Mistress rhiannon fucks her boyfriend in the kitchen

Mistress rhiannon fucks her boyfriend in the kitchen
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-------- Part 1 -------- Living in a cramped apartment wasn't easy, and as a girl, sharing almost every aspect of my life was tremendously complicated. Since we lived in the downtown area of a large city, space was hard to come by; my mother, my sister, and I had to share two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a small living room that had a kitchen attached as an after-thought.

The bathroom was disgraceful, each of us our own sets of makeup, our own razors, our own shampoos, our own towels, etc. Everything always got mixed up, and my sister would often use my stuff, whether intentionally or not.

Worst of all, though, I had to share a crowded bedroom with my younger sister, Rebecca, or Becca for short. We usually got along well, but the notion of having very little privacy often infuriated me. In addition to having to wait for the bathroom's vacancy, I couldn't look at the computer without the fear of someone peering over my shoulder, and I couldn't change clothes without waiting until someone left the room, and I couldn't play with myself at night without the anxiety of my sister hearing the commotion.

Becca was a cute girl, and she was growing nicely into a woman's body. She ran track for the school, so she had a healthy frame with a flat tummy, and her shaven legs had a modest muscle tone. Her hips were maturing into the ideal hourglass figure, and she boasted beautifully shaped breasts.

Her light brown hair, which she usually wore in a ponytail, reached to her shoulders. She wore makeup lightly, and she had an earring in each ear. Her face was flawless, and her skin was smooth. When she smiled, she showed off her adorable dimples and her pearly teeth. Overall, Becca was becoming quite a head-turner.

I, too, took pride in myself. My body was similar to Becca's, except that my hair was a darker shade of brown, and my breasts were slightly bigger. But even in an all-girl family, and even though we were all very attractive, we were very asexual; apart from when we first got our periods, Mom never talked about sex in any capacity. Mom never discussed boys, condoms, masturbation, etc.

Also, Becca and I never discussed anything either, and even when we changed clothes, we did it in privacy because we never felt comfortable seeing each other naked. Indeed, life was tough in the small apartment, but Xxx classic fr alpha france gerard kikoine enquetes brigitte lahaie desiree cousteau karine gambier managed to survive. One day, however, our sisterly relationship began to change. Becca and I had come into the apartment after having visited the community pool.

We wore bikinis, and there were several cute boys around outside that made me horny. It didn't take a lot to arouse me, and I felt the need to touch myself daily. I just assumed my horniness was a normal part of being a girl. "Hey, Becca," I said. "Yeah," she replied in her soft, cute voice as she dried her hair. I joked, "I think that boy was staring at you." She blushed.

"What?" "Yeah, you know," I continued. "How do you know he wasn't staring at you," she retorted with a cheeky grin. I x storys men drinks women boob milk.

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As much as I was interested in the cute boys, Becca, too, was fabulous. She wore a bikini, which was enough to shroud her private areas but also showcased her figure fairly well. In fact, her top even revealed some of her sideboob, which I hot alluring babe fingering herself and using dildo for self satisfaction caught myself gazing at. Becca's body often fascinated me. Even though I was more mature than her, she was a stunning girl, and I often scolded myself for thinking such thoughts about my sister.

"I'm going to take a shower," I said. "Okay," Becca replied. "I'll change in the bedroom." I nodded and walked into the bathroom. In the bathroom, I stripped naked and turned on the water. I loved taking showers; it was the only time I had to enjoy my privacy. My favorite thing to do was sit on the floor of the tub with the showerhead against my pussy. Often, I could cum in fewer than three minutes, so I assumed that nobody would suspect what I was doing. On this particular day, I had every intention of doing the same thing.

But as I tried to step under the water, it was bone-chilling cold. I waited a few more minutes, but the water was unbearably frigid. I tried to walk under it, but my body couldn't handle the chill. I turned the water off and put my clothes back on. Becca was sitting on the couch in the living room. "Becca," I said. "Yeah?" she replied. I said, "The water isn't working." "What do you mean?" she asked.

"It won't get hot," I replied. "Tell Irresistible lesbians know how to masturbate properly Becca answered. "She just got here." Mom, after hearing Becca say her name, poked her head out of her bedroom.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "The water won't get hot," I said. She rolled her eyes and went to check for herself. Likewise, she came out after a few minutes and said, "You're right." After a five-minute conversation with the landlord, it became evident that I wasn't going to be able to take a shower that day, and that I was going to have to wait until tomorrow to satisfy my teenaged hormones.

I thought about fingering myself on the toilet, but that would've been too noisy, and it always took more time to use my fingers than it did with the showerhead. Perhaps my sex drive was higher than most girls, or maybe not. I was in the mood to play with myself, but since I was unable to, I was horny for the rest of the day. But Becca was doing homework in the bedroom for most of the night, and then she just sat on her computer.

Mom always occupied the TV in the living room. There was no place for my privacy. Becca even made it worse; she wore a low-cut tank top without a bra, advertising a bit of her cleavage. I tried to ignore things like that, especially since it was my sister, but sometimes I had trouble. In order to relieve myself, I decided that I was going to wait until Becca had fallen asleep, then I was going to play with my pussy right next to her. It was risky, but it was the only way I knew how to alleviate my sexual tension without drawing suspicion to myself by sitting noisily on the toilet.

Around 11:00 p.m., Becca was still on her computer when I walked into the bedroom. I asked, "Are you ready for bed?" Becca nodded. She put her computer down and started removing her items from the top of the covers, and then she took off her jeans; she always wore a pair of panties to sleep in. This night, in sani leinxxx full sex stories story, she wore a light green pair.

"Are you tired?" I asked hoping she'd say 'yes.' "I guess so," she replied. We shared a bed, which took up most of the room. On either side of the bed there was only about a foot of space, and at the screwed hard is what that gorgeous babe wants to be schoolgirl japanese of the bedroom, there was a desk and two dressers.

There wasn't room for enough space for two beds, but we didn't mind sharing since the bed was large, and neither of us tossed and turned too much during the night. Becca climbed into bed and pulled the covers up to her chin and cuddled herself. "Good night," I said. Becca whispered, "Good night." I climbed in bed beside Becca, but there was still a considerable amount of space between us. Since I had lain on my left side, I was facing her direction to watch for her to fall asleep.

The room was dimly lit by the streetlight outside, enough so that I could see everything in the room with a minimal level of detail.

I wanted to play with myself, but I had to wait for Becca to fall asleep. Normally, I was a heavy sleeper who dozed off fairly quickly. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't control my horniness; thinking about it all day had only made it worse.

Becca, though, wasn't falling asleep. She lay on her back twirling her fingers in the air, biting her nails occasionally. I began getting frustrated. I lay still, though, fearing that I would only keep her awake if I moved.

Eventually, she stopped playing with her hands and slipped them under the covers. After having lain in bed for nearly thirty minutes, and just as I thought she was close to falling asleep, Becca softly cleared her throat and took a deep breath.

She shifted a little so that her body was in a new position; she lay on her back, but she bent her knees. Through the dim light of the bedroom, I could see the figure of her body. Of course, her face and neck were uncovered, but Caught out continued (kWs0) rest of her body lay beneath the blankets.

Under the covers, I saw the hill that her breasts made followed by the valley created by her stomach, which was overshadowed by the mountain her knees had produced.

Perhaps she was uncomfortable or unable to sleep. For a few moments, Becca didn't do much of anything other than lie still. My eyes were open, squinted rather than fully open. She kept glancing at me, but I suspected that she couldn't tell that my eyes weren't closed.

Suddenly, I noticed something small wiggling in the valley of her blanket, just above where her pussy would be. Slowly, the blanket moved up and down over her waist as if she were slowly rubbing her pussy.

She was very calm, though, and the rubbing moved without haste. I couldn't tell if she was fingering herself or if she was simply twirling her thumbs as she had been doing earlier. Nonetheless, I became intrigued, and my heart started to pump furiously at the slight implication that my little sister might have been playing with herself. A few more moments passed, and I observed every motion she made.

Her face was still, and she breathed regularly, but the slow motion under her blanket was steady. Momentarily, she stopped. She looked around the room, even glancing at me for a few seconds, presumably to see if my eyes were opened or closed. I guess she couldn't see my peeking, and the movement beneath her blanket continued, but it had become more vivid.

But still, the movement was slow, and Becca was otherwise motionless. My heart continued to race as if it expected me to run a marathon. I tried to control my breathing to pretend that I was asleep, but my pounding heart made it difficult to relax. Evidently, though, Becca didn't notice my silent panic, because the movement under the blanket continued.

Abruptly, the movement quickened, and now it was accompanied by a sound.

The sound was likely from her hand either rubbing against her panties or the blanket. It was now clear to me that she was rubbing her pussy, and my heart started beating harder than before; the thumping was so hard that I could feel it in my head. I couldn't believe that watching my sister pleasure herself. The mound her hand created under the blanket was moving faster, and Becca was no longer perfectly still as it must've started to feel good.

In the shadows, I saw her lips tighten as she became more focused. Her chest began to move the blanket up and down faster as her breathing accelerated. Her knees started to sway back and forth ever so slightly.

All the while, her hand movement over her pussy became louder and noisier. Already, I had became hornier than I had ever been in my life; I felt an intense tingling sensation in my pussy, and I felt it growing wetter and wetter. While the movement under Becca's blanket remained consistent, and the fapping noise against the fabric remained unchanged, the slight sound of wetness filled the air. It was soft, but I could hear her fingers sliding up and down her pussy aided by its juices.

It sounded like her hand was moving with greater ease as the juices made her pussy slipperier. Becca's mouth started to change shapes; she varied between having it open and heather deep st shower deep throat cum swallow trailer it closed, and sometimes she clinched her teeth. Her rubbing became even quicker, and the fapping noises amplified.

Her breathing became obviously strained, and it was clear that she was about to cum. She started making cute noises, but she obviously tried to hold back the volume. Occasionally, she uttered a hollow 'ugh' sound, or sometimes a breathy sigh. The harder and faster she rubbed herself, the wetter I heard her pussy become, and the wetter I felt mine grow.

I couldn't believe what I was witnessing, and my heart couldn't take any more excitement. I felt like I was about to have a stroke from the immense amount of pressure the thrill created. But I lay as still as possible, and I tried my best to fake my sleep. In many senses, I was terrified to move; just one squirm or maneuver could cause Becca to stop altogether.

And at this point, Becca was close to cumming, so close that she started squirming. Faster and faster her hand moved, and louder her fapping became. Her heavy breathing and breathy moans contributed to the noises of her pleasure. Her hips started to shift in the bed, and her chest rose and fell quickly now as she was close to cumming. Her knees started to wiggle back and forth under the blanket, and her mouth continued to vary between open and closed.

Finally, Becca placed her left hand behind her head and clenched the pillow. She took one last gasp of air and then started shaking beneath the covers. She was cumming. As the pleasure resounded throughout her body, her head ducked forward, then back. With every wave of pleasure that shot across her body, she ducked her head forward again, then back.

Her face continued to twitch, and her knees shook back and forth. Her hand stopped moving, but perhaps the pleasure was too much for her to handle. She sounded like she wanted to moan, but the only sound that came out was a voiceless gag. Her body finished convulsing, and she lay still. For a few moments, she lay with her knees in the air, panting, trying to catch her breath. Once she was relaxed, she was ready to sleep.

She pulled her hand from under the covers, and I heard her panties' elastic band pop against her skin. She put her fingers to her nose and smelled them. To conclude the day, she rolled onto her side, facing away from me, and fell asleep.

I was in awe, and mixed emotions were bouncing around my brain. My heartbeat was so incredibly intense that I had trouble breathing. How could I have been so infatuated with my sister?

Why did she make me so wet? Does she do this every night? These were the questions I pondered as Becca drifted to sleep. She must've cum so hard that her body was exhausted. Becca fell asleep almost immediately after she rolled over. At last, I could relieve myself. I rolled onto my back, and then looked toward Becca again just to make sure that I had not disturbed her.

I slipped my hand under my pajama bottoms; my pussy was wetter than I had ever felt it before.

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Slowly, I started rubbing circles around my pussy, spreading my juices all around. Briefly, I took my fingers out and played with the goo on my fingers. It was warm, sticky, and slimy.

I smelled it just like my sister did with hers. My hand sneaked under my bottoms again, and I started to finger myself. It felt good, and the already-present tingling feeling immediately grew stronger.

My slow rubbing only lasted for a few seconds. I couldn't hold myself back any longer, so I started rubbing my pussy with a serious amount of furry. My lady fapping was loud, but Becca was asleep. Even if she could hear me, the thought of her listening to me excited me even more.

Mom and daughter huge strapon fuck rubbed myself so hard and so fast I felt like I was going to cum in less than a minute. Then I started to use my fingers ebony girl plays with her body and dick a cock; I took two fingers and plunged them inside of myself. I wiggled them around, and then started pumping them in and out.

My pussy was so wet that it sounded like my fingers were wiggling around in a jar of jam. I was loud, but I didn't care, and I kept going. The pleasure was so great that I could not have stopped even if I wanted to. My body was taken captive by this gratifying feeling. I felt myself about to cum, and before the orgasm even hit, I knew it was going to be better than any other I had in my life.

The pleasure spread throughout my body until every part of me was tingling with satisfaction. Suddenly, I started to cum, and my body shook so violently that I would have woken Becca if she weren't a heavy sleeper. I shoved a pillow in my mouth to keep myself from screaming, and my legs wriggled all around the base of the bed. I started squirting in my pajama bottoms, and I was unable to breathe because the pleasure was so intense.

I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and continued to allow the torrent of satisfaction to swell throughout me. Eventually, such pleasure retreated, and I was left with my hollow body, dizzy and breathless from my cumming.

I lay still, but I could see my breasts rising and falling step bros hypnosis kenzie green stripped down her clothes pornstars big dick with every inhale and exhale. Gradually, though, as I relaxed, my breath returned to normal, and I lay destroyed like an island paradise after a hurricane. I felt my pajama pants, and they were soaked. I had never squirted before, and I was somewhat proud of myself.

I felt my pussy, and the juices had leaked all the way down so that it was dripping toward my ass. Initially, the juices made my crotch feel warm, but as time passed, it became cool.

I didn't care, though; it was a fantastic feeling. I looked toward Becca, as still as a rock, and she hadn't moved. I rolled over and fell asleep. The next morning, I heard a banging at the door. "Time to get up!" Mom shouted. "Caitlin, Becca!

Get up!" "Okay," I replied as I sat up. Mom peeked her head in the door. "Why'd I have to say it five times?" she asked. I shrugged my shoulder. I was in such a deep sleep that my body didn't want to wake up. Mom left the room, and I looked at my pants, which were dry by that point. I looked at Becca who was still asleep. I stared for a few minutes, but then I decided to wake her. "Becca," I whispered. She didn't hear me. "Becca," I said in a louder voice while tapping her on the shoulder.

"Huh?" she mumbled as she lifted up her head. She looked dazed and confused like she had slept very well. "Time to get up," I said. She replied, "Okay," but put her head back on the pillow. "Becca," I said again while giggling, "get up." Finally, she lifted herself up and sat crisscrossed next to me. Her eyes were heavy, and her speech was slow. The blankets rested around her waist. "Did you sleep good," I asked. She nodded while she rubbed her eyes and yawned.

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Mom opened the door and came into the room again. "Mrs. Ford next door said you can take a quick shower over there." "Okay," I said. I asked Becca, "Do you want to go first, or me?" "I'll go," she said. She climbed out of bed, and I caught a decent glimpse of her crotch as she spread her legs to stand up. I had seen her in her panties before, but this time was different. Even as she was collecting her clothes, I couldn't stop staring at her.

Her body was beautiful, and her legs were fantastic. But her crotch was hidden by a delicate piece of clothing. When Becca left the room, I stayed seated on the bed.

My mind replayed what had happened during the night, and I already felt myself growing wet again. I tried to suppress the thoughts, but I couldn't help it. Never had I considered my sister as a sexual being.

I had always subconsciously wondered if she ever played with herself, and what she truly looked like without any clothes, but I didn't really care since that was her business. But now that I had watched her cum, I couldn't keep my mind off of her.

When my time came to take a shower, I gathered my things and went across the hall to Mrs. Ford's apartment. When I had dressed and returned to our apartment, Becca was gone. "Where's Becca?" I asked Mom. "Carly came over, and they started walking early," Mom replied. "Okay," I said as I headed into the bedroom. Mom stopped me, "Hey, there's a plumber fixing the shower today.

He should be here when you're at school." "Cool," I said. I closed the bedroom door behind me. Immediately, I noticed Becca's clothes on the floor in a pile. Out of curiosity, I picked up her panties. They had a stain in front of where her pussy was.

I gave them a sniff, and they smelled teen hottie tiffany taylor gets nailed with a stiff cock like my pussy goo had smelled the night before.

Realizing what I was doing, I quickly tossed them aside and felt guilty again. During school, all I could think about was Becca playing with herself the night before. As a result, I was horny all day long, and I couldn't wait to get home and find enough privacy to relieve myself. After school, my basketball practice had been cancelled jelena jensen casey calvert home schooled part one the coach was ill.

The cancellation assuaged my fear of having to go a couple of more hours being ridiculously horny. I felt the need to scolded myself for thinking of Becca in a sexual way. It didn't seem right or natural, but I couldn't help it.

During the entire walk home, I continued to think about what Becca had done last night and the amazing, squirting orgasm that it had caused me to have. When I got home, I was alone. Becca was running for the track team, and Mom must've been at the store or something. I put my book bag down and immediately went into the bathroom.

I turned the shower water on, and then I peed. While the water warmed, I looked at my panties, which had a wet spot on the front about the size of a golf ball. I was unbelievably horny, and to my delight, the water heater had been fixed, and the shower was steaming. I stepped under the hot water and detached the showerhead straightaway.

I sat in the middle of the tub as far back as the hose would reach. I spread my legs as far as I could, and I placed the spout against my pussy. Right away, I didn't feel much. I moved the showerhead farther away from my pussy, then closer until I found the perfect position. Then it felt heavenly. I leaned back so that my body rested on my left arm while my right arm held the showerhead.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the boys from the pool that I usually thought about.

I couldn't though; my mind kept returning to Becca. I tried to picture a cute boy jerking his hard cock, maybe cumming on himself, but all I could think about was what Becca would look like if she were fingering herself totally naked.

After a battle of imagination in my mind, Becca won, and she was all I focused on. As the pleasure grew, I cared less about my self-established morality about how I was lusting after my younger sister and more on the soon-to-explode orgasm. With the showerhead, it never took me long to cum.

The tingling feeling spread from my pelvic region to the rest of my body until my muscles tightened. It had been less than a minute before I started to cum. As I came, I tried my best to be quiet, but I breathed loudly. My toes curled, and my left hand balled into a sunny leone porn storys 30mins. The orgasm was sweet and gentle, but certainly not as ravaging as the night before.

I threw the showerhead to the side and rested my head on my knees. After a few moments, though, I realized I wasn't done. It was rare that I ever attempted to have multiple orgasms, but I thought Lesbian teen shows her big tits on webcam go for it. I leaned back again as I did earlier, and returned the showerhead to my pussy.

Immediately, the pleasure came back, and I miya khalifa xxx bp story about Becca.

I imagined Becca watching while fingering herself. Again, the tingling gratification ravaged around my body. Before long, I started to cum for the second time. I gasped, and my knees closed and squeezed against each other, trapping the showerhead and my hand between. My body briefly shook, but then I had to back up and toss aside the spout because the pleasure was too intense. The second orgasm was better than the first, but I wanted more; I wanted to cum like I had last night.

For the third time, I placed the showerhead against my pussy, and in fewer than 20 seconds, I started to cum. This time, which perhaps occurred with record quickness, was so strong that I had to cover my mouth with my left hand, and my entire body twitched as waves of pleasure coursed through my veins.

I turned the water away as the pleasure was too much to bear, but once my pussy had recovered from the water's attack, I tried again; I wanted so badly to repeat the potentially untwinable orgasm I had the night before. I tried for a fourth orgasm, and my pussy was so raw and sensitive I could hardly take it. I breathed hard and deep, and before I even started cumming, my body bounced up and down like never before. I leaned my head backward so that I faced the ceiling, although my eyes were closed.

I opened my mouth as wide as possible, and I let out a moan of considerable volume as I started to cum for the fourth time. My body shook with such violence that I almost fell backward. Again, the orgasm was too much for my pussy to handle, and I threw the showerhead aside. I quickly turned the water off, but I remained seated for a few moments, catching my breathing, thinking about what I had done.

Not only was I ashamed at myself for thinking of my little sister the entire time, but also I was nervous that I had moaned so loud that, if someone had come home without my knowing it, they surely would have heard my pleasure. I stood up, dried myself off, wrapped myself in the towel, and peeked out the bathroom.

Without actually exiting, I shouted, "Mom!" After no answer, I said, "Becca!" Still, there was no response, so I knew I was home alone. In the bedroom, still naked, I sat on the edge of our bed. I was disgusted with myself, and while it had only been a day, I became increasingly worried about my thoughts. I thought playing with myself would've cleared my mind, but it only made things worse. Even though I came four times, which was my all-time record, I still couldn't shake my lustful thoughts.

Later that night as Becca and I prepared for bed, I became horny all over again, simply by thinking about what Becca might do once she thinks I'm asleep. She sat against the backboard of the bed staring at her phone. Her legs were spread, and the shape of her pussy was perfectly pronounced by her underwear. I tried to look away, but I saw my sister differently housemate with owner at kitchn I had until last night; before, she was my little sister.

Now, however, she was a beautiful girl, soon-to-be woman, who enjoyed exploring her body when she thought she was alone. To calm my mind, I tried to start a conversation: "So, what did you do today?" "Nothing, except school and practice," she replied in her soft voice without lifting her head from her phone.

"Oh," I said. "What are you doing tomorrow?" I asked. Becca glanced at me and shrugged her shoulders, then went back to her phone. Evidently, she wasn't interested in having a conversation with me.

After a few moments passed, I said, "I'm going to bed now." Becca replied, "Okay." I crawled under the covers, and Becca followed not too much later; she turned off the light and lay beside me. Very quickly, all of the negative thoughts I had throughout the day vanished. My disgust and anguish that tormented me for lusting after my sister had disappeared. I was suddenly ready to have a repeat of the night before.

I lay on cheating wife diana doll fucked doggystyle on a hidden camera side, perched to watch Becca pleasure herself for the second night in a row.

I didn't know if she would, but I didn't want to miss anything. After having lain motionless for thirty minutes, Becca lifted her knees just as she had the last night, and before long, there spawned a gentle movement above her pussy. My already-fast-pounding heart pounded harder, and my unbearable anticipation was relieved. Just like the last night, Becca lay still, but as the movement under the blanket accelerated, her mouth started to move, and her chest began rising and falling more quickly.

As Becca continued to finger herself, I felt myself growing extremely wet. The movement under Becca's blanket quickened so that the fapping noises filled the air. Finally, she came harder than the aline interrcial fucked in the ass interracial and black dick before: her hips sunk into the mattress and her breasts elevated into the air.

Her knees flattened, and her feet swirled in circles. She breathed heavily, and she tried her hardest to keep from moaning. After she stopped cumming, she smelled her fingers and then rolled onto her side. Of course, just as the night before, I was hornier than imaginable. Once Becca was asleep, I fingered myself so furiously that squishing sounds filled the room and probably could've been heard outside of the bedroom. When I started to cum, my legs shook, and I squirted for the second night in a row.

Exhausted and relieved, I rolled over and fell asleep.

The next morning, Saturday, I woke up naturally. Lying on her stomach, Becca was still asleep. But I had pulled the blanket during my sleep, and Becca's ass was exposed to the room. Her panties did little to cover her smooth, rounded butt, and I couldn't keep from staring. Suddenly, though, I remembered that Becca was my sister, and I began scolding myself for my lustful thoughts. For the remainder of the day, I felt remorse and guilt.

I knew that Becca was cute, attractive, and in many cases, irresistible, but she was my sister. I couldn't rationalize being turned on by her body. Such were my emotions for next eight days; every night was a repeat of the night before, young girl blows big cock caught in gloryhole with my waiting for Becca to pleasure herself, and ending with my fingering myself and squirting in my pajamas.

The practice of listening to her masturbating had quickly become a routine. And I quickly adopted two faces: during the day, I was shameful of my lustful thoughts, and I had considered talking to a counselor or something about it.

During the night, however, my guilt in its entirety disappeared, and I became a sexual being who craved watching Becca rub her pussy. I was stuck between two worlds of emotions, and I wasn't sure how to handle them. I was becoming terrified of myself, fearing that I was going to become a creep or a monster, and I considered that if Becca ever found out what I was doing, she would never speak to me again.

On the ninth day after I had first watched Becca play with herself, I promised myself that I was going to go to bed before Becca, and if I couldn't fall asleep, I was going to toss and turn so much so that she would know that I wasn't asleep.

It came time for bed, though, and my ugly nighttime persona reared its ugly head. As we lay under the covers, I made the on-the-spot decision to take my sexual gratification one step further: I wanted to reverse the roles and let her watch me.

I was terrified, and again, my heart thumped so hard and fast that I could hardly think. I tossed and turned to make it look like I was having trouble sleeping. All the while, Becca lay still waiting for me to drift to sleep so that she could touch herself. About twenty minutes after we went to bed, which was before Becca would have normally started rubbing herself, I slid my pajama bottoms to my ankles and off of my legs. Not only was I going to finger myself for Becca to see and hear, I was going to be entirely bottomless.

I faced the dark ceiling. This night, though, was a full moon, so the room was more illuminated than it had been the past week.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Becca was also looking straight at the ceiling. I spread my legs apart but didn't prop my knees up as Becca had done. Instead, I lay them flat so she could definitely see my hand moving under the blanket. My pussy was already soaking wet, and I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life.

I didn't know if she was watching me yet, but I started to slowly rub myself. I took one finger and slid it up and down the slit of my pussy. The wetness allowed my finger to move with ease, and I was so horny that even one finger made a soppy-wet noise. It felt amazing, by my nervousness made it impossible to focus on the pleasure.

I thought that it wasn't too late to give up and go to sleep. For a moment, I almost quit. I even started to lean downward to put my bottoms back on. I continued, though, and I wanted Becca to see and hear everything, but without her knowing that I was doing it on purpose. Next, I took four fingers and rubbed them up and down against my pussy. Before long, my fingers were soaked, and the wet noises grew louder than before.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the figure of Becca's head dirty bitchy whore slim blonde pleasing pissing cocks toward me. I almost panicked; I knew for sure that she was watching, and now I just had to perform my act. I rubbed myself faster; my fapping became louder as the pleasure intensified. Though I had never been watched before, the more the satisfaction grew, the less nervous I became.

I started rocking my hips ever so slightly, and my breathing became noticeably louder. I even started playing with my breasts with my left hand, sliding my cold hand under my loose t-shirt and fondling my hard nipples. I stopped rubbing myself for a moment to rest my hand. I could still see that Becca had not moved, that she was still staring in my direction. I inserted two fingers inside of my pussy and started to slowly slide them in and out.

The friction felt fantastic, and my rachel richey brunette big tits riding big dong became even louder.

My heart was ready to jump out of my chest. As the pleasure grew and spread to other parts of my body, I rocked my hips more than before, and I increased the speed of my finger fucking. I bit my bottom lip, and I closed my eyes.

I could feel that I was getting ready to cum. With my left hand, I clinched the pillow beneath my head. As my hips continued to rock faintly, my legs started to wiggle back and forth, pulling the blanket a little. I was now fingering myself so fast and hard that the noise was unbelievably loud, and Becca was hearing every bit of it.

Finally, I started to cum. The tingling sensation erupted through my body, and I convulsed. I breathed heavily and loudly, and my legs bounced all over the place.

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As I had the nights before, I felt myself squirting all over the place, but this time, I wasn't wearing pajamas. The warm liquid that shot from my horny pussy spattered onto my legs, the blanket, and the bed sheets. But quickly, the pleasure rushed out of my body and left me fatigued.

I lay without motion aside from my fast breathing. Then I took my hand, covered in cum, and wiped it on the bed sheets to the left of my head. I rolled toward Becca and pretended to sleep. Becca was frozen for several minutes, and I don't think she believed what she saw and heard. But once my breathing returned to a normal pace and volume, and once I ceased to move, I suppose she thought I had fallen asleep. She slowly moved her body and looked me in the eye. I squinted though, and the room was too dark for her to tell that I could still see.

Then she leaned toward me and touched the sheet where I had wiped my fingers. She rubbed her hand across the sheet, and she must've been curious with my girly goo. She smelled it, and she even played with it for a few moments. Before long, though, I could hear her slide her panties to her ankles. She spread her legs, not so that her knees were in the air, but so that the bottoms of her feet were pressed against each other.

She started fingering her already-wet pussy; she sounded wetter than any of the nights before. After about 20 seconds of her fingering, she started panting like a dog, and she started squirming beneath the pleasure. As she continued to play with herself, her legs moved from side to side, and her mouth was wide open the entire time. To my surprise, she started to cum in less than one minute after she started. I must've really set her off. She shook like she was having a seizure, and while she was talented enough to keep from moaning, she exhaled like she had something stuck in her throat.

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I could see her hand pleasuring her pussy, but only the shadowy outline. As her pleasure subsided, her legs gave out, and her body fell back to the bed. Her hand stopped moving, but she continued to squirm for several seconds.

A few moments later, she quit moving, and at last, she lay stationary and relaxed. Like me, she smelled her fingers and wiped them on the blanket. Then she stretched, pulled up her panties, covered herself up again, and went to sleep stylish sex by agile lesbian awesome babes thereafter. I, too, fell asleep.

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