed right on top of her giant boobs while still stiffed and spent deep inside of her pussy. After we both relaxed and took breathers, she adked, "So how was I? Did I turn you into a REAL man?" Then I answered, "To be honest, you're the real woman that made me a real man." Puzzled, she asked, "What do you mean?".

"Well," I said, "the only other two gals I've ever dated and fucked never even came close like you did tonight. And even though I wore protection, they always told me to pull out." "Well, that makes sense," she said. Then she makes a request, "I want you to do something for me." Then I asked, "And what that might be?" "Besides taking care of my yard & lawn," shecsaid, "I want you to fuck me as much as you can & like.

That's one of the extra incentives I'm giving you." "So let me get this straight," I asked with caution, "you're gonna pay me cash AND put out for me too?" Then she replied, "Precisely." "Cool," I said.

Then I added, "I guess that's what my mom meant by me being manly and being myself." "That's because she knew that it was a matter of time before Id ask you to fuck me," she said. "We both knew you'd always fantasized about fucking me and having a crush on me. Well tonight, your fantasy became a reality." "You're right about that," I said. And so we laid and relaxed some more for about another twenty minutes.

Then she said, "Well, you definitly got the job stud. I want you to start next week Monday." And so we got up, washed up in the master bathroom after smelling like fresh fish. Then we kissed some more before I got dressed and Marcy put on her robe. Then after I put my clothes back on, she walked me out of the house. Then I said to her, "Bye neighbor." "Bye stud," she said as she gave me the flirted smile.

So I slowly walked back over to my house, thinking what I've just did with my next door neighbor. All I could say is, she was the best piece of fish I've ever fucked. I'm not saying she some piece of meat, I think this may be a start to what I hope is a new relstionship- considering all of the bullshit she'd been through within the last several months.

About a couple of hours after I got home, my mom came home. And right behind her, was my aunt Susie and my cousin Melinda. "Hi Vance, we're back," my mom said. "Oh, hi mom, my aunt Susie, hi Melinda," I answered. "So how was the movie?" Then Melinda answered, "The movie wasn't too bad, it could've been better though." Then aunt Susie began to suspiciously sniff toward me and asked patricia diamond th birthday with interracial anal big black cock and hardcore sex an interesting qu4stion, "Did you get laid tonight with a woman?" "What made you ask that?" I asked her.

Then she replied, "I know cunt scent when I smell it. You cindy crawford chupando e metendo com vĂ¡rios www tvbuceta com tube porn like fish." Hearing me snd aunt Susie talk in the kitchen, my mom began to cheer like she was expecting me to score, "Ahhh., so you & Marcy got it on tonight.

Huh!!" "Who's Marcy?" Melinda ask. Then I answered, "Marcy is our next-door neighbor. She gave me a summer job keeping her lawn up." "And sexual favors are one of the perks?" aunt Susie asked. Then I answered, "Yes, the real incentive is cash." Then Malinda chimed in, "I guess that's one of the benifits of being a stud in the Buckeye State." "I guess so," my mom said as she also chimed in. Then she said, "To be honest, I'm very happy for you Vance.

For once, a real woman turned you into a real man." And my mom was right. But there was one thing that suddenly dawned on me about Marcy, was she fixed or was she on the pill? Even though she was 38, some eoman that age are still fertile.

Only time will tell. All I knew then, this would be possibly one of the best summers that I've had in years.

Please let me know what you think by leaving feedback below. Thanks!! Speedinator72